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Into The Mountains: Choices
Date of Scene: 30 November 2014
Location: Allagan Ruins 518, Ala Mihgo, Hydaelyn
Synopsis: Continued exploration of the ruins. This time, its onto the second floor...
Cast of Characters: 522, 524, 530, 573

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
(See http://multiversemush.com/mw/index.php?title=1008/Into_The_Mountains for the first run)

With the aid of the Confederacy on the first level of exploration, they were able to clear the ruins upper level, but yet so much more work had to be done. Teams of Garleans finest when it came to handling these ruins have established the first level as a 'base' of sorts. The area being cleaned up by those who have the skills and Garlean's own Magitek equipment lining the empty rooms to provide the power they need to 'live' here for the time.

The equipment the Garleans have brought is rather sophisticated. A beautiful blend between magic and technology to the point where its hard to tell them apart. These computers as an example project a screen image in the air that can be interacted with by touch of their hands, and even then moved to another terminal location with a swipe of the hand.

Though not all the computers are this way, as a few do actually have very thin screens, but they seem to be used for more military hook ups and military monitoring, then that of graph charts and scientific data.

Flood ligthts of some kind keep the area illuminated and the generators being used to help power all this give a low hum to the once silent ruins.

The Confederate members who come today, will find themselves transported here once again by airship lift, or if they come by their own means of transport, escorted down to the section that has been cleared the way. At least that massive door that was one stuck now seems to be in fully working order.

The ones that come to meet them though is not Gaius van Baelsar, but rather the two that had a grand adventure along side the man. One who is a you natural born Garlean and who specializes in tech, while the other-- who wears a full set of armor and leather, was known as the expert in programming and computer sciences really.

Both, which the group has seen, is rather important to have along given the Allagan's high tech nature, but yet the help of the other members of the Confederacy, with their own blend of specialties is equally important and neither of these two will disagree on that-- as they know they could not have taken down the ADS with their own forces easily.

Once they come down to the main room lit by flood lights and the pools of golden liquid below, the armored figure is the first to greet them, with a respectful bow. "Greetings members of the Confederacy. It is good to see you all again."

The other is not to far behind it would seem, a piece of toast in his mouth as he comes jogging behind, before stuffing it the rest of the way down before he gets there. Though he does get a look, or one can guess a look as the armored individual glances over at the pureblood who is lacking any proper headgear gives them all a smile. Though the goggles can be seen at his hip and but his third eye for the moment hidden by his bangs this time.

Thankfully, he also finished chewing and swallowing before he speaks up, "Good to see you all! I fear that we never did properly introduce ourselves to those who came here last time." He then points his thumb at himself, "My name is Adrain." He says with a smile and meeting everyone with his steel-blue eyes. The armor he wears is far more leather-like material then metal.

The one who is fully armored up, including wearing the full face helm who spoke early then address himself rather simply, "Ewald." he also seems just a touch taller then Adrain, but not by much. He also has a gunblade at his hip, but its apparently folded. While Adrain seems to have a normal hand-gun type weapon at his hip.

Adrain then speaks with that grin staying on his face, "So-- who like a run down on what we have found so far so we can all figure out the best coarse of action hm?"

Garen (530) has posed:
    Taking the offered transportation was Garen. He was quiet as he was helped to Adrian and Eward, eyes quickly scanning in the way akin to hawks. "Greetings. I am Garen. I may be more familiar to you by the name of Cipher Nine." He says. He checks his rifle, and in doing so reveals his Ceruleum bullets. "So, what is the situation?"

Mihk Lihzeh (573) has posed:
    Mihk dislikes the Garleans, but she is interested in the Allagan's, if only from a scholarific standpoint. She strides in wearing her usual robe and spectacles. She follows the guides, and looks between Adrian and Ewald, and nods. "I would like to know what we know so far. It will assist with our decision."

