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Battlefield of 92
Date of Scene: 17 February 2015
Location: TARGET: DBZ Zone 92
Synopsis: Magic, Explosions, and over the top fighting. Everything a battlefield deserves on a Dragonball Area.
Cast of Characters: 150, 180, 522, Sanary Rondel

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Zone 92 has been held down by the Confederacy for some time now, given there heavy push before the Truce break around Christmas and New Years. The evening was drawing its cloak over the land and the full moon was rising high into the sky.

A mix of Confederate forces along with the Fourteenth Legion walks along the border, checking over the weapon positions and defenses around the area. Among the Garleans present is also their command himself, Gaius Van Baelsar; The Black Wolf.

The man who walks with simple ease covered from head to toe in dark metal-like armor that seems to ignore the light with gold trimmings around the edges. Where the armor is not at, is that of a cloth-leather like material colored crimson red and his kama moves barely as he walks, due to the metal edges along the bottom.

The Heirsbane, his known Gunblade, rests along his backside. Attached in some manner of perhaps magnetism or some form of field.

So far-- Zone 92 seems to be a quiet evening.

Taylita (180) has posed:
     As the soldiers patrol the area and inspect defenses, they might notice a star in the sky that seems to be falling. Right toward them. What starts as a small blue twinkle quickly grows into a small comet, leaving a trail of blue behind it. Upon closer inspection, it is a saiyan moving at high speed toward the Zone.

     She closes in quickly and fires a warning ki shot. Nothing powerful, just enough to cause a small explosion right outside the defense area. "Alright you Confederates! You know the drill by now! Clear out or I will clear you out!" the red-haired saiyan woman calls out in a powerful voice, already building energy for a follow-up attack. She hovers in the air above the encampment, ready to beat the Feds into the ground. And waiting for her companion to arrive.

Hayate Yagami (150) has posed:
    Another reason why Barrier Jackets are not standard uniform, in addition to the fact that there's nothing uniform about them, is that they were as bad for long-term wear as they were protective against hazards. They -did- clean themselves regularly, when undeployed, but there is no such opportunity when it's all that stands in the way between oneself and the world.
    A few small rocks scatter under Hayate's foot as she plants another step, slipping a little before dragging herself laboriously up the steep incline. It's been a lonely trip, what with the radio silence, and early in she's already started to regret being persuaded to drag the big telescope alongside all of the provisions and camping equipment. "Portable", they had said. But, if she's reading her map right, this is the High Point that she is supposed to reach and set up from.
    Hayate sits down heavily, wincing at the chafed and grimy bits of herself as her Jacket shifts. The view from the hilltop is pretty nice, if a little bleak. Now, somewhere around here is this Zone she's supposed to observe. Probably she'll need to get out the map again and-
    Is that a twinkle of something over there?
    Hayate groans again as she starts to struggle out of her comically oversized backpack and tries to remember how to re-assemble the telescope.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
Maybe getting lost out in this strangely deformed area wasn't as bad as it initially seemed. Sure, getting around all the hills and sudden dips in the terrain was irritating, but actually getting a better idea of how technological healing worked did wonders for...

    Okay, so maybe it didn't really help her learn how to use magic for healing all that much, but at least learning proper procedures could be useful. The medical facilities certainly had some interesting technology even if it would be difficult to use herself, and there was always the possibility of figuring out how to magic it up somehow. Maybe.

    It's just her luck that she steps out of one of the medical facilities just as an explosion and a commanding woman's voice rings out from the distance. Was there going to actually be a fight out here?

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Taylita comes in as a star in the sky and sends an explosive force outward to get the attention of the facility and attention it gets. The base goes on alert and Gaius only peers over his shoulder as men start to move quickly to their posts.

The Legatus then starts to make his way calmly to where Taylita is floating charging up for her next attack. His void-lens within his helm, much like his armor reflect nothing. The small orbs that hang from the horns of his helm sway ever so slightly with his steps as he reaches behind himself smoothly to release the Heirsbane into his grasp.

As he gets in closer, he seems to look directly at Taylita. "I was starting to wonder if the Union had given up on restoring the order of balance between the two sides." The Gunblade's tip for the moment aimed to the ground. "I am glad I am not to be disappointed."

Gaius tilts his head faintly and with a quick step back, faster than a man in such armor should be able to preform he raises up his Gunblade and opens fire directly at Taylita.

Taylita (180) has posed:

     Well, that certainly got started fast. Taylita takes a few hits and goes flipping backward through the air, then grins. "Well, we couldn't let you hold everything forever." she says before she thrusts a hand forward at Gaius.

