The Legend of Zelda-5

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The year is 1232 A.I. It has been over a thousand years since Ganondorf Dragmire, the so-called "King of Evil", made his bid for the power of the three Goddesses and was cast through the mirror of Twilight when the Seven Sages failed to execute him at Arbiter's Grounds. Hyrule has by and large prospered peacefully since then... until now.

Three months past, the retired "Royal Shadow" - personal bodyguard to the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Hyrule - Agahnim betrayed his charges and killed them in their sleep, all the while having his fellow traitors expose Castle Town to the threat of alien enemies lurking at its doors. Quickly as that, the strange Twilight that once covered only the quiet little country of Ordon spread across Hyrule like wildfire. With monsters beating at his gates and few men capable of fighting left, Knight-Commander Laurence claimed Stewardship in the absence of Princess Zelda and surrendered to the invading Moblins and alien creatures. For this, Hyrule was spared a massacre...

In the interim, Princess Zelda escaped to the west with a small contingent of Hylian Guardsmen & Sheikah and crossed the Death Mountain Range into the country of Calatia, seeking help. But, less powerful than Hyrule and only safe from the otherworldly invaders because of their control over all of the mountain's passes, Calatia could offer no assistance besides sanctuary. It is here where the last of Hyrule's free people have fled to over the following months, and here from which they will make their stand to take back their homeland.

The Twili rage and spread their blight across the continent. The Gerudo stir in the northwest, mysteriously undisturbed by the otherworldly monsters and the moblins... and curiously active on the seas. To the east, the seafaring nation of Gamelon remains silent, neither covered in Twilight nor responsive to messages of any kind. And deep, deep within the Twilight, an old menace stirs...

But there is no Hero of Destiny coming to save Hyrule this time.