General Zod (524) has posed:
    Zod has brought himself, wanting to be distracted from the day to day search for the remains of other Kryptons. Funny how it involves exploring the remains of other dead civilizations then. He stands quietly, arms folded across his armored chest, looking around at the ruins with his enhanced vision and listening to the subtler sounds with his hearing. The man looks slightly angry (though he might always look that way...), but in reality is consternated by the fact that the density of the rock around them and the depth of the ruins prevents him from seeing little but surface detail. Most of the highly energetic particles are deflected by the rock and soil the ruins are buried in.
    Zod finally speaks. "I would also like a briefing on what you already know. My senses reveal little about this place, being buried under hundreds of tons of earth."

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Adrain gives Garen a smile, "Pleasure to meet you." Ewald just nods his head in passing greeting, as he takes out a data pad and starts to go over some of the information on it, taking note of all the new faces and if any here are from the first group that came.

Thanks Lord Van Baelsar-- you know how to make life interesting as always...

Ewald then speaks up as he goes to explain the situation. "This is the first level of the Allagan Ruins-- if you have seen the report on the confederacy board, you will know the number we labeled it." He then shifts his weight slightly as he continues, "We have two floors accessible to us at this current time, but we only have enough time today to explore /one/ of those floors."

That is when Adrain cuts in get a more serious look on his face, "The second floor could possible have some further information on /what/ this placed was used for-- as we are unsure if it was a warehouse.. research.. or even prison complex."

"Given the trap that was trigger right where we stand-- we are thinking research or warehouse."

Ewald gives a nod, "That and it had a ADS-- Allagan Defense System.. they don't tend to have those around unless it is something important."

"Or so we hope.." Adrain admits with a frown. "Anyways-- from what we can tell there is five floors in total.. for now.. the second floor is accessible along with the fifth floor.. the fifth floor may have a power generator to start this place up.. maybe."

Ewald then speaks up again, "However to get down to either of these floors we will have to repel down an old elevator shaft. So hopefully none of you are afraid of heights."

Another Garlean walks up to the group. He looks to be a Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te, with hair hair neatly pulled back, a puff of fur on his tail, and a sword at his hip. He then goes to give each of them comms.

As the male miqo'te does so dressed in Garlean armor, Ewald continues, "These comms will allow for communications down here-- as you may find as we go deeper in, normal comms will no longer function."

"Any further questions?"

Garen (530) has posed:
    "Yes. Are we expecting any kind of defences or opposition as we descend?" Garen asks. From his seeming lack of heavy armor to all the gear, it's pretty clear he was an operative meant for shadow work, a spy. He checks over the radio given to him, and slips it into his pocket.

Mihk Lihzeh (573) has posed:
    Mihk looks at the Miqo'te, her ears twitching subtly as she's handed the comm unit. She says nothing to him though. Fitting the unit to an easy place in her robe to get at quickly. "You say the lowest level has a power generator of some kind, or something you suspect as such? With power flowing, access to other areas would be easier, but that may trigger other automated systems." she muses, taking her tome from her hip and flipping it open to one specific page. "I will leave the decision to my allies. Though I suggest we investigate the second level, and leave the fifth to a more heavily armed and equipped team than ours."

General Zod (524) has posed:
    The Kryptonian general hmms. "Knowledge would be useful, and I can fly. I will need a light if you want me to see what lies below." There isn't too much Zod is contributing other than offering to use himself as a tanky scout.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The male miqo'te looks at Mihk for a moment, he passes her a soft smile, before looking over to Ewald, "All equipment is ready for the distance, sir."

Ewald gives him a nod, "My thanks." Ewald then looks at Mihk. "That would be correct-- however as by orders of our Lord, he wants this exploration to be a joint effort between the Confederacy and the Garlean Empire to help-- how did he put it?" He asks looking at Adrain. "Strengthen our ties to the Multiverse?"

"That sounds about right.." Adrain says idly before he ahems softly. "So.." He then looks at Garen, "..and we don't think so? With the power down, probably most of the defense systems wont trigger.. beyond any more ADS we run into.. if they have any more."

"Or automated systems not tied to the power plants.." Ewald muses.

Adrain looks at Zod and gives a nod of his head, "We got that covered as well," He then reaches into his pouch and pulls out some type of orbs, "Light orbs! I have two pouches worth. Should be able to lay these out and get some decent light. Worse comes to worse.. we can also give your a shoulder light too. They sit on the shoulder and act like-- hmm-- some other worlds flashlights."