     A ki blast goes flying for Gaius, but Taylita stays in the air for now. She wants to see what else her opponent might be packing before she goes all out on him.

Hayate Yagami (150) has posed:
    "And tighten with hex wrench..." Hayate's finger slips a little as she secures the mounting. The demand for neatness inside her headlocked the sense of curiosity inside her and noogied mercilessly until Hayate finishes putting the tool back in the travel-worn pouch. Though the stand is a little too high, Hayate compensated by standing on her tip-toes (oh her aching calves!) and peering in, trying to find the bright shimmery bits near where she had looked earlier.
    Which... wasn't difficult. There was this boom and then this kablam and all these other things that would need her to fill out an Environmental Impact Statement. Good thing it wasn't her doing the landscaping work.
    She settles back on her heels to scrub at one dusty eye before pressing in again. Was the Confederacy having a training spar or something...? So energetic!

Sanary Rondel has posed:
    And that was probably Gaius shooting what was some sort of gun at the flying whoever. It definitely wasn't an arrow, at least, and... What was Sanary doing getting distracted by that? No, she needed to actually... DO something. To that end, she steps out from behind the small outpost she had been using as cover and makes her approach, moving in quick spurts to circle around the source of the gunshots and vaguely exploding-sounding things.

    "Just need a clear shot..." She mutters to herself as she comes to a stop inside one of the older craters, still keeping Gaius and the flying woman within earshot as she starts grasping around at the ground blindly. She picks up a fist-sized rock and clenches it in her hand tightly without throwing it just yet. No... If she was going to get involved, she would need to wait for the right opportunity first.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Taylita opens fire with her Chi Blast and the Legatus charges forward. His speed is a touch faster than a normal human and for a moment an orange-red glow can be seen around the armor of his boots. The ki blast slams him square in the shoulder. The energy ripples across his chest and shoulder armor, leaving a hiss mark in the metal from the sheer heat.

Yet it doesn't slow down the Black Wolf.

As Taylita hangs out in the air, the Armored Garlean kicks off the ground in a leap to match her altitude, before letting gravity take hold. As he hits the peak of his height and starts to fall, he swings his body around so that the edge of the blade swings out in an arch to try and clip her as he passes back down to the ground.

Hayate Yagami (150) has posed:
    Hayate stares down at her watch in confusion. There wasn't supposed to be anything happening yet! She's here on time, so she's supposed to be spending a full day observing the site before the strike force arrives and takes the place back. Why was something happening? Is it a rogue element? Maybe-
    The smack of Hayate's palm into her forehead quietly echoes from the mountain. It's almost loud enough to fit the whole "lost a day because time zones" idiocy that spawned it.
    Right, time to do something. Good thing she's already in her Battle Jacket, as grimy and sweaty as it is. Time to do something to be really deserving of that long bath later, yes. Hayate scoops up Schwertkreuz from the ground and taps it to free a few clods of dirt gathered from its latest ignoble purpose as a walking stick, then sets it in front. The triangular blaze of white runes could probably be seen from some distance, if anyone looked. She squints at the little black dots and flares in the distance, trying not to worry as she charges a familiar spell out of habit - one that she uses with the help of an entire targeteering section.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
    Sanary lifts her head slightly and glances back for a moment, the echo just barely catching her attention. It's not enough to draw her attention away from the fight happening immediately in front (and above) her, however, although her grip on the rock does tighten just a little bit more.

    The blind girl circles around Gaius and the Saiyan before stopping in another crater before pausing to listen and figure out if her new angle is any better than her last. With any luck, there would be an opportunity soon enough.

Taylita (180) has posed:
     And clip Taylita he does. Just barely. She dodges to the side and a little cut appears on her belly as Gaius falls back toward the ground. Taylita grins, hardly seeming to notice, then dives after him. She tries to catch him as he falls, using her flight abilities to close the gap, then tries to force him downward even faster. "Falling for me already?" she says with a grin as she kicks Gaius toward the ground and herself off to a safe distance.

     The saiyan lands a short distance away, then stands in a fighter stance, trying to be ready for whatever this heavily armored man throws at her next. "You are a lot faster than a guy your size should be."

