White Len (Tsukihime-1R) (Dropped)

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White Len
"Welcome to my snowy wonderland. Please enjoy your stay, I'll punish any rude behavior within my ballroom."
Full Name: White Len
Gender: Female
Species: Succubus/Cat
Theme: (NPC) Tsukihime-1
Function: Nightmare Cat
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated
Other Information
Physical Age: ~11-13 Actual Age:  ??
Still Aging? Maybe? Voice Actor: Mizuhashi Kaori
Height: 4'5" Weight: 33kg
Hair Color: Silver Eye Color: Red
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ByNji-1Eek

Spoofing Rights

Aoko Aozaki (Dropped).


White Len is a familiar, created by Aoko from the remnants of the thirteenth Dead Apostle Ancestor, Night of Wallachia/TATARI. Due to there not being enough data left in the phenomenon's lingering presence, the two settled on using another familiar's repressed personality to fill in the blanks, notably the original Len. As a result, White Len also looks like a white copy of her. Haughty, outspoken, easily upset and the dictionary definition of tsundere, White Len is a mirror opposite of Len, and as befits such a person, has a crush on Shiki Nanaya, also something of a repressed personality within the original. Though that Shiki is her actual master, Aoko is filling in for him while he's apparently off to wander the city.


  • Succubus (POWER): White Len can feed on people's dreams, and also manipulate them to some degree. She is required to physically be within touching range of the target, and they must be asleep. (Consent required.)
  • Magecraft (POWER): She specializes in ice magic, mostly able to produce large chunks of ice to harm foes with, make it snow, or attempt to freeze people solid. She has very minor illusion-based magecraft as well, but it is easily seen through.
  • Shapeshifting (POWER): White Len can turn into a white cat on-demand, or back into her human form as well. It provides no particular benefits except generic cat powers like enhanced hearing or the compulsive need to clean the back of her hand and look adorable.
  • Field of True Summer Snow (POWER): A Bounded Field almost on the level of a Reality Marble. It isolates those caught inside from the rest of the world, essentially displacing them into a new world. It is an endless snowy plain. It amplifies ice magecraft, and the ability to actualize information into physical form (such as TATARI abilities, but to a very minor degree, similar abilities others may have). Dealing damage to the field itself is the fastest way to dissipate it if White Len makes herself hard to find.
  • TATARI (POWER/NPCS): As she was made with remnants of Night of Wallachia/TATARI, White Len enjoys some of the phenomenon's powers, namely the ability to gather and actualize fears, rumors and nightmares into physical entities. Entities created in this fashion have no PL, merely being puppets and extensions of White Len. The more concise and precise a rumor is, the better the projection. A rumor about "a boy who can cut anything with a knife" will spawn a boy either with monstrous strength, or with an extremely sharp knife, who can do nothing but cut things blindly. However, if the rumor were more detailed, or if White Len had access to someone who knew the exact source of the rumor, then it becomes possible to create a facsimile more true to the original. White Len cannot control these actualized rumors or fears, and can merely hope that they behave in a way that is useful to her. If they really wanted, they could wander off, but they would stop existing when they leave her proximity, unless she makes a permanent bond with them (which she cannot, having already chosen her master). (Consent required.)
  • Current Master (POWER): White Len's current master is Shiki Nanaya, a TATARI reproduction of Shiki Tohno's repressed killer personality. Due to him being so similar to her, she decided he was the only one in the city worth being partners with. Forming a master-familiar contract with him, she is able to receive prana from him, though as a succubus doesn't entirely need it. In exchange, that mana is used to maintain the TATARI projection permanently, so long as White Len doesn't die. That makes it awkward to determine who the master and familiar is for anyone trying to scry them, since both answers are true and false at the same time. Shiki Nanaya is currently unapped (and thus, not an approved NPC); he is off exploring the city, leaving White Len in Aoko's care for the time being.


As an NPC, 32.