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Xiaomu (Scenesys ID: 707)
"C'mon, Reiji! It's gonna be your fault if they sell out of the limited edition before we get there!"
Full Name: Xiaomu
Gender: Female
Species: Huli Jing/Sage Fox
Theme: (FC) Namco X Capcom-1
Function: Agent of Shinra
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Paladins (4-Member)
Groups: [Gatecrashers Union],[Heaven or Hell]
Other Information
Physical Age: late teens/early 20s(?) Actual Age: 765
Still Aging? No Voice Actor:
Height: Weight:
Hair Color: Eye Color:
Theme Song:


A 765-year-old fox spirit, Xiaomu is old enough to act like a child when she wants to, while still being all business when necessary. She's a long-time member of the Japanese government agency known as Shinra, working and fighting alongside her fellow agents to protect human society from hostile youkai. She's seen good friends like her old partner Shougo Arisu die in the agency's feud against the criminal syndicate called Ouma. Now partnered with Shougo's son, Reiji, Xiaomu's innate magic, her paired handguns, her monk staff's concealed sword, and her Buddhist spiritual training make her a force to be reckoned with in battle. Her deeply-rooted love of anime, manga, and video games provides the opportunity to play just as hard as she works, as well as lending her some insight into the common tropes of those media. Her fandom does tend to distract her from investigations, although Reiji has learned how to keep her on task relatively well. But as much as Xiaomu loves her hobbies, she's also very fond of humans in general. She's encountered her share of prejudice (and still does occasionally), and she'll most likely outlive every human she knows, but she's still prepared to fight, and maybe die, to protect human lives, be they friends or strangers.










Bearing a Grudge: Xiaomu is usually fairly professional in dealing with unruly youkai or other monsters; however, she has a personal bone to pick with the Japanese werefox named Saya, a high-ranking member of the criminal syndicate Ouma. Saya was responsible for the incident that caused Shougo Arisu's death and led to the scarring of his son Reiji, and as such, Xiaomu has a score to settle with her. If Saya shows up in the middle of a fight, Xiaomu will generally focus on trying to get to Saya and engage her directly; if another opponent gets in her way, Xiaomu will try to subdue or bypass that opponent however she can and may leave herself open as a result.

Even a Good Youkai is Still a Youkai: Regardless of how Xiaomu identifies herself or what side she's on, she's still a youkai and is potentially prone to everything that works against them. Wards that are meant to block monsters or spirit-creatures will stop Xiaomu, if they don't have an exception for her; weapons which are crafted or enchanted to be extra-potent against supernatural beings will hurt Xiaomu just as much as any other youkai, and for all that she's a protector and not a predator, she'll register as a youkai to those who can sense non-humans.

Old Enough to Act Young: Xiaomu is 765 years old and proud of it. Don't expect this to mean she acts mature or dignified with any regularity; she's prone to slacking off and cracking jokes, as her extended lifespan lends itself to treating life far more leisurely than humans do. Reiji has learned how to keep her on task, through a variety of methods ranging from bribery (with her money or with her beloved fried tofu) to more direct approaches; crisis situations can also get Xiaomu to snap into business mode in a hurry. Her sense of what counts as a crisis can be kind of unpredictable, though: if she feels that others can handle a couple of rampaging monsters, she'll probably want to kick back and relax, but if those same monsters are tearing up the local anime goods shop or game store, she'll typically be front-and-center to stop them.

Reiji: Xiaomu's ties with the Arisu family go back far enough that she's essentially an adoptive big sister for Reiji, as well as a surrogate mother after he was orphaned by Saya, on top of being his official partner within Shinra. As much as enemies could attack Xiaomu to get at Reiji, they could just as easily attack Reiji to hurt Xiaomu, and she knows it. Putting Reiji in danger is an instant draw for Xiaomu's wrath, and she will NOT forgive anyone who tries it.

Unrestrained Fangirl: Xiaomu is a huge fan of Japanese animation, manga, games, and so on. While this doesn't grant her any knowledge of characters' "True Canon," she's prone to reacting based on the tropes she spots in a situation: for instance, she might try to stall for time by playing on a villain's ego, or presume that the princess will be in another castle if it seemed too easy to reach her prison. Her fandom habits are even more pronounced when she's off-duty, as she'll gleefully immerse herself in playing games or watching anime (or even writing fanfiction) whenever she has time - and she CAN get distracted when she should be working or fighting, although she's reasonably good at staying focused in the midst of a crisis.


