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To the World of Guns
Date of Scene: 06 December 2014
Location: Alfheim Online <SAO> <ALO>
Synopsis: A government official who's more well-connected than he lets on has put a call out to Kirito and whatever remains of the Gatecrashers Union, promising payment in exchange for doing some investigative work in a VRMMO. The turnout will probably be far more than he expects!
Cast of Characters: Kirito, 2, 4, Tomoe, 9, Arthur Lowell, 73, 181, 215, 253, Theo Morrison, 365, 385, 395, Karian Icefang, Riva Banari, 631
Tinyplot: Phantom Bullet

Kirito has posed:
    Calls have gone out within the last few days. A man named KIKUOKA SEIJIROU, introducing himself as a minor official in Japan's communications branches, wants to speak to the people who made the SAO and ALO rescues possible. So news has reached the Union, the Confederacy, and even the Syndicate... it's even reached the ears of people not originally involved in those sittuations.

    WHY he wants an audience with anyone who could be a hero in a VRMMO? Well, that's something only those who show up will hear.

    It's mid afternoon during off-hours at the DICEY CAFE run by one ANDREW GILBERT MILLS (aka 'Agil' to his friends!) Not where one would expect to be meeting anyone so important, but this is the location the core members of the Gatecrashers tend to hang out.

    Tables and chairs have been arranged, beverages are already paid for and available once the owner isn't busy in the back, and the man everyone's here to meet is waiting up by the counter.

    KIKUOKA SEIJIROU is a tall, thin man with black hair and thick-framed eyeglasses. He's dressed in a classic business suit complete with a tie. From the angle of anyone walking in however, light gleam keeps his eyes from being quite visible... it might be a little intimidating, if he wasn't so thin.

    It's probably intimidating to anyone if they're a student or random civilian.

    To KIRIGAYA KAZUTO however, it's just plain annoying. He doesn't do much to hide his irritation when he strolls on in, folds his arms and takes a seat while giving Seijirou a rather cold and aggravated look.

    "Now now, Kirito! Don't be so cold. You haven't even heard anything yet."

    "Don't call me that in public!" The Mechatronics student counters!

    Seijirou adjusts his glasses lightly, feigning emotional injury by his expression. "Who was it that worked so hard to keep the SAO and ALO situations with the offworld involvement under control? Haven't I earned that right?"

    Kazuto sigh-grunts in resignation, arms still folded.

    It's about time for the meeting, after all.

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva found out about it because her ADVENTURE LEVELS were reaching CRITICALLY LOW LEVELS. And when she doesn't have excitement and adventure in her life, she goes looking for it.

This is why Riva is totally present. She's got a strawberry daquiri in one hand (fruity umbrella included) and her eyes on the men of the hour, leaning back casually on the bar as she sips casually at her drink.

Nothing has been established yet, but there's lots of Important People present. Her eyes are flicking around, watching for a specific Important Person as well. They haven't arrived yet, but they're likely waiting for the proper time to make their entrance. He seems like the kind of guy who pays attention to that kind of thing.

Karian Icefang has posed:
    Making his way into the cafe was perhaps the largest of the Gatecrashers and likey the oldest too. Karian steps inside, alone this time, but still geared up in his armor. He walks over to where the meeting was, giving everyone there a nod. Time had not been kind to the marine, as indicated by the patch over his left eye. He takes a seat, only then reminded and hoping that the chairs were strong enough to take his weight.

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
The door to the Dicey Cafe opens again to admit a face which, for Kazuto at least, should be a familiar one - and Yuna Kagurazaka wouldn't rule out the chances of other people recognizing her. She certainly recognizes Kazuto, smiling and waving as she walks over to his table. "Hey, Kirito! How's it going?"

She doesn't seem to be in a huge hurry to order a drink or a snack or anything, although she's not ruling out getting something - she just prioritizes social interaction over stuffing her face. After exchanging greetings with Kirito, Yuna turns to bow politely to Kikuoka, "Good afternoon. I'm Yuna Kagurazaka ... or 'Kagura,' if you needed to know my handle in SAO and ALO. Are you the one who asked to talk to us?"

Psalm (181) has posed:
    If you're making a quiet entrance, you're definately not Magatha Songsteel. She's not going out of her way to make noise, but she can't help but be flashy. That said, the redhead vogues her way into the cafe, and up behind Kirito. A hand ruffles the dark hair of the teenager, and she smiles. "Hey there, kiddo."
    A look to the Salaryman. "Mister, nice suit."

Frederica (73) has posed:
    Frederica is hardly a random civilian. In fact she's not really the sort one would normally associate with gaming. Perhaps like Agil himself, she's not an obvious gamer, and more the sort of person who fits in well in a cafe or a bar.

    In the interests of looking as normal as possible, she doesn't even have her hood up. Frederica looks like a relatively normal woman in fact, much like Riva. Might have something to do with why she'd chosen the other woman to approach and strike up a casual conversation over a drink with. Strawberry daquiri looks positively delightful after all. The conversation between them is unlikely to be too significant, at least for now. Something to do with fashion or food rather than saving worlds, no doubt.

Alicia T. Harlaown (4) has posed:
    The door to the Dicey Cafe opens and in walks Alicia. She decided to forgo her usual TSAB uniform in favour of a blouse and short skirt. She also already appears to be in a conversation, "-elling you, the iso-factor was too low! That's why it blew up."

    The device on Alicia's wrist chimes, <You are mistaken.>

    Alicia pauses and looks at Sweet Melody, "You keep saying that... Care to explain what happened then?"

    Sweet Melody chimes, <We have arrived.>

    Oh... Alicia glances around. So they have! Having heard about something possibly going down in the virtual world once more, Alicia had decided to offer her support. So she greets everyone in the cafe with a smile, a wave and a, "Hi!"

Theo Morrison has posed:
Theo hasn't been involved in saving anyone in VRMMOs. He's been hanging around with the Gatecrashers for a little while now, though, and has been involved with Kirito's Node, which... /sort of/ counts. At the very least, he's proven he can actually play these games quite well, even if he isn't a native to this particular world. He still might just be some random puggie they picked up, though.

Even these facts, cold as they are, do not prevent him from popping in to see what exactly is going on. Theo's never been to the Dicey Cafe; he's only ever been to Japan a few times, and each time it's made him vaguely uncomfortable for different reasons. This time is no different. At least he won't be subject to the crowds.

He came in only shortly after Kirito, and, feeling awkward about the unfamiliar place and the unfamiliar people, found himself a seat. He's sitting at one of the tables within earshot, his ecto stretched out on the tabletop and a Coke nearby. He appears to be messing with a list of some kind, but most people won't have the experience to know it's a deck in progress.

Theo mostly just stays quiet and people-watches. He's having a hard time reconciling that he's less comfortable in what appears to be a cafe for gamers than he is when he's face-to-face with a building-sized monstrosity.

Iria (215) has posed:
    A meeting in a place like this with someone mysterious. Sounds fairly suspicious and almost like something out of a spy flick. Or it could just be a potential bounty being offered to Iria. But in this case, it's neither, although Iria is present. She hadn't been doing much adventuring for the time being, and had been low on bounties to hunt. Which was why when this wholee thing was announced, Iria was quick to make plans to show up for it.

    Iria simply sits at one of the tables with her feet propped up, occasionally sipping her drink and looking around occasionally to see when their contact was going to show up. When he finally did, Iria gave a slight hand gesture and a nod. "Nice of you to show up. I'm Iria, both in real life and in-game." There's no sign of a smirk on her face with that comment, as apparently she's got something on her mind today.

Procyana (365) has posed:
Procyana wasn't involved in the previous endeavours, but as it's the job of her direct superiors to keep tabs on the technological going-ons of the Multiverse, it didn't take long for them to get word of the new request for potential assistance, and in turn send one of their best to investigate.

That and this version involved firearms instead of magic and martial combats. Much more their style.

Regardless of all, Procyana strolls in with her usual casual demeanor. "Huh. Quaint... oh look, someone important in a monkey suit. Who would of thought." She flashes Seijirou a bit of a wry smirk at her own partial joking, being someone use to dealing with the big suit business types prehaps more than she'd like.

Then picks herself a chair, snagging the leg with her foot and kicking it around to sit on it in reverse, straddling the seat to lean against the backside of it, arms crossed across the top. Her tail curls just enough to tuck underneath the chair, so no one else accidentally steps on it.

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe knew the name from SAO and such and wondered what he wnted given he'd invitd them all to the Cafe? At least it ment money for Angil right? She could live with that so here she is in the flesh which might be many people's here first time seeing her not as an avatar. She's still very tall but has dark red hair taied up today she's wearing a jacket pants and othe gear bette suitd for hte weather and has a scarft which she's just taking off she pauses for a moment.

"Hello, I have to say I'm kinda shocked your calling us up for osmething here. SAO's gone ALO's had things calm down what could we evebn be needed for now?"

She takes a seat pretty quickly and then removes her scarf and jacket, she's wearint a t-shirt that reads. TIMES UP LETS DO THIS! on the front.

Psyber (253) has posed:
    Numerous members of his office are going to be showing up today, and so Psyber is as well. He was not involved in the original SAO or ALO sets of crises, but he is a pretty high ranking Union official and so it's also only natural he'd make an appearance when someone reaches out to Union leadership.

    The half-angel is smoking indoors again, but this is a minor point that most people just have to learn to live with if they spend extensive time around him, "Greetings. I am Reserve Colonel Psyber, Union Elite Forces. You reached out to the Union in regards to a meeting."

Homura Akemi (2) has posed:
    Homura has only met Kirito... once? Twice? In the flesh, that is. Still, she's met him at least, but even if she hadn't it wouldn't be too hard to find the crowd of obviously mismatched Elites in a cafe.

    On the other hand you're not getting much of an entrance out of her. It would be more accurate to say that where there was an empty chair, there is now a magical girl. Or just a girl, really. In one week she's going to be seventeen! More importantly in one week finals will not be sapping her will to live and free time. For a given measure of free time when you can control it.