Hayate Yagami (150) has posed:
    After checking her lay one more time through the constant distraction that is channeling her spell, Hayate manages to split enough of her attention to start studying her intended target: that flicker of motion in the distance. Two, maybe three of them, but the first one moved fast, so they must be able to disengage in time, too. That would be crucial.
    Hayate's spell reaches the first threshold and the spinning runic triangle under her stops and locks in. The concentric circles at each vertex immediately wind up to counterrotate against each other as the secondary effect begins to charge, and a chilly sort of wind gushes down the hilltop in all directions. It's not quite a skin-deep chill. More of an ominous chill, the sort that happens when a film director inserts tense strings into the background music.
    A little longer to go, so it should be time to alert friendly forces. Hayate flicks open a comm channel and takes a breath...

Sanary Rondel has posed:
Was that a... One-liner just now? While they were actually falling? Sanary can't help but snort lightly, although her focus does return to the sounds of the actual fight at hand. The rock continues to go unused as she circles around the combatants yet again, the girl stopping only when her foot hits something decidedly not rock-like.

    "Can you stand?" Hearing only a light groan of pain, Sanary hauls the injured soldier onto her shoulder and starts dragging him away from the area she had been circling earlier. "Legatus! I'm evacuating the wounded!" She calls out quickly, not bothering to even look at the fighters nor where she's going. Not that doing so would really help much, anyway.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Taylita's grab connects and her kick throws the Garlean commander into the ground. He skids backwards from the impact, before he flips himself around to his feet. The force still causes the heels of his boots to skid back a few more inches before he comes to a halt.

He stares in Taylita's direction once she remarks on his speed and he lowers his head slightly. No words are spoken from him, as really-- none need to be spoken right now.

The Legatus pushes off once more, but this time he kicks off the ground to the side, leveling his left wrist in her direction. Three blue bolts of plasma energy burst out and head in her direction. The Ceruleum plasma threatening to impact her and explode on contact if she should not be fortunate enough to escape.

Taylita (180) has posed:
     Taylita is only just able to avoid the brunt of the attack. She grits her teeth as she feels the burn of plasma along her left leg. But, she just grins to Gaius. "The strong silent type, huh? Better than the arrogant, noisy type." she says before she rushes in toward him, running at super speeds.

     She dashes in, then leaps toward Gaius, spiraling through the air. She pulls herself upright at the last moment and channels her momentum and centripidal force into a powerful kick, aimed right at Gaius's head. "Kyaaa!!"

Hayate Yagami (150) has posed:
    Hayate squints at her target around the brilliant white glare of her own spell, making estimates and setting the many important, but nuanced parameters needed to make the spell perform as needed. She knows exactly what needs to be done, but... there's so much information! Hopefully, if she just hits everything, she won't be worried about aiming correctly.
    Hayate glances at the elevation gauage rune as it ticks up, evenly with the raising of her hand. The manual focal point trembles a little with her hand's motion as she settles it into place and begins the incantation.

    "Come forth, the wind of snow, and become the fletching which falls from the heavens... Hraesvelgr!"

    Dust cloaks the hilltop in the backblast while a brilliant white point and trail leaps into the air, arching over towards where the fighting is. A dull thud transmits itself through the ground, long before the report can echo through the air.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The Legatus foot slides as he comes to a halt, only catching that Sanary was helping some of the men out. He gives her a gentle nod of his head, but his attention was on Taylita as she comes charging in with a charged kick for him.

The Garlean stands his ground however, not moving till the last second. Taylita will notice herself flying right by him as he steps out of the way. She was only inches from him and the air easily is moving past his helm as she goes by. "Perhaps," He says as she goes by, "You should take your own words to heart."

As soon has Taylita touches ground or comes to a halt, she will find Gaius Van Baelsar moving right in for her, The Heisbane seems to almost gleam with a blue light for a moment, before he archs the blade in a heavy slash, then brings it around quickly for a hard downward cleave.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
Sanary Rondel trudges along and around the various dips in the terrain, slowing down every now and then to avoid throwing herself and the soldier off a hill. "Should be safe enough here... Now can you walk?" She waits a few seconds and, upon noticing that the soldier is still leaning against her, hunches over and sets her hands upon his legs.

     "Not there, not there... There." She breathes in steadily as magical energy starts to gather within her hands, spreading from there into the soldier's legs and fixing up the fractures in his legs. "Now you can walk. Go." Luckily for the soldier, he does seem to get the message without needing the blind girl to shove him off and runs off to rejoin the rest of the troops. With that matter taken care of, Sanary starts half-running back towards the battle area.

Taylita (180) has posed:
     Taylita goes flying by like Charlie Brown after his football. She flails a moment before regaining her balance and landing again. And it leaves no time for her to try dodging. Gaius is on top of her the moment she lands. His blade swings down, and Taylita can't help but cry out as it cuts deep into her shoulder before she can block it.

