The Between Hours-1R

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In this world there exists two: Figment, the land of imagination and possibility, and Figure, the land of substance and reason.

These two places are segregated by a temporal barrier of sorts -- when the day ends in one, it begins in the other. In this sense, there are actually forty-eight hours to the day rather than twenty-four. Only, the worlds are almost completely exclusive of one another, and anyone who dwells in Figment cannot traipse through Figure, just as anyone who dwells in Figure cannot meander through Figment.

This is because the passage of the hours does not open the door to one so much as it spurs a transformation that washes over every inch of creation. When the day ends in Figure, a magical energy cascades down to transform redwoods into candycanes and fields into massive bedspreads. Likewise, the people change as well, assuming entirely new identities as they wake in the opposite world. In a situation like this, a banker's counterpart could be a fairy princess as easily as a prime minister's could be a circus performer. Perhaps it is more conducive to everyone's continued sanity, then, that they all remain unaware of their alternate selves and the things they do in these between hours.

But there do exist individuals - Interstitials - who share their memories and thoughts across both realities. They're conscious the full forty-eight hours, and they have awareness of each of their lives. This is often more a curse than a blessing, however, forcing them to feign unawareness of one whilst present in the other so that their mental faculties are not called into question. Ah, though for some it represents an opportunity -- a chance to choose one life over the other, and to take one's fortunes and turn them around completely.

Culture in Figure is much like it was circa 1910 on Earth, touting booming economies, sweeping innovation, and phenomenal wealth disparity all. Figment, in contrast, possesses a system of organization more comparable to benign Feudalism in a setting not at all unlike Lewis Carroll's Wonderland. And so the political sagas and epic tales weaved in each land continue on, entirely separate of eachother, but then again not quite.

It is a universe of possibility and polarization, whimsy and strife; just like anywhere else, really, excepting some obvious quirks.