Walter Bernhard

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Walter Bernhard (Scenesys ID: 726)
"Welcome to my castle. Pleased to meet you. I am the master of the castle, Walter Bernhard."
Full Name: Walter Bernhard
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Theme: (FC) Castlevania: LoI-1
Function: Vampire Lord
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (20-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: 30s Actual Age: Unknown
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: Jamieson Price
Height: 6'6" Weight: Unknown
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Yellow
Theme Song: Dark Night Toccata - Castlevania: Lament of Innocence OST


Walter Bernhard is a powerful vampire who rules over the Demon Castle, in the middle of a forest called "Eternal Night". With command over a seemingly endless variety of monstrous minions, possession of the Ebony Stone that shields him from sunlight, and the experience and vampiric powers accrued over a lengthy undead existence, he is an incredibly dangerous threat. However, he has grown overconfident in his power, and has allowed boredom to dictate his activities rather than any grand scheme. Kidnapping the loved ones of heroes or potential heroes in the hopes of baiting them into challenging his castle is a common pass-time. But he makes this desperate life-or-death struggle into a game, and this can forge his challengers into truly fearsome adversaries with a legitimate chance of defeating him. Further, though sunlight is blotted out within his dominion, he still possesses the other vulnerabilities of a vampire - particularly holy magic, though a stake through the heart, crosses, holy water, and others are all effective. However, the recent emergence into the Multiverse is beginning to stir him from his complacency, and his simple games with heroes may take a back seat to his renewed interest.










ARROGANCE: Walter Bernhard is arrogant in the extreme. He has been unable to be harmed by ANYONE for so long he truly believes himself to be invincible. Now, even if he were to suffer damage or defeat, he would likely refuse to accept it or become enraged by the harm to his ego, rather than admit that he really isn't invincible or without equal. This overconfidence and fury can lead to his downfall.

FORGING HEROES: While many challengers of the Demon Castle fail in their quest and wind up dead, or crippled by despair once their loved one is returned to them with a vampire's bite, enduring the trials Walter puts forth may be just what's needed to turn a would-be hero into a full-fledged hero, or an existing hero into a mighty champion. By toying with his foes instead of destroying them, they not only have the chance to grow stronger and continue facing him, but his roster of enemies continues to grow thanks to the evils he commits against numerous people without a hint of conscience.

SUNLIGHT: As with all vampires, sunlight is very dangerous to Walter. It strongly weakens and burns him if his skin is touched by it. His Ebony Stone only protects him while he carries it and wields its power, and weaponized sunlight employed by Elites may bypass this protection.

VAMPIRE KILLER: Any iteration of the legendary whip Vampire Killer is effective against Walter Bernhard by virtue of being an anti-vampire weapon, as long as it is in its "complete" form, rather than just a whip enhanced with alchemy. The completed whip can destroy Walter's shield of darkness easily.

VAMPIRIC WEAKNESSES: Anything holy, though especially holy magic, is effective against Walter, given his essence of evil, darkness, and chaos, not to mention his vampiric nature. Crosses, holy water (and running water), the Bible (wielded as a weapon, not as a symbol or read from), and silver all have inherent strength against Walter and his minions. A wooden stake through the heart is also capable of severely damaging Walter himself. Generally, only Elites can properly wield these weaknesses against Walter in direct combat, but even a relative nobody can affect him with the right tools.


Title Date Scene Summary
WMAT BSF Mako Mankanshoku vs Fiora Laurent October 11th, 2015 Mako Mankanshoku and Fiora Laurent face off in the WMAT semi-finals!
WMAT Exhibition: Dracula Vlad Tepes vs. Walter Bernhard September 25th, 2015 Dracula Vlad Tepes and Walter Bernhard collide in a WMAT exhibition of dark powers.
WMAT A1 Rebound vs Doppelganger September 18th, 2015 Rebound faces herself in the WMAT?! Nah, it's just Doppelganger.
Mad Forest September 5th, 2015 Monsters are infesting part of the Great Forest. Heroes are required to clear them out!
WMAT B1 The Black Knightmare vs Allenby Beardsley August 29th, 2015 The Black Knightmare and Allenby Bearsley face off in the WMAT.
WMAT AQ1 Doppelganger vs Natasha August 20th, 2015 Natasha takes the next step to becoming a heroine, fighting her evil twin. Can she win the fight and move onto the next round though?
WMAT AQ1 Celestine vs Doppelganger August 14th, 2015 Celestine faces off against Doppelganger in the desert!
Bernhard Castle: First Challenger July 26th, 2015 The first Elite challenger to Bernhard Castle since unification!
The Dark Experiment June 27th, 2015 A new form of undead is created.
Armster Estate Pt. 2 May 9th, 2015 Further investigation into the Armster Estate, somewhere in Europe.
AWftF: The Sixth Dragon Ball May 3rd, 2015 The Confederacy and Union once more band together to plumb the depths of a pyramid for a Dragon Ball. Joining them is a mysterious geezer from another land. Trouble ensues.
Hungry Fields April 25th, 2015 Meadow Hill is under attack. The fourth seasonal zone to suffer random monster attacks out in the middle of nowhere. Will the responders find out the reason for it this time?
Raiding The Shelves April 24th, 2015 Somewhere in Europe, the abandoned Armster Estate is the destination for a Syndicate mission to retrieve alchemical reagents for the mansion's owner. Traps and other dangers lie in store for Kyra and Soan!
Elimination: Pond Scum April 17th, 2015 A Syndicate mission to hunt monsters is arranged - a lake in the woods is infested with them! But who is the contractor for the mission, and what is its true purpose?
Ashfall April 4th, 2015 Hollowsvile is under attack! It's out of the way, making it hard to get to quickly, but the ghosts of the town's ancestors have gone out seeking help from Multiversal denizens!
Shift March 13th, 2015 Wolves are attacking a Russian village in the middle of nowhere. A mystical call for aid has gone out, and those receptive to the call have answered.
A Royal Kidnapping March 9th, 2015 Princess Sarracenia is kidnapped to the Forest of Eternal Night! The hero is Lute!?
Hatchets March 3rd, 2015 A distress call is sent out! Lumber workers are being attacked in Summer!


