Yume Nikki-1

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In the light of day, this world is as mundane as our own. Its culture, architecture, and level of technological advancement are all representative of what things were like on Earth in the year 2000, and there's little that sets it apart from this planet otherwise. But that's not the world any onlookers will be privy to.

Somehow, someway, a warp gate has locked itself into the heart of a specific person's dream world. And -that- world is one filled with surreal and often terrifying imagery, groundless voids, monsters, warbling landscapes, and darkness aplenty. The residents of this place have a tendency to ignore any visitors so that they may continue on in their patterned, rhythmic lives, and there are no concrete physics which might make things like society and civilization feasible. There is some question as to whether most of the beings that dwell here are even sentient at all, though some more unique and well-defined sorts are at least capable of mimicking human tendency.

This universe is far too disjointed to be the host of things like war, love, or even concern of any kind. It is a visual reflection of its owner's own apathetic view on life, but it also hides a number of oblique hints at her past. Nothing is ever explicitly stated, but that is the primary (if not only) reason why anyone comes here at all: to learn about the dreamer, Madotsuki. Beyond this, it is as if it's a world that had ended long, long ago. Any semblance of humanity is contorted beyond recognition, and there are few creatures within this realm's expanse that do not exhibit horrible confusion and mutation of some kind or another.

This veiled corner of 'reality' is rife with fear and offers no reward to sojourners. No reward, that is, aside from satisfaction of curiosity.