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Cloudbank is a city built and shaped by the whims of its citizens.

While orderly and strict from an outsider's perspective, all citizens choose two focuses for their life pursuits and their reasonings behind those choices. They then continue with those focuses, dedicating them to enhancing the city of Cloudbank, and the people that live there. The city is thus built by the people who live there, both literally and metaphorically.

Behind all of the administration, choices, and policics, however, is a shadowy group known only as the Camerata. Few know their name. Even fewer know the members of this group, who is the true power behind Cloudbank. While originally the ones who possessed the Transistor and the overlords of the Process, computer programs and functions that helped shape the city, neither are under their control.

The Process has begun to run wild. The Camerata, who had been using the Transistor to assassinate and assimilate some of Cloudbank's more progressive and post-modernist minds, find the weapon snatched from their clutches by one who they had marked for death.