1557/Blowing Off Steam

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Blowing Off Steam
Date of Scene: 12 February 2015
Location: The Citadel - Field of Trials
Synopsis: Gaius Van Baelsar blows off some steam and Souji Murasame goes to hire a new ally of the Confederacy.
Cast of Characters: 522, 627, Sanary Rondel

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The area has been set to look a bit like a basic training room, lines on the ground-- nothing fancy. The sound of combat from outside the room can be heard and a line has been placed around the training area-- as a nice way to say: 'Don't cross here'.

In the center of this white, boring surface is actually Gaius Van Baelsar, but not in his armor-- which may make it hard for someone to recognize him if the never met the man without his helm on or if not for the simple fact he said where he be.

The man stood in the center at six foot two. He had on a sleeveless shirt and a pair of jeans. He had on a pair of leather boots with metal toes and a pair of finger-less gloves. There was some scars that could be seen moving past the back of his shirt along his backside, a few on his upper left arm, and probably more that can not be seen.

His skin was that of a light tan and for a man of his age, he didn't show much sign of it. Beyond the slight peppering of grey in his black, brown short hair with a few bangs that laid along his forehead. A few strands over a small white oval in the center of his forehead.

There was also a few wrinkles around his eyes, but his stare was fierce, much like the animal he was titled after-- and like the Black Wolf as well, his eyes were gold.

When he did move its when a holographic image of a faceless person showed up. His movements were precise and quick, taking them down with little moves as possible, before moving to the next. Kicks, punches, and holds. He was possibly less here for practice-- and more here for venting off built up frustration over current events that have been unfolding around him.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
Something felt odd to Sanary as she stepped into the new room. There was a bit of familiarity with whatever was in the air, but a great deal of... Sterility hitting her as well. Sniffing lightly, the girl took her sweet time in simply getting out of the door way while feeling her way along the walls to make sure she wasn't just walking straight into someone's target practice.

"This the training area?" Messy black hair, a cheap brown tunic, and lightly tanned skin made it apparent that Sanary was used to working outside. Not so much any more, however, what with the eye patch covering her left eye and her movement keeping close to the wall just to keep her bearings straight.

The almost-completely white coat she had on certainly looked out of place on her, although the dirt stains scattered about on it did dull the color of the coat somewhat while also making the axe strapped to her waist stand out even more.

Souji Murasame (627) has posed:
There are many training areas in the Citadel. There are always people looking to hone their capabilities or spar against a peer. Souji himself is interested in taking some of his sparse free time to do so.

While moving towards an open area, he notes the unusual man who is sparring against faceless holograms. He stands at the edge of the battleground, watching intently as the Black Wolf works his way through close combat maneuvers. He does not speak, simply observing silently. Perhaps he believes it would be impolite to do so.

This changes when Sanart arrives, as he replies simply, "Yes. This area is, however, in use." He doesn't specify by whom.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Gaius is aware of the two whom have arrived, but he makes no indication of it yet. Instead he continues to face off with the holographic enemies, as they start to grow in number and in speed. His foot work having to shift, as he elbows on in the stomach, then swings his foot around to kick another.

His grasp then goes for the he elbowed before it had a chance to recover, and then throws it directly into one coming at him, which those who are taken out seem to dissolve into data. He steps back as one swings toward his face, moving out of range, before having to block another and then shifting them around to fall into another's kick.

As he swung around to hook punch another figher, he slide his step around to then bring his fist for another one in a sharp upper cut, before grappling them by the head and slamming them into the ground with a roar.

Then as one comes in for a kick, he drops down low to avoid it and then catches as the kick comes, by holding the foot. That is when he actually speaks up to the two. "Greetings you two." He says with a slightly huff of air. His voice is close to how it sounds over the radio, yet its slightly off. Perhaps adjusted by the gear he wears and far less, well, Darth Vadar like.

He then goes to shove the fighter he has by the foot as another one comes in, which he ducks under the punch and then kicks it in the backside watching it fall to the ground. The one he had earlier in the foot moves in, and he simply blocks the attacks, before jabbing it hard in the rib cage with the palm of his hand, then swing around and throwing it to the ground.

