WMAT Action Heats Up! (Mister Satan (TP))

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WMAT Action Heats Up! (Mister Satan (TP))
Date of Cutscene: 24 July 2015
Location: Earth-4555
Cast of Characters:
Tinyplot: WMAT 2015

EARTH-4555 -- The 28th Annual World Martial Arts Tournament is about to begin!

As participant registration starts to wind down, excitement over the upcoming tournament is escalating to new heights. Between over-stuffed hotels, flooded transportation networks, and a festival atmosphere unmatched by anything else on the planet, it's obvious that Earth's locals are more than ready for the tournament to begin.

This year, events will kick off with a special gala hosted by the MISTRESS OF CEREMONIES herself, MIZUKI! Recipient of last year's Golden Mic Award, Mizuki has embraced her role as the tournament's biggest celebrant and most charming hostess. In addition to hosting the Opening Ceremonies, providing fight commentary, and cheering on all combatants, Mizuki is inviting all tournament participants and their associates to attend a pre-tourney fancy dress ball this Sunday evening. Earth's beloved hero, Mister Satan, will also be in attendance. (OOC: See +scenes 1061!)

Consider that the last act of peace -- once this gala concludes, the fighting begins! Champions HOMURA AKEMI and SEIKOU STARKS (Material-S) will be going toe-to-toe in a special preliminary match to be held in Tournament Stadium on Tuesday, July 28th. Some kind of special mystery prize is on the line. Mister Satan will be providing commentary in addition to special guests yet to be announced. (OOC: See +scenes 1078.)

Following the preliminary exhibition, Opening Ceremonies will be held on Thursday, July 30th. Opening qualifier brackets and the full roster of prizes are expected to be announced. Mizuki and Mister Satan will share the duty of making these and other announcements key to the tournament's execution, including the anticipated schedule. (OOC: See +scenes 1034.)

The tournament itself begins in earnest on Friday, July 31st. In advance of the contests to come, regional hospitals have been stocked and staffed, and the pre-selected tournament grounds have been prepared for safe use. One of the larger lakes in the Northern Mountains has even been barricaded against public access so that nautical combatants have a secure area for conducting their matches.

Registration closes on Saturday, July 25th. All would-be participants have been asked to submit their registrations by the deadline, as late requests to compete will not be honored.