Teresa (Dropped)

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Teresa (Scenesys ID: 601)
"This little girl, who's not even half my size... taught me that tears can flow, even from these silver eyes."
Full Name: Teresa
Gender: Female
Species: Hybrid
Theme: (OFC) Claymore-1R
Function: Warrior
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Syndicate (6-Recruit)
Other Information
Physical Age: Mid-20's Actual Age: Unknown
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Romi Park
Height: 5'10" Weight: 153 lbs.
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Silver
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-qPZDDdG3o


Teresa is Claymore No. 1 of the 77th generation of Claymores and claimed to be one of the eight most powerful Claymores of all time by the Organization. A hybrid of a human and a demonic being known as Yoma, they're aptly known for weilding large swords with ease. She is known as "Teresa of the Faint Smile" for the faintest of smiles that graced her face as she effortlessly slaughtered Yoma, rarely having to use even 10% of her power in battle. She is now a fugitive from her comrades for killing a group of bandits that had attacked a town she'd passed through, in addition to harming a young girl she names Clare, that she had picked up along the way and to whom she'd become quite attached to. Before meeting her new companion, Teresa was a cold and merciless killer, who'd perform her missions without hesitation or remorse. She's changed considerably since then and now concerns herself with keeping Clare safe, with a more 'big sister' aspect to her personality. With her sisters and the Organization now devoting a good deal of effort in hunting her down, as killing a human amounts to a death sentence, Teresa is constantly moving to keep both herself and Clare safe, hoping that the Multiverse's vastness aids her in this pursuit.










STEALTHING - Though Teresa's ability to read others is incredibly impressive, she is not entirely used to fighting opponents who are able to suppress their internal energies. Anyone capable of hiding their own power/energy levels might find it a little easier to deal with Teresa, in an extended fight. (Teresa's PL is reduced from 34 to 33, when fighting such an opponent, one on one.)

SCAR - All Claymore bear a scar, from the process used to implant them with a Yoma's flesh, to turn them into hybrids. This wound never heals, as it has to be made before they become Claymores and gain their healing ability. It stays with them forever, and excessive damage to the scar, in line with the wound itself, can result in a rather gruesome and inconvenient results. Severe trauma to their torsos, particularly the stomach, can be outright lethal. Excessive damage can negate their regeneration entirely, resulting in an increased down time.

AWAKENING - The use of yoki is a balance between a Claymore's humanity and the part of them that is Yoma. Pushing too hard, undergoing extreme stress in battle, and drawing on too much of their power can cause an awakening. As a Claymore approaches this threshold, they become more Yoma-like, and once they pass an 80% barrier, they transform into an Awakened Being, a frighteningly strong Yoma that often take several Claymore to hunt down and kill. Though Teresa has rarely had to tap into her reserves of power, the Multiverse will no doubt test her, and push her to a limit that she's not sure of. If she's not careful, she might find that threshold sooner than she likes.

JUST A WEAPON - Teresa has long lost a good deal of her 'humanity'. It's what allowed her to kill without any hesitation, and put the life she's now forced to live in perspective. Traveling and being with Clare, however, has drastically changed her. Where she would not have flinched to behead a foe incapable of fighting back, she now might hesitate. In short, she's a weapon that's been given back her concience and moral compass. She's forced into a mental crisis of sorts, balancing this newfound desire to protect Clare and not subject her to seeing or hearing about her brutal nature, and the life she's come to know as a living instrument of death.

CLARE - Teresa's young companion can be a liability, as well. Though Teresa has taken to giving the young girl sword lessons to defend herself in a pinch, she's still just a child and relies on Teresa for nearly everything. While taking Clare hostage would be tantamount to suicide for most, an Elite might be able to hold off Teresa long enough for the girl to be useful as some sort of bargaining chip.


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