Title Date Scene Summary
One Year Passed-2 June 8th, 2018 The walk down someone else's memory lane continues with post-depressing park scene.
FateParadox: New Beginnings May 26th, 2018 The new Grail War begins with a battle on a big bridge
One Year Passed-1 May 26th, 2018 The Paladins get an unpleasantly personal introduction to one of their new members through the magic of... Magic.
MISC: Blaster May 19th, 2018 The mechanized virus criminal, Blaster, has been sighted in Vector. News vlogs supposit his intentions, with most seeming to agree that he's planning some kind of robbery.

One in particular focuses on a single photo of him with a blonde program in a white bodysuit, with multiple tabloid-like theories as to who the mystery girl is. An inside contact or informant (Treachary in Vector?!)? A friend (which is immediately dismissed, after all, this is a virus we're talking about)? A kidnapping victim (Could the Four Felons sink even lower!?)? A new Drive Core Controller (Why is she not immediately killing the crap out of a virus?) and many more.

What could the Magikon Interdrive Syndicate of Crime be up to this time?

Deus Ex Logia: Travelers May 15th, 2018 Pending
The Dark Lady: Wavering Heroes May 10th, 2018 Tomoe and her party confront some more of the heroes who have started to question their own existence and just what is actually going on.
Day at the Beach April 15th, 2018 A day at the beach on the Island where Fairyland Hall is located at. Simple, relaxing and a time to have fun and get to know people.
Dark Lady: Hunt 2 April 13th, 2018 Pending
MDCC: Enigmatic Emerald February 27th, 2018 Enter the Emerald Drive and assist the local DCC against the viral monster Barbarossa.

Meet Alea and the city of Arcade.

Part 2 of a series of one-shot scenes to introduce more of the setting of the Realm Operation Memory setting.

MDCC: Arcade February 26th, 2018 Social scene set in the Emerald City of Adventure, Arcade, featuring the resident Drive Core Controller-- Alea.
MDCC: Alert Amethyst February 14th, 2018 Enter the Amethyst Drive and assist the local DCC against the viral tyrant lizard, Cacophodon.

Meet Saltavi, Cantio, and the city of Cadenza.

Part 1 of a series of scenes to help introduce the ROM theme.

