The Lady (Dropped)

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The Lady (Scenesys ID: 913)
"Be sarcastic in your writing if you like. But when you speak, be prepared to pay a price."
Full Name: Unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Human (...Probably)
Theme: (OFC) The Black Company-1R
Function: Empress of the North
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (7-Ensign)
Groups: Veritas Arcanum
Other Information
Physical Age: Mid-20s Actual Age: Unknown, 350-400+
Still Aging? No Voice Actor:  ???
Height: Average Weight: Lightweight
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


The Lady was once the wife of the foulest conquering force of her world. With her husband, she was interred in the Barrowlands as a prisoner of the White Rose, General of the Rebellion. Later revived by a curious wizard, the Lady rose to conquer greater territory than her husband ever did. Prophecy foretells the White Rose's rebirth, and rebels have taken heart, fighting back even as the Lady methodically secures her rule. As one of the most important figures in her world, she is a sorceress par excellence, deft in politics and savvy in the logistics of running an empire. She is cold, remote, and sometimes heartless, but ultimately practical; her methods, though ruthless, are less cruel than the Rebel's. She is not without heart, and cannot truly extinguish the spark of human decency within her, but she's very good at hiding it. With her Confederate allies, she now bends her efforts toward subduing the Rebel in the North... and remains ready to deal with the headaches of obstinate Rebels, Union interference, and the eventuality of her husband roaring out of his grave sooner or later.



  • Sorcery: The Lady is an accomplished sorceress, having had the better part of a century to study and hone her arts. At the low end, she can use cantrips like summoning nearby items to hand or lighting candles untouched. She can summon and wield elements such as fire or ice, and empower animals or objects to temporarily perform beyond their standards. She can also sense magic in others, and attempt to identify its nature. Among her most potent skills is the ability to enchant objects with magic, giving them more permanent benefits. (+info The Lady/Sorcery for more information. Consent is required to empower animals or objects belonging to other players. Consent is required to accurately detect or identify PCs' magic. Consent is also required to imitate the appearance of player characters or player-controlled NPCs. Permanently-enchanted objects require upgrade applications and time to create.)


  • Communication: The Lady is an eloquent and thoughtful speaker, skills well-suited to leadership on such a vast scale. Furthermore, she can use sorcery to communicate over great distances using magic and telepathy. She can do this with multiversal beings as well, though it is more unreliable and prone to failure outside the bounds of her own world, especially if attempted with unwilling targets. (Consent is required to communicate with player characters or player-owned NPCs in this manner.)
  • One Tough... Witch: As one of her world's oldest living entities, the Lady is a tough nut to crack. She's supernaturally tough, and though elegant, she's stubborn as a mule. The Lady isn't the kind of person to give up anything without a fight. Although not immune to them, mundane disease and toxin have a lessened effect on her, and she's almost impossible to overcome with psychic or psionic assault.
  • Self-Defense: The Lady is still able to protect herself when magic fails her. Using a form of martial arts (or just plain dirty fighting), she knows how to strike quickly and disable her opponents. This isn't infallible, of course; she's no powerhouse, and most of her ability to lash out relies on speed and guile. In most instances, the Lady foregoes risk and relies on her magic, or the presence of a whole bunch of Imperial goons.


  • Flying Carpet: Arguably the best transportation in her world, the Lady prefers the use of a flying carpet. These relics are actually a foot-high wooden frame over which textile is stretched and nailed, enchanted heavily to respond to a sorcerer's command. They are incredibly efficient and fast in the right hands. The Lady is a superb pilot, and also one of the few of her world capable of replacing these costly relics themselves. With her personal carpet, the Lady can safely support up to four passengers besides herself.
  • Imperial Resources: Controlling half the known world means that there is a tremendous amount of material goods and resources available to the Lady. This includes raw materials such as metal or wood, and finished goods such as melee weapons and armour. The Lady also has direct access to the Imperial treasury, and may by rights use any Imperial currency as she sees fit to fund the war effort. Despite the wealth of goods, some items, such as the Empire's flying carpets, are tremendously costly and difficult to replace.
    • Ancient Riches: The best of the Lady's Imperial resources are those resources and knowledge from the earliest days of the Domination, when her husband originally ruled the Empire. Such riches include knowledge of how to craft enchanted items like the flying carpets, or the secrets of how to destroy and remake a mortal as one of the Ten Who Were Taken. Lastly, the Lady has exclusive access to a line of supernatural warhorses reserved for her personal use; monstrously enduring, they are able to run for days and nights without tiring.