It is then that the holographic display ends and the room seems to face to a more common, grey color and the program moves back into position to be used for anything else. It is also here that the Black Wolf goes to step off the platform as things fade around them and looks at them both more directly. "Can I help you with something?"

Sanary Rondel has posed:
Sanary Rondel props her hand up against the nearby wall as she listens to the sounds of combat reverberating from further in the room, occasionally giving a hum of approval at the louder impacts. She doesn't appear to be watching any of the combat training, however, her exposed eye gazing instead slightly above the source of the sounds.

"Gaius, right? And... Souji? Heard there was something going on here, so I figured I could be on standby in case someone accidentally breaks a finger." She rapped a finger against the handle of the tomahawk at her waist and smirked confidently, pausing for a moment before continuing.

"Not that I actually use this for it. But... People feel better if I'm holding it and make it look like I'm focusing with it, you know?"

Souji Murasame (627) has posed:
Souji shakes his head. "I was simply observing. I have never seen the personal battle skills of the Garleans and it is interesting to see how effective they are." He pauses, looking to Sanary, and he nods. "I am Souji Murasame, yes."

His eyes squint slightly as he looks more closely at Sanary. If he sees something though, he does not mention it, instead commenting, "You are a healer, then? It is a good vocation. There are many who need such in these... tumultous times."

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The Legatus stands there and adjusts his gloves as he listens to Sanary speak, giving a gentle nod of his head to her. "You have no reason to fear of anyone being harmed in the Trials. Any injury, bruise, or other wise fatal move is handled by the system."

That is when Gaius motions to the terminal off to the side. "The only way someone would get harmed or killed here, is if someone deliberately alters the system to do so."

Gaius then smiles softly, very softly however, "Though a pleasure to meet you in person, Sanary. Hopefully you are enjoying your time here in the Confederacy.. also please do not mind Lute. He is.. an interesting grunt."

Then Gaius looks over to Souji about then. Staring at the young man for awhile before, his brows furrowing in silent thought before he speaks up once Souji finishes. "..also it is a nice to chance to meet you in person as well Murasame. Though I would not use myself as an example of Garlean combat. Given no Legatus fights the same and we each have our own way of operating our Legions."

"Though the similar grounds we may have when it comes time to combine Legions for a specific goal... Yet rare those moments are.. and hopefully will remain so." The Legatus adds as he goes to cross his arms over his chest. He studies the young man for a bit longer before he glances back over to Sanary, looking her over more closely as well. Perhaps trying to silent judge them both and observe their behaviors in silence.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
Sanary Rondel nods at Souji, a slight smirk crossing her face while she glances between the two men. Although she doesn't seem to actually see them or their gestures, she does at least face them (mostly) properly as one normally would while maintaining eye contact. "That's right. Not my first choice of... Things to do, but I can at least keep up with the troops if it ever comes down to that."

Turning back to Gaius, she furrows her brow slightly and almost seems dejected by his revelation about the Trials, although she does try to mask that somewhat with an amused chuckle. "Good to know about the system and the fatality... Thing. You don't have to worry about me messing with it." Another pause. "... Well, not intentionally, anyway."

Despite the calmness and confidence in her voice, however, the woman's body language does betray her somewhat. Although her stance is anything but refined and proper, she appears to be somewhat tense and not unlike someone who had been forced to sit in place for far too long.

"I'm still getting the hang of... Everything here, so it should be decent learning experience if nothing else. Er... So what's this about Legions?"

Souji Murasame (627) has posed:
Souji hums for a moment, looking back to Gaius for several moments intently. He has barely changed his stance or position since arriving, simply looking between the pair. "Lute is competent enough, but I take issue with some of his outlooks. It is not, however, my place to judge him. It is up to the leadership of this organization to instill the values of diligence and loyalty in their people."

He shrugs slightly at the assertion following. "Even so, there are always commonalities in a culture's combat. You are raised on fundamentals, and those fundamentals are expressed through your individual interpretations of your fighting style, are they not?"

Sanary's response garners some attention as well. "The Citadel is an unusual construction, dedicated to the needs of a massive organization such as the Confederacy. Such a place will naturally require some time to gain familiarity with it. But it seems it is more than simple unfamiliarity with you."