    Dark purple and black casual clothes are what she's wearing today, mostly a sweater vest with hood and pants, with her hair pulled back into a bun behind her head save for two bangs to either side of her head. She's got her glasses on, and she has her nose plunged into a notebook.

    A careful eye might have noticed she appeared on that chair around the time Psyber came in. Ish. If someone pulled her notebook down they'd notice she looks dead tired but that's a student's life.

Arthur Lowell has posed:
    ARTHUR LOWELL is here! He is, of course, only around here quite so emphatically because he's swaggered his way in in his traditional confident way. Dude even shoved the door open hard on his way in, just for dramatic effect! Striding on over to Kirito and Seijirou. "'Eeeeeeey! KIRITO!" God damn it Arthur, /you're/ doing it too? Well, of course. "What the hell's up, man? I heard there's ADVENTURES to get to go have again! Shit yeah. SEIJIROU! What up, yo? Last I heard you was gettin' yo WARRANT on up ins, takin' down RCT, how's it been HANGIN' since then?"

    He's grinning like a madman, as is per the norm. There's a few nods to people he knows. Riva! "HEYA, RIVA! Told ya, ADVENTURE MEETINGS, y'know? Take a listen to THIS GUY, I bet he's got some MAD ADVENTURES to give out." Then there's Karian! "'EY! How's the DEPTH PERCEPTION? You given any thought to the COOL FALSE EYE idea? Seriously, man. Carve it outta some MONSTER BONES or something, chick will DIG IT." Psalm! "MAGS! Good to see ya. Now I KNOW this one's gonna be a party if YOU'RE in on it." Frederica! "FRIKA, long time no see AGAIN! Glad t'see you around on THIS ONE too. Don't worry, ALREADY PROMISED to do ONE HUNDRED PERCENT LESS DYING this time."

    And then Tomoe! "Lady, TRUST ME, there's ALWAYS some ADVENTURE needs doin'. The MARKET is fuckin' DEEP." Psyber! "Aw man, you're ALL BUSINESS MODE today." And Homura! Homura doesn't get talked to, but just sort of silently nodded at. She usually prefers not talking, right? Probably. Considerate!

    Anyway Arthur swings around, and now that he's indoors, just sort of starts floating in a vaguely seated position. That way, no weird looks from outside!

Amalthea (395) has posed:
    Someone else has shown up with Psyber and Homura. Though for much less of an official reason. Now, sure a rainbow-hared robot unicorn woman probably looks weird in a more mundane world. ... Super weird.
    This is why Amalthea is wearing a hoodie. Hoodies make great camouflage. Nevertheless, she too was not involved in the SAO or ALO events. In fact, Amalthea's never been much of an MMO player in general.
    "Anyway dude, I can't believe the pulled Jimbo out of Non-Innocent Cog z4th. He was like my main."
    Her bitching ceases however on stepping into the Dicey Cafe with the half-angel and Homura just popping up. "Oh huh right, you said there was business going down."

Reker (631) has posed:
You know Reker was very interested when he found out that somebody that was investegating into ALO and SAO wanted to meet with Kirito again. So naturally he showed up at the meeting.

It might be a bit odd that he showed up in Wander Mode, especially with Kazuto and Sheena coming as themselves. Still, he's trying to stay as inconspicuous as he can, and is wearing none of his combat gear, instead just opting for his walkin' around clothes. He gets off to one side so he can listen in to what's going down, though he's still clse by to Kirito.

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva chats with Frederica happily. She has no problems talking with Frederica, she's absolutely sure they crossed paths at some point. Like that time! With the Thing! And the stuff! More specfically, that one grudge matcb between Toph and Armsmaster before he chilled out a bit. "I'm /so/ looking forward to hearing what's going on. Things are really slow on my end, at least, and most of my ship-..." She pauses a moment, "/Shopping/ is done."

She glances over to Frederica and tilts her head. "Man, where did you get that awesome hood? It looks so cute! Total styling." Psyber gers a wave as he enters, but he's being actually slightly serious for once so she doesn't ruin his groove by Riva-ing at him yet. Homura and Amalthea also get big waves.

And then Arthur enters. Riva's eyes lock onto him and she smirks faintly as she detects incoming swagger. And the yell. "Sup Arthur!" Riva waves back, energetically. "You know why I'm here all right. Glad you could make it!" She tilts her head as Arthur addresses Frika. "Pfft, as if anyone could kill you now, right? You're a total badass."

Arthur Lowell has posed:
    Arthur gives Riva a pair of casual fingergun gestures and a wink to go along with his unbreakable grin. "SEE? And THAT'S why I can promise it. YOU know what's UP."

Asuna (9) has posed:
Surprise late entrance!

The door to the Dicey Cafe flies open as a brown haired girl in a kimono bolts through the door as agilely as she can, her broen eyes widening as she takes in the view. Some people she did expect to see, some people she doesn't know, and even more people Asuna /didn't/ expect to see. "Ah--" She pauses, blinks a coupel of times. "Ah." She manages to sum up.

"I apologize for being late." She says, bowing before shuffling around the crowd towards Kirito. "Mother kept me late."

Psyber (253) has posed:
    "I dunno, Jimbo just was underperforming in the pro circuit, I guess. I'm gonna be curious to see how they retuned Luna Radman and whether they messed with his moveset," Psyber comments offhandedly to Amalthea, letting out a smoke-filled yawn as he scratches the side of his head and then looks around the room.

    Riva gets a wave, as do most people he knows that are hanging around. Arthur gets a 'psh' noise from him, "I'm only in business mode because I was called here on business. I'm just kinda keeping it low-key today. Tired from classes this week." He looks over towards Homura. He'd give her a nod of his head, but she is busy. Instead he notes to Arthur, "I feel worst for Homura. First semester of finals are a wreck."

Arthur Lowell has posed:
    "Take a LOAD OFF, I'll take up the slack on the CASUAL IRREVERENCE and POP CULTURE REFERENCES end'a things." Arthur says, shooting a thumbs-up Psyber's way as he drifts just slightly to the side.

Karian Icefang has posed:
    "I have. Perhaps I will later. But for now, I will remain with one eye. As for my perception...Still good." Karian says to Arthur simply. While he does this, he grabs a flask from his belt and takes a quick swig.

Arthur Lowell has posed:
    Asuna! "'Ey! It's ASUNA! Dressed up, too, huh. Too bad I gots the MAD IGNORANCE up ins on the CULTURAL ASSOCIATIONS. Is it CULTURALLY INSENSITIVE to just generically consider it PRETTY? Oh wait, no, only insensitive to the BRO CODE. Sorry Kirito." Arthur can't just go around complimenting a girlfriend of a bro. Anyway, he's dispensed his greeting to her!

Homura Akemi (2) has posed:
    "Juggling 'being a hero' with 'university' tops the chart of the worst experiences in my life pretty handily, and those experiences include a decade-long timeloop," Homura mutters towards Psyber, Riva and Arthur, essentially returning their nod (and/or wave) in the manner she is most familiar with, i.e. being kind of a sour grape. She is not entirely serious and does not in fact rate studies above that mess, but the fact she's living it right now makes her somewhat biased in the matter.

    Also she's just low on sleep. Don't mind her too much.

Frederica (73) has posed:
    Frika chats with Riva cheerfully over nothing, having no problem with being a flit-brained socialite. For a time, anyways. "Oh, I made this." she says, fluffing the hood dramatically. She likes Riva! The other woman's friendly and casual, not to mention a woman, so there's absolutely no threat that triggers Frederica's many fears.

    Arthur is another matter entirely, though of course she likes the overly enthusiastic boy. She grins at his greeting, but it's less a friendly sort of smile and more a showing of teeth. "You'd better not die!" she replies, sounding like she probably means it to be a joke. "Because if you do I'll kill you!" she claims.

    Asuna gets a much warmer smile when she enters, though no outright greeting from the pyrokinetic. Frederica's not even sure Asuna would recognize her outside her Frika avatar, though they have certainly met in the flesh. It's mostly Frederica's own uncertainty at work there.

Amalthea (395) has posed:
    To be fair, Jimbo is great if you know how to use him. Though when Amalthea spots Riva, the unicorn shoots her back a casual finger-gunning in greeting, as she helps herself to a seat. "You look wrecked." Asided to Homura.
    She actually does not bother Psyber further about her fighting game bitching, because while she did not come here for business and was just tagging along, he DID show up for Union work related stuff. She's still gonna ask how Jo Jusky got to be a duke between games later.

Procyana (365) has posed:
Procyana reachs over to pat a sympathetic hand on Psyber's shoulder. "Hey, at least you get the great wonder of actually experiencing what it is to go to school in such a manner. Unlike those of us that just got things uploaded into our brains."

Psyber (253) has posed:
    "Oh, I'm not a student. I'm a professor. Homura's taking one of my classes, along with a number of others," Psyber says to Procyana, before giving the magical girl a thumbs up, "I believe in you, Homura. We'll get the semester wrapped up and then you think you wanna stay at the office over Christmas break?" He asks her seriously, inviting her to do Christmas together.

    To Arthur, Psyber nods, "I appreciate you picking up the slack in my lacking casual irreverence and lacking attitude."

Kirito has posed:
    "Hwagh?! M...Maggie?!" Well Kirito did send out messages. But having Psalm up and ruffle him from behind nearly has him jumping out of his seat, heartbeat going out of control in an instant and hand halfway to his back. It looks like he might be after Psalm's hand, but anyone who knows kirito knows he has this reflex of going for a sword he doesn't have when surprised...

    Just one of many scars left on him since Sword Art Online.

    Making a sheepish face and immediately trying to hide it, Kirito jams himself back down on his chair and waves at Psyber, Frika, Arthur, Amalthea... well pretty much everyone who walks in.

