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Victor Ellsworth (Scenesys ID: 790)
"Everything is a game of chance, you just have to approach it from the angle that benefits your luck best. Or be very lucky, all the time."
Full Name: Victor Ellsworth
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (OC) Afterusbound-1
Function: A Casino's Nightmare
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Syndicate (6-Recruit)
Groups: -
Other Information
Physical Age: 15-16 Actual Age: 15-16
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: -
Height: 5'6" Weight: -
Hair Color: Green Eye Color: Orange-Red
Theme Song: -


VICTOR ELLSWORTH is a walking cautionary tale against parents moving pretty much every year, resulting in a child that wasn't able to establish any lasting friendships, and a jaded teenager afterwards. Otherwise a fairly normal human being, he is a recent transfer to the Predestination Academy for Gifted Ecto-Youths boarding school of Afterus. Neither withdrawn nor especially rude, he is nonetheless terrified of the word "friendship" and prefers to think of people as anything but friends: allies, acquaintances, classmates, even pawns. Though he attempts to act cool, underneath he's just someone afraid of losing people close to him again, and afraid of death in general. If one had to gauge whether he is a hero or a villain, he sits comfortably in the middle of the scale, sometimes leaning a bit more towards heroism. His abilities as the Mage of Light of his Sburb session allow him to manipulate odds, luck and fate to the benefit of himself and his allies, but there's a long road to go before he's truly of much use.










Light Player: As a player of the Light aspect, Victor is extremely visible. Spells, effects and powers that have the ability to locate people will almost never fail to locate him, provided people are actually trying to find him at all. He is a fairly visible beacon to most magical detection means. Though he can be made invisible to the naked eye just fine, supernatural detection will never be able to miss him. Finally, the aspect of Light is closely bound to the concept of fate, and will generally attempt to guide Victor towards "the optimal path" regardless of what is on that road.

Friendship Issues: We're not friends, we're acquaintances. We're not friends, we're allies. We're not friends, we're classmates. We're not friends, we're just together a lot. No matter how you word it, Victor has a fear of close bonding and masks it behind uncaringness. While normal children tend to move on from changing friends every year or two on the clock, in him it's left an unwillingness to form real friendships in a sorry attempt not to have to feel bad if something happens. People who call him a friend make him extremely uncomfortable, and implications he might be developing friendships terrify him.

Death: Victor is not very good when it comes to dealing with seeing people (not monsters/creatures/etc) die. He feels that in a Multiverse as fantastic as the one they all live in, there should be a way for him to help prevent these things. Though he tries to always act cool, the sight of blood and dead bodies can quickly break that image.

Gambling: I can stop anytime I want. Really. Victor has a problem with gambling, not quite a crippling addiction but definitely a strong temptation to keep going, or if he hasn't started yet, to start. It's difficult for him to pass up a wager, as long as that wager is something he knows he has a chance of winning. (For example, he would be able to ignore a wager that he could beat a superhero in an arm-wrestling match, but not if the wager was on the outcome of a battle between two superheroes.)


Title Date Scene Summary
Infiltrating Forsaken Fortress September 3rd, 2015 An attack is made on Forsaken Fortress, to save Ilia and to get ahold of the Tear of Light from Blind the Bandit.
Exploring Kakariko Village September 2nd, 2015 A visit to Kakariko Village.
Storm Elemental Chasers May 27th, 2015 Kyra takes the new Afterus kids for a test drive with a good ol' monster hunt on the rooftops of Ramuh.
F:NV - From Our Own May 24th, 2015 A bunch of FUTURE HEROES bust into an Enclave Facility in order to find a GECK and run into more problems than they might have been expecting.
An Introduction Through Pizza May 19th, 2015 A new generation of Sburb players arrives onto the Multiversal scene, let loose by their tenders to experience strange and wonderful places, people, and things in order to help them in their dire future quest. Their first order of business? Get some pizza.


Title Date Scene Summary
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Sylladex Table

(Some entries are deliberately vague to avoid shooting myself in the foot too much.)

  • AA: Assorted adventuring objects.
  • AB: Assorted gambling objects.
  • AC: Assorted belongings.
  • AD: Assorted gambling objects.
  • AE: Assorted belongings.
  • AF: Assorted adventuring objects.
  • AG: Psyber's business card.


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