The Legend of Zelda-1

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There was once a world created by three goddesses: Din created the earth. Farore created the living things. Nayru created the laws that the world and its inhabitants would obey. Their work complete, the goddesses left the world they'd created.

Long ago, war raged on the surface world. The goddess Hylia saved her people by raising them to sky-islands. The greatest of these would become known as Skyloft. Safe, they soon forgot the surface world over the generations... until the reincarnation of the great hero, Link, a young knight-aspirant who quelled a resurgence of demonic forces.

The time has come to return to the surface world. Many have chosen to follow Link and his childhood friend, Zelda, reincarnation of the goddess Hylia. The surface is still a dangerous place, though... and there are still a great many challenges to overcome, and a great many demons to battle.

This theme is based loosely on a combination of Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time, and The Adventure of Link, as well as other entries in the series. While based primarily on Skyward Sword, there are a few changes: Impa did not age, and there are inhabited sky islands beyond Skyloft; there are also surface territories beyond the original three provinces.

The time is shortly after the triumph of Link over Demise, with the Master Sword sealed within the Temple of Hylia and peace returned to the land... mostly. People have turned their attention from Skyloft and other inhabited islands to the surface world, in the interest of exploration, building new lives, profit, and learning about the world they had forgotten for so many generations.

Eldin, Ordon, and Lanayru are still watched over by their dragons, but there are other territories beyond their bounds begging to be explored. The mysterious Sheikah, servants of the goddess Hylia, work together with their Hylian cousins to explore the surface world and make contact with the races of the surface, such as the Gorons, Parella, Zora, Rito, and other, stranger beings.

Demons and monsters are still a very real threat, for while Demise was defeated, he was not destroyed. His corruptive influence reaches out from his imprisonment in the Sealed Temple even now, twisting creatures into monsters and compelling his minions to rebel against the settlers from the skies.

The monumental task of clearing them out lies with the Skyloft Knights, as well as their Sheikah and surface allies.

Welcome to the Land of Hyrule, still a land undiscovered, waiting for its secrets to be revealed.