The Red Star-1R

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The United Republics of the Red Star are winding down.

Since the disastrous Battle of Kar Dathra's Gate, they have since been reformed into the Commonwealth of Red States. Civil war has erupted throughout the Commonwealth, and behind the disaster of living wars, the dead, too, stir in their realms.

For beyond the realm of mortal sight there lies the Storm of Souls, a massive void peopled by the ghosts of heroes past.

Out of the chaos and fire of the Red Fleet's mortal civil wars, one Skyfurnace and its crew dare to defy the status quo, and dare to break the chains that bind the souls of heroes past. They dare to make war upon the greatest prison the age has ever seen, where the spirits of humanity of past ages are imprisoned, their energy harvested for the benefit of the world's major powers.

They dare to free humanity from its fate of imprisonment, even if it means risking their very souls.