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The Legatus takes note of Sanary's mild disappointment, but brings no baring to it, but he does answer her question. "A Legion is a military group with the Garlean Empire. Such as my Legion is the Fourteenth Legion comprising around six thousand men. This is the typical normal for each Legion that Garlemald possess and each Legatus is expected to command that six thousand under them-- unless the Emperor or other factors dictate that the Legion of one Legatus is to comply to another."

Then Gaius decides to explain further a bit more. "..and we Legatus-- are like generals in a way, though the only one higher then us in rank is the Emperor himself."

He then shrugs his shoulders gently. "Mind you, while I hold a high rank within my own Empire, I am still a Lieutenant here in the Confederacy and that is truly what matters in the heart of the Multiverse."

His attention then shifts back to Souji about the fundamentals. "For the most part, there is some truth in that yes." Though Gaius doesn't exactly explain further on the matter of what those fundamentals /could/ be.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
Sanary Rondel lowers her arm from the wall to simply lean back against the wall. "Doesn't seem too different from... Okay, so maybe this is completely different from the forces back home." Chuckling again, she nods as she taps against the side of her head lightly, attempting to draw attention to the faded red color of her exposed eye.

"You got it. This one never worked, and the other one... Let's just say arrows suck." Leaving the explanation at that, Sanary hums quietly to herself as she pushes off the wall, shifting into a rather awkward bow to the two before her.

"In any case. It's an honor to meet two high ranking... Legatuses? Like yourselves."

Souji Murasame (627) has posed:
Souji lets Gaius' words pass without comment. They are all true, there is nothing to speak on in that respect.

Sanary's response, however, causes him to pause a moment. "I am not of the same world as Legatus Gaius. I am the heir to the Murasame Zaibatsu, a major corporation in my world focused on the production of goods for both the civilian sector and military-industrial complex of Galianda. You have my condolences for your loss. however." He gestures. "Do you have a way to adapt to the situation?"

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Gaius snorts in mild amusement as poor Sanary mistakens Souji for a Legatus. Given Souji is far from it really. "As Murasame says, he and I are of two different worlds and the title of Legatus only truely holds weigh within my world."

His gaze turns to Souji, "Though the proper manner to address a Legatus is not by his first name but by middle title and last. Thus Legatus Van Baelsar." Smirks faintly. "Less then that is insulting.. though again.. I do not hold it strongly when handling matters of the Confederacy."

The Legatus then looks to Sanary, "You will find many worlds among the Multiverse. Some intact, some scattered. Each world with their own unique culture and some becoming part of this greater universe. There are many things even I am still learning, but for you-- I am sure you will learn a great deal of it in time."

Gaius then goes to lower his arms, where Souji asks about the eye, Gaius gives it no attention. After all, blindness can have its strengths, even its weaknesses-- at least if he understands what she says to be true. That and if someone is willing, though handicapped to the world-- they can be equally just as strong.

Though as he looks back at the training facility. "If site is your concern for operations of machines about here, many are voice activated. Such as the training facility. So if you ever wish to hone your skills, keep that in mind as well."

The Legatus then moves away from the group to pick up a sleeved shirt and starts to actually put that on, before reaching for a rather simple leather vest. "However, the day is growing longer and I need to make my way back to my own post."

Sanary Rondel has posed:
Sanary Rondel's eye widens briefly before she offers Souji an apologetic and mildly awkward smile. "Ah. Sorry about the mixup, then. Gonna be honest, I... Uh." She pauses for a moment to glance at him and Gaius several times, an awkward groan muffled in the back of her throat.

"I... Didn't get most of those titles and names you two mentioned. I got Legatus, Zaibatsu, and... Um." Clearing her throat lightly, she takes some minor relief at the opportunity to reach back to touch the nearby wall while facing Souji. "I followed the wall to find this room. Other than that, I usually just follow other people or grab a stick and keep stabbing the ground until it gets too high or too low for me to keep going safely."

Lowering her arm again, Sanary turns back to Gaius and nods, the smirk returning after a few moments. "Good to know about the talking machines. Be safe on your way, then."

Souji Murasame (627) has posed:
Souji nods, and gives Gaius a short bow of apology. "My apologies, Legatus Von Baelsar. I will make sure to address you appropriately in the future." When he rises, he nods. "Good day, Legatus."

