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TinyPlots are, as their name suggests, small plots on the mush beyond the usual character interaction. Often run by players, the 'small' designation can be deceptive, as it is possible for plotlines to run for months or years and include dozens of players. This page contains but a subset of the currently-active plots, as well as an archive of some of the previously-run plots on the mush.

Scale of Plots

TinyPlots are divided into three major classifications, determined by scale and length. During a TinyPlot, scale of effects can be temporarily relaxed and extra characters may be provided.


Minor Plots do not need applications unless the runner wishes to request listing in the on-mush Plot Tracker, or if they require temporary characters for the plotlines. Generally, Minor plotlines run for roughly one to four weeks, no longer, and do not cause any major changes to the status quo of any particular theme. Any character upgrades performed must be within the normal growth of a character through play. Minor plotlines have no controversial elements(such as mind control) nor any real likelihood of complications or issues such as character death or questionable themes. Minor plots can be limited in attendance however the player wants, but try to avoid forming a clique.

Examples of a Minor TinyPlot include: brief kidnapping of an NPC requiring investigation and rescue lasting 3-4 scenes, Multi-scene exploration of a new lost temple and the wonders within, etc. Note that a Minor TP is often much like a regular scene, but lasting multiple scenes. The distinction is intentionally blurry.

If you feel uncertain about a Minor plot, please contact your fachead or an officer, or send in a +request/faction job detailing your plans in no more than three paragraphs. If more information is needed, or if it needs escalated, they will let you know.


A Major TinyPlot is any plot that lasts longer than a few weeks or involves major changes to the setting, or has potential for heavy complications such as mind control, defection, character death, drug use themes, and so on. They may require an application, but are not required to be listed on the tracker. Major plots must be reasonably open in attendance, but may exclude players that the runner has issues with(talk to staff about this first), and may also simply not fit certain types of characters(all-Union or all-Confederate plots). Most applications and requestswill be for a Major TinyPlot.

Examples of a Major TinyPlot include: Overthrowing and taking over a major kingdom in a fantasy world, permanently defeating/banishing/redeeming a major villain, a long-term kidnapping, a planned 'farewell' plot that results in character death, or a hero being mind-controlled to work for the other side.

If your plot is a long-running plot of several months or more, or involves some extremely controversial themes or a major thematic change(like the main plot of a series), then it would be best to send in an application. Otherwise, contact your fachead or officers, or send a +request/faction job in to run it by the faction leaders. They will decide if it needs a full application or discuss needed details with you if it does not.


Very few applications will be for a Global plot, and staff will very very rarely approve them. Global plotlines affect the entire Multiverse as a whole, and are while it is easy to simply not pay attention to a Major plot, Global plotlines have the potential to alter the metasetting in some major way. Globals by their nature will rarely run for long, and are usually used by staff to enact major IC changes. Note that some major IC changes can be done without a Global TP. Staff will very rarely consider a Global TP run by a non-staff player, though it is possible. Just don't get your hopes up.

Running a TinyPlot

Some Major and all Global plots require a Plot Application, and Minor plots also require one if requesting temporary NPC bits or you wish to be in the plot tracker.

If you are having difficulty writing your TP app, a number of tips can be found at TP Application Guide

If you would like to know how to RUN a successful TP after writing it, check out TP Runner's Guide

Finally, if you are curious about getting involved in a TP as a player, you could benefit from reading the TP Participant Guide, which details helpful means of getting into a TP and how to play in a TP which allows everyone the most enjoyment.

Plot Pages

The following is an incomplete listing of current and former plots. This has not been updated in some time, and is pending cleaning.

TP Scale Active Plots Completed Plots Cancelled Plots

5533/Wrench in the Works
Cave Story
Invaders From Outer Space
Knock Off
The Grimsangue's Rise
WMAT 2015
Wrench in the Works

2014 Battle Rondo
Five Nights At Freddy's
Infested Outbreak (Jupiter)
Restoration of the Killing Stone
Soliloquy of Reproach
WMAT 2014

No pages meet these criteria.

A Taste of Fear
Abyssal Operation Hydra
In Case of Trouble
Of Stones and Sins
Out of the Silent Planet
The Book of Unification
The Man and the Mission
The Six Crystals of Light
Trails of Cold Steel 1
When They Return

A Chime at the Precipice
A Wish for the Future
Crying Clowns
Dragon's Bane
Fate/Zero Tolerance
New Blood
PMMM Rebellion
Power Games
Project C
The Great Work
Threads of Fate (Part 1)
Touhou Kakudai
Warlords of Shiva

The Lance of Kresnik

Global No pages meet these criteria. No pages meet these criteria. No pages meet these criteria.

Creating A Plot Page

If you wish to create a page for your TinyPlot, please use the creation form provided here.


If you don't want to use the form above, you can instead reate a page manually and attach categories as such:
[[Category:(SCALE)TP]] (i.e. [[Category: MinorTP]])
[[Category:(Current, Finished or Cancelled)TP]] (i.e. [[Category:CurrentTP]])

Logs will not appear on your TP page if they do not have their TP field filled with the EXACT SAME NAME as the TP page itself.

If you want to add logs to a manual TP page, copypaste the following code:

{{TP Logs}}
{{TP Logs|Cutscenes}}