System Tower re:BOOT January 25th, 2018 A new drive connects to the System Hub. Conclusion of the System Tower arc.
TGSBP: Absolution January 20th, 2018 The final confrontation with the Avenger in Hvergel comes to a head. Finale of The Guilty Shall Be Punished mini-plot.
System Tower re:DIVINE January 15th, 2018 A labyrinth is created out of the connection between Artifex and the remains of the Sapphire Drive. But how can this defeat the infected DCC?
System Tower re:DEVIL January 13th, 2018 A group breaks into the sealed System Tower to confront Artifex
System Tower re:APPEAR January 11th, 2018 The true nature of the System Tower, and the person behind it, is revealed.
TGSBP - Interrogation December 24th, 2017 The motive of the Hvergel killer becomes clear, as does the time he'll strike. Part of the The Guilty Shall Be Punished mini-plot.
The Dark Lady December 6th, 2017 Tomoe gets a strange quest where she has to play the villain and she needs to recruit some generals to help her out.
Soliloquy of Reproach: Release, Part II November 10th, 2017 The two groups met up again in the throne room of the castle, to face Magnus for the first (and last) time. Attempting to masquerade as Alucard, who he had previously kidnapped, proved fruitless for the incubus, as the Elites saw through his scheme this time. A battle commenced, and through the efforts of the Elites, Magnus was sent back to Hell, and both Erina and Alucard were rescued safely. All's well that ends well, at the final "Roundabout"!
Sacred Eyes Show You The Pain November 9th, 2017 Yomi's friends are called to a house where something suspicious is going on. What could possibly go wrong?
Soliloquy of Reproach: Release, Part I October 27th, 2017 The group gathers to rescue Erina Pendleton from Magnus, and to end the incubus's danger. The group splits up -- some of them making a ruckus at the front, while others take a back route. The team at the front tangles with a dangerous Weapon Master, toughest of the Giant Brothers. The team sneaking in the back way confronts Magnus... and his treachery! Disguising himself as Erina, Magnus attempts to rend Jonathan Joestar's soul. He is stopped by Alucard... who takes the attack in Jonathan's place. Now Magnus has Erina AND Alucard, and he invites the group to try to stop him now that all the pieces of his plan are in place.
Soliloquy of Reproach: Beset October 20th, 2017 A group of people go to Alucard's tomb to confront him for his role in the attacks at Windknight's Lot. A fight ensues and Alucard summons several beautiful thralls to battle the group. However, "Alucard" is revealed to be someone else -- a vampire named Lyudmil, a servant of Alucard's from long ago, mind-controlled by an incubus named Magnus. While the group is in Wallachia, Erina Pendleton is kidnapped by Magnus. He demands that Alucard raise Castlevania... or he will kill Erina.
Soliloquy of Reproach: Forewarning October 13th, 2017 Maria Renard draws together the Elite defenders Windknight's Lot and gives them the information about Alucard she has. She points the group to Alucard's resting place, and begs them to end his reign of terror. Not all of the gathered Elites are convinced that killing him is the best idea, but all seem to agree that to get to the bottom of this, Alucard must be confronted.
TGSBP: The Fires of Justice October 7th, 2017 The Elites investigating the Hvergel murders go to the local police to look at the evidence on Frederik Sturluson's death. Part of The Guilty Shall Be Punished mini-plot.
The Root of Civilization October 3rd, 2017 Paladins descend into an underground Mesoamerican city to bring the fight to the Urban Breath.
Soliloquy of Reproach: Prologue September 29th, 2017 Three pretty blonde girls of marrying age have been attacked for their blood in Windknight's Lot. Drained near to the point of death, they've only survived but for their speedy discovery. Jonathan Joestar asks for assistance in investigating the matter, and a team of Elites come to gather clues.
Perfectly Symmetrical Violence September 13th, 2017 Yomi calls for help after encountering a youkai that can match her move for move.
Urban Lungs September 12th, 2017 Elites descend into sealed tunnels below the city where the Urban Breath pervades the very air, aiming to rip it's influence out from the roots.
Hostage Sect-uation August 10th, 2017 Paladins work to save the city council from the Urban Breath cult.
The Land of 77 Rings July 4th, 2017 A small group descends upon the isolated town of Windknight's Lot in search of the missing Jonathan Joestar.
Money is the Root July 2nd, 2017 Cultists for the Urban Breath hijack several money transport trucks to spread tainted currency through the city.
Undead Reckoning June 20th, 2017 Frontier Ghost Town in the most literal way possible.
Gamer Grrls June 19th, 2017 Random encounter, with Laura wandering through and crossing paths with a certain otaku foxgirl.
Cultist Crackdown May 31st, 2017 Paladins interrogate the arrested cultists and manage to get some factoids from them.
=System Tower: Floor 67 May 3rd, 2017 Another floor of the Tower has appeared, this time in the Diamond Drive of Locus.

A very Shooty floor, full of bullets, grazing and Power Ups ensues.

A mysterious figurine of the local craft is received as a reward. What could this all mean?

System Tower Researcher April 19th, 2017 The System Tower's latest appearance is being dealt with by a different Drive Core Controller and her assisting programs, and the Tower has sealed itself while the Floor is being navigated. This does not mean there is nothing to do.
System Tower, Floor 59 - Another 5 Hours at Patty's March 18th, 2017 The System Tower returns to Britannica to cause trouble in the Drive. There's something eerie about it this time, and possibly familiar...
Acts of Aggression March 11th, 2017 The Gatecrashers Union go on a dungeon run, but are ambushed by PKers.
Hold the Line January 22nd, 2017 It's been a week since Nintendo held its big online (and RL) press conference with release details about their next game console, the Nintendo Switch. Now stores in Japan are finally taking preorders, and dedicated otaku have lined up overnight to ensure their places in line to place their preorders.

Tokyo-52605 being what it is, though, an overnight gathering of otaku is unlikely to go unmolested, no matter how many of them can (or more importantly, can't) protect themselves. Good thing a certain sage fox will be around to call for backup, right?

.... what, you thought Xiaomu's going to give up her place in line? Not that easily - although she will if she has to ... and then there'll be hell to pay for whatever forced the issue upon her.

Mission 5: Bargaining Chip November 21st, 2016 Ouma's plot to reassemble the Killing Stone and unleash its power has been thwarted, and three of the four fragments are now in Shinra's safekeeping. But Ouma's erstwhile allies in the Confederacy stole away the fourth fragment - and as long as it's out there, any attempts Shinra makes to exorcise the ancient curse and purify the fragments are subject to fail. They need the fourth piece ...

But the Confederates have their own plans to enact before they're ready to give back what they see as a potentially useful weapon.

Schism of the Waning Moon November 11th, 2016 In the wake of Gwyndolin's death, and that of the lovelorn Lady Darkling, the diehard Darkmoon Blades splinter in a faction concerned with only one thing: revenge against the Multiverse that has taken everything from them.
Mission 4: The Hour When Demons Pursue November 5th, 2016 The struggle for the pieces of the Sessho-Seki, the legendary Killing Stone, has reached its climax. Three of the pieces have been found; the fourth is somewhere in Tokyo.