He would gesture to Sanary, but well... Regardless, he replies, "It is of no moment, Miss Rondel. The Murasame Zaibatsu is the name of my organization. My name is Souji Murasame. You may address me by my first or Family name as you see fit. I am not one to stand on formality here."

He pauses. "I see. Do you believe the Confederacy medical staff might have a way to give you another method of sight?" Another pause. "For you to have lost the sight in one eye to an arrow, your world must have a conflict of some sort. Tell me of your homeland."

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
"It is alright, Sanary. The only reason I was able to even adjust quickly in the Confederacy as I was, is because its a military formed organization. If not for that-- I'd probably be highly confused myself where I stood among the others."

"Thankfully, there are many similarities to the Confederacy and to the Garlean Empire.. and I am sure if you look close enough, you may find them as well." The Legatus then takes a hat that has a small brim in the front and is rather soft, tan in color. He gives it a minor shake before he puts it on his head. Then makes sure that the belt loop for the gun holster is correct, which has some kind of revolver inside of it.

"If you ever need of anything, Sanary. Feel free to ask."

Then he looks to Souji, amused by his accent on the middle name, but brings no mention of it. Simply giving the young man a nod. "Good day to you both" and then makes his way back out.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
"Legatus Van Baelsar and Souji, then. Should be able to get that right the next time." Another chuckle, and Sanary crosses her arms over her chest while glancing up at the ceiling with another thoughtful expression. "Maybe that'll be good for me. Get the discipline, training to get around the vision problem..."

She furrows her brow slightly at the mention of the medical staff and turns to Souji. "I... Don't know. I mean, I've heard all sorts of weird shit today just from the thing they jammed in my head during orientation. Not actual Dragon Balls granting wishes, people dying and getting better... Maybe there is a thing." She grins finally and closes her eyes, swaying back and forth in place idly as that restlessness seems to be coming back once more.

"Would be great to see again, but I've probably got to earn it first. Didn't sign up to fight for this place just to start begging now. My home is definitely... Smellier than this place. No huge conflicts aside from the nobles hating each other, but that stuff never really mattered to us."

Yet another pause. "... Us meaning the people in my village. Parents are pig farmers, everyone else had their own crap to do, and... Would you believe I was one of the better fighters? Security's pretty bad since the town's on a border and it's... Pretty tense between the higher ups on both sides. Makes it easy for bandits to try and snatch our stuff."

Souji Murasame (627) has posed:
"It is the nature of nobility to hate one another. No one gives up power easily and most nobles have little else to accomplish." Souji replies in agreement.

There is some quiet as he listens to Sanary's response. "Ah. My assumption was incorrect, then. It was a bandit attack?" He thinks for a moment. "You are likely correct in your assumptions, however, but it will be difficult to earn your way without any way to compensate until then. If there is anything I can do to assist, do not hesitate to ask. While we do not have anything that can replace your sight, perhaps we can find alternative solutions to allow you to show your capabilities."

Sanary Rondel has posed:
"Still... What would they even get out of fighting over a little more land? If they did their jobs and actually handled security, we'd probably be able to make more stuff all around instead of wasting time fighting bandits all the time." Sanary lets out a weary sigh at that and rubs her forehead, palming at the eyepatch briefly before pushing herself off the wall.

"Pretty much. More like a rescue mission because of bad timing, but... Close enough." She starts pacing about slowly, a slight smile appearing at Souji's offer. "You've got a point there. Mm... What kind of alternatives are you talking about here? I'm up for just about anything as long as I don't have to try and steal a dragon's..."

Yet another pause. "... Maybe that's what they were fighting over."

Souji Murasame (627) has posed:
"When you have nothing else to do, one loses perspective." Souji replies. "It is unfortunately a common affliction. Galianda suffered from much the same fate during the time when most of the more... short-sighted nobility reigned."

Souji doesn't appear to have moved much at all, his voice is coming from the same place it always has. "Your abilities have not atrophied, I assume, despite your handicap. We have combat teams that are designed to work together in close support. Perhaps working with them might allow you to engage in your healing actions on or off the battlefield without needing to expose yourself unduly."