    KIKUOKA SEIJIROU meanwhile does his best to hide both his amusement at Kirito's predicament and his amazement at the wide array of people showing up to answer his call. Five, six, he expected. This is three times more than his expectations. Psyber's greeting is met with a polite nod of acknowledgement, while Arthur's is met with an awkward smile. And an attempt to keep his composure in the face of such wildness! "Full of spirit like always, Mr. Lowell!" It's not easy at all.

    The man in the 'monkey suit' coughs once into a fist, then rises. "First, thank you all for coming! I didn't expect so many to respond. My name is Kikuoka Seijirou, from the Ministry of Internal Affairs' Telecommunications Bureau, Advanced Communications Networks Promotion, Second Division... or, since that's a mouthful, the Virtual Division. We were in charge of the SAO Victims Rescue Force, though could do little except wait for someone to clear the game and make sure the hospitals were equipped to deal with the victims. Regrettably I haven't had a chance to meet most of you in person since the SAO and ALO incidents, and here we are with something else going on."

    These words make Kirito pale rather quickly. "Something else?!" Asuna's entrance and approach doesn't go unnoticed. He quickly waves at her, and definitely seems relieved to have her about...

    Seijirou meets his gaze, folds his hands, glances at Tomoe with something akin to sadness in his eyes.

    "With so many of us we'll have to skip the pleasantries. Last month, on November 14th, the landlord of a Nakano apartment building picked up on an awful smell while cleaning. She got worried and opened the electronic lock on the door, and discovered the body of this man..." He pulls out a tablet PC to show a face. A man in his twenties, in a plaid shirt and short brown hair. "Shigemura Tamotsu, age 26. He'd been dead five and a half days, laying on his bed the whole time. Cause of death was acute heart failure, and there were no signs of a break-in. On his head..."

    "An AmuSphere?" Kirito guesses, interrupting slightly.

    Seijirou nods. "The only program installed was Gun Gale Online. His character's name was XeXceed, and he'd recently won a tournament that put him amongst the top players. On the day he died, within the game something strange happened within a cafeteria showing a streaming broadcast of XeXceed being interviewed. A robed man walked in, saying something about judgement and power, and shot the screen. Moments later, XeXceed clutched at his heart and disconnected."

    Kirito's tensed, but he's making a rather firm face. "That has to be a coincidence or a hoax..."

    "No, it's happened twice. Another body, same circumstances, on the 28th. Another heart failure. A highly skilled character named Lightly Salted Tarako... he was shot in town, reportedly by a man making similar claims about power and judgement."

    He now looks out at the group that's gathered. "While I share Kirito's opinion that this seems too strange to be real, especially as the AmuSphere is completely safe, would you not say this cannot be a coincidence?"

Iria (215) has posed:
    Iria listens to to the explanation, and while she doesn't know as much as others might about the AmuSpheres, she doesn't believe in coincidences one bit. She narrows her eyes and scowls as she hears this whole thing. Something reeks big time, and it's definitely not in the smelly way either. The heart failure death, then the shooting, both with similar circumstances, it sounds wrong to Iria. "Apparently, someone or someTHING needs to be taken down!" Iria says to nobody in particular, rather offering her commentary on the whole thing.

Theo Morrison has posed:
Theo is momentarily struck by the sheer narrative weight present in the room. The potential implications leave him a little dazed. Why, the sheer /strength/ of even /half/ of the inhabitants of the cafe would be enough to --

Kickotron, Trusty Myr Servitor, wanders out of the bathroom. Why a three-foot-tall bird-robot has to use the bathroom at all is anyone's guess. Theo is sufficiently distracted by the sight that he doesn't start considering what could possibly be so wrong as to need all this firepower.

Then Seijirou lays it out straight. Theo blinks.

"Yeah, I thought the AmuSpheres were supposed to be too low-powered to be able to do anything like that." Theo remarks. "Did someone check the equipment for tampering yet?"

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe looks up to see a god walk in and isn't phased she smirks at Arthur for a moment.

"Okay you have a point and no your not allowed to die like that again. We all had enough of that I think!"

Is her reply she looks to so manyt of the new people here she takes note of Fred and Riva. She finds her self a spot near then but the look from Seijirou gets a look of suprise from her.

She listens to what he has ot say and tilts her head a little bit ponders about this.

"GGO? This sounds creepy to put it mildy and wiat it's happened two times?!"

Asuna (9) has posed:
"I'm guessing based on the fact that the landlady had to open the locked door that both cases were investigated and there was no real life interference found?" Asuna asks quietly as she finishes making her way around to Kirito, not quite leaning against him but definitely being there for him. "If so, there would be a lot more sense here; if not, then I'm wondering if maybe these are bootlegged AmuSpheres or something of the ilk."

She lifts her head. "Hello, Arthur. Thank you. I do like this kimono, it is pretty." She smiles at him and the crowd at large, waving at them before she turns back to the topic at hand.

Karian Icefang has posed:
    Karian sighs and shakes his head. "Once, I would attribute to potential other sources, like health issues. Twice, however.....It can't be coincidence. What do you know, if anything, on the shooter?" He asks, leaning forward. This was already leaving a nasty taste in the wolf lord's mouth.

Psalm (181) has posed:
    Maggie waves back at Arthur and flips her glasses down over her eyes. She can talk to him better that way, anyways. Also a cheery wave to Asuna from behind Kirito as she sits there... maybe slightly protectively? Who knows with her. It's not like she's going to be hanging out with the HoH crowd or the rest of the Unionites.
    She settles in to listen to the monkeysuit, eyeglasses flashing.

Alicia T. Harlaown (4) has posed:
    Alicia moves to take a seat at one of the tables, briefly glancing around at all the people already here and showing up. That is quite a few! She knows many, but some are new to her too.

    When Seijirou begins, Alicia turns to listen intently. There must be something about these VRMMOs that brings such trouble to them... Maybe it's because they're so like the real world? Now there's another one... Gun Gale Online. Probably involves guns in some manner. Then the problem is brought up... "Twice? ... It may just be a coincidence... Although the timing is rather unusual."

    Alicia ponders... The AmuSpheres do appear to be safe. Someone already brings up the issue of tampering... So assuming neither is the case, "Died of heart failure... If it's not a coincidence, then this cause of death has to be intentional somehow."

Procyana (365) has posed:
"Oh." Procyana quickly recovers from the new information... by patting his shoulder again. "In that case, you have my condolances for having to deal with it." Heh heh heh.

Then she frowns a bit as all this is explained. "So someone is trying to make a statement by killing the top players? Tch. And people think the in-game griefers are poor sports."

Psyber (253) has posed:
    "I see. And you'd like to get ahead of this before it becomes too widely known that there's another death game." Psyber assesses from a cold tone, flicking his cigarette and putting the ash in an empty glass, "While you figured we would want to help purely on the merit of preventing another game."

    "If we stop it, your company saves bad PR and we save lives. Mutually beneficial, is that correct?"

Arthur Lowell has posed:
    Arthur's grin falters a little bit. "Oh." He says. People are dying. That's putting a damper on his mood, at least a little. "That's... Ah. THEO'S got the right idea HERE, did this guy JAILBREAK his shit or anything like that? Man, this sounds kinda IMPOSSIBLE on a BUNCH OF LEVELS, yo. Like, SHOOTING THE SCREEN? Why do that in PUBLIC, why..."

    He shakes his head. "I'm guessin' that's what WE need to figure out, huh? How shit be GOIN' DOWN? 'Cause that's BOGUS NOISE right there. You managed to pin down the SON OF A BITCH doin' the SHOOTING? 'Cause, I mean, that seems like the SOURCE of WHATEVER PROBLEM. Easiest LEAD, simplest ROUTE, fuckin' TAKE IT, right? We can just go find out WHO did the SHOOTINGS, hear straight from THEM and all."

    He's also wearing sunglasses suddenly, for other reasons. Chatting, seems like!

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
After exchanging greetings with Kirito and Kikuoka, Yuna's attention turns away - or rather, is turned away, as more and more people come in ... many of whom she knows, and greets with her usual warm, bright smiles. Even those she doesn't count as friends, she'll at least be properly courteous too. Somewhere in the course of things, she also gets a beverage - a glass of the local apple cider, chilled but without ice.

It looks like it's going to be a big meeting, too; Frederica, Psyber, Homura, Arthur - even Amalthea, whom Yuna didn't remember being in either of the previous MMO crises. She greets all of them anyway, by name, and tries to keep up with who all is here.

But soon enough, Mr. Kikuoka calls things to order (as such they'll be) and Yuna turns her attention to him, listening intently, her face growing troubled. "Do you have a log of the cafeteria side of the incident?" she wonders. "Or of Tarako's murder? Any details might help ... at least," she admits with evident chagrin, "to somebody who CAN make sense of the program code and the variables that were involved."

She looks around at the others. "Besides, if it was a case like the old NerveGears, wouldn't the cause of death be microwave-induced cerebral hemorhage instead of heart failure?"

She focuses her thoughts briefly, and Elner teleports in next to her, floating by her shoulder as Yuna sits and nurses her cider, listening further.

Homura Akemi (2) has posed:
    "That might be a nice break," Homura answers Psyber. She lowers her book, to glance at the man giving them the straight explanation. At first it really does sound like a coincidence, but then the second time-- well, it could still be a coincidence, but that's very unlikely.

    "Your world seems to have a knack for death games, Kirito." Any of the various questions she has, are sufficiently obvious they've already been asked. Her eyes lock back onto Seijirou, awaiting answer. Although she advances:

    "There are many reasons for doing something so publicly. Sending a message. Spreading fear. Not caring. Thinking oneself unstoppable. Someone who speaks of power and judgment probably falls in all four."

Amalthea (395) has posed:
    She might not have been here for business originally, but that gets Amalthea's attention. "People are dying again? Some games these are." She idly comments. "I wasn't up to date on the last incidents but isn't the new headset thing supposed to be a lot safer? How is someone dying over the internet all over again?"

Riva Banari has posed:
"You made it? Awesome! Do you do a lot of sewing and stuff, or was it more of a one-off fashion statement?" Clothes are almost always a safe place with women. She chuckles at the threat from Frika to Arthur, though there's a slight tings of uncertainty to it. Just a little.