And so is Ouma's target for the Killing Stone's use.

Shinra needs all four pieces in order to neutralize Tamamo-no-Mae's ancient and deadly curse; Ouma just needs to bring them all together outside Shinra's control.

What forces will be unleashed in the streets of Tokyo, and who will carry the day?

Motion in the Ocean November 3rd, 2016 When giant monsters attack Japan, they send a giant robot to fight it. So what does Korea do when a giant monster attacks? Lots of little robots, apparently.
Party at Frightmare Manor October 30th, 2016 The subtitle of this scene is NIGHT OF THE LIVING COSTUMES!
Mission 3: Calamity of Land and Sea October 29th, 2016 The 1707 Houei earthquake was the most powerful quake recorded in Japanese history; seismologists refer to it as a 'megathrust' earthquake, with multiple sections of an undersea faultline erupting almost simultaneously. Between the earthquake itself and the ensuing tsunami, it affected most of the main islands of Japan, and is additionally suspected of triggering the last known eruption of Mt. Fuji.

But the legendary youkai Nurarihyon doesn't really care about ancient history. He's taken over a fairly luxurious estate in Wakayama, and a bunch of Ouma's members have been spotted in the area as well. They're looking for something, not just on land but underwater ... specifically, another fragment of the Killing Stone.

Of course Shinra is going to get involved - if only because Nurarihyon is a jerk who takes over people's houses, but they can't let Ouma get another piece of the Killing Stone, either. And naturally, both sides will likely want whatever help they can get from the Confederacy and the Union, respectively ...

Out of the Way October 23rd, 2016 O-Hiko's domain is attacked and the Izzet allies move to defend... and get help from someone they don't see..
Mission 2: The Forest of Death October 15th, 2016 Aokigahara, a dense forest at the foot of Mt. Fuji's northwest slopes, is either famous or infamous for the number of suicides which are carried out there. Some people go so far as to say that the forest is haunted by the spirits of those who die there - whether by taking their own lives, or as a result of murder.

And not all of the killers roaming Aokigahara are ghostly, or even of human origin. Ouma is scouring the Forest of Death for the second fragment of the Killing Stone, and they're calling in assistance from the Confederacy to boot; Shinra's agents can't deal with the combination alone, so they've requested Union support.

Who will find the second piece of the Killing Stone ... and who will fall in the search for it?

Winterfield's Secret October 13th, 2016 The true investigation into the origins of Anne Blakely begins in a sleepy, snowy little town, in the aftermath of a horror movie.
Mission 1: The Nine Tails' Curse October 8th, 2016 The Nasu region of Tochigi Prefecture is primarily known for two things. For most people, it's renowned for its natural sulfur hot springs, and that's what brings Reiji, Xiaomu, and some of their Union friends to the region - a hot-springs trip that's been long in the planning, and forestalled by many of the crises they've had to help deal with.

But Nasu is also where Tamamo-no-Mae was finally hunted down and killed ... and when her body became the Sessho-Seki, the Killing Stone, her curse lingered for many years, as the stone took the lives of those mortals who touched it. Eventually the Stone was destroyed and the curse lifted - but Ouma has discovered that there's still a piece of it there: the first piece they need if they're going to resurrect that ancient and deadly curse.

