1000 Arrows (Kotone)

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1000 Arrows (Kotone)
Date of Cutscene: 14 October 2016
Location: Hikari Combined Fleet - Main Base
Synopsis: Kotone keeps at it with an assignment given to her by Kaga, to improve her aim with a bow. It's a steep order but Kotone, thinks she figures out just what Kaga's getting at with it.
Cast of Characters: Kotone Yamakawa

1000 Arrows

It was a steep order Kaga had given her, but Kotone had understood why, it was the same reason when you got down to it? Why she'd have to been contiuning to master what her cyberentic body could do. She took a deep breath even though she didn't need to as she stepped out on to the target range, with a bow in hand and a full quiver on her back. Well one of several given the number she'd have to shoot. This wasn't her first attempt at hitting the mark that Kaga had set for her.

What was it she mused? Ninehundred out of a thousand shots on the mark? An Accuracy of ninty percent. She got why and it was funny for all her enhancement it all came down to pure practice the sun wasn't fully up as she looked down the firing lane towards the target. She would take a moment just to relax a bit more before moving to notch and draw the bow as she stared down at the target she would be firing on she waited for a moment longer took aim and then let the arrow fly.

There was a thowk as the arrow hit the mark, she was getting better, but she was not anywhere near the goal Kaga and set for her. She sighed moved to draw her next arrow and would continue. Draw, aim, let fly over and over again. She could download aim assist software but in this case? That would be flat out cheating and she'd know it. Even if she told no one else and that is something she can't live with.

So once again she went to collect the arrows from down range and to start up another set, it was funny. She'd thought she known she'd had much to learn but every time she learns something new? She finds out she has known even less than she thought. Either way she would contiune shooting sets till the afternoon. As she drew again, a thought struck Kotone. One couldn't obtain perfection but if you shot for it there would be constant improvement. Maybe that's what Kaga was trying to instill in her?

She pulled back again on the bow and let another arrow fly.