Tohsaka Rin (Dropped)

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Tohsaka Rin (Scenesys ID: -1)
"If this stupid car dies one more time, I'm setting it on fire."
Full Name: Tohsaka Rin
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Magus)
Theme: (OFC) Fate/stay night-3
Function: Clock Tower Liason
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (A-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: Early 20s Actual Age: 22
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: 5'6" Weight: Lightweight
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


The eldest daughter of a lineage of magi two hundred years strong, Rin is an ambitious and confident young woman. Her accomplishments speak for themselves in her twenty-three years; as a veteran of the Grail War, she has survived the ultimate battle royale and lived to tell the tale. As the stewardess of Fuyuki City, she oversees the territory on behalf of the Mage's Association. As penance for allowing the dangerous Grail War ritual to happen on her territory, Rin has been assigned as the Association's liaison to the Union with the expectation that she'll be out of their hair... and maybe, if they're lucky, get herself killed in the process. What they weren't expecting was her level of efficiency. Her skills are unpalleled for someone her age, both in and out of combat, and her skills as a researcher and scholar are equally honed. Rin's specialty is in the use of precious and semi-precious gems as conduits of energy, allowing her to wield power greater than her natural limits. On a more practical level, she is also trained in the martial arts.









Though a thaumaturgical crest is a great advantage, Rin's is also a horrible drawback due to the circumstances under which it was transferred. She received the Tohsaka Crest all at once, rather than over a period of years to acclimate herself to it, and there is a degree of inherent rejection in it. Normally she can manage it with a particular draught taken to soothe the effects, but the dosage varies wildly. On occasion it can inflict on her crippling, debilitating pain at the worst possible moments, including mid-combat.
Jewel thaumaturgy is an unfortunate branch of study in that it requires colossal amounts of funding. Only the finest quality gems suit themselves to Rin's purposes and receive mana well. As a result, her financial situation is in dire straits. She isn't destitute, but Rin usually has only enough money to cover the essentials. Her miserly ways ensure that if any emergencies come up, she might be able to cover those, too. Generally speaking, though, Rin doesn't have much money to throw around, even with her Union stipend and her pay as a museum curator.
While Rin's gems allow Rin to cast beyond her means, they're limited in number. In any given altercation she can be expected to carry as few as six and no more than ten of them on her person, and once their energy has been expended, the stones themselves are destroyed.
Mana is vital to all living things. Without it, things sicken and die. Too much can also act as a poison. Individual thresholds vary, but sudden influxes of mana can potentially cripple even an accomplished magus like Rin. Magic circuits hold only so much mana, like a dam holding back water. Exceeding those reserves slowly poisons a magus and destroys their body from the inside out. Backlash from failed rituals, casting beyond her means, holding too much energy in reserve without using it, and other unforeseen effects can all have a similar effect on Rin. Visible effects usually involve a lightening of eye or hair colour.
For all that she can command awe-inspiring force, Rin is physically just an ordinary human, with ordinary limits. Some of her spiritual makeup might read a little differently, but her threshold for physical damage isn't far beyond normal human limits. She may be an Elite, but she isn't a bastion of awe-inspiring defense, and sometimes the best strategy is to disable or incapacitate her physically.


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Info Files


The metaphysical components that allow magi to practise their art are known as "magic circuits." The simplest explanation is to frame them in mechanical terms. If a magus is the engine, than magic circuits are the fuel lines, and mana is the fuel.

Magic circuits are invisible and intangible, an inseperable part of the magus' very soul. Every magus who can use Magecraft carries at least one circuit, and may have dozens of them. Quantity is not necessarily a mark of quality -- the True Magician, Aozaki Aoi, is known to possess just a single magic circuit. By contrast, Rin has forty-seven.

Magic circuits can be toggled "on" or "off," like fuel lines. When they're on, mana can be transferred through them, where it can be manipulated however the magus chooses. Turned off, they can preserve that energy.

Since they're intangible, magic circuits can't be stolen or otherwise compromised. Unless they're tampered with by a very powerful magus or someone who has knowledge of how to attack the spirit, they can't be tampered wtih. It's possible to transfer or repair magic circuits through involved rituals, but this is generally dangerous; as it's a sensation akin to tearing off a network of nerves.

With a magic circuit, a magus can use any kind of basic Magecraft. They don't carry any inherent knowledge with them, but they're essential. If mana is a current of electricity, and a magus the electric motor, than magic circuits are the cabling and literal circuitry that forms the paths, checks, and switches that activate, direct, and choke the current. Each individual spell is a sort of "program" that is infused with mana through the use of circuits. More circuits, then, would allow for more control and finesse over this "program."


Many practitioners of Magecraft are descended from long and involved lineages. Each successive generation preserve their information and research by way of choosing an heir to inherit their bloodline's abilities, and this is done by the creation and inheritance of a "thaumaturgical crest," sometimes erroneously called a "magic crest."