Mission 0: Yo Ro Shi Ku October 1st, 2016 It's been over a year and a half since Tokyo-52605 Unified, and Ouma is finally reaching out to the Confederacy. An invitation has been sent by Ouma; in response, a number of Confederate representatives have gone to a meeting of Ouma's members, to make introductions and work out the beginnings of a working relationship ...
The System Tower September 8th, 2016 The System Tower is located in Britannica. The lure of treasures and knowledge of Drives long past is bound to draw dungeon crawlers from all over the System-- And Beyond.
tFSoK-The Wolf's Trail-2 September 4th, 2016 The curse is broken. The quad scaling greatsword of legend returns.
Mudbaths August 31st, 2016 Nothing can defeat beauty. Not even time. Not even an apocalypse. Beauty shall remain when all else is gone. WARNING: FABULOUSITY WITHIN
The Flying Dutchman (CCO) August 20th, 2016 Final confrontation with the Flying Dutchman, a supposedly-unbeatable encounter within the VR game.
Testing Grounds July 14th, 2016 Anne Blakely has a new construct, made differently from her others. She's running a test, and attracts some bad attention from the Union.
4th of July Cookout July 4th, 2016 Bostong-666's traditional yearly 4th of July BBQ, done by Heaven or Hell.
Island's Got Booty! July 1st, 2016 To lure the Ghost Ship, our players have learned they need a certain item found only in Raid-level islands. Their heart and skill is put to the test as they fight through some of the toughest content available in Cutlasses and Cannons Online.
Of Physics and Philosophy June 21st, 2016 What happens when you mix science and spirituality? Xiaomu, Staren, and Sigrun find out.
Introduction to Infinite Stratos (IS) June 15th, 2016 Members of the Union attend an open house of the IS Academy, for a chance to learn about them and to pilot one of the massed produced IS'.
Skull and Crossbones June 11th, 2016 Preparation and planning for a fight against the ghost ship.
Enter the System June 3rd, 2016 A new world connects to the Cyber Core via a bullet train. What lies on the other side?
A Few Friendly Spills May 30th, 2016 Kappa in Tokyo-52605 hold a sumo tournament; a few Multiversal guests drop by to visit.
Raid for Justice May 22nd, 2016 Tomoyo leads a raid on Gentle Brooks, an apartment block for criminals. Their target is one man, but many stand between they and him.
In Pursuit of Justice May 15th, 2016 An illegal auction is broken up by Elites at Tomoyo's suggestion.
Black Descent (CCO) May 14th, 2016 The players witness a scene of terror, where a top-tier pirate vessel is wiped out by a rogue encounter
A three hour tour, an uncharted isle April 30th, 2016 Monsters give loot. They also hurt people... a lot.
Ashes to Ashes April 24th, 2016 Tomoyo's Boutique burned down. People come along to see how the owner is coping.
A Meeting in the Ring April 13th, 2016 Not knowing what a kirin is, or perhaps curious that she's really a kirin, a few Unionites go to meet Shunrin in the Ring of Philosophy.
Set Sail for Adventure! April 8th, 2016 Our adventurers learn more of the game when they run into pirates! The pirates learn the difference between stats and skill.
The Mountain Cycle April 5th, 2016 Iskandria is under attack by horrible robotic legions. They send out a call for help, and help answers... Only to discover something waiting for them beyond the horde.
Cutlasses 'n Cannons Online April 3rd, 2016 A group of VR players enter a new MMO to track down some interesting rumors.
A Wild Ride March 16th, 2016 A bunch of ghostly bosozoku are haunting the highways of Tokyo, and it's up to Reiji, Xiaomu, and some of their friends to put a stop to the spectral shenanigans.
Lost Logia Hunt February 19th, 2016 A distress call rings out from the Planetary Plains.

A giant blob monster is being attacked by a group of TSAB mages.

Elites arrive to help.

