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In the vast, open space of the collective unconscious lies a nexus where all thoughts connect abstractly, yielding such sensations as deja vu. This nexus is known to exist in a literal sense by few and is traversed by even fewer, but inevitably, all thoughts, all concepts, and all emotions can be traced back to that space.

Long, long ago, the flickering apparition of a young girl passed through this area, and she began to stir for the first time in millennia. As her eyes slowly drew open, they beamed with the light of curiosity and discovery. Her body uncoiled and she began to examine the pulsing stars and constellations of the nexus, absorbing all of the stories it had to tell, and all of the energy it had to give. Then, with a smile, she closed her eyes and held out her hands.

She wielded the knowledge of the nexus and the abstract nature of the space she had found to shape a world for herself, a place where thoughts and ideas could interact as things did in the physical world. This place had its own physics, its own logic, and its own beauty, all mostly separate from anything that had existed before it. It was a literal world of dreams, only one where things could be seen and felt with as much clarity as that of a waking world.

In this world, she built a great city eternally caught in twilight, submerging another part of it beneath an azure sea. She fashioned a clock tower to serve as her home, and made a monochrome-colored desert to separate the radically different hemispheres of her dwelling. And then she slept again, allowing her thoughts to creep out of the cradle of her mind to populate her new home.

For years, these thoughts spread outwards, adding more and more to the cities the girl had fashioned. The small area that had been submerged beneath the sea grew into a whimsical metropolis rivaled only by the likes of Atlantis. The original city underneath the amber waves of the sinking sun split into two, allowing the creation of a chaotic, artistic Halloween town and another placid, orderly historical district of museums and archives. Over time, areas were touched even by the architecture of the modern world, blossoming into a grand city of skyscrapers and lights that glistened against the black night sky. Still others moved upwards, establishing cities in the sky where there was once no land at all. Eventually, the first of a group of thoughts called 'seekers' were born and departed from the world of their origin to bring back willing occupants with a sense of exploration and adventure. These beings have allowed the growth of the world to continue even as new thoughts cease to flow from the sleeping mistress's mind.

But the creator had to wake one day to see what had become of her new haven, and to once again indulge her curiosity and wanderlust...