Tommy Wahagi

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Tommy Wahagi (Scenesys ID: 895)
"L-let's make things more interesting with a little wager."
Full Name: Tommy Wahagi
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Planeswalker)
Theme: (OC) Deckmaster-1
Function: Deckmonster
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (20)
Other Information
Physical Age: Late Teens, Early Twenties Actual Age: 19
Still Aging? No Voice Actor:
Height: 5'10 Weight: 120 lbs.
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Black
Theme Song:


Life has not been kind to Tommy Wahagi. A sickly youth whose only loves were books, games, and a nurse he never spoke to, Tommy spent much of his life on Earth waiting in a hospital to die. Only when a catastrophic backlash through the electrical system nearly fried him alive did he awaken to his true destiny as a Planeswalker. Tommy's Planeswalker Spark has turned the game he once loved into a vehicle for true sorcery, allowing him to travel the Multiverse unaided and call forth fantastic armies so long as he plays by its rules. At once bitter towards and delighted by the world, the thing Tommy desires most is excitement, gambling, living on the edge. To die a boring life is a worse fate than living an interesting one, even if that interesting one is fraught with danger and despair. That philosophy - and his illness - has led Tommy to join the Phyrexians, monstrous machine-life from another world happy to conquer Earth. When he's not busy acting as an agent of Phyrexia, Tommy is a painfully shy young man whose life has been spent without much social contact, easily flustered and uncertain. He communicates at his best when he's got cards in hand and can play the supervillain.










JUST A GUY, YOU KNOW?: Tommy is a regular Earthling who happened to stumble upon immense power. He's not very good with weapons. Any combat outside his element will be hysterically one-sided, especially in conjunction with the SICKLY flaw.

COMPULSIVE GAMBLER: Tommy is a compulsive gambler. He has trouble resisting a wager, unless it is a kind of wager that's extremely stupid or obviously rigged for him to lose. He will still accept wagers cunningly designed for him to lose.

LET'S MAKE THINGS INTERESTING: Tommy is more interested in excitement than in total victory. He'll throw away an absolute victory and give away potent advantages to an enemy for the sake of a future, more interesting "game board". In some cases, if Tommy feels that his own victory would be less than interesting, he'll "play to lose", intentionally sacrificing the major goal of a scene for a minor goal he cares about.

SICKLY: Without using magic, Tommy has trouble keeping up in physical encounters. He will rarely win direct physical conflicts or activities without cheating. Abilities that boost his physical ability can mitigate, but never negate, this flaw - in a directly physical conflict Tommy is very likely to come out the loser.

SHY GUY: If he's not behind a deck acting like a gambler supervillain, Tommy's actually surprisingly shy. He has a lot of trouble around people, especially beautiful women, doubly especially in person.

RULEBOUND: In addition to requiring a legal deck, Tommy has to go through all the motions of playing a normal game for anything to work, even in the midst of combat. If he wants to cast a spell he's drawn from his deck, he has to cast it during the right part of his turn and have the mana to use it. Similarly, he has to have garnered an appropriate reaction from an opponent to take another turn, effectively making it all but impossible to use his abilities from a position of surprise or to use them unhindered. Should he render a foe unable to act through any means available to him by means of his deck short of actually defeating them, he may continue to act as normal; similarly, if someone deliberately allows him time to build up, a reaction is unnecessary to continue.

SPECIALIZED FOCI: Without his deck, Tommy's effectively helpless. Removing it from him before he can begin using it is a perfectly reasonable method of stopping him before he becomes a problem.

MANA DEPENDENCY: Tommy's spellcasting ability relies heavily on the use of mana to function, based on the environment the spell is found in. If Tommy finds himself casting spells of the wrong type in the wrong environment -- say, fighting someone in a volcano while attempting to draw green mana, normally found around forests -- he can be at a significant disadvantage. Certain objects can generate a small amount of mana outside the appropriate environments or alter the color to suit his needs, though they're almost never enough to wholly negate a bad choice of battlefield.

TWISTED LOVE: Anyone who threatens or attacks Xanya earns Tommy's absolute hatred, and he'll go out of his way to make their life miserable and return the suffering tenfold. Someone killing Xanya may force Tommy into drastic and desperate action. Additionally, because Anya gave him many of the cards in the Menace Of Life And Death, Tommy will defend that deck with his life.

GLISTENING OIL: Anyone with scent-based powers, or abilities that detect Evil, can detect Tommy through any stealth he might have.

ELECTROPHOBIA: Tommy has a mild fear of electricity, particularly loose wires and people with electric-based powers. This fear may make his decisions hastier than they might otherwise be, but it is not crippling.


Title Date Scene Summary
Minor Grail: The Sentinel Maze November 27th, 2015 The small village of Wolong in the Great Mountains requests help dealing with a rogue Caster... but not all is as it seems.
The Four Winds Bar: Cellar Infestation November 14th, 2015 An advertisement for a rat extermination goes a bit... more. Theo helps.


Title Date Scene Summary
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NOTE: All of Tommy's decks are posed as being horrifying magitech cyborg monsters, rather than the art their card portrays. They are otherwise in all ways identical to the cards.

Rise From The Machinery

A mono-Black deck focusing on zombies, the reanimation of dead things as zombies, and bad luck. It focuses on reanimation to build a bulwark of minions in order to both stifle attack and break through defense, as well as empowering itself through death.


Evolve Or Die

A mono-Green deck focused on big monsters getting bigger. The monsters within are transformed by evolution and mutation. Evolve Or Die can also function as a support deck, bolstering allies with big-growth spells or straight up "stealing" mutations from his monsters to buff his allies.


Menace Of Life And Death

Tommy's most precious deck, Menace Of Life And Death is a thematic merger of his other two - feeding big monsters by sacrificing minions and empowering creatures through death.