Ewald gives a soft nod of his head, "Or can be held, if that is more your thing."

"So where too?" Adrain asks the group as he starts to lead them into one of the halls. The blue lines glow softly against the wall, which is striking against the black metal. This takes them to the elevator door that is 15 feet high and about 10 feet wide. It is easy to see the equipment used.

A good ol' fashion rope and harness system.

Garen (530) has posed:
    Garen looks between the others with him and nods. "We will take the second floor." He says simply. He moves towards the rappelling ropes, casting a glance to the garleans. "Keep us informed of any developments."

General Zod (524) has posed:
    Zod takes one of the light spheres and examines it briefly before looping a rope-wire thing from around his armor's belt around it to keep it close. He then glances down the empty shaft. "I'll proceed first, since I can easily catch anyone who may fall, despite the reasonable precautions." He glances at Mihk and Garen. "We don't know what security systems may be active despite the lack of power." He says, thinking of his own people's rugged and durable technology.

Mihk Lihzeh (573) has posed:
    Mihk looks at the others as she follows along with Adrain and Ewald. She then pipes up. "We have achieved consensus." she says, closing her tome again so she won't accidentally drop it all the way to the bottom of the shaft. "My name is Mihk Lihzeh. I am an Adept of the Arcanist Guild of Limsa Lominsa." she offers by way of introduction. She also takes a few of the light orbs, being the support mage means she should have support items too!

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Adrain hears Mihk's introduction fully and it causes the corner of his lip to twitch. Eorzean. A /damn/ Eorzean. The pureblood Garlean stares at her as she takes the orb, however whatever thoughs he had was knocked aside as Ewald used the back of his hand to tap him on the shoulder gently, then looked at the group, "We will be right behind you.. I just need to have a word with the young transfer to our Legion."

The Male miqo'te who came to meet them, then makes sure the lines are secure, before showing them how to use the harness and aiding them if they needed it. "Be safe down there," He tells them, "We have no idea what may be down there in the darkness.."

As the group descends and Zod makes it in first. He will notice the ceilings are about 20 feet high, towering far higher then the door itself. Its pitch black down there and the room looks to be pretty large in size. Flickers of sparks can be seen off in the distance as if power /is/ try to run to something but what can't be seen, not even a proper light can make it that far.

The room itself also seems very empty, foot steps echo easily here. However as the group may notice when they come in, there are claw marks on the ground and perhaps a few more-- all of them seeming to be heading to where those sparks are.

It would not be to shortly that the two other Garleans make it in the room, as it is their job to keep up with the group and they knew the way of the land when it came to operating the technology. Though Adrain seem to lost any good cheer-- he probably got barked at by the Centurion-- aka Ewald.

Music: http://youtu.be/b7rn578NdiE

Garen (530) has posed:
    Garen lands and draws his rifle. He brings it up and scans the area. "I would keep my eyes open for traps. You never know." He says. He didn't move yet, rather he would let Zod move in first.

Mihk Lihzeh (573) has posed:
    Mihk dons the harness, and nods in thanks to the Seeker. She offers him a polite smile, before the group progresses. Once she's on firm ground again, she pulls her tome, and flips to that same page, pouring a little Aether into it. The Geometry lifts from the page and begins to rotate, numbers flickering above it in certain directions, which stay in place, relative to their original location when she moves. A 'Compass' of some kind. "If there are any Aetheric signatures, this should allow me to see them coming. Do not concern yourself with the 'how' that is a secret of the Guild." she offers up in explanation. "Eye open, I can see claw marks on the floor and walls... we may not be the first interlopers."

General Zod (524) has posed:
    Zod holds the light sphere in one hand, using its light and other EM radiation emitting from it to try and see sub-surface details. Magic and its cousins are not something the Kryptonian can detect normally, though most 'mundane' (a strange word to apply to these senses) particles are sensed with some concentration and effort. When Mihk mentions the scrape marks, he hmms and listens carefully for any sound that something like that may make, tuning out his comrades momentarily to do so.
    "Likely." He says to Mihk's comments about not being the first here.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The two take note of the claw marks brought up by Mihk. Ewald walks over to a set and places his hand gloved hand over it, tracing the marks. "Four of them.. rather deep, which is impressive considering the alloy."