ADVENTURE DISCUSSION TIME BEGINS, however, and Riva pays rapt attention, sipping her strawberry daquiri as she listens to the shenanigans. "Spooooooooky." Riva sums things up. "Why the crap would people pull this kind of thing in a game?" She shakes her head. "When this kind of crap turns lethal, no one wins." Everyone else asks the questions she'd ask, so she settles for scooting over a bit closer and piping up, "Maybe if we can find out what the common links are we can set up some kind of trap to catch the dude responsible."

Riva then points out, "Maybe the headset isn't what's doing it."

Frederica (73) has posed:
    Frika frowns, listening to the story and various suppositions. "The NerveGears killed with microwaves, yes." she says, answering Yuna. The Amuspheres were very carefully checked by the Union. Such a killing would be impossible, at least in that way.

    "I suppose it's not possible for ... oh, I don't know, some sort of feedback signal to be sent through an Amusphere that could give a person a heart attack? You know, dying from fright?" she asks. It might be possible. It's certainly happened in fiction a few times. Whether it could happen in reality, she's not sure.

    "If so, the signal wouldn't be coming from the game. Not if someone shot a cafe screen to do it. So... what, would it involve hacking into the system somehow?" she wonders aloud.

Reker (631) has posed:
So that's what happened to XeXceed...Reker frowns a little faintly as he stands nearby. He folds his arms over his chest as he listens. Tarako, too. Reker knew both of them. XeXceed was an asshole, sure, but he was also probably the top player in the game. Hard to win BoB and not be.

For the moment, he stays quiet, looking at Kirito and trying to read his face. Players shouldn't be able to be killed in the real world through the game. At least...Not with the AmuSphere. Reker doesn't like this one bit, especially since somewhere, right now, he's laying in a bed with an AmuSphere wrapped around his dome. He doesn't like this idea at all.

Theo Morrison has posed:
Theo nods a little at Arthur. "That's what I was wondering, too."

"But if I was going to go around trying to kill people for real by way of VRMMO, I'd go with something that wasn't already confirmed doable so I could get away with it longer," Theo points out to Yuna. "They've got access to your brain; all it takes is one really good hack to potentially tell your body to stop working right."

Theo pauses for a second before a shiver runs through him. "Ugh. Really hoping that's not the case."

Kickotron hops up onto one of the bar stools. It slowly rotates, scanning the room with its expressionless robot-bird eyes. Creepy.

Kirito has posed:
    "Oh come on," Kirito grouches slightly Homura's way. "The AmuSphere couldn't stop someone's heart..." Kirito points out though he seems distracted the next moment. Rubbing at his chin. "Some sound... smell... sensation? No, none of these things can stop someone's heart. You're sure there wasn't any..."

    "Damage to the brain? Their brains were perfectly fine."

    Kirito now makes a face at Seijirou. "You've already gone over all these things yourself, haven't you?"

    Seijirou's expression turns a bit apologetic. "But this confirms it. There's no way an AmuSphere could stop someone's heart, and how could shooting a screen do it? That makes even less sense than the bullet hitting the avatar." Seijirou turns his attention now to the others to answer questions.

    "The AmuSpheres were used, but no signs of tampering or modifications. The makers assurances are correct according to all tests and science we know of. The most an AmuSphere could do is disorient someone, or trigger a pre-existing condition like epilepsy. Perhaps psychological reactions..." He trails off, and Kirito makes a face at all of this.

    "We have a soundclip taken from the first shooting. One of the players in the cafe uploaded it." Again he taps at his tablet PC, bringing it up... and cranking up the volume.

    A resonating, deep voice emanates from the speakers, dripping hostility and murderous intent. "XeXceed... False Victor... You will now be judged by true power!" There's a gunshot, a half-minute that includes players laughing, XeXceed gasping and the interviewer saying he should be back soon, then The Dark Voice is back again. "This is true power! True strength. Fools... remember this name and tremble! The name this gun and I share! Death Gun!"

    The clip cuts off.

    Reker will note that by now, Kirito's face has tightened up with... fright? Just a hint of it. That voice might be vaguely familiar to more than one person here. Vaguely. Just slightly.

    To PSYBER however, Seijirou straightens his stance. "Something to that effect. More people showed up than I expected. I did plan on payment for the investigation and covering precautions, security, equipment and subscriptions. ... You see, the company that runs GGO, Zaskar, is based in America and very secretive, so legal teams are powerless. Autopsies weren't very useful so long after death, and nothing suggests break ins or tampering. Still, our division and my superiors are worried. First, what if there is some flaw in the AmuSphere? ... Second..."

    Kirito picks up here, his tone dark. "...What if, instead of a flaw in the AmuSphere, it's something from another world altogether that you can't deal with?"

    Kikuoka Seijirou doesn't respond verbally. His grim expression says it all.

Psyber (253) has posed:
    Psyber nods his head to Seijirou and then sighs, "Very well." He takes a long drag of his cigarette. He scans the room but only sees one Confederate.

    He turns to Psalm, "Mags. Do you wanna take an offer back to your bosses for me? I figure you're gonna fill them in on the situation after this meeting, so you can tell them that a Reserve Colonel wants to re-initiate the prior neutrality agreement for this investigation?"

Psalm (181) has posed:
    Magatha looks up from where she's pestering Kirito and looks up to Psyber, suddenly serious and all business.
    "Hnnn, i suppose so, seeing as I helped broker the truce in the first place. I'll get on the horn."

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe thinks she's got a lot to take in here take in here, she listens to what's said by everyone else, the questions and she wonders the new model shouldn't be enough and she looks to Riva and then to Fred whispering.

"Frederica is amazing you should see the dress she made for me last year."

She falls back into adventure time as she listens once more.

"Forgive me for my eariler comments, your trying to figure out what's going on humm this is strange the fear thing might be possible but I'd never heard of anything like that before with any game like ALO.

"...off world could be very much a possiblity and perhaps the more terrifying."

Procyana (365) has posed:
Procyana wrinkles her nose slightly. "Death Gun? Oh gee, that is -so- creative. OC Donut Steel all the way," she retorts, in typical secret agent fashion of making a snarky comment or two. Despite the partial joking, her expression shows just how serious this is.

Especially when Kirito comes up with a good valid point. "That's a frightening possibility. A very frightening one. Who knows what someone could of gotten their hands on...."

Karian Icefang has posed:
    "That would make sense. I'm sure each of us can think of at least one way for that to work." Karian says. It's clearly visible in his eye that he was very unhappy. His mind quickly began running over possibilities, and all of them were bad. "So, what are you asking us to do, go after this Death Gun?" He asks. He walks over to the table where Kirito and Kikuoka wee, dragging his chair over with him.

Homura Akemi (2) has posed:
    "I guess I was too hasty to call it a death game scenario, but you have to admit it has all the makings of one," Homura replies to Kirito, finally closing her notebook and putting it on her lap. She listens to everything; there's a lot to take in. The idea of offworld tech is pretty plausable, but oddly specific.

    "I wouldn't discard the idea someone went to another world, found a weapon that can kill someone through their digital proxy, and then found a way to get it into the game... but it could also just be a power that kills at a distance, and gunning them inside the game and gloating is symbolic. That Death Gun man certainly sounds like he enjoys posturing-- not without reason."

    She shrugs.

    "Have there been other deaths? A weapon or ability like that would have required... I don't know, testing. Making sure it works before you try to use it while gloating. There might have been other low-profile victims. And what does he mean by false victor? Has there been cheating controversy around these players?"

Alicia T. Harlaown (4) has posed:
    Alicia nods along slowly as she realises that there's obviously been nothing found on the bodies themselves, beyond the obvious... Whether through autopsy or otherwise. Seijirou probably wouldn't be coming to them if there was.

    Alicia perks up as the video starts. She watches closely... Though she blinks a little at the name, "Death... Gun?" Really?

    Anyway, "So... Since it's not something obvious, we need to search for something unusual. Both out here and... I'm guessing... In there." GGO. That's where the answers currently are, and the only lead since getting at the server itself seems difficult at the moment.

Asuna (9) has posed:
"Death gun..." Asuna shifts uneasily with a slightly strange look on her face.

"Player killers..." She breathes. "How many people do you think play this game that were in Aincrad?" She asks, finally. There's a little sensation of worry running down her spine, and her brown eyes are very wide.

Iria (215) has posed:
    Upon hearing more information, Iria scowls even deeper. This is far more serious than even she thought. She cracks her knuckles a little while looking to Alicia, nodding as she speaks. "Looks like we're gonna have to do this the hard way." She sighs. "It may be risky, but if we don't take any risks, nothing will happen." She then looks to Asuna and says, "I'm not liking this either, but I'm sure if we stick together like before, we'll be OK."

Arthur Lowell has posed:
    "If we're dealin' with some kinda INTERNET WIZARD or some shit, FUCKIN' with DUDES' HEARTS ONLINE, maybe, but that doesn't MAKE SENSE. Why pop a cap in the screen in a PUBLIC place, why..." Arthur almost starts again, before shaking his head. "PLAN DON'T CHANGE. The BEST way to get this shit FIGURED OUT is at the SOURCE. The DEATH GUN guy, whoever he is, be gettin' the MAD THEATRICS up ins. Killin' BIG NAMES in PUBLIC PLACES."

    He ceases floating, slamming back down onto the ground heavily on both feet, and planting an aggressive thumb on his chest. "And lemme tell ya." He says. "If there's one thing I CAN DO, it's be a BIG GODDAMN NAME. Shit don't get BOLDER than the LETTERS I BE DROPPIN'." He points a finger aggressively to Seijirou. "So obviously the REAL SOLUTION is to get all up IN THAT SHIT, be MAD IMPRESSIVE, run the BIG NAMES, and then TRACK HIM DOWN so he can get his ROCKS OFF about THEATRICS or whatever and then we can FIGURE THIS SHIT OUT. Y'know, WING IT at that point."

