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Zeno (Scenesys ID: 450)
"Target in sight. Taking the shot."
Full Name: Zeno
Gender: Female
Species: Shinki
Theme: (OC) Busou Shinki-1
Function: Shinki Commando
Status: Dropped
Factional Information
Faction: Union (20-Ally)
Other Information
Physical Age: Shinki age? Actual Age: Classified.
Still Aging? Robot! Voice Actor:
Height: 6 inches Weight: Kind of heavy for 6 inches. Must be all the guns.
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


A Zelnogrard model shinki that formerly served with her military master, Zeno knows war. Having seen several tours of duty, testing new military technology by working beside her owner in a variety of special ops and black ops missions has led to a serious and determined, no-nonsense, and duty-oriented shinki to whom the mission matters above else. Skilled in firearms like any Zelnogrard, her military work and extensive training make her a top-notch combatant, in tandem with the highly experimental nature of her weapon systems; specializing in long range sniping and commando infiltration over her middling skills in direct close confrontation. But with the death of her master, finding herself lacking a purpose has left the old soldier shinki with a confusing freedom and a search for someone new to partner with.










Shinki: As a mass produced type of Shinki, Zeno doesn't have some of the problems of the rarer models, but she still has her issues. She has a limited battery capacity, which drains faster from flight or combat, and must keep herself recharged. She does not heal like people of flesh and blood do, obviously, and must seek spare parts and repairs when injured, which her small size can complicate, when attacks that would wound a full sized person can potentially strike her whole body. She can suffer from computer viruses, and if she drinks nitro jelly cans she can even get drunk.

Tiny: While being small can have its benefits, it also has its downsides of course. Most human-sized objects can become a hazard for a shinki, and many activities on human scale can also be dangerous- such as cooking.

Independence: While, like many shinki, Zeno was loyal to her master, his duty and the missions she followed him on relied on a lot of independent action on his part, which she picked up as a result. While this does not necessarily make her a disobedient shinki if she chooses a new master, it does mean that she will choose actions and courses pro-actively and sometimes without prompting, or orders. Though military doctrine will have her respond as necessary to direct orders, if she disagrees with them with -good- reason and justification, she very well may refuse.

Efficiency is Key: Zeno is obsessed with being as efficient as possible in every aspect of life. Be it in keeping herself and her equipment in order, keeping to strict time deadlines, handling mission objectives, or much more mundane tasks, they all must be done with swift, decisive, action. There is to be no dawdling, dallying, or faffing about, she is a professional and no nonsense girl. The mission always comes first, and to her, everything is a mission.

Close Combat: While Zeno has knowledge enough of close combat in theory, it really is not her forte. She can put her fists and bladed weapons and skills to use, and put up a decent fight with them, but in prolonged encounters, if her foe is better than her, or faced with a much more melee oriented shinki, the gap in skill will show, as she was made as a long to mid-range fire support model.


Title Date Scene Summary
WMAT A1 Zeno vs. Blackout June 22nd, 2014 Blackout and Zeno duke it out in Bracket A's first round.
NODE: Kingdom of Reclamation - The Unknown Key June 20th, 2014 The door is unlocked... Army is built. Now... episode 3 is on the way...


Title Date Scene Summary
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Titus - For now Zeno's relationship with Titus is one that is strictly professional and business on the outside. But beneath the soldier shinki's tough shell are stirring quiet thoughts about maybe beginning to see him as a potential Master. The fact of the matter is he took her in at a time she needed it most, gave her posting and purpose where she had none before, and safe harbor. That's not something she easily forgets.Dropped