1494/Bahamut hosts a dinner!

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Bahamut hosts a dinner!
Date of Scene: 05 February 2015
Location: Spira(AOA)
Synopsis: A casual dinner in Bahamut's temple!
Cast of Characters: Bahamut, 346, 706

Bahamut has posed:
     An invitation has been given! Bahamut sent out a general invitation to one of his feasts he holds fairly often. When guests arrive at the temple, they are greeted by Bahamut himself, standing in front of a doorway more than tall enough to accomidate him in the middle of a large, heavily mechanized city. The temple itself is the largest building in the city, with a style much like the gothic style on Earth. Tall spires, large windows, bevelled roofing.

     People passing the bridge that lead to the temple don't even seem to take notice of Bahamut. Except the children, of couse, who are always facinated with large creatures like himself. They point and giggle delighted before their parents pull them away. Bahamut grins as he watches the crowds, his arms crossed over his broad, armored chest, and his wings spread in a regal manner.

Saber (346) has posed:
     Where there was good food to be had, there was, more often than not, a Saber. Especially in light of the fact that Servants such as she was could draw mana from food. Unfortunately, the inherent mana was usually not enough, so they -- those of the Saber class, especially -- had to eat a great deal. Already, there were several buffets which had a moratorium on the infamous class....which continued to baffle her. Were they no businesses which boasted 'all-you-could-eat'?

    But when all was truly said and done, Arturia was capable of restraining herself. She had even taken to 'restaurant crawls' so as not to place too much of a demand on a single establishment. As fearsome as her unrestrained appetite could be, she knew better than to demand more than she could provide. It was, after all, part of Brehon Law and one of the Eight Virtues of Chivalry, to boot.

    But even more than simply eating to maintain her physical form on the material plane, the petite knight simply enjoyed good food. The cooks of her era were sad, indeed and, much to her dismay, the ones in what had been her kingdom had not improved at all in the past one thousand years. Which was why, when those in the Union hosted a feast, the King of Knights was more than willing to attend.

    Clad in the blue dress and white petticoat beneath her armour with a blue cloak lined with ermine, Saber decided that she should at the very least put in a proper appearance. But as she made her way in, the Servant stopped briefly to regard just what it was that had the children so fascinated. Yet, aside from a slight lift of her flaxen eyebrows, her face remained in its impassive mask, as if merely curious.

Morgan Vale (706) has posed:
Morgan heard that a dragon is holding a feast. To him, this means two things: free food, and he gets to meet a dragon. This sounds like a very good reason to trek farther into the Multiverse!

And so, the chained Shinigami arrives. He is...not very formally dressed. He's wearing a black t-shirt and a pair of jeans, and has long black hair and brown eyes. He looks to be no older than twenty, but that's not really the first thing most would see. They'd see the shackles on his wrists and ankles, the chains lengthened to allow his arms and legs to move comfortably as he heads into the temple. As Morgan first spots Bahamut, he stops for a minute to allow his eyes to gaze over him, before commenting. "Not exactly what I expected, but I do have to say, you look really badass. Also, manners, I guess, thank you for a magnificent feast or whatever they say here."

And then he glances to Saber. He has absolutely no idea who she is (and man, if only he knew), and just waves a hand up. "Sup."

Bahamut has posed:
     When the two guests arrive, Bahamut holds out his arms in a welcoming gesture. "Welcome, my friends." he says in his deep, rumbling voice. "Thank you for gracing my temple with your presense. And I hope you will enjoy the food my priests and priestesses have prepared for us." As Morgan approaches, his chains garner a glance from Bahamut. "Pardon me for asking, but are you an escaped convict of some kind?" he says to Morgan before chuckling lightly.

     "I am Bahamut, King of the Dragons of Spira and Aeon of Bevelle. Please, follow me." Bahamut steps inside the massive doorway. Inside the temple, it is much darker than outside. Although, perhaps darker is not the right word. The inside of the temple is so vast that seeing the other side is difficult. And stretching through the temple are lines of runes bracketing flowing runes that look much like circuits. Bahamut steps toward the end of the entrance platform, where it seems like the obviously not solid runes and energy lines will simply drop him. But, when he steps on the sigil at the end of the platform, it pulses before forming an energy platform. "Please, step on." he says, grinning to the others.

Saber (346) has posed:
     Ever the prim and proper knight, Saber bowed politely, one arm bent in front of her in the typical European-style bow. "Well-met, and I thank you for your invitation," she replied in her quiet alto. "I am the Servant Saber. On behalf of Dun Realtai, I bear greetings."

