When the Celebration Ends (Kakarot) (TP)

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When the Celebration Ends (Kakarot) (TP)
Date of Cutscene: 25 February 2015
Location: Deep Space
Synopsis: Kakarot's boredom leads him to consider a new target to conquer: a small, out-of-the-way planet named Reptilon.
Cast of Characters: 723
Tinyplot: A Wish for the Future

The King was not at the victory feast.

He shifted uncomfortably on his throne. It was both a place of refuge as well as the center of his rule, appropriate to this environment, this society that he helped forge with his blood and sweat. The raucous sounds of laughter, the consumption of food and drink, and occasional scenery destruction reached him even here. He did not join them, a sure sign of his restlessness even after their last great victory.

He stared ahead, slumped to one side in his throne with his head resting nonchalantly on his fist, the other hand tapping idly at the armrest. It was obvious what lay heavy upon the King, and he made it moreso when he spoke.

"Toma. I'm bored." He said simply. He was always direct in his speech. There wasn't need to soften his words around his advisor. "Find me something new to work with."

Toma was never far away from his King. A servant, but a highly placed one. His red armor was a sign of his position in the ranks. He served loyally and well, organizing scouting groups to seek out new targets. This was an honor, because it also means they get to be the first to fight.

Everyone fought here. There was no room for those who were not warriors.

Toma nods. "Of course, my King. Reports have come in about a dimensional disturbance a while ago, and we've located something promising." He hits a button, and a screen shows a multi-colored planet rotating slowly. "The planet is full of lizard-people, they seem to have been fighting in some kind of civil war."

"What is that, the sixth or seventh lizard planet?" The voice comes from a woman in green-colored armor, who had just walked into the hall. "I noticed the King wasn't in the feast hall. What kind of stupid rock is that supposed to be? Is that your best, Toma?"

The King grunts acknowledgement, and Toma shrugs. "Hard planets get you hard people, Zuki. Civil wars are pretty good. They kill off the weak, leaving the rest. We could get a good workout there."

The woman in green armor scoffs. "And what? Get in a brawl over that? There probably aren't even enough resources left on that planet to have a decent feast after we win. Look at it!" She waves a hand, pointing at several pictures of the landscape. "A couple bombed out cities, and a huge dome taking up half a continent. Talk about putting all your eggs in one basket. They probably had to use most of their planet's resources to build that thing as it is!"

The King does not even respond, his gaze sweeping back from Zuki to Toma. Toma shifts, a grimace growing on his face as he points to Zuki. "And how are we going to know that without looking in close? And if we get a chance to get in a good brawl, so much the better!"

Zuki scowls. "That's all it's about for you, isn't it? A good brawl? So what, and then we have a bunch of dead lizards and a wrecked planet. It's not even worth-"

"Enough." The word is is quiet, but rumbles through the hall with the force of a thunderclap. Even the sounds of feasting in the hall die down for several moments, as Toma and Zuki look up to the King. After a short time, the raucous din resumes in the distance. He stirs, sitting up straight again as he looks over the pair before him. "We will bring strength where there is weakness. Order where there is chaos. Light where there is darkness. We have forged a new destiny for our people, and they will not be denied. These lizard people will either join us or they will be destroyed. Toma, Zuki, send them a message. I want them to be prepared."

Toma and Zuki look to each other and nod, turning away, then stop as the King calls out. "One more thing." The King says with a small smile. "Take Gaplan with you."

Stepping from the shadow of the throne, a massive, muscled bald man in blue armor steps, staring forward with a terrible determination. Toma and Zuki look at each other, worry on their faces present for a moment as the three leave, the man identified as Gaplan not saying a word.

The King looks at the screen, a hand clenching slowly into a fist. "I do hope they fight. Maybe this time it will be an actual challenge." A smile of anticipation creases his face, and he begins laughing, the laughter echoing through the halls and into the night sky.