The Copper (Dropped)

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The Copper (Scenesys ID: 611)
"They can hate as hard as they like, as long as they fear."
Full Name: Tyr RuGaard
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon
Theme: (FC) Age of Fire-1R
Function: Tyr of the Lavadome
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (7-Ensign)
Other Information
Physical Age: Adult Actual Age: Adult
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Benedict Cumberbatch
Height: Tank-Sized? Weight: Tank-Sized?
Hair Color: N/A Eye Color: Copper
Theme Song:


Unlucky since hatching, this copper dragon is the nameless outcast of his clutch, having lost the battle for dominance among his male siblings. Through an unlikely series of events, he became ruler of the vast dragon empire hidden in the underground Lavadome, warring against the Upper World to reclaim the surface from the hominid empires. As a dragon, he has great physical strength, although his body is crippled and he's hardly a typical specimen. The copper is unusually rational for a dragon, particularly for one in a position of power; approaching problems with caution and logic. Though new to authority, he manages his power carefully, aware of politics' dangers; though his rule is sometimes harsh, it's considered fair. Even if he doesn't respect others he will exercise civility. What his ultimate plans are, though, few could say. The crippled, canny Copper is a hard one to read.









  • Crippled: The Copper was badly injured throughout his life, mostly as a hatchling. One eye is compromised, his left wing is almost crippled and relies on dwarven engineering to function, his tail was broken and set badly, and one of his front legs is withered from a badly-healed break. These are all obvious vulnerabilities in combat, impairing his mobility to a certain extent.
  • Dragon Politics: Seriously, it's worse than Rome.
  • Fire: Most dragons can manage about three or four good blasts of flame before their fire bladders run empty. The Copper can't manage any. The oil from his fire bladder doesn't ignite on its own, and comes out thinner than it should thanks to an old injury.
  • Great Bulk: In worlds meant for humans, the Copper can have trouble getting around. Squeezing through buildings and other obstacles can be tricky, and outright hazardous if he has to be able to manoeuvre freely. Smaller, more agile foes could potentially get the better of him.
  • Great Weight: With a coat of fully metallic scales, the Copper is a very heavy creature. Even as a crippled runt, he weighs in at several tons, and he can't navigate places that aren't designed to support weight like that. Wooden flooring, bogs, sand, quicksand, deep mud, and other natural and artificial hazards could spell his doom.
  • Metals: Dragons instinctively hoard metal, but it isn't through pure greed. Instinct drives them to consume this metal to maintain their metallic scales, or their natural armour begins to rot away. Skipping metallic meals causes scales to become brittle, break, and fall out. Though he has a respectable hoard, if the Copper were cut off from it, his scale would deteriorate over time and leave him vulnerable. Furthermore, the mere smell of metals can agitate most dragons and pierce even the Copper's vaunted calm.
  • Supply Lines: Dragons aren't made for living underground, and the resources they import from their Upholds are necessary for their livelihood. Bleeding the Lavadome of these critical resources can be incredibly detrimental to their collective health. The Copper isn't exempt from this, needing the food and metals that come from the surface.
  • Underestimation: Dragons are proud creatures, and they think of hominids as lesser beings. This leads to nasty surprises in the multiverse. The Copper is a little more careful than his underlings, but he's still a mortal beast and still prone to underestimating the multiversal wealth of curious hominids.


Title Date Scene Summary
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Dragon Diagnosis January 6th, 2015 Styraco, one of Genghis Rex's minions, examines the Copper to see if the crippled dragon overlord can be made whole again.
Brothers in Scale November 18th, 2014 Invited to the dragon empire's hidden subterranean citadel, Genghis Rex meets with the dragon emperor himself, Tyr RuGaard.
The Copper and the Factory November 10th, 2014 The Copper dragon, Tyr RuGaard, attacks the Factory for its delicious metals. Chloe von Einzbern and Emiya Shirou show up to stop him and his forces. Chaos ensues!
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Title Date Scene Summary
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