    To underscore just how seriously she took hospitality, the diminutive swordswoman extracted a small idem from within the folds of her cloak: a box containing a hand-carved wooden dragon.

    "In what was once my kingdom, a great red dragon slumbers beneath the mountains to the west, yet watches over Britain, and my family in particular."

    Morgan's greeting earned a similar bow, though slightly less, and indication of greeting another attendee rather than the host. "Greetings," she replied, not appearing to be taken aback by his lack of formality.

    With a slight nod, the Servant stepped onto the platform; if she was unsettled, it certainly did not show in her calm expression.

Morgan Vale (706) has posed:
"No, I'm just preparing for the eventual day that I /do/ run into the law." Morgan grins sharply, following Bahamut in. His eyes seem to be checking the entire place over, and his chains seem to rattle as the magic works it's...magic. They're moving on their own, and shorten a bit, making Morgan's walking a bit...slower.

"Question, is this some sort of weird cult ritual? Am I going to die? I want to know before it actually happens, as dying without knowing it's about to happen would suck." Despite his words, he doesn't actually seem worried, even if his chains aren't cooperating. Eventually, he makes his way to the platform, and with a hesitant step, walks onto it.

Bahamut has posed:
     Bahamut regards Saber with curiousity. She must be a true diplomat, considering the way she is conducting herself. THen, Morgan draws his attention again. "Oh? Surely the feeling of dread that looming death would bring is not worth knowing you are about to die." he says as they step aboard the energy platform. It is a simple thing, just a circle of energy with runes in the middle. But, it is quite solid, able to hold Bahamut and the two guests with ease.

     A ripple like water flows over the energy platform, then it settles down again and the platform starts to move. "No, this is not a ritual. I require no sacrifices, nor do my followers." Bahamut says as they move. "Why? Are such rituals common place in your world?" he asks.

     They move quickly, their platform moving seemingly of its own accord. It hits crossroads and stops, then turns and heads in a new direction. In a minute, a sphere comes into view in the middle of the vast void that is the temple interior. Light can be seen coming from an entrance on that sphere, and there is a landing platform just like the one they just left. They reach it without incident, then Bahamut motions toward the doorway. "Please, after you two."

     Inside the sphere, there is a grand hall much like the great dining hall of a castle. It is lit with electricity in the Tesla style. Arcs of electricity are flowing through glass bulbs all around the inside of the hall, and in the middle is a table that could easily seat 20 people. That table has as much food as such a table could hold spread over it. At at the far end is a throne fit for a 15 foot king of dragons. In front of that throne is a fire pit with a whole pig on a spit roasting. Bahamut heads toward his throne, and motions to the table in front of him. "Please, have a seat. You may pick what you like, or tell my priestesses what you would like. Either way, you will get just what you want."

     Three priestesses, all seeming quite happy to be serving, await them. One for each guest. Although a look around would show there are many more available.

Saber (346) has posed:
    Though she did not appear alarmed, Saber nevertheless regarded the platform with mild curiosity as they moved, her expression betraying a nearly childlike curiosity as she studied the runes, then the wave which carried the platform forward. Morgan, by contrast, earned a few moments of owlish blinking with a slight tilt of her head. Apparently, the question regarding rituals and sacrifices seemed just a little odd.

    Still, Bahamut's word referring to the people likewise seemed rather unusual. Her almost childlike curiosity returned as she asked, "Followers?"

    The tiny blonde exited when prompted, observing the great hall, but more importantly, the people. That is, before the food. As restrained and reserved as she was, it was a little difficult to contain the undercurrent of keen interest. If it was enough for a dragon, surely a Saber-class Servant wouldn't be too terribly difficult to handle!

    "Thank you, Lord Bahamut," she replied before finding a place and seating herself with practised regal grace. "You hospitality is impressive, indeed."

Morgan Vale (706) has posed:
Morgan shakes his head, the sharp grin returning. "That'd require feeling dread when death looms. I just get kind of annoyed, really. I'm supposed to loom death at other people, not have it loom at me." As the platform moves, Morgan looks down at the floor, watching it. "No, but neither are dragons or magic. My world is...fairly mundane excluding the gods battling in the streets, I guess you could say? We don't even have knights in armor anymore." He points a hand towards Saber as he says this last line.

As they reach the table, he just grins sharper. "Fit for a king. Thank you for the feast." He eyes the food, but doesn't grab anything just yet. Morgan needs to make sure he actually knows what some of this is first, and also may be checking to be sure not of the pork is actually human. Not that he'd really care too badly, he'd just want to know what he's eating.