    He makes dismissing gestures. "POINT IS," he says. "BEST route here is to get GOING and go AFTER this son of a bitch right at the SOURCE, right? Seems like that's the plan the REST of us are THINKING UP."

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva makes a face. On top of killing people, he's doing it with a weapon with a /stupid name/. She nods distractedly to Tomoe and makes a note on her smartphone. Someone looking over her shoulder will see her put in: ASK BATWOMAN ABOUT COOL CLOTHES.

Riva's just like that.

"This is something that needs to get stepped on, all right." Riva nods. "If there's no clues outside the game, maybe there are ones- YES, EXACTLY!" Riva points at Arthur. "Let's go in there and set a trap for this guy by attracting him, right? We can work /all the angles/." All of them.

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
Yuna looks troubled after hearing the sound clip. "I guess the AmuSphere can't simulate the sensations of dying well enough for your brain to trick your body into shutting down?" she wonders; that's really the most probable cause she can think of, if it IS related to Gun Gale Online.

Still, that other possibility that Kazuto states in Kikuoka's place is worrisome as well. Yuna looks at the two of them, "I think we can rule my world out pretty well. Even natural heart attacks and strokes are pretty rare where I'm from, and I can't think of anyone or anything with the power to just cause a heart attack." She lets out a breath, "Which rules out one world, or set of worlds, out of however big the Multiverse is ... Elner?"

The robo-faerie speaks up, "Anything capable of killing by stopping the heart *should* leave traces of some sort. Mr. Kikuoka, if your analysis teams could check for erroneous data - or even 'signal noise' - directed towards XeXceed or Tarako around the times of their encounters with 'Death Gun,' that could be diagnostic in its own right."

"And apart from that," Yuna adds, "you're - yeah, what Arthur said," she says after Arthur Lowell beats her to actually SAYING it.

Not that she's looking forward to it. This does not sound like her kind of game ... not that SAO was, either; Alfheim was closer to her comfort zone. But nobody said being heroic meant she could stay in her comfort zone, did they?

(And if they did, boy were they EVER lying.)

Karian Icefang has posed:
    Karian looks over, flashin a grin at Arthur. "I actually agree with you. We lure him out, and then stop this at the source. However what concerns me is his ability to cause heart attacks. At most, all of you will only take one shot from him. I can take two, as I have my secondary heart implant."

Frederica (73) has posed:
    "Unfortunately Elner..." Frederica says, answering Yuna's robo-faerie. "Even if records of that sort of signal were kept, they'd be in servers we don't have access to." she says. "Unless we can pull Union weight in on this... which would require probable cause."

Procyana (365) has posed:
"Done in public because people like this live on being recognized. They get off on being feared and reviled.", Procyana rests her chin on folded hands. "As crazy as it sounds, Arthur may have the right idea. He's only going to come out if he wants to come out. So you've gotta make him come out."

A pause, then she shrugs her shoulders a little. "At the very least, if he starts focus on some of us 'Elites', maybe he'll leave more civilian players alone."

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
Elner answers, its tone calm and unoffended, "That's why I asked if Mr. Kikuoka or his people could check for it."

Theo Morrison has posed:
"I was really hoping it was gonna just be a local problem," Theo mutters, slouching into his chair.

"Could we just get the -- no, of course not. They're secretive, so you can't get player information off of them even if there's someone suspected of legit murder," Theo says, carrying things through towards their conclusion, "because we don't have any proof but coincidental timestamps. And even if you /could/, it wouldn't be good if people got wind of the possibility of real deaths from in-game sources..."

Theo picks up his glass of soda and takes a drink. He puts it down on the tabletop a little more forcefully than strictly necessary, apparently irritated. "Man, this sucks. I don't suppose the Union could just go over there and wave some badges or something, get them to cough up the identity so we can just snatch the player up out of game?"

Arthur Lowell has posed:
    "The fuck kinda WARRANT can you guys PULL?" Arthur says, squinting at Theo. "Man, AARON SMITH tried the same shit. We got basically JUST ENOUGH evidence to go LOOK AT the game, right? Aside from that, we're even WORSE OFF than that FIRST TIME we wanted t'go try that shit, back in ALO, when the whole thing was literally based on the testimony of INTERNET GHOST HITLER and Kirito's CHATBOT. I mean give it a TRY if you want, I guess, but seriously, not like we got a lotta LEGAL GROUND to stand on, yo."

Theo Morrison has posed:
Internet Ghost Hitler and a Chatbot. Terrific. Theo slides a tick further into his chair.

"This would be way easier if we were dangerous vigilantes, living life on the edge," Theo observes, without any real heart in it. "Finding legal ground that doesn't turn into a spike pit is such a pain."

Frederica (73) has posed:
    Frika frowns, then nods. "Arthur's right. We can't even claim, legally, there's BEEN a murder." she says. "Two heart attacks linked to the game? That's suspicious, but nothing we could get a warrant for. Same with the Japanese government, investigating an American company. They'd never accept this a murder without a lot more information."

Asuna (9) has posed:
Asuna, quietly, "Do you think games want to consider their companies being connected with murders? No. I should know. My father's went badly after Argus went bankrupt and RECT purchased it, considering what--" Asuna's face works, her mouth twitching slightly. "Considering what Nobuyuki did in Alfheim Online."

CEO's daughter in the room.

Reker (631) has posed:
"I could see if I could talk to anybody back in the states." Reker says, "I know folks who know folks. They might be able to pull some strings, but I doubt we'll get too much. Not exactly well suited for domestic operations, if you know what I mean." He unfolds his arms, "In the mean time, we need to find Death Gun, figure out what he's planning, and stop him. Whatever it is."

Kirito has posed:
    "Absolutely impossible." Kirito states flatly, eyes on Yuna for a moment.

    And there are more answers from Seijiruou.

    "We have only two confirmations. I can't rule out that there might be more that went unnoticed." Kirito adds here, "It's not so unusual for a few hardcore players to forget to log out to take care of their body's needs, too." A disturbing thing to say, that he doesn't like to say, but it's the truth. "I've heard of some people fainting and even dying. Eating and drinking in VRMMO might make you feel full, but your body still needs food and water." He knows THAT quite well.

    But Kirito gives Asuna a very worried glance, and takes her hand in his own seemingly without thinking about it. His expression's not unlike hers. If only this were a better circumstance for him to appreciate the outfit in!

    "I don't know, Miss Yuuki. We have the names and addresses of all of the SAO players mapped with their character names, but I'm sure you know even that's highly confidential..." Indeed, after the SAO incident, it became an unspoken rule that nobody asks about That Game, and even in the 'Survivor's School' everything that happened in Aincrad stayed in Aincrad - even grudges towards murderous Laughing Coffin members. All in the name of rehabilitation and the game driving everyone mad, of course.

    "You pick up on things quickly. Perhaps you'd be interested in employment some day?" He speaks lightly, maybe joking. Maybe not.

    "..." He stares, stunned by Arthur's bluntness! "E-erm... that would probably work but... are you sure about making yourself a target?!"

    He starts glancing around at the others.

    YUNA/ELNER: "...Well... for that we would need packet sniffing from the time it happened, which we don't have... that kind of recording requires warrants and ongoing investigations! But I agree, having that data would be very useful."

    He then turns attention to Procyana and Alicia. "It seems this group is already coming up with ideas.. very insightful ones on such little data. Have you dealt with situations like this before? ... Not VRMMos and SAO, I mean. Elsewhere."

    Finally, he clears his throat and says, "As the Reserve Colonel mentioned, the Virtual Division wants answers before this gets any stranger. Any information, no matter how trivial-seeming, about this 'Death Gun' or what he is up to. And if he is really murdering people in VRMMO we need him stopped. We're prepared to pay for AmuSpheres, a secure location to login from, half a year of subscriptions, and time." Dear lord, anyone going over the numbers can tell that is a HUGE INVESTMENT for something that might really end up being just a coincidence. They are REALLY concerned about this.

    Seijirou smiles a bit. "Well, as it turns out, what happens in a VRMMO doesn't have much legal standing. Isn't an investigation in a VRMMO no investigation at all?"

    Yup. He's pulling something. Maybe.

Psyber (253) has posed:
    Psyber looks to Riva and Arthur, "It's true. Heading into the game might not be a bad idea. I already have a mid-level character ready to go. So if you two wanna team up and do some investigation, I'm game. But if you wanna handle it on your own, I understand."

    Psyber looks to Reker shortly after this, "If this guy is targetting famous players and tournament winners, that might make you a likely target." He says pretty bluntly, "That's both good and bad. It means we have an ace in our sleeve if he goes after you, but it means you need to be extra careful."

Karian Icefang has posed:
    "Aye. I'm always a target. First into the hostile territory, the edge of the sword." Karian says. He looks right into Seijirou's eyes and nods. "Put the same trust in us now that was put in us during the SAO and ALO incident."

Frederica (73) has posed:
    Frederica nods to the government guy, sweeping her hood off and fluffing her twintails dramatically so they lie prominently before her. "Oh yes, we have plenty of experience in this sort of thing. Well, not in this exact sort of thing, but in exotic threats in general."

Kirito has posed:
    And Seijirou now peers at Reker, curiosity showing behind the glasses. "Do you? We should speak on that later." Simple but polite. That's not a thing to go on about at a tie like this.

Procyana (365) has posed:
"I spent several years inside a life-like virtual simulation as part of my training," Procyana replies to Seijirou with a bit of a coy smirk. "Not -lethal-, not like this, but some of the mission similations were dealing with very similar mentalities. The desire to be seen and heard, regardless of stupid the so called message may be, is the way a lot of them think."

She quickly holds up her hands. "I'm not saying this is the same, because we don't know enough motivations or facts to say so. But the similarities are there, and it is enough to at least get an idea of how to proceed."

Alicia T. Harlaown (4) has posed:
    Alicia blinks as Seijirou asks her about previous situations, "Oh... Well..." She thinks for a few moments, "Nothing springs to mind that is exactly like this..." But Alicia nods in agreement with Frederica, "When you've been doing work for the Union long enough, you tend to develop a thing for handling these kinds of unusual situations."

