The Black Company-1R

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The mercenaries of the Black Company are the last of the Free Companies of Khatovar. They'll take any job so long as they're paid, and once struck, their contracts are never broken. They serve the Lady, the woman who rules half the known world, and under her orders they assist her in stymying the stubborn Rebel presence.

Not all is as it seems, though. The Lady is not absolute evil, and often the Rebel's tactics are more ghastly and dehumanising than the Lady's.

Overlying this all, there stirs an even greater threat beneath the sodden earth of the Barrowlands, patiently working towards its release: The Dominator, husband of the Lady, and far crueler a master than the Lady could ever be...

(OOC: Without being too specific, this iteration of The Black Company takes place directly after the Battle at Charm. Feather, Journey, and Whisper have been Taken by the Lady, and Soulcatcher has been dispatched by the Lady. Several other Taken remain in the Lady's employ, and the Black Company also remains on the Imperial payroll.)