     It is only her ki control and tough saiyan body that keep her from being cleaved in two. But, the position leaves her in a perfect spot to counter attack! She reaches up to clap both hands around that blade, trying to lock Gaius down, and brings both legs up in another kick, this time aimed at Gaius's belly.

Hayate Yagami (150) has posed:
    "Carry the three..." Hayate's found stick scritches on the disturbed, curiously-flat dirt under the backblast area as she goes through a quick sanity check again. It wasn't like there's anything else to do for the moment, and in any case she needs a breather before continuing with the support. Most of the color draining out of her face doesn't help with the breather at all.
    "... ah... that's..." Hayate's stick falls into the dirt as she looks up sharply at the white dot arcing down in the distance, quite beyond her control.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The cleave was successful, but as his spars have shown against Serori-- Saiyans are powerful people. He respects them for that in truth. Though when his blade is locked and shoved back, the Legatus can only follow, leaving himself open to Taylita quick, sudden counter.

Her heals slam hard against his gut and while the material he wears gives him some protection, it is an area that will bruise on the fifty four year old. It is also a hard enough impact that it causes him to stagger back, but yet-- he still stands.

"You are an admiral opponent." Gaius says, as he swings his foot back, aiming the Heirsbane's tip in her direction. "I shalt remember this battle well." It was the only compliment she may get from the Legatus, but it was also not a key for her to lower her guard either.

Instead there was a click on Gaius' left arm Gauntlet as something shifts into place. He then swings his arm around with a step to create a streak of blue light in the air. With another step back he levels the gunblade's tip against the blue line. As soon has it comes center, the bullet is fired from the Heirsbane.

It catches into the blue streak, before it explodes in a line of Ceruleum plasma that goes sailing across the air right for Taylita with not only the force of a plasma cut should it hit, but also the Ceruleum's property to explode.

Though after the shot is fired, that is when he hears a few of his men over the comm and his attention for a moment only glances in that direction to take notice of something very odd in the sky, which causes him to slowly look back at Taylita.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
It sounded like they were getting more into the fight now. Fewer words, more sounds of impacts. That's a good sign, right? Whatever the case was, it wasn't as if Sanary could really do much to assist Gaius at the time being. It sounded like things were heating up even more, and she was fairly certain that throwing a rock probably wouldn't phase the Saiyan at this point even if it had hit her square in the face. At least focusing on getting the wounded out meant less potential friendly fire incidents or distractions running about.

    The field medic paused for a moment at the brief sensation of the ground rumbling beneath her, wrinkling her brow at the strangeness of it all. "Freaking place is falling apart already..." She sighs and just keeps on moving about as quickly as she can safely, still managing to trip over a technician hiding behind what was a rock formation. "... Saw the path I took to get here? Go that way."

Taylita (180) has posed:
     Again, Taylita manages to avoid the majority of the attack. Only the pulse of the starting explosion gets her before she takes off. Her form blurrs, and seems to disappear.

     Only for her to reappear a moment later, right above Gaius. She is already spinning, aiming a dangerous downward axe kick at his head. "You shouldn't look away from your opponent!" she says as she kicks, either not noticing or not caring about the thing in the sky. She has a resource to capture!

Hayate Yagami (150) has posed:
    The white dot stays stationary in the sky, rapidly growing brighter, like a star blooming in the day sky. With alarming speed and suddenness, a deep howling sound of air being thrust aside arrives like a freight train. A split second later, the area turns bright white. Not just the area. The sky. The horizon. Even the shadows are washed away in the sudden, strangely cold light.
    Hayate shields her eyes with one hand as the airburst altimeter rune, usually set for 500 meters, detonates nearly 5 kilometers up instead. Ah, math...

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The Legatus watches as Taylita comes in from above once more. With another automated click from his gauntlet, he raises up his hand. Her kick lands not on him, but on a barrier of some kind that has a hexagon like connection patterns.

The sheer force however causes the Legatus to grunt as he is shoved back a bit and the field cracks, a bit like glass, from the impact point. "And you-- should concern yourself about your surroundings." The Legatus says calmly, though through gritted teeth.

Once she backs off, the field drops and the Legatus motions the Heirsbane's blade to the sky, "We are possibly in a strike zone of an object that could impair us both!" With that said he quickly barks out the orders, "Confederates! Seek shelter! Now!"