    On to the topic of GGO, "I've never actually heard of this game before... So I'll probably start off at low level." She smiles, "I'm not really cut out for being the big target, so I'll probably find other means of checking things out." She looks at the others who are offering to place themselves in the firing line, "I'll help you guys out however I can!"

Iria (215) has posed:
    "I'm in this!" Iria says resolutely. "I've been a part of this before, and I'm not backing down again!" She clenches her fists as she stands up. "Whatever needs to be done, I'll be there!"

Riva Banari has posed:
Seijirou looks shocked that the people present are ready to throw themselves into a stupidly dangerous situation. Riva doesn't even comment. "We can generally handle ourselves, and we're going in with foreknowledge. The people who were targeted? They had no idea." Riva points out. "If the only way we can get information is to go in and get that information, that's what we have to do. After all, you just pointed out the huge gaping hole in this."

Riva smiles. "It goes both ways. If we do this on the /inside/, there isn't much the guys who run the game can do about it. We go in there, get evidence, and we turn that into something we can make stick."

Riva rubs the side of her head as Psyber points something out then. "Oh yeaaaaaaaaah... I've never played. Maybe I should stick with one of the more experienced guys so I can have a better idea of what's going on and speed things up." She nods. "I'll follow you and Arthur around and help any way I can!" Just try to stop her.

Arthur Lowell has posed:
    "Well WHO KNOWS? Maybe there's OTHER people makin' THEMSELVES targets, you know? Listen, the CORE of all this, the BIG PICTURE, is that we gotta get IN THERE. Gotta get some POLYGON BOOTS all up on the DIGITAL GROUND, you know? We'll FIGURE IT OUT eventually right? Just fuckin' WING IT." Arthur says, shrugging and taking a less aggressive stance.

    He points casually to him, winking, grinning, and saying, "TRUST ME, I'M AN ADVENTURER." It looks, somehow, so trustworthy that it loops back around to being vaguely disconcerting.

    "See, with EVERYONE workin' on this, I don't think we'll have an angle that AIN'T covered. So YEAH, seems SIMPLE ENOUGH. Just JUMP INTO GGO. I'm in the INFO BIZ, we can work out a SYNDICATE NETWORK deal, huh? Relay the MISSION around the NETWORK, get some DUDES figurin' shit out, that kinda thing? This DEATH GUN guy won't know what fuckin' HIT HIM. Or, you know, HOPEFULLY we'll just track him down and it'll actually all be a COINCIDENCE."

    And Psyber! "HELL NO, you wanna JUMP IN, you BE MY GUEST. I can't do SHIT about GUNS or whatever, so havin' one more COOL DUDE gettin' my BACK would be GREAT. Get in on this! We'll get another VIDYA ADVENTURE under our belts, huh?" And then a grin to Riva. "Sounds like a PLAN! I'll get your ass SCHOOLED QUICK about how to make this shit WORK."

Theo Morrison has posed:
"You'd have to take that up with him," Theo replies to Seijirou's potentially-joking employment comment, jerking his thumb at Psyber. He straightens a little, reaching for his drink again.

He stops, eyeing Seijirou a little suspiciously. "I suppose it isn't, is it. It couldn't be an official investigation if there's nothing to investigate, since we've already established that Amuspheres can't kill people, right? Outside your jurisdiction, then." Theo closes his hand around the glass. His voice is a measured kind of casual; it's very deliberate, obviously so. "So we'd just be some concerned citizens -- a guild of like-minded individuals, maybe -- looking into some really dark rumors we heard. Nothing to panic over; it's just a game, after all."

"I've got a character already too," he adds, looking away from the man in the suit and over at Psyber for a moment. "I've mostly been soloing though, doing something different than ALO's gameplay style. Just, you know, putting that out there." He shrugs, and finishes the contents of the glass.

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe thinks for a moment and tilts her head at that.

"Playing gamea to death however predates VRMMORPGs it's happne before but that is sitll something to consider the problem. There's enough here I agree us poking into it here is likely a good idea. So I think I get what your saying we're just going to happen to play and poke into things?"

Reker (631) has posed:
"As Psyber said.." Reker speaks up, so the others can hear him, "I am a potential target. I was in the Bullet of Bullets event last time. The one XeXceed won. In fact it was him that eliminated me." He shake shis head a little bit, "Whoever this Death Gun guy is, we have to suspect that he has a list of everyone who was in BoB and might well be checking them off one by one."

    "Not that I would suggest we go warn everyone who was in the tournament. That would cause pretty undue panic. We should see if he has a particular pattern or something first.."

Karian Icefang has posed:
    "If GGO is what I think it is, and uses guns, I will teach and help as best I can. My 80 plus years of active combat experience will aid here." Karian says, glad to offer his training to others.

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
Yuna smiles politely at Mr. Kikuoka, "I think this might warrant an investigation, at least by the company that operates the game, don't you think? Even if you have to cover it up as, oh ... you think somebody might be hacking the game to transmit private information through your network." Which isn't actually that far from what the truth would be, she thinks. "And technically, Psyber, I think anyone who was involved in clearing SAO and freeing the captives from ALO would qualify - if I do go into GGO, I'm going back to 'Kagura' if the name's available when I get my account."

When? Not 'if'? Elner seems to have noticed that - the robo-faerie is now looking at Yuna directly, although the blonde idol seems not to have noticed the intensity of Elner's attention.

"I can't guarantee how much time I'll be able to devote to the investigation," Yuna admits, "but .... anyone committing murder doesn't sit well with me. Killing and getting away with it is even worse. And if I draw this 'Death Gun's' attention myself, well ... you said you're *certain* there's no function in the AmuSphere that could be used to kill somebody; I'll trust that to be the truth. What sort of secure location are you thinking of ... and will you let Elner monitor the connection at my end?"

Elner's optics go dark for a split second before coming back on. "Yuna, do you even have the time for this? Your training with Queen Ryudia, your idol work - you have a Christmas concert to prepare for back home -"

"I made a promise and a commitment to the Union as well, Elner. I can't turn my back on this. If you won't help me, I'll work with what else I have."

Elner looks to Kikuoka, awaiting his answer to Yuna's questions. Yuna, for her part, is listening to the others as well as she can; Arthur's enthusiasm prompts her to grin at him, nodding. "Sounds like we'll all be starting at Level 1 again, huh?"

Frederica (73) has posed:
    Honestly, this doesn't sound like a big Union priority. Frederica frowns, considering the possibilities. True, people getting killed is bad. But committing an unknown amount of time from a dozen or so elite operatives? Not for something that involves only two potential murders on a local world. On a possible Multiversal angle however, with the possibility that someone's found a way to commit murder over the digital lines... THAT is important enough to investigate!

    And if it means Frederica spends some time playing games as part of her job, well, now that she's managed to work out her healing she DOES have some time to spare. And could use a bit of gaming to relax with...

Homura Akemi (2) has posed:
    Homura nods to Kirito. That sure is a grim way to talk about gamers, but she has no doubts it's true. "So there's no real way to separate the suspicious deaths from the criminally stupid ones, then," she muses before glancing around the room. Seems everyone is ready to just jump in and make themselves targets. She wonders when she started associating with people who have no sense of survival, but a mirror on the cafe's wall makes her shut up.

    "I'm going to pass playing a game, I don't have that sort of time to throw around. Arthur, can you set your space thing up to... you know, pop people in? Give me some thematic clothes and I'll blend right in, anyway." she says, leaving out the real reasoning behind the request. Honestly, she's just insecure, and she's not willing to basically saw one of her metaphorical limbs off for an investigation. Though she's pretty confident short of Psyber and that actual GGO player in the room she wouldn't be getting outshot and fall too far behind.

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva smiles widely, and reaches out to give Arthur a high five. "Hell yeah! Team AWESOME is in the house! I'm good with guns, so this should work out just fine!" She is /super pumped/. Clearly Arthur's energy is really infectious. Reker pipes up too. "Oh yeah, and you're e vet, right?" She pauses. "That's a good point, but you've got a lot of connections and stuff already. We can totally use that to help move things along."

Asuna (9) has posed:
"What is Yuis opinion on this, Kirito?" Asuna asks softly. She then -- shifts, uncomfortably. "Has ... anyone thought of maybe asking... well... you know... from Aincrad?" She asks, glancing at her hus-- boyfriend. She's clearly meaning a very specific Aincrad AI. She tucks a long part of her hair behind her ear.

She continues frowning, arms crossed. "Were the two players killed -- did they just win? They had no connect to Aincrad or Alfheim, or is that information we don't have?"

Arthur Lowell has posed:
    "Not like they're gonna have any BROOM WEAPONS worth a SHIT lying around." Arthur says, shrugging to Homura. "That's MY PLAN already, you know?" Then he gestures over to Reker. "Looks like I might be bein' a bit REDUNDANT, too, if guys already are gettin' out. I'm sure we'll get this shit WORKED THROUGH." He seems pretty easygoing about it! Trusting that things will work out in time.

Kirito has posed:
    "I don't know what he would have to say if he was still around. We'll have to ask Yui!" Kirito answers Asuna. Very few people are going to have any idea what he's talking about, and his answer is carefully chosen to dodge Kikuoka Seijirou picking up on the fact that somewhere out there, That Man still... somewhat... sorta... lives. He doesn't go for the smart phone that could connect to Yui right now to avoid giving away that she's becoming a bit more than a talking Navigation Pixie before Seijirou. Kirito doesn't fully trust the guy on a few things.

    Seijirou answers her directly. "Neither player had any connection to Sword Art Online. That was one of the first things I checked, Miss Yuuki." He's sure to be polite to the CEO's daughter, that's for sure. At least, in public. In Alfheim, Chrysheight is usually.. a little intimidated by Asuna...

    Most people can be.

