Titus (Dropped)

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Titus (Scenesys ID: 16)
"The Codex Astartes is a set of guidelines. It guides us and shapes us, but the true test of a Space Marine is to be able to think for themselves."
Full Name: Titus
Gender: Male
Species: Space Marine (Human)
Theme: (OFC) Warhammer 40K-2R
Function: Former Ultramarine
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (6-Lieutenant)
Groups: None
Other Information
Physical Age: Mid-30's Actual Age: 150+
Still Aging? Very Slowly Voice Actor: Mark Strong
Height: 7'6"+ Weight: Very Heavy
Hair Color: Brown-Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLBniQbi_OA


(CAPTAIN) TITUS is a young veteran of the Space Marines' Ultramarines. Born and trained in the home system of Ultramar, he quickly rose through the ranks through the use of unorthodox and sometimes questionable tactics, such as "thinking for yourself" and "understanding your enemy". Following an intervention from the Inquisition that put him at odds with the Imperium, he finds himself siding with the Union, finding them much more reasonable and open than his former allegiance. Unlike the typical Ultramarine (or in general, Space Marine) Titus is a fairly open-minded (though still wary) individual. He thinks for himself, he judges based on what he sees, not reads and hears. He is a still a devout soldier of The Emperor, but not quite so fanatical as to be an annoyance. Occasionally his temper causes him to take reckless actions on the battlefield, such as leaping head-first into an enemy's front lines. Like other Space Marines, Titus fights using power armor and heavy weaponry, both melee and ranged; he commands his own Chapter of renegades, and in tough spots, may even be called to employ its Battle Barge, the Longinus, for support and orbital bombardment.










XENOPHOBIA: Like most other members of the Imperium, Titus was raised to believe human life is superior, and other cultures are out to get him. Very fortunately for him, recent actions by the Imperium against him and his men have led him off this path entirely. While he is still prone to being wary of non-humans initially, he is much more open to them than the average Space Marine, in no small part due to his realization the Imperium can be wrong.

DISDAIN FOR THE IMPERIUM: Both he and his men have been burned by the unfair hand of the Imperium, and no longer trust or look up to it. Beyond keeping a heavy respect and mild reverence for The Emperor, they are with it no longer.

BIAS TOWARDS USING THE OMOPHAGEA: The organ that allows a Space Marine to eat the flesh of another being to gain some of their skills or memories is... well, what does it sound like? That's right, that's some pretty evil-sounding stuff right there. No proper Ultramarine, former or current, would use this organ lightly, and Titus is no exception. If not to avoid grossing out his new Union allies, it's to avoid casting doubts upon his own methods.

VERY LARGE MAN: Titus is an immense man by most human standards, towering close to ~7'6". Manipulating objects not meant to handle his large size and strength doesn't tend to end well. While in his armor, this becomes even more problematic: it is downright impossible to manipulate objects not meant to be held by a Space Marine in his armor without an immense amount of care, and the weight of his armor means that certain terrains, such as WOODEN STAIRS or TYPICAL HOUSEHOLDS cannot be safely walked upon without breaking.

THE RIGHT TOOL FOR EVERY JOB: The Longinus is only capable of engaging targets in space, and can do little but orbital bombardment to planet-bound opponents, rendering it useless in a fight. In a similar way, Titus and his Space Marines are not really capable of handling space-bound targets, such as other ships, in direct combat (though boarding parties are an alternative for larger ones).

EQUIPMENT: Space Marines require their armor and guns to do much of anything; against certain opponents, they may require vehicles, or the support of their Battle Barge. These are not always available. Finding a way to cut Titus and his men from their equipment will never be in vain, and while a Space Marine can certainly use a table leg to beat someone upside the head, it will never be as effective as having a chainsword on hand.


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Secondary Heart: Has two hearts. Can boost blood-flow.

Ossmodula: Renders the Marine's skeleton as hard as armor.

Biscopea: Increases strength dramatically.

Haemastamen: Makes the blood better at circulating oxygen (less required).

Larraman's Organ: Blood cells immediatly seal injuries.

Catalepsean Node: Can go two weeks without sleep, or 4 hours a day normally.

Preomnor: Pre-stomach that can decontaminate food (i.e. vs poison).

Omophagea: This organ allows for the temporary acquisition of memories and skills by eating a creature's flesh. This has no effect on meat that isn't fresh. Skills and memories gained in this way are subject to the scene-runner or victim's consent entirely, and will typically not grant expert-level skills. For example, acquiring the ability to pilot a Mobile Suit in this manner would provide the basic skills needed to operate the vehicle safely, but not to fight within it using Titus' full PL. This is a survival tool, meant to fill holes with basics, not to fight a specialist in their own field.

Multi-lung: Can breathe underwater or in poisoned atmospheres.

Occulobe: Can see in the dark (and overall, much better).

Lyman's Ear: Can hear much better and filter noises.

Sus-an Membrane: Can place self in suspended animation when wounded.

Oolitic Kidney: Can make self completely immune to poison while unconscious.

Neuroglottis: Super-taste, up to and including tracking targets by taste.

Mucranois: Resistance to extreme heat and cold, as well as vacuum.

Betcher's Gland: Allows spitting a highly corrosive, blinding poison.

Progenoids: These implants produce gene-seeds, to produce more Space Marines.

Black Carapace: Allows interfacing with Space Marine Power Armour.


Chain Weapons: Melee weapons crossed with chainsaws, ie a chainsword.

Power Weapons: Melee weapons coated with a constant, destructive forcefield.

Thunder Weapons: Power weapons whose forcefields only activate on impact.

Bolters: Large firearms that fire explosive shells/rounds. They come in the same variety that firearms tend to-- pistol, rifle, sniper, etc.

Plasma Weapons: Ranged energy weapons that fire bursts of exploding plasma.

Las Weapons: Ranged energy weapons that fire lasers.

Melta Weapons: Medium-range weaponry that fires a stream of superheated gas, essentially a super flamethower.

Grenades: Thrown explosives. There are many kinds of grenades besides the ones that just explode, such as plasma, anti-vehicle or incendiary.

Jump Pack: It's a jetpack! Wheeee!

Iron Halo: Personal force field generator.Dropped