Ewald then looks around the area, allowing his Helms HUD to scan the area. "There are some things in the corners..pillars maybe.." He points toward the left wall, "..also a door over there and directly ahead.." which is where the sparks are. "..but I can't make out any of the details."

Adrain pulls out a few of the orbs, before he looks over to Mihk, "Why don't you light up the left side. I'll go light up ahead of us." He then holds the orb between his index and middle finger. "Just give them a good shake and the chemistry will do the rest."

Garen though will sense nothing and nothing seems out of place to Zod either. Though he may hear the sound of gently 'tinking' of water hitting metal perhaps and the fact a low hum in the quiet air that is extremely faint.

There also seems to be heavy aether in the area, all around them really, making trying to pin point something rather difficult.

Mihk Lihzeh (573) has posed:
    Mihk glances over to Adrain, then dips into her pouch of orbs, plucking one out and heading off left. She shakes it as per suggestion, then tosses it over to the left side of the room, plucking out another one to follow up. All the while, she's keeping an eye on her compass, which is going rather crazy with numbers rapidly fluctuating. "Very heavy Aether here... it'll make picking out specific sources difficult. But should make my spells more potent."

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
As both Adrain and Mihk toss out their orbs, the area then starts to light up. The black steel has a bit more gray in color to it, where lights should be glowing above are dead due to lack of power. The walls hold a green line in color that runs around the square room. Over to the right, hidden in the shadow are several panels that have pulled open-- wires exposed and some cut.

The right door has been slightly jammed off is track and thus what is causing he strange sparking seen down low. Hard to say what someone can seen beyond it if one was to peek.

For Mihk though, as the area lights up, she is greeted with capsules of some kind. Large tube containers that could fit a person into, massive cables hang off them, including a few hoses. There is also claw marks on the door that she is near...

Garen (530) has posed:
    Garen eyes the claw marks. He walks over and takes his hand, running it over the marks, feeling them. He was trying to get a sense of what may have caused them. "We should be cautious..."

General Zod (524) has posed:
    Zod looks around as the light sources are spread out. Since panels tend to be important, he glides over to them, feet not touching the floor as he moves over to examine them.
    Over the radio, Zod says "This might be what controls the power on this level."

Mihk Lihzeh (573) has posed:
    Mihk retreats from the claw-marked door. She isn't equipped to deal with some slavering monster bursting forth from some dark room at melee range. She does, however draw in Aether and pull a small red gemstone from the pocket of her robe. She turns to a different page, letting the Compass fade back into the paper. A two-page Geometry is what she comes to, setting the gem in a small circle in the middle. She then produces a quill and begins to 'write' on the page, though she isn't using ink. "Power of Earth heed my call. Fill this gemstone with thy power. I call upon you now in my time of need, protect me from danger and give wrath to my foes. With this Contract I bind thee to my will. Come forth Carbuncle!" the incantation is likely purely for show, as Aether gathers into the gemstone. She tosses it forwards while the quill vanishes, and a small golden yellow fox-like creature fills out around the gem, which is set into its forehead.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Ewald pretty much keeps an eye on the group, his hand coming to rest on the folded gunblade. Mostly in defensive measure, "Adrain-- go with Zod there and see about those wires. I'll take a look at the jammed door."

Adrain gives a nod, "Got it." He then jogs over to where Zod is to get a closer look at the wires.

Ewald then looks over to Garren, "Stay with Mihk, alright?"

Adrain does watch as Mihk casts out the aetheric creature. His eyes narrow slightly, "...a summoner.." he says softly to himself, but his attention is drawn back to what he needs to do, remembering Ewald's words above before they came down.

Adrain gives a look at the wires closely. "They have been cut by a blade. Though I wonder why-- I mean, they don't seem like power providing cables.. to small.." Adrain then shows Zod what he is looking at, "See.. there are three here.. this looks like it is.. maybe wires to provide communications between something and another junction point."