    "The original arrangement would've been for two or three people, I'll have to accomodate for more. We had arrangements with a hospital and a nurse to make sure that nothing strange happened and a medical team could be around if anything did. Our technology won't be able to deal with a strange hreat from the Multiverse though. This is simply the best I can offer." He's pretty bothered by this too.

    Being so far behind other worlds in so many ways is not sitting well with him at all.

    He nods to TOMOE, then stares alarmedly at Reker. "You play Gun Gale Online?! ..." Then to Psyber... "So does the Reserve Colonel? My, my, the Union has some unexpected free time to use. I'm envious!" A little teasing, maybe? Just a bit.

    He means that though.

    "Yes, that about sums up the situation. This is all off the books." How the heck are they covering up THIS big of an expense from the books?

    Kirito points out here, "Seed-based games have a major advantage here. We can just convert our characters from one game to another and keep our relative levels, power, and builds in whatever the new system uses. That doesn't mean the end result will be optimized for that game, but it does mean skipping months and months of grinding for XP. The inventory's a lost cause. Anyone with an ALO account will have to open an alt account to store it, or maybe Lizbeth will let us store the stuff in her shop. She's trustworthy!"

    He seems resigned to this, not so much enthusiastic. Resigned and a bit reserved. But he still explains this in as clear a voice as he can manage.

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe laughs at Riva and says "Up for an adventure why the heck not. Nope not even as joke weapons, I have checked they tend to be serious on thier weapon designs. Well with so many of us. You should be careful about sneaking in to be honest but it's your call right? There may be mechanics that could give you away. She look to fred as well with a big old frin on her face. "I'm certain we can help Riva though things right?"

She looks over to Kirito and Asuna pondering for a moment.

"So what's your read on this?"

She thinks for a moment as she tilts her head. "Liz would be a good choice as would Angil and we could ask him he's in the back I think prepping osmething for us."

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
Yuna smiles gamely, "I think it might be best if we aren't all logged on from the same place, actually. If the network will support some of us logging on from other worlds - and it didn't seem like a problem in ALO - then I imagine some of us have our own preferred places to log in from. Unless there's a specific reason why you need us to all be in the same place during the investigation, that is ... and if there *is*, we can rotate out who's logging in from the secured location, or something like that."

Elner, for its own part, is starting to look up information on GGO via the local Internet. Yuna will need to read up in a hurry if she's getting into this ...

Alicia T. Harlaown (4) has posed:
    Alicia is not surprised to hear Psyber is a high level in a gun focused VRMMO. It certainly does sound like his style. As Kirito explains the possibility of converting their characters, Alicia hmms for a moment, "I might do that... It would save some time and effort. And who knows what we might need to face in there. Though I wonder how mine will transfer over..."

    Alicia then nods to Yuna, "I've got my own place set up. Plus it's within easy reach of TSAB medical personnel. So I'll probably log in from there."

Riva Banari has posed:
Riva slurps her daquiri noisily as she hits the bottom and puts on some mock indignation as she looks over at Tomoe. "Hey! Don't worry THAT much about me! It's a game about shooting things with guns! I can actually do that!" She thinks for a moment. "Well, I'm /pretty/ sure I can do that." She's not actually sure how much of it is training and how much of it is her Anima.

Reker (631) has posed:
"I'm actually a pretty recent addition to the Union.." Reker offers, "But of course I've been playing Gun Gale Online since it launched, and I'm more than happy to offer my knowledge to everyone else who'll be joining it."

"And yeah, like Kirito said. Anyone who had ALO accounts can transfer them over to GGO. I recommend it, because it'll let us skip the boring newbie grinding stuff. Though of course if you're making a whole new account, I know some tricks to get you leveled up fast...Plus a lot of it comes down to the real world skills you have, too."

Karian Icefang has posed:
    Karian looks over to Reker. "REally now? Seems like fighting all that alien trash and traitors will come in handy. Though I expect the game to have nothing like what I normally use...What's your suggestion?"

Asuna (9) has posed:
Asuna nods. "Are we going through the GU again, then, for multi-factional help?" She asks, her asks flicking over to Maggie and the Syndicate folks. "'cause that's still a thing. we'll just roll over into Gun Gale Online."

Frederica (73) has posed:
    Frederica shrugs. "I would like to help, of course. I... I don't think I should try converting Frika though." she adds warily. Frika is, in a way, Frederica's alter ego. Considering anything like that makes her uncomfortable. Maybe if Kirito does it, she'll consider it as well... maybe.

    "And I can log in from Njorun. Any monitoring you intend to do could be done there as well... besides, if I'm just a new player there'll be no reason anyone would target me. I'll be off the radar. I suppose I could use some training in the game? I don't use guns, but my reactions are good and I've got exceptional aim." she says offhandedly, self-assurance dripping from her tongue.

Kirito has posed:
    "The reason is your own safety, Miss Kagurazaka." Seijirou's very quick to point this out, even gesturing a bit frantically. "I can't stop anyone from logging in elsewhere, but I can't be personally sure of just logging in from anywhere either. ... Our routers have connections to the Multiversal internet, however. Alfheim Online's situation is.. even more special..." Read: hosted by the NOBLE HORRORTERRORS and outside the normal axis of time and space, what the hell... "But you should be able to login from Njorun just fine. I just want to make sure everyone is superised during their dives." At the very least then, if something happens... someone will SEE what happens.

    Kirito looks over his shoulder at Reker. He will have to ask him why he's not come in person for this later, but that's not a question for right now. Instead... "Can we count on you and Psyber to get us started then? I'd be grateful." To Asuna he nods. "That's probably the best way to go about it. I'll restart some of the old connections and get a better communications setup going. Then we can start up a new guild... or whatever they're called, in GGO." He's resigned to this, alright. "... Better make sure to save your appearance settings on your AmuSphere's flash memory, right? I don't think those transfer there and back too well." Yay, more expenses, paying for custom appearances! HOW SWELL!

Kirito has posed:
    Then the 'black swordsman' faces Tomoe, arms still folded. "I honestly don't think I can afford to gamble on the one, ive, maybe ten percent chance that something's up. I'm sure the AmuSphere can't be responsible, but..." He's not going to gamble on this.

    And Seijirou brings up why a moment later, after a nod. The man in the business suit speaks. "The situation with FullDive is fragile enough as it is. There are dozens of applications for entertainment, business commuting, military and medical training, and other things that the AmuSphere depends on. It's not just gaming! ... If there's a flaw in the AmuSphere it must be stomped out quickly. And even if there isn't, if murders like these rack up it could put a major dent in all our progress with FullDive. The legacy Kayaba Akihiko left is a shakey one. Despite all of the troubles FullDive's caused across SAO and ALO, the technology itself is an amazing advancement. It may be the greatest invention since the internet itself."

Karian Icefang has posed:
    Karian nods and then looks over everyone. He was quiet for a moment, thinking. "Kirito, everyone. With respect, in a world of guns we are, as everyone says, stronger as a unit. If you'll allow me, I would like to offer to help you all in squad training. I don't want anything to happen to any of you. I consider you all part of my responsibility."

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
Yuna smiles at Kikuoka, "You know, one of my favorite concerts ever was in Alfheim Online. You might have heard of it ... a big distraction while some of the other Gatecrashers were raiding the -" She pauses, glancing at Kirito. "The Gnomes' fortress, right?" She looks back at Mr. Kikuoka, "And I'd love to do more concerts in the virtual space; FullDive is one of the few ways *I* trust the quality to do that. So I'll definitely help. As for being monitored while I'm in GGO, Elner can do that too - but," she nods, "you don't know Elner, so I'm not going to turn down your offer out of hand. Like I said, I don't think I can always be around, so I'll pitch in when I can."

Frederica (73) has posed:
    "Maybe a training session led by the GGO veterans?" Frederica suggests, not entirely idly. "And after that, some group work led by our tacticians? We're all fairly good at tactics, with our training. Guns, maybe not so much."

Arthur Lowell has posed:
    Arthur actually goes back to speaking up here now. "Okay, KARIAN? You're not a PEOPLE PERSON. You're barely a PERSON." Wow, rude! "No offense, but I can't fight with GUNS, and I gots the MAD SYNCHRONICITY up ins already, and for EVERYONE ELSE, I'm gettin' MAD SKEPTICAL on that. You know how to train a squad of, like, SPACE FOOTBALL MEN or whatever, not REAL PEOPLE. Let's see what kinda SUCCESS we can get ON THE FIELD first. Not like we're gonna LOSE anything if we FAIL, you know?"

Psyber (253) has posed:
    Psyber nods his head to Kirito, "I'll use my avatar to poke around, see what I can come up with in-game." He confirms to the boy, "You should definitely work on getting a new setup going."

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe grins at Riva as shge looks back. "True got any sort of guns you like? You can likely find them in GGO they have a huge number of guns from the real world and I think even the multiberse now if they fit the game's theme."

Reker (631) has posed:
"I will do everything I can to check out what's going on, and will also scout out a good staging area.." Reker replies to Kirito, as he takes a quick look around, "If we're going to have this many people taking part...The Glocken would not be the most subtle of staging areas."

Theo Morrison has posed:
"I'm not even gonna ask how you can bankroll this if it's off the books," Theo says, shaking his head slightly. He assumes the answer is something along the lines of 'I can't tell you' anyway.

"It's probably a good idea to just go out there and play the game before we worry about any 'training.' We're not doing raids or anything." Beat. "Yet," Theo adds. You never know...

Psalm (181) has posed:
    Maggie pipes up again. "Are we going ot be bodily sending people in again this time, or will that not be an option?" She looks over at Kirito and the Suitmonkey on that one.

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
"I'd be surprised if we even have a warpgate for going in physically," Yuna notes. "That's what it would take - physical access to the virtual world. I'm not even sure how that worked in Alfheim ..."

Homura Akemi (2) has posed:
    "I don't need any training in anything besides how to navigate the game itself once inside," Homura idly says, having stuffed her nose back into her notebook. "So pass on the gun worship training, and pass on the tactical training that has no bearing on a video game. Like Arthur said. Just hand me a map and a primer."

