1611/Welcome To Coerthas

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Welcome To Coerthas
Date of Scene: 19 February 2015
Location: Dragonhead, Coerthas, Hydaelyn
Synopsis: Thanks to some folks in Limsa Lominsa, Ryu gets himself and easy trip into the fortified town of Dragonhead within Coerthas. However what he finds is the people here are not so friendly.
Cast of Characters: 522, 636
Tinyplot: Dragon's Bane

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Ryu would have gone to Gridania first-- the forest nation. Then have to catch a Caravan to Ishgard being pulled by Chocobos. Joined by perhaps many adventurers. He would have seen the Black Shroud recovering and he would also seen the area that has been burnt down with its heavy smoking fog still in the air.

Then things becoming cold before the snow starts to fall down...

The Land of Coerthas, once a beautiful country side with deep green grass, pine trees, and running rivers. Now is nothing but a slowing turning ice-land of snow, blizzards, and frozen streams. Life has become harsh for the people out here and even harsher for that of Ishgard protected by its walls far up to the north.

Yet where Ryan is going is not to Ishgard, but to Dragonhead. One of the fortified positions in Coerthas and where the Astronomers are located whom study the stars. Once the Caravan comes up to Dragonhead it is halted by several knights with lances.

They pull open the Carvans protective cover door and look inside at the group with a lantern in hand. They have steel armor and a Unicorn silhouette head on their cloth banner on the front of their armor. "Papers." one of them says with a firm voice. "..and if you don't have any adventurer papers.. it will /not/ be your lucky day." The men all seem to be elves here, or elf-like at least. Though much taller standing near six foot five to seven foot. Their arms and legs are a bit longer then a normal man and along with their neck-- though they seem very proportional to themselves.

Ryu (636) has posed:
    Ryan sits in the caravan as it rolls through, his eyes lidded and his face neutral as he thinks of how he's going to deal with emergencies. In theory, he could just call up the Union if he got into trouble, as that is part of his alliance with them. But he doesn't want to have to rely on them if he can avoid it, so the young soldier is by himself in the caravan. He rubs at his eyes now and then, frowning at the feeling of the contact lens that is masking his eyecolor as a more mundane brown. His hair is dyed brown for the time being, left hanging in a way that fits his ruffian-like appearance. The longsword is the only thing he brought with him that might be recognized at all. He just couldn't do anything about the teeth.

    When the cover comes open, the guards see him as someone in some manner of white long coat with the hood drawn back, and long messy dark brown hair. He looks at them with a dull expression, drawing the papers out to hold them out at them, frowning at the phrasing they used at him. Below his coat he's wearing dark padded leather armor. He wanted to look as fitting for the world as he could, while still seeming mundane.

    He patiently watches while they check the papers he was given to arrive as a Limsa Lominsa adventurer. While he waits, he fidgets with his leather gloves, maintaining his dull frown.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The knight takes the papers and look them over. His eyes scanning over every letter and every phrase. He looks over at the other one whom just peers over his shoulder and then walks over to the the man sitting in the front with the reigns for the two chocobos. "Is everything checking out alright?" The Caravan owner asks.5r
"Aye, everything seems fine. We just have had an active problem as of late we the heretics and given the cold.. the other houses are starting to become more tightly fisted."

"Well I am glad to see Fortemps is still being open to Eorzea. I was worried that all of you have turned your back on us."

The other Knight who is with Ryan, hands him back his paperwork. "Your clear adventurer. Good hunting here in Coerthas, but watch yourself. The people are on edge and the Dravanian activity, along with those miserable heretics are not helping any of our relations."

The knight signals to the other and they give a clear for the Caravan to move in, once others are checked over. Ryu may see the massive stone walls pass by outside and then see the movement of people across the cobblestone ground. A few moving by quickly try to get back in doors from the cold.

Once the Caravan comes to a halt, the driver peers back over toward the wagon itself. "Your clear to leave, lad. Look out for any Behemoths. I heard they have become quiet active as of late in these parts."

Ryu (636) has posed:
    Ryan's tension fades when the paperwork is looked over and confirmed. The young man takes it back, maintaining his silent frown as he folds it up and nods to the Knight. He was never sociable, so he is pretty good at seeming gruff. It's very natural for him. As the caravan advances inside, he muses on the words exchanged. Heretics, strict houses and a behemoth problem. That last one makes his eyes narrow in thought. Could he risk doing a little culling? Would he benefit from that?

