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In ancient times, various cultures played dangerous games known as Shadow Games. The strength of a person's soul was measured in these games. Due to the dangers these Shadow Games presented, most of them were hidden away so as to harm no more. Most of the Shadow Games have remained hidden from the world for countless millennia.

But the Shadow Games are reawakening. Various artifacts from these ancient times are coming to light again. One set, in particular,are set to cause the Shadow Games to torment the earth again. The Millenium Items, artifacts from ancient Egypt. They seek out their destined owners, so that the Shadow Games can be played again.

The most mysterious of these artifacts, the Millenium Puzzle, went unsolved for over three thousand years. And now, finally, it has been completed. And these games of Life and Death are to be played again.

This is a themelist based on the Yugioh Manga. Elements of the anime can be implemented, but the default version of everything is based on the manga. It is worth noting that while the anime focuses entirely on the Duel Monsters card game, and while the manga has it as well, it is not the only focus. The main focus of the theme is, instead, on various different types of games.