Though if Taylita believes for one moment that is a distraction she can take advantage of, she is deadly wrong, for the Garlean quickly turns his attention back to the Saityan as his last words leave his lips and then races right for her.

The Gunblade's tip is being dragged along the ground, before he feints a strike upward, to only step back in and bring the blade around in a vertical slash with great speed and strength. It may come easy if someone remember old reports to why the Garlean could stand toe to toe with someone like John 117. He moved much like a Spartan really in that armor. Seeming to ignore what gravity says such weight should do to a man.

Then again-- would a Saiyan be much different?

However its after his attack does he suddenly realize the sudden change in environment around him. He tsks faintly, looking for the one whom cast it and notices them for that moment, before he quickly creates that barrier again, kneeling down low.

The holy ice sheens around the Magitek barrier, the force of it cracking the barrier, before as it at last gives up, that is when the shield shatters and knocks Gaius about over. Who quickly gets back up on his feet with a low rumble of annoyance.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
After a bit of nagging and threatening, the technician finally seems to get the message and leaves the safety of his steadily-deteriorating cover to evacuate the area. Sanary lets out a weary sigh as she picks herself back up, staying in a crouched stance to keep her head down just in case there happen to be any other enemy combatants lurking about. The battle continues to go partially unnoticed, although she does pick up on Gaius'... Warning? Was it about that strange whooshing noise?

    The next thing Sanary knew, something massive had hit her from above. Despite the distance between herself and the explosion, the force is still enough to keep her sending her face-first into the unnaturally fragile ground and leaving a sizable her-sized dent in the ground itself.

     "Mrphgh... The hell was that?" The blind girl pries herself out of the hole with a decidedly irritated tone in her voice, turning rapidly just to try and get a bead on whatever the source of the explosion was.

Hayate Yagami (150) has posed:
    "Forgot the air pressure..." Hayate hefts Schwertkreuz again and initiates a second casting, still blinking away the spots in her vision. She dials the altimeter rune system down, now that she's had a shot to calibrate against, and starts channeling another casting. Only, would it be enough? There isn't enough time to check her data, so better increase the firepower again! Familiar white circles-and-triangle appears underneath her, this time culminating in a circular disc hovering just in front of her. The light rainbows through the fine rain of tiny ice crystals, shock-frozen out of the air for miles in all directions. Quite pretty

Taylita (180) has posed:
     Taylita finally notices when the air starts to glow around them, and quickly ducks behind Gaius to avoid the explosion of magical energy. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

     A moment later, it is proven to be an incorrect asumption. That sword comes down again, and again Taylita is caught, this time causing a gash that runs right down the middle of her body, nearly splitting her already limited clothing right off of her.

     She stumbles back, gasping for breath and dripping blood, a hand held to her chest. She is once again lucky. Nothing major was hit, but she knows she has to be more alert. She hasn't faced a Spartan in battle, or seen one in action, so she doesn't have that to compare Gaius against.

     "Nnng...I'm...gonna be saiyan steak by the time this is over..." she mutters to herself before she quickly builds energy and thrusts both hands forward, sending twin beams of explosive ki energy right at Gaius's chest.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The twin steaks of energy slam into Gaius' chest and knock the Legatus back. He flips around however and skids back. The impacts scorching the armor he wears as they sizzle a bit and smoke rises from those points.

Yet it is also not lost on him as he sees the magic runes starting to be cast in the air, giving him a clear view of whom it is that caused perhaps the earlier explosion. "I see that tricks are not beyond you, Saiyan." Gaius says to Taylita as he then puts away the Heirsbane and comes at her more directly.

He comes right at her with a strike of his fist, before stepping around to swing a back hand. Then with a few more steps in he comes in with jab strikes and hook punch. Seeming to now take this more into a brutal melee fighter range.


The Dreadnought has been sent the signal to start to move into the area or at least make herself known. After all-- it was hard to miss a ship her size, as she was nearly several foot ball fields long and while her dark metal easily blended in with the night sky-- she also blocked out the stars.

Then there was the obvious running lights along her bottom, including the gentle flash of red lights to allow her to be seen by other aircraft. Though while no thrusters propelling her, she did emit a low rumble as she moved in ever closer. For while some distance away, she was still a sight to behold and it was hard to say why the airship was starting to move in.