Fangs for the Memories February 10th, 2016 A seemingly normal bookstore, owned by a human and staffed by Faunus. What could the White Fang want here?
Seriously, go on a tour with me!!! January 30th, 2016 Kazuko takes a few Union members on a brief tour of Kawakami City before a mission. Also, arcades, potential enrollment, and lectures.
Expedition to the Digital Ruins! Moonmon evolves January 22nd, 2016 Hina takes a bunch of acquaintances to explore some ruins in the Digital World! What could possibly go wrong?
Epic Fight For Epic Lunch January 5th, 2016 Momoyo is starting to establish a reputation for sparring for the smallest reasons. Once again, she's broke, and trying to get Xiaomu to foot the bill this time! But things don't quite go as expected when the wily Sage Fox counterattacks...
Inventory Complete December 9th, 2015 Reiji, Xiaomu, and Konoe make a follow-up visit to the Tokyo National Museum, and find out exactly what was stolen during the Confederate attack. Some other secrets come to light as well.
Back At the Museum November 23rd, 2015 While visiting the Tokyo National Museum to check on things, Xiaomu runs into Lina, who'd returned to the scene of the Confederate raid.
A Night At The Museum November 15th, 2015 A visit to the Tokyo National Museum in their world leads Reiji, Xiaomu, and friends into battle against an unexpected threat.
Stopping By To Borrow A Cup Of Naaru November 12th, 2015 Lezard Valeth has his sights set upon a singular prize: A being of Light kept by the Draenei of Azeroth, a Naaru. To accomplish this goal, the Confederacy marshals its forces to strike at the Exodar...
Dawning of the Ashen Sun November 10th, 2015 The sun dawns over Lordran once more, illuminating a new Anor Londo, a new ruler, and those that have come back from the brink.
Sakura and the Purple Pentacle November 7th, 2015 Thirty minutes ago, Sakura Kinomoto disappeared chasing a mysterious man. Two minutes ago, Jean announced that every multiversal in world 865 would die. We've only got less than an hour to save the world...
This Is Only A Test November 5th, 2015 A mysterious signal breaches the Solomon Island fog and is doing who-knows-what in the process. Two groups investigate. Part one of The Broadcast arc.
Sakura and the Wave October 24th, 2015 Some time after the seas begun receding from around Japan, Sakura receives a threat from the Purple Pentacle. With the help of the Union they head to the appointed place to face the organization down and secure her final card once again.
She Who Would Inherit the Fire of Our World October 18th, 2015 The seekers of adversity have overcome their final challenge and gather one last time to peer through the mists of time, in order to rectify the mistakes of those who came before, and create a future from their last, desperate efforts.
He Who Would Bring Ruin to the Heavens - Finale October 11th, 2015 What was begun millenia ago finally comes full circle, as even in absence of the Lord Gwyn, his greatest nemesis, save the Dark itself, is finally slain.
Scion (2-2) October 10th, 2015 It's time to finish off Scion once and for all.
Scion (1-2) October 9th, 2015 The finale of the Brockton Bay plot.
Touhou Kakudai Stage 2 - The Blocks of Home October 6th, 2015 In another attempt at expansion, this time Louise takes her attempt at trying, things go better than expected!
Into the Light October 5th, 2015 .
Jack Slash October 3rd, 2015 It's time to deal with Jack.
A Red Saber Invades September 27th, 2015 Red Saber decides to help a currently shrunken Fayt be more assertive. It goes about as well as you'd expect.
Touhou Kakudan Stage 1: The Magi's Castle September 26th, 2015 The event begins in Castle Ravus, Sara attempts to try and take it over with disastrous results!
Storm Warning September 25th, 2015 Jack brings a large number of Slaughterhouse members to a mall, and they need to be dealt with.
The Absolute Blade, Zekken arrives! September 21st, 2015 Zekken takes on the Iron Wolf, stronger and tougher than anyone she's ever faced before. It's a battle of power vs. speed!
FATE: A Breath of Stale Air September 19th, 2015 Bertram, N'raha, and a bunch of helpful folks beat the tar out of a corrupted air elemental, and Xiao does something foolish
He Who Would Bring Ruin to the Heavens September 13th, 2015 The merciless winged death awakens as foretold, but plans of action are preempted.
SPILL Reagents September 12th, 2015 An anonymous tip leads Union and Confederate forces to investigate a warehouse said to have lots of alchemical supplies being shipped to it... In Washington, D.C., in the middle of a Grail War.
He Who Departed to Link the Flames - Part 2 August 28th, 2015 The end that everyone expected is far from the truth, as they meet face to face with the Great Lord Gwyn, but the work is done regardless.
Heads Will Roll August 23rd, 2015 What happens when a thousand-years-dead samurai warlord's rest is disturbed by a fox defiling the place where his head was buried?

(Answer: Chaos and awesomeness, plus the occasional rolling head.)