  • Strength of the Empire: At the beck and call of the Lady is the full might of the Imperial army. The troops are mostly human, including infantry of all stripes, foot and mounted archers, siege weapons, horse cavalry, elephant cavalry, and a few wizards of mediocre talent here and there. The jewel of the Lady's forces is the Black Company, a mercenary unit of fearsome renown. (Nameless troops rate up to PL 28. +info The Lady/Troops for more information and PL breakdowns.)
  • The Ten Who Were Taken: These ten sorcerers were once The Dominator's lieutenants. They are now the Lady's creatures, body and soul, twisted to serve her instead of their original master. Most of them wield sword as adeptly as spell, and as wizards go, they're the best mortals get below the Lady's skill. They share many skills with her, including enchantment, offense, and defense. Each Taken sports their own sigil and their own flying carpet, and they are monstrously powerful and enduring. It's possible to kill them, but it takes a lot of work, and they rarely go down quietly. (PL 30-32. +info The Lady/Taken for more information and PL breakdowns.)


  • A Touch of Vanity: The Lady is just a little bit vain. Her wish to rule is that she isn't seen as unquestionably evil in light of Rebel techniques, and to have her exploits recorded objectively and truthfully. It might be possible for others to twist this longing of hers to their own end, somehow, to manipulate her actions.
  • Flying Carpet: These artifacts are incredibly complicated in spite of their simple design. They're costly and time-consuming to replace for the sheer level of enchantments required to keep them aloft. Physically, since they're only made of wood and fabric, they're also vulnerable to fire and bludgeoning. Magically, it's possible for them to go down if one knows how to nullify magic. Lastly, it takes a lot of concentration to control a flying carpet accurately, especially in poor weather or tense situations, and a distracted pilot is a crashed pilot.
  • Ice Queen: The Lady is a woman accustomed to being obeyed. She does not take well to mockery from those under her command, or those tasked to work with her. Provided she receives respect, she will give it in turn, but she has no place for insolence. It's a good way to get her mad, and when the Lady is mad, she has no qualms about spending absurd amounts of resources to get even, even if the time and effort would serve better elsewhere.
  • Magic Schmagic: Part the Lady from her fearsome powers of sorcery and she's just a mortal woman with a wildcat's mean streak; a little intimidating, but hardly immortal. She can conduct herself decently in melee combat, but it isn't her specialty, and most of her power is going to go down the drain if her magic is taken from her. (PL 28 if her sorcery is temporarily nullified.)
  • Not Quite Immortal: The Lady is ageless, but not immortal. Although extremely difficult, it is possible for her magic to be overpowered, or for her to be separated from her troops and bodyguards. Alone, she is a powerful sorceress, but she is not invulnerable. A canny opponent could isolate her and wear her defenses down in a direct confrontation if they played their cards right.
  • The Dominator: There's not much the Lady fears, but the Dominator is at the top of the list. Their marriage was one of convenience and in name only, and she'll do anything to keep him sealed in his grave. She knows she lacks the power to challenge him directly, and he's not inclined to be forgiving. This eventuality sometimes preoccupies her to the point of distraction, even in the midst of a long and bitter campaign against the Rebel and the Union, and could be used against her as a distraction.
  • The Ten Who Were Taken: The Taken are the Lady's creatures, but loyal they are not. Some still want to free their original master. They're involved in plots within plots, fighting viciously amongst themselves depending on where their loyalties lie. The Lady herself must constantly watch them and at times micromanage their tasks, for they are incapable of challenging her directly. Their squabbling and political manoeuvring is a constant thorn in her side, sometimes to the point of hindering her campaigns.
  • True Name: The true name of a wizard is a handle on their power, and also their greatest weakness. Ritually naming their true name will strip them of their power. The Lady has had her true name purged from historical record, assumed the identity of one of her three dead sisters, and ensured that what fragments remain are hideously difficult to follow or find. Even the faintest whiff of this threat is enough to wholly preoccupy her.