Hayate Yagami (150) has posed:
    It is indeed quite difficult to miss something that blots out stars, especially when Hayate was trying to keep her laying-plane compass circle firmly fixed to the local guide stars. She stares athe blinking-red, dark shape hanging up there in the sky for a short while, letting her spell charge hang there until she decides that this is probably a very serious problem. It definitely didn't respond to TSAB/Union IFF in the battlespace, so...
    The telescope mount creaks in protest as Hayate swivels it around to point at the Dreadnought, cycling rapidly through the optics to rangefind. It was visible, so it should be in range for her already...

Sanary Rondel has posed:
If the Saiyan woman was going back to those jokes, then maybe whatever happened wasn't that bad. Still, for it to be enough for Gaius to call for them to take cover earlier had to mean that things weren't in their favor. Sanary rears back, seemingly ready to fling the rock with all her might before being interrupted by the telltale groaning of another injured person.

    Instead of throwing the rock, the cleric opts to drop the likely ineffectual projectile and starts digging through a pile of rubble in search of the voice.

    That's not enough to stop her from at least attempting to be a little annoying, though. "Hey, Saiyan lady! That last one sucked!"

Taylita (180) has posed:
     Taylita takes a few good hits before she manages to get her defenses up and starts matching Gaius's attacks. She blocks and parries as best she can against the powerful combatant and sends in her own hits when she gets the chance. Punches, kicks, parries, lunges, it is probably an impressive display of hand to hand combat. All happening in a flurry of movement that is hard for the naked eye to follow.

     Taylita hears that little jab from Sanary and smirks. "Hey, it's hard to think up -hng- good jokes -ack- in the middle of -oomph- combat!" she shouts as she fights.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Punch, counter, parry. As Gaius strikes, Taylita returns the blows in kind. It was quick motion of impacts, counter impacts, blocks, and step around as the two fighters move in combat almost like a dance. The armor though where Taylita does make her impact cracks a bit under the abuse and one good kick does cause Gaius to slide a bit.

Yet neither seemed ready to give up just yet.

When Taylita's final punch came in, Gaius took hold of her fist. His grip suddenly tighten with abnormal human strength. "Hm." Is all he has to say it seems right now, then with a sudden body shift he goes to shove her back, before then rearing his left fist back. There was then a spark in his gauntlet, before he slammed his first forward and the Ceruleum plasma launcher fired at the same time.

Taylita will need to be quick on her feet if she is to avoid the explosive blue punch.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
"Eh... Point taken!" Coming up with retorts on the fly really is hard. Even without being involved in the combat, just digging out the trapped person was providing enough of a distraction for Sanary to only manage that in response. This fight was definitely taking longer than she initially expected, however, and the groaning seemed to be a little more widespread around the entire battlefield and camp area after the explosion.

    After freeing what turns out to be two more medicial technicians from the rubble, she turns back to the fight once more and starts to breathe in slowly while listening to the sounds of the fight. The punching, the explosions, the difference in their voices... She raises her hands and focuses the magical energy into her hands, releasing the healing wave just slightly off-kilter. For those who might actually be able to see magical energies, it would almost appear as if the wave was curving in mid-flight and brushing through the Legatus.

Hayate Yagami (150) has posed:
    "Fused for impact only..." Hayate checks her tractory again. This setting on the spell will prevent any possibility of it prematurely detonating again, but it also means that if she happened to miss (that huge thing? Maybe! At this range.), then it's going to probably go suborbital and give someone a -very bad day- in some distant part of this world. So she checks the trajectory again to make sure that it is, indeed, headed out to sea.
    The blinding white light flares and again the low, roaring thud ripples through the ground well ahead of the deafening bang in the air. This time it was rather louder, fuller, and even colder than before. A dust cloud bubbles up around the hill, joining the wafting cloud from the first shot, and the white point again leaps away into the sky, trailing a silver thread behind it and howling through the air as it goes.

Taylita (180) has posed:
     Taylita is usually very quick on her feet! But, Gaius is also very skilled and tough and not exactly slow! When Taylita's fist is caught, she winces before being pulled into that punch. Already weak from a couple of heavy slashes and plasma shots, she just doesn't have the strength to avoid the attack.

     Her cry is drown in the sound of the plasma burst from Gaius's gauntlet. It is nearly all she can take. She manages to stay conscious, but only barely. "D-damn...you are strong...*cough cough*...I...I have to train harder..." she pants raggedly before she stands up again. "But...don't think I'm going to surrender!"

     The saiyan holds her hands over her head and energy builds between them. She pulls in as much ki as she can, then does a little spin on her toes before thrusting those hands toward Gaius.