    A light shrug, and then she returns to her reading.
    She's obviously paying attention though.

Riva Banari has posed:
"Pistol type weapons, mostly, SMGs too." She pulls out an Ingram MAC-10 from under her coat and racks it. It has a circuit-like pattern on the slide that glows as she holds it, and then goes dim as she puts the weapon back in. "Anyway, is there anything else? If not, I'm going to go do some research and get everything set up. I can't wait to jump in and start getting things done!"

Iria (215) has posed:
    Iria speaks up again. "Whatever we have to do, I'm game for it! I don't care what the risk is!" She finally smirks a little. "Besides, I live for danger!"

Kirito has posed:
    "In the Ancient Forest near Sylvain we've got a warp gate stuffed into a hollowed-out tree nook. There's magic wards and security locks so not only do most people avoid it unless they know where it is, and they can't use it without authorization. We'll do something similar for GGO's main base -" Though something similar, if basic, already exists for Reker "But..."

    KIKUOKA SEIJIROU waves his arms a little frantically. "Hold on, hold on! Going in like that... remember that if you're harmed from digital bullets they'll hurt just like real ones, but you will bleed! Avatars don't bleed. THe public doesn't know that you can travel in like this! Don't make more rumors... if you have to do that, find some way to be very convincing!"

    Kirito points out, "Illusions. Illusions might work." Mostly hthough he's just thinking about it to himself.

Karian Icefang has posed:
    Karian eyes Arthur. "I respectfully disagree, but you have a point. That said, we should keep in mind if this is a contest, we will be playing against people who are likely thinking as a group. Playing their strengths to complement their teammate's weakness. But...we will see..."He says, taking a swig of his flask.

Asuna (9) has posed:
Asuna makes a 'tsh' noise, her mouth fading into a thin line. "I'll handle the in-game group and communication stuff, Kirito-kun. You can handle the real life part. You'll be fine, you've gotten better at it." Asuna has her hand in the depths of her kimono, pulling out a tablet.

She starts rapidly typing away.

Psalm (181) has posed:
    Magatha Songsteel draws herself up to her height, and blinks at the Suitmonkey. "Are you telling me you made an extremely realistic game with shooting and guns and shooting and bullets and left out the fake blood? Is that what you're telling me?"

Arthur Lowell has posed:
    "Well, some guy wandered OUT, so logically we can wander IN, right?" Arthur says, shrugging to Yuna. "And, I mean, I'm kinda FUCKED if we can't get in PHYSICALLY again, 'cause it's WORLD OF GUNS and not WORLD OF CLEANING PRODUCTS, so, let's keep that option on the TABLE, yeah?"

    Then Seijirou looks like he's gonna be a damper on this. "MAN." He says. "If I PUSSIED OUT on something just 'cause I could get SHOT if I did it, I'd probably be TWICE AS ALIVE as I am but I'da had HALF THE MANGRIT. Not like I'm gonna be able to HELP OUT like I did LAST TIME unless we get this shit DIRECT, bro. Unless you can get GGO to MOD IN some BROOMSTICKS REAL FUCKIN' FAST, I'm headin' RIGHT IN there."

    He makes dismissive "pffft" noises. "As for RUMORS? Man, you ever SEEN how GAMERS are? Shit, bro they don't give a FUCK about some guy's weird BLEEDING GLITCH or some WEIRD SCREENSHOT of REAL INJURIES. You know what the WORD for that is on the INTERNET?" He wrings his hands a bit as he speaks.


Procyana (365) has posed:
Procyana idly adjusts her jacket. "If nothing else I can set my holographic imaging to just blank out any potential visual wounds." Then pauses, and snickers a bit at Arthur. "He doooooes have a point there."

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
Yuna is just looking VERY confusedly at Arthur. "Creepy pasta ... you mean like going into a haunted house and somebody - or some trap - drops cold spaghetti down the back of your collar?"

Kirito has posed:
    As though intimidated a bit by Maggie's sudden shift, Kikuoka waves a hand perhaps to deflect her aggression. "M-me? The damage effects are the same across nearly all VRMMOs, aren't they, Kirito?"

    "Yeah. No blood. There's a spray of red pixels and a glowing mark that fades quickly when you're hit... don't you remember from SAO, Maggie?" ALL the mobs, all the players showed damage like that...

    Both Kirito and Seijirou stare at Arthur when he goes on his rant. Seijirou gives him a sheepish sort of look, grinning nervously. "Yes, there is that... well, I'm not responsible for any harm that comes from that. Please TRY to fit in. You can't begin to count the amount of such... 'rumors' that didn't just go away without help after the ALO incident!"

    Kirito, hearing Yuna's words, promptly and utterly facepalms. And shivers.

    Both the misunderstanding, and idea of that happening are giving him said shivers.

    Thankfully Asuna distracts him. "Hm?" He's tempted to look over her shoulder. He inches a bit closer...

Frederica (73) has posed:
    "You know..." Frederica muses thoughtfully. "If we're trying to draw out this Death Gun jerk, and he's supposedly got a thing for cheaters..." she says. She shrugs, grins. "Seems to me we could do worse than have a few rumours start up about having unnatural abilities?"

Psalm (181) has posed:
    Magatha huffs and sits again, lust for nerd death and blood sated for now.

Karian Icefang has posed:
    "If that's all, Mr. Seijirou...then I think it would be fair to say we have our assignment. Unless, of course, there is something else that you feel relevant to share?" Karian asks. He figured things were at their end, but he didn't exactly want to simply leave just yet, as he hadn't seen the others sinse the ALO incident...or sinse he lost that eye.

Kirito has posed:
    Kirito blinks once at Frika, then rubs at his chin. "You might be on to something. We'll have to think on that more." Even Seijirou seems intrigued, turning to peer thoughtfully her way.

    Though with Karian bring this up, the man nods. "That's about everything relevant. So then, how many are actually going to get involved by playing the game? Also... on the off-chance there's another incident involving Death Gun, and we can find it quickly enough, I would like to know if there is anyone with superior medical technology about to investigate any victims." he's straightforward, at least.

Kirito has posed:
    With reluctance and aggravation written all over his face, Kirito raises a hand while still lurrrrking over at Asuna with interest!

Procyana (365) has posed:
Procyana folds her hands behind her head. "Eh, while I expect to jump in 'for real' if something big happens, it probably wouldn't hurt to play 'the normal' way to get a look at things from the inside." She could use a passtime that lets her put some of the gun knowledge to use that isn't killing thugs and other spies for a living, really.

Karian Icefang has posed:
    "I'll be playing as well. I can also put you in touch with some of my Wolf Priests, and imperial medicae trained medics." Karian says. He moves over and simply places his armored gauntlet carefully onto Kirito's shoulder, as it to suggest that he would at least have a tank to watch his back.

Frederica (73) has posed:
    "I have some ability to tell what's wrong with a body..." Frederica says reluctantly. "But... er, never mind. They have to be alive at the time." she says, hunching down in her seat and looking sheepish. Ignore her as she pops her hood back up and draws herself within its dubious concealment.

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
Yuna looks to Kikuoka, "If being an idol singer is a big enough target to lure Death Gun, then count me in - and I'll make sure I'm logged on from your secure facility when I'm planning to do in-game concerts or anything." She pauses, pursing her lips. "Do you think that might be a good idea, actually? Having an in-game live concert?"

Elner states, "I *will* be present with Yuna whenever she's online in GGO. The rest of the Matrix of Light will also be present or within easy call, to defend her physically if need be."

Yuna just looks at Elner for a moment.

Alicia T. Harlaown (4) has posed:
    Alicia raises her hand to indicate her participation in the game. She also adds, "I could help analyze the victims too. Sweet Melody's detection suite might be able to pick up something... Though I'm no doctor so all I could do is provide the raw data. Someone else would probably have to interpret it."

Arthur Lowell has posed:
    Arthur holds up one finger and visibly attempts to construct some kind of response to what Yuna just said about creepypasta. He fails to do so for some time, letting out a soft breath noise that sounds like a gass leak. eventually he just gives up and goes back to what he was trying to say before. "RIGHT." He says, pointing at Seijirou. "But, honestly? NOTHING gonna come of it, the way it USUALLY goes. But SHEESH, fine, I'll try not to BLEED ALL OVER THE PLACE, TOO MUCH." He does a big, exaggerated shrug, as if that's a lot to ask of him.

    "ANYWAY, you guys handle the BODIES, I ain't good with CORPSES at ALL, I'll focus on FIGHTS and ADVENTURES and BIG NAMES and all that shit, should be GOOD. besides, AMERICAN FPS? SHIT YES. That's my fuckin' ELEMENT." He does a little fistpump, eagerly.

Asuna (9) has posed:
Asuna's on a VRMMO message board. Search? 'death gun'. How does Asuna even know about these things? ... and why is her screen name not Asuna? She reaches up, patting Kirito on the side of his head. "I'll fill you in later."

Kirito has posed:
    Gwonk. Kirito's left with a chastized expression. "Yes, miss Second-in-Command." He can tell when pressing is bad! This is one of those times.

    Seijirou sighs in relief. "I'm sure some will come up," he says Karian's way, only to... smile brightly at Yuna's proposal. "Well, I have no way to know if that will get our suspect's attention, but I'll be sure to be there if you do!"

    ... so the guy isn't ENTIRELY business-like...

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe may ot may not be up to something she seme to be a bit odd today humm as she thinks about this. She's not brought up transfering over and she's got tablet out which she's going over some stuff on some app or another.

"Come on this will be fun and come on we can have some fun with it right?"

Reker (631) has posed:
"Actually.." Reker says, now that he thinks about it, "I consider myself somewhat of a weapons expert, both in the game and out of it...So if you need advice on what sort of weapons to use based on your skillset...I would be more than happy to offer advice."

Procyana (365) has posed:
Procyana perks up at Reker. "There! That's the sort of person I need to talk to if I'm going to 'blend in' as it were."

Karian Icefang has posed:
    "As will I." Karian says, patting Kirito before walking over to Reker.