Adrain then runs his light along the wall. "Which means there should be a hidden junction box somewhere.." He looks back over to Zod. "I'll patch up these cables.. why don't you see if you can find a wall panel that can be popped out, as this one was pretty much-- well.." He shines the light on the metal on the ground, "...cut out by torch.."

Though as Ewald as he decides to explain to Mihk what it is she has found, "Those are holding tubes." He then kneels down near the crack of the door, letting the echo of the room carry his voice. "We don't know much about them.. but I have seen one or two before.. with dead bodies in them.."

Garen (530) has posed:
    Garen nods towards Ewald. He walks over and takes up a post near Mihk. "what are your thoughts?" He asks. He didn't like this, evident by how his grip on his rifle was fairly tight, and his eyes scanning around quickly.

Mihk Lihzeh (573) has posed:
    Mihk makes a clicking sound with her tongue on the roof of her mouth, calling her Carbuncle close. She then looks over at Garen. "I do not like this. There is /something/ here... I have a bad feeling." she replies, then looks to Ewald. "Holding tubes? Do you mean prisoners? They seem rather flimsy to contain someone who wishes to be freed."

General Zod (524) has posed:
    Zod narrows his eyes and scowls a bit. Of all the times his x-ray vision decides not to work so well...
    He glances at the junction and determines the way the wires are running, and starts tapping the wall with a hand to listen how it echoes, scrutinizing the sound very carefully as he does so.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Ewald tsks in frustration as he can't see past because /something/ actually was slammed against the door from the other side. "..perfect.." he mutters to himself. As he stands back up he looks over to Mihk, "They hold things very well. The glass can take a bullet shot easily. The metal is made of a similar alloy to our airships."

Adrain only glances over his shoulder at Ewald, before he goes back to repairing the wires.

Ewald then kneels down to check where the sparks are coming from and how. "Sadly any data we could obtain what they were used for was.. not available. So perhaps we can find the answers here."

Garen may sense it first-- something was moving beyond the door, but it was.. hard to pick up. There was indeed something behind the door and no sooner then they may look away from it. The door has something slam against it. Again at that, before it suddenly flies off the hinges.

It flies across the room and almost hits Adrain, who quickly shoves back from what he was doing on the wires. This is just about the time Zod finds what he was looking for, only now there seems to be an issue.

Though whatever kicked the door down, didn't come out, however the sound of something screeching can be heard from inside the room, including some scampering, before things get quiet again.

Garen (530) has posed:
    Garen looks up and moves quickly. He had planne to fire at the creature, but rather move to knock Mihk out of the way. With her safe, he jumped back to his feet and aimed down where he thought he heard the scampering. "Guess we can rule it as hostile."

Mihk Lihzeh (573) has posed:
    Mihk's ears flick and she flips her tome to the Compass page again. "This doesn't feel ri--" Then she's shoved aside, stumbling then going sprawling as her Carbuncle barates Garen with a series of chirpy squeaks. Her book slips from her hands, and skids along the ground, and the Miqo'te makes every attempt she can to get it back. "That... sounded familiar, but I can't place it off the top of my head."

General Zod (524) has posed:
    Zod looks over at the suddenly open door, and the door. He frowns and jogs over to the door, picks it up, and moves over to the open doorway. "I'll weld this in place until we're ready to deal with the creature in there." He says over the radio.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Movement can be heard inside the room, even as Zod starts to make his way over. Ewald already has his gunblade at ready. Adrain has his own hand gun ready as well. Though Adrain tsks, "..we maybe should keep it alive for research purposes.."

Ewald glances over. "They can research it dead. If that thing made these claw marks, it will make quick work out of us."

As Zod moves in, something leaps out from the dark room. It slams onto the door Zod wans to put in place and then leaps across the other side. Drool runs down from its massive teeth mouth. Glowing red eyes pierce the shadows, claws on its front that are almost human shape, but digging into the metal. Its body having a slight hound, yet humanoid shape. Small wings along its back--

It was.. a freak show of a monster. It screeches out at them, as it then goes to stand up on its hign legs, standing around eight feet as it does. It inhales the air and Mihk will notice as it does, the aetheric flow around her carbuncle moves toward it in that moment...