    When given the go-ahead to step off the caravan, he hops off and his boots make a firm THUMP against the cold ground. He turns his dull gaze around, peering up as if with a vague air of menace, the slight frown still there. He puffs a sigh that leaves a particularly big cloud of misty air behind him, which he walks forward to find the nearest tavern or inn. He needs to get information on jobs that he could take here so he can scout the area, and he needs to get a better feel for the social climate.

    He unhappily tallies all of the work he'll have to do in his head, the heroic creature not enjoying the pressure of being the one creature that every local would hate. He mentally reminds himself that this is training for back home.

    Since he already paid the caravan for the trip down here, he doesn't worry about it anymore. His concern is solely his mission. He knows he's still a soldier, even if a dragon.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
As Ryu walks around he'll found the town of Dragonhead isn't that large. There is a covered fire pit in the center of the square to provide some warmth-- though small comfort of it. A few buildings about the area to the left and a much large facility to the right with several knights around it and even up the stairs.

If his gaze follows it up, he may notice a large telescope at the top of it in a dome. It looks like a stargazing tool of some kind...

Thankfully though the tavern here has a sign out front that blows a bit in the cold wind that whips through the area and as he walks that way, he may pass by a few knights who seem to be heading to their station at the front gate.

Though the most curious site is one Knight who is standing near the fire with half chainmail and half plate. He looks to be a much older gentlemen, with short black hair with some grey in it and a full grown, but trimmed beard and mustache that connects it (think Xanatos from Gargoyles). He doesn't really stand out by the armor, but the fact of /what/ he is. In a town full of mostly elves-- he is actually the human of the lot.

And his eyes are locked on Ryu as the young man walks. His arms crossed over his chest and he seems to be studying the young lad.

Ryu (636) has posed:
    Ryan was looking around, and stopped to look up at the sign to the tavern he was going to slip into. His head tilted up and his young yet scarred features showed quite prominently without his messy hair in the way. His mouth drooped into more of a frown when cold blustered against his face.

    His eyes turned before his head did, when he realized someone was looking at him. The frown faded for the neutral, dull look he had on the way over here. He studied the man with a wary gaze, the animal-like studying quite a lot like someone who's been on the street. The man might even understand the shift in Ryan's stance, as the young dragon contemplates fight or flight.

    Instead, Ryan approaches, and smiles that sad smile at him, silently looking the man in the eye. He nods in greeting, though for some reason he doesn't say anything.

    After all, someone with that look has to be curious enough to ask questions, and he wants to provide some answers. He's got the time, if he's gonna be here for a while.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The man's brown eyes are one who has seen much and been through much as well. There was little light in those eyes. The man watches as Ryan walks up to him and looks down at the youth, he motions to the warm fire that burns within its enclosure.

"You are not from around here.. are you?" The man says calmly as he adjusts his stance. It was easy to see the lance on his backside. He also has on leather gloves with actual scalemail armor near the elbow and the same type of armor for the shins of his boots.

"Though that is.. perhaps not of my concern. I just know Eorzeans when I see one and you do not strike me as an eorzean.. the air about you is off, though I can't place my finger on why." He crosses his arms over his chest. "Either way, if you are looking for good ale to warm you-- that tavern has some.. if your looking for jobs, the board there may have some jobs.. or perhaps you can go into the Observatory and speak with Lord Haurchefant.. he is the one who makes sure Dragonhead remains open to Eorzea."

The man furrows his brows, "Though for how long is hard to say.. The House in control here is.. well.. not the most powerful of houses."

Ryu (636) has posed:
    All Ryan can do is maintain his smile when it's quite obvious that he's not from around here. He watches the soldier patiently as he speaks, and tilts his head to follow the soldier's words as he speaks, blinking slowly as he takes in the indicated places. It's only when the House and the local troubles are mentioned that his mouth wilts into a frown. He turns his gaze properly toward the Observatory, and reaches up to rub one of the scars on his face while he thinks on the turmoil.

    "Hydaelyn's troubles aren't just on Hydaelyn anymore," he tells the man, in a soft voice, looking up to him again. He looks up at the man. "I'm here to figure out the depths of all of this and understand it a little better." He smiles at the older man in a reassuring way. "I have no interest in becoming entangled in the rumbling of nobility or civil disputes, once I'm gone no one will think anything of me being here." He nods to the soldier.

