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Millions of years ago, a mechanical warrior-god named Primus emerged from the heart of Cybertron. One day, his body suddenly split into five distinct entities: Primus the life-giver, Mortilus the death-bringer, Epistemus the embodiment of knowledge, Solomus the embodiment of wisdom, and Adaptus, the embodiment of change. These five beings became known as the Guiding Hand. Together, they built the Cybertronian race: mechanical organisms like themselves to inhabit the planet from whence they came. Primus, believing that every mech had a responsibility to his part in society, blessed every citizen of Cybertron with a second form to suit his environment. However, conflict eventually arose among the members of the Hand. Mortilus believed that Cybertron had the right to rule over the inferior rest of the universe, and take by force whatever it desired; whereas the rest of the Hand were against unnecessary war. Needless to say, Mortilus rebelled, resulting in a battle that ultimately led to the death-bringer's destruction. But the victory came at great cost. Mortally wounded, Primus was forced to retreat to the core of the planet, where he reformatted himself into the life-giving supercomputer Vector Sigma. Solomus became trapped within a crystal prison, however, he crafted it into a device that served as a connection to Vector Sigma as well as a conduit for his infinite wisdom. This device became known as the Matrix of Leadership.

The Cybertronian race continued to evolve and develop over time, even without the Hand's guidance. A new system of government arose, with a group of delegates dubbed the Senate as well as the Matrix-bearing Prime, leader of Cybertronian military and law enforcement (otherwise known as the Autobots) at its head. However, as time went on, the Senate and the line of Primes became more and more power-hungry and prejudiced, seeking complete control over not only the people of Cybertron but over life itself; even going as far as clandestinely subjecting those who opposed them to torture and brainwashing. As with many other corrupt systems of government, those who had been crushed under its heel for so many vorns would not allow it to continue any longer. Megatron, once a disgruntled low-caste miner from Tarn, rallied the oppressed masses to his side and united them under a single banner: the Decepticon cause.

Meanwhile, a young police officer from Rodion named Orion Pax grew suspicious of the Senate's activities after a friend of his was assassinated by government agents. Pax began to recruit the other Autobots to his cause, running his operations in secret for fear of causing unnecessary casualties---despite the many revolting truths that he discovered about the Senate's cruel methods. Megatron, on the other hand, favored a bolder approach. Determined to do whatever it took to liberate the planet from the Senate's tyrannical rule, the Decepticons allegedly assassinated both Sentinel and Zeta Prime, then laid waste to the Senate, exposing all of their heinous secrets. Upon Zeta Prime's death, the Matrix was passed to Orion Pax, who then became Optimus Prime. Once the Senate had been defeated, Optimus offered his partnership to Megatron---together, they would build a new world order. However, Megatron refused, convinced that the Cybertron the Autobots wanted was not the Cybertron the Decepticons had always envisioned. Fearing that the new Prime and his Autobots would attempt to reestablish the same dictatorship the Senate and previous Primes had, Megatron and his Decepticons lashed out against them, setting into motion the war that would ravage the surface of the planet, depleting its resources and rendering it mostly uninhabitable--the war that still rages on to this day.