Adamastor Rising August 15th, 2015 The Banished Pantheon's summoned monster arises in Dark Astoria.
WMAT CQ1 Tommy Oliver vs Toph Beifong August 13th, 2015 The Green Ranger faces The Blind Bandit! Rocks fall, beams fly as the green meets green!
In The Aftermath: A Girl's Heart Needs Fixing August 6th, 2015 Another Dive. But something's not quite fixed yet.
Behind The Eyepatch August 3rd, 2015 The Maid Revealed
Black Ice August 1st, 2015 Brockton Bay gets a taste of what happens when a Tinker and a Technopath join forces.
GGO: The Bullet of Bullets August 1st, 2015 The main event.
Shinra Styles July 28th, 2015 In the aftermath of the Kaibaland incident, Tomoyo stops at her Boutique, only for Xiaomu and Reiji to come visit!
The Time, Part 2 July 27th, 2015 Sakura and Kaiba have a Duel over The Time, while the rest try to save Tomoyo and take the card outside of Kaiba's challenge.
The Time Part 1 July 26th, 2015 The Union enters Death-T, in order to try and reclaim Sakura's card, The Time.
Kyra's Continued Acne July 20th, 2015 Kyra confronts the Starbound Flotilla about their ties to Souji, and another monster bursts from her head.
A Hunting We Shall Go July 3rd, 2015 Misha takes Reiji, Xiaomu, and Kazusa hunting for Grathmelding materials.
What My World Was Wishing For July 1st, 2015 Misha finally has her precious thing.
What My World Is Waiting For June 29th, 2015 Bourd Rade's location is tracked. To the Confederate Mir's tower of all places. Chaos ensues in the Silver Horn, but in the end Misha retrieves what she's been seeking for so long.
Stuffing the Stuff-Getter June 28th, 2015 Reiji and Xiaomu invite Fayt to a meal at the Multiversal Bar and Grill. Some other people show up too.
The Dark Experiment June 27th, 2015 A new form of undead is created.
Birdcage Assault June 26th, 2015 Tesla coordinates a strike against the Birdcage.
Sanae Visits The Office June 17th, 2015 Sanae stops by with her two goddesses from her shrine. She meets and greets with a few members of Psyber's office.
Shots First June 12th, 2015 Spacers of various sorts and others gather at the Bar and Grill. The arcade is a central focus where Chewbacca plays (and damages) Space Invaders and Groot competes on Dance Dance Revolution with Kotone Yamakawa.
Getting the Stuff Getter June 11th, 2015 Fallen Space Wolves of the Red Corsairs attempt to raid Fayt's transport ship!
What My World Is Missing June 7th, 2015 Exploring an old Tenba facility, people find things that no one Reyvateil should experience.
Husks Pt. 2 June 6th, 2015 The exciting conclusion to this story arc! A confrontation with the Banished Pantheon!
He Who Waits Within the Crushing Dark June 1st, 2015 Venturing into the very heart of the Abyss, those daring enough to try come face to face with the nature of the Dark, and what it means to be Man.
A Deadly Debate May 31st, 2015 After Xiaomu's two sparring bouts with Fayt, Reiji steps in to personally put Fayt through his paces at greater length.
Bridge To Nowhere May 28th, 2015 Steal a bridge? A whole bridge? WHO EVEN TRIES THAT?!
Xiaomu vs Fayt - Revenge of the Rematch! May 23rd, 2015 Xiaomu and Fayt mix it up once again in the Ring of Philosophy, and things get somewhat weirder than they were the first time around.
A Girl's Heart Is Like... May 18th, 2015 In which Hama has a fit.
He Who Would Find His Very Own Sun May 17th, 2015 Chasing down the scrolls of the fire arts left by the Witch of Izalith, Priscilla encounters Solaire at a most unlikely place.
Swords Without Cause May 15th, 2015 Gaonoir makes a deal with a Digimon and that Digimon decides to carry out the deal for the sake of his people. Only he will learn the hard way, that you should never make a deal with the devil dog.
Tomoyo's Boutique Sale Steals May 4th, 2015 The madcap fashion sale continues!
Bedside Manners May 3rd, 2015 After the fight with Giga Gaia, a badly-wounded Xiaomu finally reveals her true form to a couple of people while Kyra helps to heal her injuries.
The Guru on Mount Woe May 2nd, 2015 The group works to save Melchior from Mount Woe, Giga Gaia, and the elite of the Zealian Military.
Sparring: Fayt Vs Xiaomu May 1st, 2015 Fayt An Xiaomu have a quick sparring match.
Reboot EP12: System Crash May 1st, 2015 Mcafee is lured out to the highways of the system he has betrayed. Reker leads that team with Xiaomu, Gogo, Corona, Gakupo and Kernel against Mcaffee, while Deelel, Rory and Kyra attempt to free the programs he's locked in the Rec unit. (This is the finally of Reboot)
The Awaited Wind April 19th, 2015 In an attempt to share information about the way her world's runes work, Sarah takes Reiji Arisu and his assistant, Xiaomu, to the trade port of Vinay del Zexay to introduce him to basic runes.
And the Crowd Goes Wild April 18th, 2015 The appearance of a new World Raid Boss has the Gatecrashers scrambling to get the kill before other raiding groups can. But the appearance of a dark figure shrouds any victory celebrations with macabre horror.
Reboot Ep9: Glitch April 17th, 2015 The team handling the grid situation heads out check out a shipyard on the heartless infested system. Not only do they find some major hardware that's almost finished? They encounter the program who caused this entire mess.
