Zettai Hero Project-1R

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The world is in peril. Darkdeath Evilman, the Ultimate Final Boss, is attacking the Super Baby, the hope of the world! Only a real hero can save the day - a real hero like the world's favorite invincible hero, the Absolute Victory Unlosing Ranger!

Unfortunately, the last guy died. The mantle was passed down to a new kid, Shukou Tateyaku, and, well...he's a wimpy nerd with glasses who can't do anything! He immediately lost to Darkdeath Evilman and nearly blew the whole Unlosing Ranger Dread Pirate Captain-style gimmick out of the water! But the world needs an invincible symbol of hope! So the Hero Society threw Shukou out into the Multiverse to get the training he needs, so that when he comes back, he can be the hero they want him to be!

Zettai Heroes Project-1 is a theme that homages, parodies, and ultimately celebrates superhero media. Alongside familiar Disgaea concepts are placed transforming heroes, spandex-clad weirdos, and...alright, nothing that would be out of place in a Disgaea game after all...except that the focus is primarily on tokusatsu and henshin heroes, as well as the elements of tokusatsu and henshin stories.