Crests are like magic circuits. They allow for the invocation of skills, and they can be finely controlled by a talented magus. Crests are completely different entities, though.

More physical than a magic circuit, a Crest takes the form of a tattoo-like anomaly branded on or just beneath the skin of the magus, though the mark is not visible unless a current of mana is run through it. Depending on how old the Crest is, the appearance and size can differ. The Crest itself is like a living organ, and it cannot be transferred outside of its original bloodline due to tissue incompatibility.

Like a heart, it can't be divided, either. Families choose one successor to receive the elder's skills and information. This is condensed into the Crest, committed throughout the magus' life; a tangible living record. Any specific information Rin needs to access can be done so by accessing the Crest, which is like wearing a specific sort of ritual circle on her own body. for quick invocation. Rin's particular Crest is almost circuit-like in design, and covers the entirety of her left arm, from wrist to shoulder.

These varied techniques tend to leave magi without them at a severe disadvantage. They will forever be limited in their knowledge and abilities, and they have no information to pass on, nor any way to guarantee that their children will know what they knew in life.

Generally speaking, the older and more complex a Crest, the more varied the skillset the magus can wield, and the greater the knowledge they can access at will.


There are five basic elements in the use of thaumaturgy: Wind, water, earth, fire, and ether. Rin is unique among magi in that she is known as an "Average One," which is less of an insult and more of an honour. She has equal finesse and power among all elements, rather than having a specialty in just one.

The element of wind is useful for directing energy quite specifically. Wind-aligned jewels are generally of a glassy or vitreous lustre, with great hardness and stability in their crystalline structure. Their unleashed energy is well-suited to anti-spirit tasks, with enough offensive power to cut through things from the spirit world. Such minerals are also useful for barriers of wind, suited to warding off external thaumaturgy.
Taken by itself, the element of water is used most commonly in dealing with flows, forms, and cycles. Due to its adaptable nature, it can also be very effective in combinations, and its fluid form allows it to be manipulated easily. Given the importance of water to all life, it has equal use as offense or defense. Water is quite versatile: With temperature dropped, water-aligned gems can summon ice to form a defensive wall, or they can be detonated and their temperature raised to a scalding cloud of steam.
Earth-aligned jewels embody solidity and stability. They suit themselves towards grounding tasks, and are among the best at receiving energy infused into them. After all, the element of earth is naturally aligned towards the cultivation and embedding of energy. Tasks for such jewels include restraint and binding, grounding and stabilizing, and augmenting the user’s thaumaturgy. Others can be thrown and detonated to manifest earth itself, such as summoning a blinding sandstorm, or rupturing the earth beneath the point of impact.
Although Rin tends to fall back on and favour the element of fire, as her father did, it isn’t her only focus. Fire pertains to consumption, heat, entropy, energy transfer, and thermodynamics. In regards to Magecraft, Rin tends to focus more on consumption and transfer of energy. When consumed at full strength, fire-allied jewels can be used to summon violent firestorms or conjure tremendous heat. Their primary use is offensive, used to burn and scald an assailant on short notice.
There are few jewels that suit themselves to ether. Ether as an element is a tricky one, and not one that very many magi have a firm grasp of. The Fifth Element is sometimes referred to as "imaginary," due to its amorphous nature. Ether normally manifests only in conjunction with other elements, and without it, Magecraft would be impossible. However, there are a few minerals that have a natural alignment toward ether. These are best suited to staving off corruption, wounding the unliving, and other such tasks. One of ether’s sub-alignments includes divinity.


Rin prefers using gemstones as part of her thaumaturgy. They serve as "batteries" of stored energy, which lets her use abilities beyond her means. By storing energy in them for months, sometimes years, she can create a significant charge of energy, which can be drawn on at any time. This can be recalled in a single devastating release, destroying the gemstone, but draining it is a lot more inefficient.

The harder and more secure the crystalline structure, the easier it is for Rin to use. Unfortunately, it's an expensive vocation, and Rin's finances suffer for it. Certain gems fall into certain elements, though there is some crossover. This sampling lends some idea, though it's not complete:

  • Padparascha
A rare pink-orange corundum found chiefly in Sri Lanka. Rin values these not for their rarity or beauty, but for their stability. They're hideously expensive, so Rin never has more than one at a time. They suit well to barriers.
  • Topaz
A common mineral that occurs in many colours. The types best suited to air-related tasks are brown, yellow, and colourless. Topaz suits itself well to outbursts of razor-sharp wind; since they're so common, Rin keeps several on hand.
  • Agate
This common mineral has many colours and forms, moderately hard and with a waxy lustre. Blue and black are Rin's preferred type, either in their natural state or cut and polished. Agate is useful for ice when frozen or steam when heated.
  • Lapis Lazuli
Lapis is almost always blue, speckled with either white or gold for inclusions of calcite or pyrite. With its soft makeup, it tends towards breakage, so Rin prefers it natural. Lapis suits itself well to summoning great tides of water.
  • Sapphire
This familiar variant of corundum is wonderfully hard, coloured blue by the presence of trace minerals. Its glassy hardness makes it one of Rin's favourite subjects in thaumaturgy, particularly for conjuring ice, though it can sometimes be cost prohibitive.
  • Citrine
Citrine is a variety of quartz, usually ranging from pale yellow to light brown. Like quartz, it's quite hard, with a vitreous and glassy lustre, and forms excellent barriers when detonated.
  • Emerald
A green variant of beryl, almost as hard as corundum. Though hard, emerald is susceptible to breakage, since it is often formed as inclusion. Rin still finds them valuable for thaumaturgy, but due to its brittle nature, it's best for sandstorms.
  • Malachite
Soft and common, malachite is almost useless in thaumaturgy, since its softness makes it hard to infuse. Rin keeps a stock in case other gemstones aren't available. It can be useful for rupturing earth or disrupting stone.
  • Onyx
A variety of chalcedony with handsome banding and a good hardness, onyx comes in a spectrum of colours. Black onyx is what Rin prefers when it comes to earthen thaumaturgy, as it makes an excellent grounding and stabilising tool.
  • Garnet
Somewhat softer than quartz and available in many colours, the blood-coloured sort are the type that Rin prefers in her thaumaturgy. More delicate applications of heat best suit garnet, rather than violent firestorms.
  • Ruby
Like padparaschas and sapphires, rubies are a variant of corundum, coloured red by traces of other minerals and imperfections. Ruby is a potent gemstone, wonderfully hard, and Rin's main use is to conjure spectacular firestorms. It's also her favourite gemstone.
  • Diamond
Diamonds are a girl's best friend, and a magus', too. The sort demanded by thaumaturgy must be absolutely flawless, so they're expensive and hard to find. Rin uses them in a variety of ways (and sparingly), usually to banish wide-scale corruption.
  • Moonstone
A composite of orthoclase and albite feldspar, moonstone is milky white, with a blue colour that seems to come from within. Though soft, Rin prefers moonstones for more ordinary ether-based tasks, since diamonds are such a hassle to get ahold of.


Rin is a practitioner of Magecraft, a branch of study within the supernatural. Sometimes called "thaumaturgy" and best described as a hybrid between magic and science, its paths may accomplish things unknown to technology. Given how out of reach true magic is, it's the closest to that awesome power most mortals will ever get.

Essentially, it is the manipulation of energy, known as "mana," which is a kind of spiritual life force. It can be used in a number of ways, such as invoking or controlling base elements.

A good example would be conjuring water by converting raw mana into the chemical formula for water, or achieving mild telekinesis-like effects, like scooting a pen across a desk or stirring a cup of coffee without touching it. Its uses aren't always as benign, though, and terrible destruction could be wrought by a skillful magus.

There are literally hundreds of branches of Magecraft, each one more specific than the last. Rin's specialty is the use of gemstones as a kind of "battery" for mana, storing energy for later use. She accomplishes this by the ritual use of her own blood as a catalyst, adding a little more to the gemstone's pool of energy every day over the course of months and years. The energy can then be released all at once, to devastating effect.

By virtue of their chemical makeup and their reactions with infused mana, different gemstones produce different effects when recalled. For example, some stones reliably invoke fiery effects, while others will always align themselves to water, wind, or earth. A complete list of minerals and their effects can be found in "+info Rin/Jewels."


Even though she tends to flirt dangerously close to keeping her finances in the red, Rin is not without a few nice luxuries to make life a little easier. These range from things like transportation to the luxury items in her house.

Living in one of the more lavish residences in the western division of Fuyuki's neighbourhood has its perks. Built two hundred years ago, the physical structure is well-maintained, and much of its construction and fixtures are still original. From a supernatural standpoint, the house is practically a bastion of defense.
The most important of these is the wardings that criss-cross the property lines, the house, and everything in between. These overlapping fields alert Rin whenever an intruder encroaches, and she can sense when there's so much as a stray cricket crossing the lawn. It lets her hone in on exactly where an intruder might be.
Below the house's foundation lies the basement, an insulated and hollowed-out shell of concrete cleared and maintained for rituals, Magecraft work, and generally made into a well-stocked supernatural workshop. This is where Rin does most of her work, and the wardings that cross its door and any other potential points of entry are more serious than the alert fields that overlap the house. Unauthorised intruders run the risk of grievous bodily harm if they intrude without permission from Rin.
Rin's main method of transportation is a red Yahama cruising motorcycle. A gift from Emiya Shirou, it isn't supernatural in any way, though Shirou built it from the ground up and made sure that it had a few convenient tweaks. It is slightly more fuel efficient than stock vehicles of the same model, and it's also sturdier on and off the road, thanks to Shirou's top-notch mechanical skills.Dropped