The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim-1

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It is year 201 of the Fourth Era of Tamriel. The Cyrodilic Empire struggles to maintain its holdings now that there are no more Emperors of the vaunted Septim bloodline to carry it to glory. Reeling from the aftermath of a war with the elven Aldmeri Dominion, cracks are beginning to show in the Empires once-mighty walls, and all of Tamriel is watching and waiting to see what will happen next. The province of Skyrim, ostensibly an Imperial Province, is wracked with a succession war, with the Empire trying to maintain order against the rebel Stormcloaks. Worse still, there are rumors that the dragons, not seen since mankinds infancy, have returned to exert their control over the world. In these dark times, the people of Skyrim look for a hero to lead them. Who will heed the call of destiny?