    "But I do have a helpful spirit, so who knows what'll happen while I linger. My name's Ryan," he tells the soldier, "Thanks for the info."

    He nods to the greying soldier, and turns to head to the tavern, hoping to get some jobs and understand the local geography a little better. He moves slowly in case the soldier has anything more to say.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
As Ryu walks off, the older man watches him for a moment. He does speak up though, "Ser Alberic Bale." He tells the youth. "Former Azure Dragoon-- not that it would mean much to you." He then steps away from the warmth of the fire.

"Though a warning lad. You travel to any of the other forts-- and they may not care about your papers. The Dravanians.. The Dragons from there.. have been active and I am, as the other Dragoons, are very aware of their activity outside of our lands." Alberic explains as his eyes narrow slightly. "The people are scared and many are on edge. You even look at someone the wrong way.. and you may find yourself being tied up and thrown off an edge into a very deep, deep valley."

The old Dragoon shakes his head. "Not a fate I would want to see for anyone who may be willing to help us in a dire time of need. So I wish you best of luck, but remember... keep your head down, Ryan.. and becareful of who you speak too.."

Ryu (636) has posed:
    Ryan looks over his shoulder and, for some reason, it doesn't seem as if he's worried. It's not a confidence or ignorance, just a sad smile like he /knows/ what he is walking into. He raises a hand to acknowledge the man's words, stopping for a moment.

    He considers something, mulling it over as he looks away from him and to the gates he was brought through. He looks back over to the Dragoon, showing that smile all the more.

    "Ser Alberic Bale," he repeats, "I'll remember your advice, and your name. You're a good man." His smile warms up, his honesty still showing. He hasn't lied once, even if the Dragoon can probably sense 'DRAGON' all over him. "It sounds like the paranoia is making this area more tense by the day," he murmurs, "I was already told what it was like here, though. If I get into trouble, it will be from my own mistakes."

    He nods at Alberic again, and turns back to the tavern. He mouths the words 'Former Azure Dragoon' to himself, filing it away for later in case he needs someone to talk to at length about the local social climate.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
Inside the Tavern is several locals at the bench wooden tables. Drinking their ale, eating bread, and yet-- it was very quiet here. When Ryu walks in, things even get quieter. They all look at him for a moment, before they start to slowly go back to what they were doing.

A few actually gather up there things and actually leave it seems as his presence. One even intentionally bumping into him on his way out, while muttering, "Damn Eorzeans." The woman though was behind the bar cleaning a glass, she was an elf like the others here. Though her helper was a young man who seem also human.

The young man seem to be making sure the bottles were all in their proper place.

Ryu (636) has posed:
    The man who bumps into Ryan might find the shorter fellow is abnormally hard to budge and significantly used to the petty aggression that these places tend to have, which makes it feel like slamming his shoulder into a rock. The dragon boy smiles tiredly and brushes the spot as he steps further into the tavern, looking for the board that Alberic had mentioned. He carefully adjusts his gloves, looking over the job board for anything approaching good work. While he does this, he lingers there, and turns his gaze around the room to note any significant people.

    He breathes a sigh and crosses his arms, looking over what work there is to choose from, trying to ascertain which of the jobs will take him to the widest unfamiliar territory so he can scope out the place.

Gaius Van Baelsar (522) has posed:
The board doesn't have much work on it really. There is a group looking to hunt down a Behemoth. Also some labor work needed to help rebuild some towns.. requests to help hunt down some local wildlife for food-- a lot of requests for food actually.

There is also a notice on the board:
'If you see any strange activity or possibility of someone could be working with the dragons. Please report them to the local Dragoons or to the local Inquisitor. Remember failure to report a possible heretic is charge of treason. - Inquisitors Of The Fury'

Ryu (636) has posed:
    Ryan paid only a glance to the notice of the Inquisitors to read it and get an understanding of the environment those Inquisitors are trying to create. He quirks a corner of his mouth and decides to pick up several of the hunting requests, figuring they're the most innocuous way for him to go out there and get an understanding for the area, and maybe endear himself to some of the locals in the process.

    Ryan steps away from the board and to the bar, and decides to order a drink or two. Ale, if they have it, or maybe something local, he doesn't know what. "Chilly welcome," he remarks to the bartender, though he doesn't realize the humor in his words, "Like that with every foreigner, is it?"