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It took all of the twelve gods to create the world, but only one man to nearly destroy it. The alchemist Otomai, the greatest mind of his and all ages to come, discovered the Twelve's secret to creating life in his studies. Harnessing the energy of life and creation into a tangible form, coined "Wakfu", Otomai gave form to many of the world's greatest inventions and most amazing creatures, but also to a monster known as Ogrest. Ogrest fell in love with a servant of the gods, and in order to seduce her, accomplished an impossible journey to every corner of the Wold of Twelve and gathered the six eggs of the dragon kings. Terrified by his power, the twelve gods separated him from his prize by force. Driven mad by the loss, Ogrest nearly destroyed the Twelve before retreating to the highest mountain, upon which he wept for countless years. The great being's tears flooded the oceans and his wails disturbed the seasons, bringing about a world threatening calamity known as Ogrest's Chaos, where entire continents went underwater overnight. In the wake of the destruction, the peoples of the Twelve rebuild, staking new nations of the remaining islands between the vast oceans, connected only by ancient portal gates...