Where Are They Now? (Laine)

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Where Are They Now? (Laine)
Date of Cutscene: 21 April 2013
Location: Earth-776
Synopsis: After the world is remade, the major players go their own ways.
Cast of Characters: Laine
Tinyplot: End of an Age

Albrecht, King of the Garou Nation, vanished after the assault on Malfeas. It is known that he was not among the massive casualties the Garou took, and as many of the werewolves chose to become spirits, including GolGol Fangs First from the assault, it is presumed he has ascended into some spiritual entity. It is known that Messenger did this.

Zhyzhak, having gained most of her powers from corruption, was severely crippled during the rewrite of Reality, but has begun to gather surviving former Garou to found an organization intended to watch humanity and keep it in balance. Unlike the Impergium of old, this society is public and accountable.

Lucifer and most of the Fallen Angels have vanished, though a few remain, as mortals. Lucifer himself is still alive, but none seem to know where he has gone(OOC: future possible scenage)

Allison Fernandez settled into the Wandering Islands to formally found the Redeemers.

The various Vampires, being corruptions, mostly died. Those with high Humanity, or very thin blood, revert to a mortal form.

Czar Vargo and his fleet became the bootstrap for the new transportation system amongst the Wandering Islands.

Speaking of the Wandering Islands, that is where MESSIAH ended up, renamed to WARDEN as a more appropriate title, and is also the location of the first discovered Warp Gate in the new land.