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Undefined is a very pedestrian world caught in a very dangerous situation. A modern Earth, no outlandish tech or magic or anything like that... on the surface. Behind the scenes, however, things are very interesting. Tied to the fate of this little blue-green ball are an untold number of other realms. Demons, mages, and horrors from beyond the stars themselves threaten all those who are tied to them.

Earth is beginning to change, unknown to the normals. However, the guardians of these normal realms, the Watchers, have been dispatched. From the normal, the mundane, and the unremarkable, they seek their champions, individuals to rise against the threats of the stronger realms. All unique, all extraordinary, all from the pedestrian.

Adding the Multiverse to the equation hasnt helped much. Do these fledgling champions have enough strength between them to not only survive, but become the saviors they were chosen to be?