Title Date Scene Summary
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Gate Keepers

Walter Bernhard has a roster of powerful monsters that guard the crystals that will allow a challenger of Bernhard Castle to access the inner areas of the castle and challenge Walter directly. While it is not easy to replace them if they are slain, and it is often better to simply rely upon Death to (eventually) resurrect them as part of Walter's agreement with that entity, it is possible that the roster may change over time if these Elite bosses are eliminated. This requires adequate time and effort to seek out replacements. The current roster is below.

  • GOLEM: A mighty stone giant, Golem has physical strength and durability in abundance, and can launch his fist on a chain as a ranged attack. He is difficult to stop, but has limited intelligence and can be almost shy at times. If not provoked, he does not generally attack, but entering his territory counts as provocation. Golem is weak against lightning, and blades aimed precisely. (PL 33)
  • JOACHIM ARMSTER: A rebellious former Lieutenant, Joachim Armster is a vampire with telekinetic control over five magic swords, which he can combine in various ways, and even use to fire a magical laser. He can levitate as well, granting him high mobility. He has the same weaknesses as other vampires, including running water. Joachim is resilient to blades and chopping weapons, as well as sorcerous weapons (particularly crystals). However, he is weak to ice magic, holy water, and crosses wielded as weapons. (PL 33)
  • MEDUSA: Appearing as a giant demonic head, Medusa possesses powers of petrification, levitation, and the ability to regurgitate a seemingly endless flood of snakes (petrification requires consent from Elite targets, and is a temporary status). She is a vicious and cruel monster, who delights in adding the statues of heroes to her "collection". Axes and other chopping weapons are useful against Medusa, removing her serpentine hair and cutting deep into her armored flesh. (PL 33)
  • SUCCUBUS: A winged, predatory female demon skilled in deception, Succubus can fly, produce convincing illusions to confuse her foes, as well as to conceal her exact whereabouts through multiple images. She can create and control hostile poisonous plant life, and feeds on emotional energy and blood. Succubus is weak against flames and blades. (PL 33)
  • UNDEAD PARASITE: An undead parasitic organism named "Undead Parasite", which can burrow through the ground and walls, breathe fire, and fights alongside soulless human bodies it brings into existence by reanimating dead tissue. It fights with an animalistic level of intelligence, and is weak against holy water and crosses wielded as weapons. (PL 33)


  • DOPPELGANGER: A copy of a given hero may be created by Walter, mimicking their appearance, and using imperfect versions of their weapons or abilities. A second version is also possible, which only mimics their appearance, and fights with hand to hand combat skills. In either case, the Doppelganger's power is roughly equal to the original's, within limits. Not all weapons or abilities can be reproduced by the Doppleganger, only a select assortment, and mainly physical weapons or tools, not special powers. Knowledge, memories, and personality are not copied. This is a mimic, not a clone or conventional living being. (Max PL 31. Based on strength of PC)
  • ELEMENTALS: In addition to Walter's Gate Keepers, three powerful Elementals have also been bound to his service. The Thunder Elemental, Flame Elemental, and Frost Elemental each embody one of the magical elements of Lightning, Fire, or Ice, can levitate in the air, and wield an array of deadly attacks utilizing their elements. Slaying them may grant a unique benefit to the one or ones who do so. (To retain the Lightning, Fire, or Ice enchantment to one's weapons, an Upgrade App and an appropriate magical weapon is needed. Otherwise it is a temporary IC buff against those monsters vulnerable to the given element, lasting one or two scenes.) (PL 32 each)
  • THE FORGOTTEN ONE: The Forgotten One is an uncontrollable monster that once nearly ended the world. Crafted by mortal hands, it wields devastating power even in its greatly destroyed state. While it could technically be unleashed, it would be a matter of supreme desperation for Walter to actually do so. Confining it again would be an immense undertaking. It has super strength, poisonous blood, is swarming with hostile demon maggots, and can fire a beam of concentrated heat and raw power from its mouth capable of harming nearly anything. It only has one arm, and no lower body, limiting its movements even if it were not imprisoned. It is resilient to flame, electrical attacks, and crosses wielded as weapons, but is vulnerable to cold and ice-based attacks. It is so large that a human-sized opponent might need to defeat it in sections rather than all at once, or to employ allies. (PL 34)

Other Art

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