     A beam nearly as thick as she is tall blasts from her hands. Bright blue in color, it moves quickly toward Gaius. And if it hits, he would be engulfed in a constant explosion for the next few seconds.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The Dreadnought doesn't approach any further then where it is, keeping a safe distance from normal operations attacks. Though little do they realize they have been targeted by something of far greater power then what was ever on the ground.

The team at the deck was already at work at their stations, looking at the map data incoming and coordinate checks. They do not want to aim off nor do they want to aim in to close to the facility. They check and check again.

When they are sure they have it, that is when they flip the switches to prime the Magitek Cannon. The ships lights dim as the red alert lights flare on and power is starting to be shifted to the Magitek cannon as non essential rooms start to lose power one by one.

At the bottom of the beast near the front, does the dome start to open up and the massive cannon slides down and then the barrel swings around to take into aiming position. It will take a bit of time for the Cannon to be primed for firing, but that time is soon coming for Hayate down there.

Meanwhile on the ground....

Gaius stands up tall as Taylita is knocked back by the plasma punch and then notices as his sensors pick up something odd. Including feeling himself a bit rejuvenated by an unseen force. He flexes his hands a bit and he'll note to himself to thank Sanary later for her aid.

The Legatus tilts his head faintly as Taylita speaks of getting stronger and not surrendering. "I would expect nothing less from a Saiyan Warrior. I admire your people's spirit and strength." When her attack comes though, the Garlean attempts to throw up that barrier once more.

The first part of it is caught by the barrier as it rips around the hexagon magitek shield. However it starts to crack and eventually it shatters catching Gaius in the tale end of the explosive chain. The sheer force throws the Black Wolf back and slams him into a near by tower.

His body ricochets off it, before tumbling to the ground. Yet down-- he does not remain. Instead Gaius slowly stands back up and rolls his shoulders as he does so. "Impressive." He says with ease, before drawing the Heirsbane into his right hand once more and taking aim. "I look forward to seeing how you progress as a fighter."

He lines up his sights on her and doesn't pull the trigger right away, instead he takes a moment to aim and even if she was to run, he is already tracking her movements. He waits for something-- an opening perhaps, before he at last pulls the trigger. The bullet flies down range aimed to not kill her, but at least maim her to the ground-- or give her a very good reason to leave.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
    The cleric exhales slowly as she releases the last bit of energy from her fingertips, sweating quite a bit from both that and the earlier exertion. She still doesn't have a chance to rest, however, as she pace takes her back into a half-running crouch to try and find anyone other stragglers hiding within what's left of the... Many, many craters.

    "Anyone else need rescuing? Kinda hard to find anyone if I can't hear you out here!"

Hayate Yagami (150) has posed:
    The blip of signal spins Hayate around, away from raptly watching the fall of shot. Which is all as well, since in a moment it'll be much worse to watch that impact than to stare at the sun. She can't make out what was happening over there, though. There isn't as much jumping around and excitement as before, so maybe it was resolved? Well...
    It's not resolved until she says it is, isn't it? Hayate lifts her Tome and lets the pages flip themselves a little, over to a wide-area freeze rather than the point detonation spell. Her staff tip clinks on the by now hard-packed earth as she sets about starting a third casting, bringing into being four slowly-spinning, ice-blue cubes floating in front of her in addition to the now-familiar triangle sigils.

Taylita (180) has posed:
     Taylita is caught squarely by the bullet, and with a short yelp she collapses flat on her face. She is down for the count, and in pretty bad shape. Getting cut up by a giant gunsword is usually bad for one's health.

     But, Taylita is not like other saiyans. When she passes out, a little light starts blinking on a bracelet around her wrist. An automated distress call. Hopefully something or someone will pick her up soon, because it is not good to be knocked out when a giant explosion is about to happen overhead.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
When Taylita goes down, Gaius starts to make his way over to her. His steps are easy and then comes to halt by her downed form. The Legatus then crouches down next to her before he turns his attention to the mage who is starting to cast another spell.

His gaze then moving to the heavens as he spots something coming in but the trajectory is all wrong. That is when he makes another call to the Dreadnought to give them a heads up. He can only hope his crew can get power shifted over quick enough for maybe shield placement for when that hits-- or that her hull will hold up well enough.

She may not been the Agris, but the Dreadnought classes are sturdy ships.

As for Taylita, Gaius then lifts her up into his arms while she is unconscious and then looks over to a few of his men. "Get people out of this area to safe locations." he gaze goes over to Sanary, "..and her as well. If the Dreadnought does not withstand.. and even if she does.. there is possibly going to be material falling from the sky."

