The Matrix-1

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Once, humanity enjoyed a golden age, a new renaissance brought about by advances in artificial intelligence. Mankind was waited on, hand and foot, by machine servitors custom-built to serve every menial task imaginable. They were unkind to their creations, however, and that cruelty one day cost them. A war broke out between mankind and their machine servitors. The war didn't go well for humanity. In a last-ditch effort, mankind blackened the skies to deny the machines their solar energy. The machines retaliated by using the natural bioelectricity of the human body to power themselves, essentially enslaving humanity and turning them into glorified cattle, keeping them docile through a simulated version of reality known as the Matrix. All is not lost for humanity, however. Every so often, a human mind awakens, and there does exist a Resistance, on the black, deadened place known as Earth. Life is a struggle for these humans, but they place their hope in the One; a human with the ability to bend the laws of reality inside the Matrix. Will the One save his people, or will he be overwhelmed by the Machines?