Yuuma Nakano (Dropped)

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Yuuma Nakano (Scenesys ID: 21)
"Machines are so orderly and simple to understand. I have no problem telling them what to do. But people...that's another thing altogether..."
Full Name: Yuuma Nakano
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Mutant)
Theme: (OC) Marvel Universe-1
Function: Silent Vocalist
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Syndicate (X - None)
Groups: The Syndicate, XCOM
Other Information
Physical Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: N/A
Height: 6'2" Weight: 120 lbs.
Hair Color: Black (Dyed Pink) Eye Color: Yellow
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6wOoHkjTBg


The oldest son of the family-owed Nakano Textiles, Yuuma was supposed to take over the business when his father retired. And Takumi Nakano never let him forget it. He began pushing his son in the direction of leadership from an early age. Unfortunately Yuuma didn't take to it and eventually broke under the strain. In fact he "broke" so bad that he hasn't publicly spoken since. He was sent off to the States at 13 and left to the care of an overly-doting nanny. In high school he discovered an ability to both speak to machines (technopathy) and direct the flow of electrons (electrokinesis), powers which fail when he's in water or around strong electromagnetic fields. Now that he's an adult, he's discovered he's not only a mutant but an Elite, and he needs to figure out his place not only in his world, but in the Multiverse itself. And also try not to freak his poor nanny out too much...










Social Anxiety Disorder

Yuuma sports a moderate-to-severe case of social anxiety disorder. He is prone to panic attacks when around large groups of people, shakes when he's in public, and FORGET public speaking. Currently he remains unmedicated as his parents feel that this is a personal failing, not a mental issue.


As a direct result of the former, Yuuma finds himself unable to speak. There is no physical reason why he is unable to speak -- the areas of his brain that control speech are not damaged, his vocal cords are healthy, etc. This is purely psychological. He uses an augmentative speech device to talk on the phone or radio. However unless he uses his power to mentally direct the machine to form the words he wants, it takes him a while to type on the machine.


Yuuma's powers are completely shorted out by electromagnetic pulses. EMPs also knock out the machines that he can control and/or communicate with, so he is doubly out of luck when strong EMPs are present.


He's not weak to it, and he can swim normally -- he just doesn't LIKE it. Like EMPs, water makes it difficult to use his powers effectively -- it's impossible to control electricity in water, and most devices do not function in water -- so he stays away from it in general.


In order to use any of his active powers (technopathy or electricity manpulation) Yuuma has to actually be in contact with the thing that he's trying to control. Mind you, it doesn't necessarily have to be direct skin-on-object contact (i.e., he can wear gloves and still have it work), but he does have to be in contact with the device.

Lack Of Electricity

Yuuma has to use the electricity that's in the environment around him. This does not currently include lightning, and it's difficult to build up enough static electricity to use. In a modern world this is hardly an issue -- there is electricity everywhere -- but if he leaves for another world that isn't quite so modern, he's...probably going to be completely out of luck.


Title Date Scene Summary
Pokemon Battle! Yuuma vs Joy! August 25th, 2014 Yuuma and Nurse Joy have a Pokemon battle. Voltorb vs. Magikarp!
Rib Night at the Bar And Grill August 8th, 2014 It's RIB NIGHT at the BAR AND GRILL. Look at all this social RP going on!
Node Reconfigurement July 19th, 2014 The Homeworld's Nodes are reconfigured; a short interactive cutscene sequence where the Nodes and their users cause substantial changes, populating the Homeworld with various inhabitants and environments.
Talking with Space Ships July 16th, 2014 Serenity's crew encounters an unexpected admirer of the ship


Title Date Scene Summary
No logs submitted yet.



Corvo Attano
Corvo heard about Yuuma's abilities and asked for his help in locating his world. While the two have only met a few times, Yuuma likes the guy. Probably because he feels like Corvo's about as skittish as Yuuma himself is.
No. 9
Yuuma's aware that there's some serious issues with No. 9's mind. But Yuuma isn't one to judge people for things like that. Not with he himself having been thrown away by his own father for having his own "issues". Nonetheless, Yuuma is acutely aware of just how much weaker than Nine he is, so he is careful not to upset Nine.
It was a run-in with Alexis, in which she stopped a store robbery in the Pokémon world, that prompted Yuuma to go into Pokémon training to begin with. Her Galvantula appealed to Yuuma, for a couple of reasons. First, because he's always been a kind of creepy kid; second, he manipulates electricity. Coincidentally, it was a Joltik-- Galvantula's pre-evolution-- that Yuuma first adopted.
Fusing with one's Pokémon is a strange concept for Yuuma, but it's also fascinating. Knowing too that Keiko has managed to bond so with a Latias (even if it is a cloned Latias), is an amazing thing. Helping Keiko led Yuuma to meet Denka, so he's quite glad she allowed him to help with Dark Industry.
Raoul Silva
What could this guy really want? Yuuma's not quite sure. Unbeknownst to Yuuma, he doesn't even have the man's real name. This one's a real "riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma"... and then locked in a titanium safe!
A blue-type Abstractum. Cheiroktio appears as a pair of black gloves with white additions on the fingers and wrist. A blue glow emanates from pads on the fingertips that look like LEDs, and on the back of the right glove is the Abstractum's trademark eye. Look was loosely based on these gloves.


None Yet



A male Joltik, Juru is a typical specimen of his species. He cannot create his own electricity, but the webs he spits can serve as conduits for the electricity that Yuuma provides him with. Yuuma also "feeds" Juru with electricity from batteries. Obtained when, while doing some volunteer work for a Pokémon center in the Pokémon Islands, he stumbled upon a Joltik attached to the power outlet that the healing station was plugged into.
Level: 10
Techniques: String Shot, Leech Life, Spider Web, Thunder Wave
Ability: Compound Eyes
Base Stats:
HP: 50
Attack: 47
Defense: 50
Special Attack: 57
Special Defense: 50
Speed: 65


A Voltorb, Denka is also a typical specimen of its genderless species. Denka has been known to allow Yuuma to siphon electricity off of it to feed Juru. And also to fight, when necessary. Obtained during the Dark Industry fiasco; Denka was powering one of the group's machines when Yuuma found it. Yuuma picked up the Pokémon and it immediately began to shock him, but his resistance to electricity protected him. It also surprised Denka, giving Yuuma the moment he needed to calm Denka before it Self Destructed.
Level: 9
Techniques: Charge, Tackle, Sonic Boom
Ability: Static
Base Stats:
HP: 40
Attack: 30
Defense: 50
Special Attack: 55
Special Defense: 55
Speed: 100Dropped