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"Tell me, I wanna know about your world"

She wasn't the first, but she was definitely the most well-known, the one who sang these words. The digital diva Hatsune Miku brought the idea of VOCALOIDs-- vocal synthesizer programs-- to the masses. It was a slow start, but eventually her name was known all across the world, and people began to clamor for more of the digital diva's music.

But just as she wasn't the first, she wasn't the last. Nor was she alone. The voices of many Vocaloids began to gain in popularity. The company that brought Miku's voice to the world thought that there was something missing. Holograms were nice, but they lacked the ability to interact. Miku could only speak when someone had time to craft a proper response in the program. So they chose to bring her to the world in a more concrete fashion.

They added a robotics department, hired the best technicians and roboticists, and began work. It took years, but eventually Hatsune Miku was able to step out on the stage and greet her fans properly. And again, she wasn't the only one. Several other companies began to follow suit, and it wasn't long before more Vocaloids took the stage in a form they could interact with those who loved them.

All was well. But music is the expression of the heart and soul, and so is the response it evokes in those who love it. And when dealing with something so ethereal, there's no way to tell what the effect is going to be. In this case, the music started to "wake up" something inside the dead machines. And soon, it became obvious to a select few that the androids they'd made were no longer merely the sum of their parts.

Their world was about to have to change, to make room for a new kind of lifeform.