It then looks directly at her, staring at her. It is now only a matter of--- what will people do with it?

Mihk Lihzeh (573) has posed:
    Mihk blinks. It's drawing on Aether. This thing is more dangerous than it appears, and it already appears highly dangerous. "Be careful, this... thing... can draw on Aether." she says over radio, pulling aether of her own into her tome, the pages flipping to a new geometry. It's a simple thing, the circle lifting off the page to rotate idly while power is run through it. Mihk then turns the tome towards the monster, and a sickly miasma engulfs it, focussing soully on the monster, no seepage leaking to her allies. "I have attempted to weaken it. Strike while it is incapacitated!"

General Zod (524) has posed:
    "Acknowledged." Zod says over the radio.
    General Zod speeds over in a blur, taking the heavy 10 foot tall door and slamming it into the creature like an enormous pingpong paddle, aiming it towards the sparking wires. The door is probably not very useful now.

Garen (530) has posed:
    Garen looks over, and scopes the creature. He doesn't say anything, but instead aims at the monster's head. He pauses for just a moment, but letting fly a Ceruleum bullet. "What are you waiting for? Take it down." He says towards the Garleans.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The Miasma spells washes over the creature. It roars out, before trying to inhale the /air/, more correctly inhale the aether like the Maw Voidspawn would do over the Camps Aetherytes before Dalamud came crashing down.

However the shot to the head, ceases whatever it was trying to do, and then the beast is slammed into where the wires are sparking. Crashing hard and then getting slightly electrocuted by it. Ewald quickly has moved out of the way, before he takes aim, as does Adrain-- both of them opening fire.

The Creature crawls back up onto its feet and then goes running right for Mihk's Carbuncle, its mouth wide open-- seeming like it has all the attention to try and /eat/ it if it can get there to it.

However more bullets slam into its body, black substance pooling out from all the impacts, but it just keeps charging!

Garen (530) has posed:
    Garen shifts and starts running. He turns his rifle around and aims to smash the thing right into the creature's face. If he succeeds, he'll then pull a thermal detonator grenade an try to shove it down the creature's maw.

Mihk Lihzeh (573) has posed:
    Mihk transmits her thoughts on the creature over radio, warning to not let it gather too much Aether. She clicks her tongue and orders Carbuncle to evade the beast, trying to bait it around the room so the others can get a clearer shot at it. She herself pulls some more Aether together, forming a new Geometry that hangs above the pages for a few seconds. Mihk then grasps the Geometry, and flings it forwards, a bolt of unaspected Aether lashing out at the beast. A Ruin spell, the most basic offensive ability an Arcanist has.

General Zod (524) has posed:
    Knowing that Garen has probably thrown an explosive device into the creature's maw and hearing Mihk's warning, Zod quickly leaps into action. He wrestles with the thing's head, attempting to keep it from breathing inward and from spitting out Garen's thermal detonator, trying to wrap his arms around it. While doing that, he's trying to haul the thing away from his allies to minimize the possibility of collateral damage. If the explosive doesn't work... this is going to be a rough ride.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The Creature chases the Mihk's carbuncle as it almost catches the tail in its sharp teeth. Then Garen smacks it aside before shoving the grenade down its throat. This causing Adrain to wince-- because he already knows, whatever this creature was.. they probably now /wont/ have a chance to study it.

As Zod then goes to clamp the creatures mouth shut, it wheezes and tries to claw away at Zod. Eward taking aim encase this plan doesn't work at all.

Thankfully the grenade does explode inside the beast and blasts the neck completely off the creature, the black gunk going everywhere around the room.

This is when both garleans lower their weapons and Eward speaks quietly. "..Good job everyone.. I don't know what that was.. but it was not.."

Adrain tsks gently. "Not natural. Could have been captured and brought back to Garlemald for research!"

Eward looks at him then, "Lord Van Baelsar would never allowed it! It is a danger to everyone! Get your heads out of the clouds and to earth! It had to be killed!" He then looks to Zod, "Are you alright?" Then looks at the others, "Is everyone alright?"