With that said, the Centurions with their Troopers start to round up people to move them. As for Gaius he takes Taylita out of this area and a safer place for the Union to pick her up at. Though if the Dreadnought does not finish off the Mage Hayate...

..Gaius will be returning to possibly do so.

If.. his ship doesn't take to much damage.

After all, there is allot of lives on that ship..


The Cannon fully charges up and the command is given to fire. Hayate will then notice a loud Kaboom in the air as a shockwave emits out from the sheer power of the blast. This is followed by a stream of hot white light that goes rushing down near their location.

Though it is not a direct impact where they are, it goes to impact close enough and tries to wash them in the wake of the fire explosions that shoves outward. Tearing up the landscape, trees, and probably leaving behind a bit of a crater.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
    The lack of an audible response to her own query is rather reassuring to Sanary, and she breathes a sigh of relief at hearing Gaius' order to withdraw. "We're good here, then? Great. I'll... Work on the injured inside, then." She follows the Centurions easily enough, struggling to keep pace with them as the fatigue from all the running and healing earlier is starting to take its toll.

Hayate Yagami (150) has posed:
    Hayate, focused on preparing her next barrage at Gaius, only notices the oncoming Dreadnought fire when her surroundings turn a curious and disturbing shade of orange and her shadow stretches long down the hill. Well, she's not looking at the explosion, which is as good as it gets. The flames roll through, carrying with them chunks of smoking terrain, and her Jacket trails a faint whisp of steam in its wake. A little worse for wear, perhaps, but-

    Hayate's Hraesvelgr lands, if not quite square-on to the great big Dreadnought in the sky. It hardly matters, though, as the ball of cold white light engulfs what seems like half of the sky, thankfully not coming anywhere near the actual battlefield.
    Hayate herself, though, locks in the next spell and prepares the firing incantations, squinting intently at the distant figure of... someone. She still has no idea who she had fired at over there.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The impact comes and slams into the Dreadnought's hard hull. It tears apart the out armor and starts to shred into the next layer, but the Airship even as the shockwave rolls across her form ripping off external armor plating-- manages like her commander and like the Empire she hail from..

..to continue to stand tall.
Though who knows how many armors and sirens are flaring inside that thing.

Hayate may also not know where Gaius has gone too, but Gaius knows where /they/ are. Soon a blue flames irrupt near them as a the man appears from seeming to teleport where he was. There was a low rumble in Hayate's direction.

Gaius Van Baelsar.

Was not happy.

If the mage is not quick, the Legatus hand extends out for them to grab them around the neck and with a flare of orange-red lines through their armor, they then try to throw the Mage across the battlefield into possibly a near by downed structure.

Including are already walking after them if the throw was successful like some Terminator.

Hayate Yagami (150) has posed:
    Flying has its benefits. Unexpected flying - not so much. Hayate flying upside-down across the battlefield, staring backwards at the rapidly receding figure of some person who had presumably just thrown her (Fingers! Neck! Ow!). But if there's anything learned from hours spent reading quietly by herself, Hayate knows -focus-. And her charged and readied spell was not going to just disappear silently into the ni- well, it's day, actually, isn't it? Especially with the short-lived second sun a moment ago.
    "Heimdall," Hayate finishes, croaking through a nastily bruised throat, and then unceremoniously enters someone's (abandoned) bathroom through the wall to the kitchen, bringing with her half of the kitchen's furnishings.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The Legatus watches them teleport away, which is good-- cause it means the Union are no longer a threat to the area. However its bad because of the spell that has been left behind to conclude its path. A glowing bright light heading directly for him.

Gaius Van Baelsar quickly turns on his heal and looks upward at it. His teleportation sphere is still charging and doesn't seem to be a good way to escape this. Beyond something he could do, he aims upward with his Gauntlet and goes to hold his left arm.

The Ceruleum starts to charge up as a blue swirl of light emits from around his hand to the front of his left hand. As the ice-berg gets in closer, Gaius holds his ground, and then with a massive blast the Ceruleum charge blats upward and explodes into the magical ice.

A large shockwave of blue energy irrupts outward and the ice shatters around as heavy fragments. The commotion of sound would not be hard to miss and anyone who quickly goes to investigate aftwards will find several ice chunks laying around-- including a knocked out Legatus.

As Gaius Van Baelsar laid on the ground with ice fragments in his armor, frostbite over his crimson leather-like material, and not seeming to be overly responsive.

However-- it would seem that the Confederate still holds Zone 92.
At least for now....