(Do Fear) The Reaper (Sir Gawain)

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(Do Fear) The Reaper (Sir Gawain)
Date of Cutscene: 07 November 2014
Location: Grail Chicago
Synopsis: A Servant and his Master are eliminated from the Grail War.
Thanks to: Sir Gawain, the author of said cutscene!
Cast of Characters:
Tinyplot: Fate/Maelstrom

David Wong never thought he'd be part of a war. He never thought he'd be able to use magic, despite knowing it's existence. He never thought he'd have one of history's famous heroes under his control.

He didn't know what to think of the Grail War, when the Command Seals first appeared on his hand. His family was fourth-generation, but no one ever took it seriously. He only learned what the seals were from an old tome of his grandfather's. That is where he learned the ritual of summoning a Servant.

He didn't know why he was chosen, or what his wish was. David was just a regular person. He knew about magic, but he didn't know magic. He was never trained to cast a spell, and knew little about the world of magi.

But, he had been chosen by the Holy Grail. Why would he refuse? If he didn't summon a Servant, it could be dangerous. So he took part in the ritual. And it succeeded.

His Servant was Archer, labeled as Archer of White for the purpose of the Fourteen Servant War. Archer's true identity was that of Zhou Tong, legendary archery teacher of Yue Fei, Song Dynasty general. Zhou Tong was rumored to have been a master in all things military, from the bow, to the Eighteen Weapons of War.

His Servant was skilled enough to be able to train him. Indeed, this was an ability of Archer's. They only had recently decided to start training, but they had trained for three weeks. He had 10 times the agility and durability of the average human, and 20 times the strength, all from the training. He had learned a technique in Chinese Martial Arts, enough to be considered adept. He had received a C-Rank Noble Phantasm from Archer, as all of the Eighteen Weapons of War were: the Crutches, also known as the tonfa to most.

David thought they could win the War. He had a legendary teacher, and he himself had some skills of a Servant, yet was not one. He couldn't think of any one who could defeat them, except perhaps someone among the ranks of King Arthur, or Heracles.

And there David was, traveling with Archer. Archer was out in the open; David did not force him to dematerialize, he enjoyed his company. He had been a Chicago native in the first place, and knew the city better than anyone, or atleast, that was what he thought. As such, he cut into an alley on his way home.

Until Archer stopped. And he stopped. He heard footsteps behind him. They had no intention of masking themselves. David turned around, slowly, as did Archer.

A man was walking towards them. His eyes spoke of ill intent, but that was all you could read of his face; his mouth covered by some sort of mask tightened around it.

And then, the man rushed David and Archer. Archer grabbed David and sped through the alley, leaping a fence. They were clear...

Until the sounds of the same man leaping the fence could be heard, footsteps landing right behind them. Archer looked at the destination in front of them: The street they were near would lead to a crowded intersection within a minute. They just needed to outrun their stalker.

And then, they dashed forward, Archer dragging David along with him.

Until the snap of fingers could be heard from behind. And the sense that had caused Archer to react in the first place moved above... and then came hurtling down in front of them. A monster of a man, no shorter than 7 feet,, wearing only a long pair of trousers, long brown hair and a long thick beard the only hair other than that on his chest, and a pair of angry, bloodshot eyes.

He was a Berserker. And the man who had been stalking them was obviously his Master. Berserker materialized a blade; pure black in color, a thin core coiled in small edges that spiraled around it, spreading outward. He moved aggressively at Archer, a loud battle cry erupting from the top of his lungs.

Archer's outfit completely changed; the street clothes he had been wearing were replaced with an outfit partially resembling that of a swashbuckler: A white undershirt, with a red vest with cowl over it, the pattern of a dragon inscribed across it, with a matching pair of red trousers. In his hands materialized two hook swords, simple in design, one crossed over the other in his stance. As Berserker striked, he caught the blade with a hook sword, knocking it back and off guard.

Meanwhile, the enemy Master was approaching on David. David was able to materialize the tonfa, as they were now his, bestowed upon him. The Master did not seem intimidated, but David could defeat him; he was almost as good as a real Servant.

That was the first mistake they made that night. Overestimating themselves.

David went to strike at the Master, but the mysterious masked man started moving his hands...sign language? No...it was faster than that...and rhythmic. And then David could faintly sense the mana flowing through the Master's body, into his legs, chest, and torso. And as David was to strike, the Master caught the tonfas. For whilst they were a Noble Phantasm, they were one without power other than that fact, wielded by a man who was no Servant. For a second, David was dumbfounded.

And that was all it took; the Master quickly ripping the tonfas from David's hands and flipping them into his own, before rapidly smashing both into David's ribs. They were Noble Phantasms, and much stronger than David. He rapidly dematerialized them, but the damage has already been done, as he dropped to the floor, barely keeping himself sitting up.

Things were going smoother on Archer's end. He rapidly kept turning Berserker's blade away as it came at him. And then, at the next strike, he made their second mistake.

He disarmed Berserker of his blade, the effects of the hook blades causing them to dematerialize as well, forcing them into hand to hand combat.

And that was the fatal mistake of the night for him. As Archer rushed at Berserker with a hand flying out to cripple him, aimed straight for the hip, Berserker rapidly caught his arm.

And he tore it off with a single strong pull.

It dematerialized within seconds, causing Archer to stagger back. Archer could only fight with one hand; he could not summon another weapon due to the hook blade's effects. Berserker was stronger, perhaps because of his legend, perhaps because Archer's Master was weak and Berserker's was stronger.

Berserker grabbed Archer by the other arm, and smashed him into the wall. He did this repeatedly, as Archer tried to fight back. It was futile.

And then Berserker took Archer's head in his hands, and crushed it, ending the Servant's life then and there. Archer dematerialized quickly

David was lying there, watching his Servant die in front of him. He was unable to help him. All he hoped was that he would be spared, for he was now out of the War.

But that wasn't what happened. The Master approached him...and lifted him up, putting one hand around David's neck. And with the other...

He removed his mask. He looked completely normal...but there was a reason he wore the mask.

As the Master opened his mouth, he spoke. And as his mouth opened, David felt...a trickle, running down him constantly. Like something was coming out of him and running down his body.

"Berserker. We are done."

Berserker growled and grunted, before dematerialized. Did this mean David would live?

But then the trickle stopped. And David coughed. He felt weaker. And the pressure on his neck was getting tighter.

"May your journey to the world above be peaceful."

David wanted to reply to the Master. He wanted to beg and plead, but no words could escape him.

And then the world started to go black. And the last words he ever heard...

"You have no reason to fear the Reaper."