Mihk Lihzeh (573) has posed:
    Mihk frowns at Adrain. "You are an idiot if you think for even a moment that thing could have been contained. It was gathering Aether for something, and I can tell you from my own experience, if a beast is gathering Aether, it is not for anything good." she says, clicking her tongue to draw her Carbuncle back to heel as she stalks over. Black gunk be damned as she's covered in it a bit, and is traipsing through it to get at the Garlean. "You are an intelligent man. I can tell, but your arrogance will likely cost this expedition dearly if it is not curbed." she continues, ears flat, tail fluffed out like a giant tube-cleaner brush behind her. This is one unhappy feline.

General Zod (524) has posed:
    Fortunately the Kryptonian had put his forcefield/helmet up in expectation of the blast, and the gunk slides off of it as he settles to the floor. He brushes the bigger chunks off himself.
    "Any injuries?" He asks as the helmet 'retracts'.

Garen (530) has posed:
    Garen sighs as the beast is beheaded. He thrns around and simply shakes his head. "Eward is right. Creatures like that need to be put down."

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Adrain stares right at Mihk. Those steel-blue eyes becoming cold, "I /know/ what creatures do with aetheric energies when they absorb it! I have friends who went to the institute who did /extensive/ research on aetheric movement and voidsent who devour it in /hopes/ to find a means in that too..."

That is where Adrain pauses as he looks at the now dead creature, "...Voidsent.." He then looks back at Mihk before he quickly grabs her shoulders with a big ass smile on his face, "I think I know what that was!"

Ewald was about to interject, but he steps in still and has Adrain back off a bit from Mihk. He looks over to Mihk and then at Adrain. He motions to Zod, "You, with me. We may as well check out what is in that room now. Garen-- you got a scope on that thing?"

Ewald tosses him a device of some kind, "If so, attach that to the scope, it will adjust the light level of what you see. Be our eyes before we step in."

Garen (530) has posed:
    Garen nods. "I do." He says. He accepts the device and attaches it to his rifle, prepping to continue their little hunt.

Mihk Lihzeh (573) has posed:
    Mihk looks like she's about to start an argument when Adrain's entire demeanor changes. Her ears are pinned down flat to her head, and her tail is lashing violently back and forth, making the tip crack like a whip on occasion. Once Adrain lets go, and starts doing his excited little kid routine, the Arcanist grumbles to herself. "First Garleans, now Voidsent..." Topaz Carbuncle just looks rather confused, peering up at its master, before following as she trails behind the group, pulling her tome out once more to check the 'Compass'.

General Zod (524) has posed:
    The Kryptonian nods and makes his way towards the now open door, cautious now. He seems like he's tensed up, ready to react to the next unexpected thing with an explosion of violence. "I'm ready, should something else decide to pounce." He says flatly. This place is a lot more dangerous than it seems, he thinks.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Adrain follows behind Mihk, "Think about it! The Allagan Empire use to handle the Eikons all the time! Maybe that was some kind of.. created weapon to devour the essence of an Eikon! I mean.. I don't have a head for biological and aetheric compositions, but the /fact/ that a civilization could /do/ that!"

Ewald turns around about then and points his gunblade at Adrain, "That is wonderful, but save for the report. There could be more of those and I rather not find out." He then looks away, "..and what bothers me is the fact this facility is rather large and I feel like we only seeing a small part of it.."

Garen would not see any creatures ahead, though the device seems to be having some mechanic troubles adjusting correctly. Yep-- no matter what world you go too, technology can sometimes just let you down. However as the group steps in further, suddenly a low hum can be heard.

Emergency lights flicker on around the edges of the room, though a few short out. Blue lights flicker up terminals along side the wall as the Allagan Computers seem to come to life, though a few blast themselves apart due to just the damage in the area.

As everything comes online under the low power-- it becomes obvious this a room of research and long 'dead' creatures lay in the tubes, floating there in whatever murky substance is around them. Some human like-- other grotesque in appearance.

Though no sooner does the room be seen, the power itself fails and everything goes pitch black again.

Ewald turns on his shoulder light and Adrain quickly throws out some orbs, as Ewald speaks. "I think we are about to call this expedition of this level a close.."