Ysuran (Dropped)

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Ysuran (Scenesys ID: 725)
"Ysuran Auondril is dead. I am merely Ysuran, now."
Full Name: Ysuran Auondril
Gender: Male
Species: Moon Elf
Theme: (FC) Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance II-1R
Function: Shadow Adept
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (21-Provisional Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: Late 20s Actual Age:  ??
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:  ??
Height: 6' Weight: 140-ish
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


The earliest memories Ysuran has are of being turned away silently from Evereska by his elven kin. He carried a black tome from which he learned only his name and that he was a necromancer. Traveling to Baldur's Gate in the hope that the great sage Omduil could shed some light on his past, he helped several other adventurers save the city from the vampire Mordoc Selanmere. In the process, Ysuran found the truth of his past as a member of the Eldreth Veluuthra, and renounced the hateful name "Auondril". Ysuran might be considered an unconventional force for good, with his command of necromancy and the dark "Shadow Weave". But he is nonetheless a valuable ally to those who choose to befriend him, not only for his command of those powers, but for his ability to hold his own in melee surprisingly well. And also for the fierce loyalty he returns to those who do trust him.









PHYSICALLY WEAK: While Ysuran can hold his own in melee for a while, he's definitely no great combat master. If he gets left to his own devices and can't use his magic, he is done for. Likewise, heavy weapons are completely outside his ability to use, for their sheer weight. For the same reason, he prefers not to use shields. He can use half-plate, but it's quite heavy, and it makes it tiring for him to fight and cast.
DEPENDENCY ON TOME: Many of his tome's spells are ones that yes, he did write, but because of his memory loss, he is unable to recall them at a moment's notice. Also, Shadow Weave and necromancy spells can be ruined -- or may even be made to fire back upon himself -- by the slightest mispronounciation or hesitation. However, he can remember about four at once for spontaneous casting in battle.
SCHOOL OF OPPOSITION: As a necromancer, there is a school of magic "off-limits" to Ysuran -- evocation. So, while he can raise dead and command shadows, he is unable to conjure the simplest fireball or lightning bolt. He has access to flame and lightning spells, but not simple evocation of forces.
HATRED: While Ysuran is not the stereotypical evil, cackling necromancer, when most "good" people will hear "I am a necromancer", that's exactly what they picture. Add to that the fact that he looks a little creepy, and has an aura of darkness and death around him. Few people would be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt...or even the chance to prove himself, and most people will automatically assume that he's evil. And those who know him as "Auondril the Man-Slayer" would be even less apt to give him the benefit of the doubt.
EXILED: Ysuran is no longer welcome in the Graycloak Hills city of Evereska. Even his very name is forbidden to be spoken, his crimes so foul that a lie was thought up to cover the truth of why he was exiled. If he's seen there again, he may be captured...or killed.
AMNESIA: All those who use the Shadow Weave must either devote their lives to the goddess Shar, or sacrifice a piece of their minds. Ysuran's "sacrifice" was his past memories; the good AND the bad are simple missing from his mind. He can be TOLD of his misdeeds, but the memories are simply NOT THERE. They cannot be "found" or "unlocked" by forays into his mind. And should he ever regain those memories, he will either lose his control over the Shadow Weave... or lose his sanity. Possibly both. Or worse.
BLEEDING HEART: Though someone who knew Ysuran before his amnesia would likely not believe it, he has quite the bleeding heart. While it can endear him to people that otherwise wouldn't trust him, it can also be used to dupe him, because he will NEVER refuse to aid a person who asks for help, no matter how evil.
ENCHANTING LIMITS: Ysuran is limited to enchanting weapons, armor, amulets, and rings. Additionally he requires Runestones from Faerun -- no other type will do -- as well as very specific gemstones. These gemstones are often extremely expensive, and he usually requires many of them.


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