New Blood: Lord of Famine April 13th, 2015 The Terra Majora alliance goes after another Shajem: The Lord of Famine
Reboot Ep8: Ram Dump April 10th, 2015 The unknown system lay before the party, they uncovered the horrible truth of the place. It's been infected with Heartless. The party moves to clear out the central admin tower where more information is uncovered about what happened there. A program named Mcafee went mad and has let this nightmare lose upon the system.
Reboot EP7: TCP IP April 6th, 2015 The data storage unit that Kyra found some time ago proved to be very important. It was a dead drop for the criminal known as Java. Who was dealing without someone outside the Grid, his people had built a warpgate. Java had the intent to use the IP given to them by Java's contact on the outside. Things end up leading to Heartless and worse an system devoid of any signs of life.
On the History of the Multiverse April 5th, 2015 Nathan Hall expounds on some Multiversal history to interested listeners.
The Hunter Or The Hunted April 3rd, 2015 A dangerous Digimon Exile has appeared and is threatening the lives of people. Can the people of the Multiverse end her madness? (Part 1 of 2 - Next Log: Round Two For Destruction)
Local Shinki Expo 2015 March 26th, 2015 Spring 23AU Shinki Expo happens in Techno Urbania.
Reboot: EP 6 Does Not Forget March 21st, 2015 With a ride in hand, and Culter's info? The party once more heads to the grid and locates Anon. He had quite a story to tell too and when all was said and done? A deal was struck but Turing had encountered ... something horribly wrong.
IT'S SPRING!!!1!1 March 20th, 2015 Social in Gensokyo's Human Village, NO FAIRIES ALLOWED.
Boston-666 Barbeque March 18th, 2015 Goaded by Kongou, Psyber hosts a barbecue and everyone's invited!
Reboot: EP 5 Monster Garage March 13th, 2015 With the information from Cutler, Rory, Deelel, Xiaomu and Kyra go to salvage a ride to get to the outlands. They find a little more than they guessed.
Basic Training March 12th, 2015 Given the events on Deelel's home world of the Grid? Xiamou and Deelel have struck up a friendship. After a bit they headed down to the games park in Argon for Xiamou to get a little training and to catch up on things.
Bullet of Bullets - SIGNUP! March 7th, 2015 Get yourself signed up for the rootinest, tootinest, definitely most shootinest contest of the year!
Reboot: EP 4 Down By the Bay March 6th, 2015 The Party heads down to Argon's docks to meet up with a contact. They get some interesting information out of a program named Cutler? However they encounter a creature that has no right being on the Grid, which raises some disturbing questions.
Target Battle: Caverns of Prophecy, Xiaomu vs. Miko Fujimoto March 1st, 2015 Xiaomu goes looking for answers in the Caverns of Prophecy, and finds a tussle with a very strange shrine maiden.
Reboot: EP 3 Chat Room February 28th, 2015 Deelel and the rest of the party sit down with Alpha, Bios, Cache and Turing to have a little talk about the status of things and what to do next.
A Trip In The Forest February 26th, 2015 Psyber takes some of his employees to find and recruit a phoenix.
Dropoff at Waterland February 23rd, 2015 Fayt drops off some orders at a city in the Waterland Desert. Shenanigans ensue.
Reboot: EP 2 In the Ruins February 20th, 2015 The party heads to Arjia City to seek out more ISOs they luck out but a commando team sent by Tesler is hot on their heels.
The Bloody Tide February 19th, 2015 San Francisco is overrun by undead squids. While Crimson deals with the source of the problem, everyone else keeps the horde from destroying the city's population.
Reboot: EP 1 The Hunted Survivor February 16th, 2015 Deelel gets a tip off from an old friend about the location of an ISO, thus she gathers help and it's a race against time before General Tesler's troops locate the ISO known as Turing to kill her.
Core of Frost February 14th, 2015 The Confederacy is after something in the Cavern of Ice! Two Cavern-based missions, one week apart. What are they up to? The Union responds, but the Confederacy has their own problems...
Arisu in Fluxland February 8th, 2015 An unstable city appears suddenly in the Asian Plains. In the streets of this strange Shibuya, a war is waged! Reiji and Xiaomu find themselves outnumbered- but they won't be alone for much longer. The two agents of Shinra join their new allies, and find themselves thrust into a Brave New World.


Title Date Scene Summary
The Tengu and the Fox November 6th, 2016 In the wake of Ouma's failed attempt to gather the Killing Stone's fragments and launch their planned attack, Lord Sutoku rages at his underlings ... only to have somebody dash cold water on his rage.
Missing Pages, Missing Pieces (Xiaomu) November 4th, 2016 Documents thought lost are returned, and with them, Xiaomu finally has the clues she needs for Shinra to get a head start on finding the last piece of the Killing Stone.
It Is Purpose That Defines Us (Xiaomu) November 15th, 2015 Xiaomu reflects on her past while compiling a report on the museum incident.
Patch Notes (Xiaomu) March 5th, 2015 The solution to a rather frustrating problem finally comes to light.