Title Date Scene Summary
High Society December 12th, 2015 Loros proposes an inkling of a business idea to the Lady.
Down to Business December 12th, 2015 The Lady invites the Winedark Archer, disguised as the Servant Rider, to meet and discuss tactics at one of her multiversal military encampments.
The Lost Art of Civility November 22nd, 2015 Taro arrives in the Pleasure Palace to greet the Lady and her underlings.
The Tale of the Taken November 20th, 2015 Requests are made and offers are given when the Lady and Medusa discuss possibilities.


Title Date Scene Summary
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Info Files



Through careful fostering of her own talents, the Lady has become one of the most powerful beings in her world, even going so far as to use her talents to prolong her own life by centuries. Her dark arts allow her a number of benefits, and take on a number of forms:

  • Agelessness: Through her own talents, the Lady has learned how to prolong her own life. She remains eternally young, in her mid-twenties, and will forever be so. Many suspect her appearance is illusory, because time is often not kind to such long-lived beings, but she wears no veil. She's good enough with her fancy wizard mojo that what you see is what you get.
  • Animal Magnetism: The Lady overwhelms the will of a mundane animal, using raw power to call them to her, give them basic orders, or even attack a target. She can push them beyond their mortal limits, though that often has a price. (Consent required to affect player-owned animals. Fails against unique creatures or player characters.)
  • Communication: The Lady is thoughtful and eloquent, but one of her real talents as an empress is the ability to carry out her will over great distances. She can appear to her followers through dreams or waking visions, sending them instructions or conversing with them. This is more unreliable in the Multiverse, however. (Consent required.)
  • Combat: The Lady wields the elements with precision and power, calling on them to scourge her foes or defend herself where she feels the need. Although she can use all basic elements equally, she has a tendency to prefer powerful techniques like lightning and fire, favouring their power and their ability to send a message. (Defenses used to justify coded grazes or misses.)
  • Cantrips: Achieving minor magical effects comes to the Lady as easily as breathing. She can light candles, use minor telekinesis, weave illusions, and other minor effects.
  • Charisma: Although charismatic, the Lady's greatest magical talents include the ability to influence the non-Elites of her world, particularly her followers. She can prevent mundanes from hearing conversation in an area, sway them to her will, or ferret out the truth from them by digging around in their mind as a gardener digs in a flowerbed. (Effects listed by consent only.)

There are some things beyond her power, such as instantaneous teleportation, but all in all the tools and weapons within the Lady's arsenal are formidable indeed.

The Ten Who Were Taken


The Ten Who Were Taken were once mortal sorcerors, taken and twisted into monstrously powerful lieutenants by their original master, the Dominator. On the surface they serve the Lady unquestioningly, for she has the power to unmake them. Out of sight, they're petty schemers, pursuing their own agendas and infighting frequently. Although there are usually ten mortal sorcerors elevated to this role, several were lost during the Battle of Charm.

