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Zen (Scenesys ID: 822)
"One day that wall is gonna fall."
Full Name: Zen
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Ura)
Theme: (OC) Bastion-1
Function: The Consequence
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Confederacy (20-Ally)
Groups: {{{Groups}}}
Other Information
Physical Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: 173 cm (5'7) Weight: Lithe
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Red
Theme Song: "All Along the Watchtower" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLV4_xaYynY


So forget what you know about the word Zen, 'cause I promise this girl is none of what your thoughts of the word might've told you. She's a born killer with talent in anything sharp enough to leave a scar, and she has more than enough rage to back up every strike. But sure, she's got her redeeming qualities: she's a natural leader, intensely loyal, and not one to turn a blind eye when she sees someone suffering. You only get one shot at her faith, and if you miss your chance then her opinion of you will never change. For all that virtue, she's stubborn, vindictive, and obsessive. Lots of those little idiosyncrasies stem from her people's hatred of Caelondia, a nation that cheated them out of land, wealth, and life long, long ago. Her countrymen, the Ura, still haven't forgotten that grudge; some folks have started to try and make amends, find peace, but Zen's enclave isn't having any of that. And thanks to the Calamity, her group doesn't have to work in the shadows anymore. They've switched gears from plotting Caelondia's downfall to taking advantage of it, and these days her goal is to fetch the cores that once powered the foe man's cities so that the Ura can be the ultimate winners that reign over the new, broken world. This girl isn't gonna let anything get in her way, either -- far as she's concerned, her life is nothing if she can't keep fighting. 'Till her last breath: for the past, for the present, and oh man, for the future.










STUBBORN GAL: Zen has a one-track mind, and her goals often put her at odds with friend and foe alike. She wants to bring glory to her people and essentially carry out the genocide of all Caelondians left alive, and she is -intent- on this. Morality and philosophy mean nothing to her, and she will only ever bend her knee to demonstrations of raw strength and force of will. The only way one will ever get through to her is by beating her senseless. It is often difficult to talk her out of bad ideas even to preserve diplomatic agreements, so she can be more than a bit volatile to keep around.

RUTHLESS: To Zen, 'emotions' and 'feelings' are no object. She will never spare the life of someone who has fought against her for the sole purpose that they may come back to trouble her again later. Rarely (if ever) will she hold back when she fights someone no matter whom they are or how weak they may appear to be which, while good in the sense that she will never fail on account of a mistaken underestimation, also ensures that any fight she participates in will drain her almost completely. As good as she may be with tactic, she still 'plans' to expend all her power -- or at least as much power as she deems necessary -- to win.

MUNDANE: Zen does not have any way to defend herself against magic, nor is she at all familiar with how it may be applied in combat. Its usage is a relatively easy way to get the upper hand when fighting her.

TECHNOLOGY: Many of the more modern/futuristic technologies in the Multiverse perturb Zen. She will never accept medical help that involves antibiotics or machines willingly, nor will she use any weapons more modern than firearms like those developed in the 1800s.

EDGY: Zen is one of those people whose nerves seem to be chronically shot. In other words, if you accidentally sneak up behind her, you do so at your own peril -- she'll draw a knife the second you're in range to touch her. While this may make her more astute, it means that she's constantly strained and nervous, and that she will usually, unconsciously assume that other people are not on her side. She's a skeptic, and anyone who isn't explicitly a member of the Meerkat Clan will have to work tirelessly to earn either her respect, trust, or both to circumvent this. It also means that she's usually the one to volunteer as a night watch because, earnestly? She wouldn't get much sleep anyway.

ZEALOT: One of the quickest ways to get on Zen's bad side is to attack her faith in Gleph, or to say something that otherwise demonstrates belief in another religion. Loud expressions of atheism are another of her peeves, and though Zen will never be vocal about this irritation, each infraction will bring her one step closer to a sudden outburst wherein she will attempt to cut the offender down... regardless of who they should happen to be. The person in question would have to be fairly insistent for things to get -that- bad, though.

HONOR CODE: Zen will never tell a lie, and will usually not even be so crafty as to toy with the truth for her benefit: nearly every word out of her mouth is cold, hard, straight-out truth. Lies of omission are the same to her as not allowing an unarmed person the opportunity to equip themselves before she attacks them. This means that she will never kill a civilian if they do not engage her first or otherwise bar her advance, and that anyone who knows the right questions to ask can get treasure troves of information from her... if they can live to escape with it. This also obligates her to help all those that may suffer from oppression similar to what her people have.

PREJUDICE: Zen will seek to kill any and all Caelondian people without reservation, along with those who ally themselves with them. This also predisposes her toward skepticism when in the company of people with a combination of tanned skin and white eyes, a Cael standard.


Title Date Scene Summary
ICoT: The Hard Way March 12th, 2016 Cinderbrick Fort was the home to the Marshals. Now it's only home to Windbags and a Core. And so begins a race between Cael, Ura, and their associates to kill the former and obtain the latter.
A Little Get-Together November 14th, 2015 Brunch is held at the Bastion, questions are asked and plans are made.
ICoT: A Man Who's Seen Too Much October 10th, 2015 He's a proper gentleman, that man.
ICoT: The Sundown Path September 26th, 2015 In all his toil Kid keeps coming back to an overwhelming question... Who else could have survived the Calamity?


Title Date Scene Summary
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