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In a world much like the one most people live in, there was a great apocalypse - one that involved war, or perhaps science, or any number of things, that sent things back to the dark ages. Setting back humanity by hundreds of years, back to castles and feuding kings and monarchs. Among them were those changed by the cataclysm, those that lived apart.


As these vampires, with their undying power moved through the world, it was changed, and changed them. The new world was puppeted by the progeny of these first vampires, with the purebloods ruling over all from the shadows. But the humans, those that had become Vampire Hunters, keeping them at bay and making a tenuous peace.

Now is the time where vampires live and coexist with humans... mostly. There are radical elements on both sides, but also, people who desire peaceful coexistence on both sides.