  • The Limper: Unstable and infamously cruel, the Limper is mummified wreckage behind his mask, made of equal parts hatred, rage, and cruelty. Having betrayed the Lady once, she shattered him and remade him, guaranteeing his loyalty. Accomplished at swordplay and sorcery, his endurance is legendary, but he isn't a subtle creature. Appropriately, the Lady tends to use him as a blunt-force solution. (PL 32)
  • The Howler: A little man dressed in rags, The Howler doesn't look like much, but his compulsive, intermittent howling can be heard from leagues away. He is the best pilot of flying carpets among the Taken, and he is older even than the Lady. Despite seeming a little ridiculous, he is still not to be considered lightly. (PL 30)
  • Moonbiter: Known also as Moondog, he doesn't come out very much, and his name is juxtaposed against a wolf's head and full moon. Even the Lady doesn't bring him to bear very often. He is skilled at summoning strange creatures, and is probably male, although little else is known about him. (PL 32)
  • The Hanged Man: Having been hung at one point and survived the ordeal, he's called "Crooked Neck" sometimes for the obvious reasons, with a swollen head, difficulty speaking, and the marks of the noose on his neck still. Some say he's fond of dispatching his enemies by hanging, using magic to suffocate them. (PL 31)
  • The Faceless Man: Little is known about the man without a face. Surely he is a sorcerer of some fearful renown and endurance, though, or he wouldn't be one of the Taken. (PL 30)
  • Whisper: Once a Rebel general, the Lady captured Whisper and remade her into one of the Ten Who Were Taken to replace the Limper. Scarred and homely, Whisper is a cunning and efficient general, very businesslike and pragmatic in her strategies. Tough and dangerous with sword and sorcery, she's no slouch on the battlefield, either. (PL 31)
  • Feather: Wife of Journey, and one of the newest Taken. Feather is competent, a former Rebel general much like Whisper, and was recreated as one of the Taken when the Lady realised that the Taken were plotting amongst themselves to betray her. Feather serves the Lady absolutely. (PL 31)
  • Journey: Husband of Feather, and a former Rebel general like Feather and Whisper. As the newest Taken, Journey is eager to please and somewhat of an incompetent among them, and the Lady tends to save him for the most menial and low-risk tasks. Despite his enthusiasm, he just doesn't seem to have the raw skill of the likes of Feather or Whisper. (PL 30)



The Empire employs a number of different troops in their campaigns against the Rebel. To combat ingenious strategies by the ragtag resistance, the Lady has a wide variety of troops at her disposal. (All troops cap off at PL 30 unless otherwise marked.)

  • Infantry: The brunt of these forces include pikemen, swordsmen, and other fighters bearing various weapons. They are not mounted, and are the most numerous of the Lady's troops. Most of them come from conquered nations. Not all of them have formal training, and not all of them are well-equipped.
  • Archers: Supplementing the infantry are trained archers, often given to the command of one of the Taken. Most of these are equipped with composite bows, trained to stand behind infantry lines and pick off the enemy. Some are mounted on horses, relying on hit-and-run tactics.
  • Cavalry: Though expensive to maintain, cavalry are strong, fast, and able to hit the enemy hard, harassing enemy lines and then fleeing to another area. Types of cavalry in the Lady's employ include several varieties of horse cavalry (light, medium, and heavy), and, though less numerous than the horses, elephant cavalry.
  • The Black Company: Chief among the Imperial troops is a mercenary company. The Black Company is the last of the Free Companies of Khatovar, with an infamous reputation of ruthless efficiency. Their real prize is their cunning, and their odd preference for solving problems cleverly, using battle only as a last resort. (All named Black Company individuals are PL 32.)
    • The Captain: Leader of the Black Company, gruff and bear-like, he is the glue that holds the Company together through thick and thin. He has the skill to keep them running as a coherent unit, and more importantly, to produce results even in the most disastrously lopsided scenarios.
    • Silent, One-Eye, and Goblin: The three Company wizards, several notches more skilled than the mediocre talent employed by Imperial troops. They have much the same skills as the Lady, albeit in much lesser scope. One-Eye and Goblin regularly have famous and flamboyant fights on which the rest of the Company bets.
    • Croaker: Physician, historian, and annalist of the Black Company, Croaker's skills and unique personality have caught the Lady's eye (much to his woe) and she employs Croaker regularly to record Imperial events accurately and objectively. The rest of the Company mocks him relentlessly about his "girlfriend."