There is yet another pause. "What would a dragon have that is worth warring over?"

Sanary Rondel has posed:
"So the nobles in your past don't sound too different." Raising an eyebrow at Souji, a light laugh escapes the girl as she shook her head and raises an arm, flexing it proudly despite the fact that none of the definition of her arm would actually be visible through the coat. "Hasn't been that long since it happened. It's only been a few weeks."

She resumes pacing again, even pausing for a moment to start hopping in place and get the blood flowing. "That could work. I mean, I can heal pretty damn well. And if it really comes down to it, I can lure an enemy in thinking I'm an easy target before breaking... Something. Whatever I can reach."

She takes a deep breath before unstrapping the axe from the rope holding it to her waist, a small blue square clanking against the handle lightly. "You know those Dragon Balls people were talking about before and aren't actual... Dragon's balls? Back home, there's... Pretty much two big religions centered around Grima and Naga. Dragons. So I'm guessing maybe the nobles... Don't know the difference."

Souji Murasame (627) has posed:
"Some things never change." Souji replies simply. If he's gesturing or indicating anything, God knows. There is a faint gust of moving wind, however, but that's been almost constant since she's arrived. Is that him moving or is it just something about him?

There is a footstep. He's moved a little, but it doesn't look like he's gotten any closer, since he keeps talking. "I see. You have not had long to adapt to the injury at all, then. Are you capable of healing at range?"

There is another pause, and a rustle. "Grima and Naga... I presume one of them represents good and one evil. This is the usual design of duotheistic religions."

Sanary Rondel has posed:
If Sanary does notice the movement of the wind, she certainly doesn't show it as she balances the tomahawk on her palm. She keeps it suspended for all of three seconds before jerking her hand sideways to avoid dropping it, then resigns herself to gripping it normally once more.

"Mmhm. I can do it at longer ranges, yeah. Not as effective as if the target's right in front of me, but it's... Better than nothing." She turns around and closes her eyes, appearing to focus for a moment before holding her hand out towards Souji. "Probably won't fix anything major from too far, but... About that far isn't too bad."

The girl lowers her hand and nods, pauses, then lets out a non-committal grunt. "Pretty much, but... Well, close enough. Mom and dad were more into the whole... 'Bringing back the fallen master' thing."

Souji Murasame (627) has posed:
"I see. I will consider this."

There is a sudden pause at the end of what Sanary mentioned. "Bringing back the fallen master..." He says, speculatively. "I suppose it is not something to be discussed here, however. If you are interested, I can provide you a place within the Zaibatsu, giving you a place to deploy with a dependable team and allowing you to display your talents."

Sanary Rondel has posed:
"Why not? Mm... Well, if there's anyone from back home here, then I guess... Yeah." Turning away once again, Sanary takes a long breath before starting to take slow practice swings with the tomahawk in front of her, looking quite comfortable with the weapon in her hand. "A place? Like on missions and the like? I could definitely work with that. "

Souji Murasame (627) has posed:
Souji can be heard tapping on something. "Excellent. I will give you the required information to access our resources, as well as directions to KIRIN Personal Security Services central deployment on my world. You will be given access to the finest resources we can manufacture." Souji replies. "In the meantime, we should vacate the premeses, unless you wish yo make use of them, in which case I must take my leave."

Sanary Rondel has posed:
Sanary Rondel blinks a few times as her practice swings slow to a stop, a look of realizations eventually crossing her face. "Got it. Ah... I won't let you down!" Turning back to Souji, she flashes him an uncharacteristically wide grin before turning back to the center of the room and taking more practice swings once again. "Should I meet the team now, or... Another time? I was just thinking of trying to figure out how this room works if you had nothing for me to do."

Souji Murasame (627) has posed:
"You can come anytime you wish. Feel free to train here and report in when you are ready." Souji replies. "I will not hurry you. Be well, Miss Rondel. I will look forward to seeing your performance soon." It is at this point that Souji turns and walks away, if the footsteps are any judge.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
"Will do. I'll catch up with you later, then. Be safe on your way, Souji." Sanary raises her hand in an awkward salute, not seeming all that used to the motion nor even knowing how to do it properly. Her attention returns to swinging the axe in front of her in an attempt to work out all that pent up energy.