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Threads of Fate: Ruins and Automotive Airsoft
Date of Scene: 02 April 2015
Location: KLK Earth <KLK>
Synopsis: In which our heroes learn of... NUDIST BEACH.
Cast of Characters: Tomoe, 95, 140, 430
Tinyplot: Threads of Fate (Part 1)

Ryuko Matoi (140) has posed:
    The meeting place is on the mainland, and not really close to Honnouji. A short trek up a private road would lead to an estate. A large one, but still somewhat tucked away from the view of the outside world. The gates, starting to rust, are blackened, as are the stone supports around the fence. A plate, bolted to one of them bears the kanji lettering that spells the name of the estate's owner.


But, whatever estate there might've been, nothing is left of it. Just the shell of the house that once stood there, instead. What still stands shows obvious signs that the house had burned down. But, the property shows little signs of the police having done anything to investigate something as serious as a house fire. It's quite easy to just walk right up to the property, in fact. The ghostly, dreary atmosphere is made all the moreso by the setting sun, a cloudy pall hanging over the sky and keeping the stars and moon from coming out. Ryuko's waiting, at the gate, for any others to arrive, along with the scooter she'd rode here on.

Sagat (95) has posed:
There's a muted rumble as a heavily customized motorcycle - the sort that would usually be called a 'chopper' - trundles up the private road, with Sagat of all people driving the thing.

They really do have every kind of club at Honnouji Academy, it would seem ... although the quality of their members doesn't seem to vary as much as their subject matter does, from the Muay Thai master's point of view. Ryuko might recognize the motorcycle as belonging to the president of the Automotive Club; there are a few dents in the frame, but nothing which stops it from moving without assistance.

Sagat himself looks to be sporting a few actual bruises, and a fouler mood than his usual dour countenance, as he parks the motorcycle and dismounts.

Tomoe has posed:
Ryuko wasn't alone, Tomoe had once more come ot this crazy city and school She was a bit behind Sagat and was looking a bit wores for wear. She was well looking a bit beat up herself but she seemed to be in decent enough of spirits as she shows up a moment after Sagat does, she's on foot at the moment however she notices the bike the Muay Thai master has.

"I see you have been busy."

Tomoe or should we say Sheena is now looking about for Ryuko she knew they had to meet up, right? She then takes sight of her.

"Hey, I made it."

Ryuko Matoi (140) has posed:
    Ryuko just nods to the two of them, as they arrive. "Well. This is it. Home.. or what's left." She walks amidst the ruins of the house, scissor blade in hand, and starts prodding the end of the weapon against the charred concrete. "I guess this isn't just about finding out about what Kiryuin is up to, but.. maybe if I can find something here, about what my dad was doing, then.." She sighs a bit. "I guess I just thought I knew who he was, until I found Senketsu. Started fighting with him. Now, I want to know just who he was. What he was doing. Why he left Senketsu for me to find, here."

The outfit she's wearing transforms quickly into it's more.. revealing and battle-ready state. She pokes the sword against the ground a couple more times. "Here it is." She drives the tip of the blade down, and it manages to pop open a trap door of some sort. The area beneath is dimly lit, but there's a fair distance to fall. And Ryuko just hops right in.

Sagat (95) has posed:
"The automotive club thought it was a good idea to attack me with cars and motorcycles," Sagat states to Tomoe. "They were wrong about it."

If anyone's tracking battle stats for the Naturals Election, Sagat's doing pretty well for himself; he's not out there picking fights, but he doesn't really have to go looking for them, either.

Ryuko's transformation draws as little comment from Sagat as ever; he just listens to her brief history lesson, nodding a couple of times ... and when Ryuko finds the trap door and opens it, he waits for her to get clear before following her into the chamber below.

If Tomoe needs somebody to catch her, he can probably do that.

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe looks over to Sagat for a moment.

"...Wait don't some of the street fighters in your world wreck chars for charity promos of thier martial skill?"

She just seems to have this image of some very shocked students as Sagata worked on his car demo.

She looks over to Ryuko.

"Humm I get you there. He left a lot of questions in his wake, didn't he?"

She starts to think she should have come as her avatar but that's too late as she falls thankfully Sagat catches her before she smacks into the ground.


Satsuki Kiryuin (430) has posed:
    "My, my, you've certainly learned how to use that kamui quite well, Ryuko-kun."

    The slightly hoarse voice comes not from in front of the group, but behind, the owner casually stepping into the hatch behind the rest of the group and landing lightly on his feet. Hunched over, hands in his pockets, his messy hair falling down in front of his large aviator-style sunglasses, the man that is Aikuro Mikisugi looks utterly unassuming and inoffensive... to anyone who's never actually met him before. And who doesn't realize he's talking about kamui after having followed everyone here.

    What we're saying is, his 'inoffensiveness' just makes him all the more suspicious, really.

Ryuko Matoi (140) has posed:
    A sneer crosses Ryuko's face. She's not immediately attacking this person, despite his sudden appearance. She's still not very happy to see him, at any rate. ".. What'd /you/ want, sleaze?" She pouts a bit, putting a hand on her hip, and letting out a huff. Then, she looks around a bit. This room is.. large. At least two stories, with several rooms connected to it, a catwalk and stairs for accessing them. There's several large pieces of equipment here, but other than that, it looks very much abandoned. Someone picked up and left in a hurry, leaving anything large behind.

"So, I'm guessin' you're the reason this place got cleaned out? Or did the Kiryuins come back, to finish the job?"

Sagat (95) has posed:
"Yes," Sagat replies to Tomoe. "Yes, we do."

Is he smirking?

Then, Mikisugi-sensei saunters in, and Sagat spins to face him, starting to assume a combat stance ... then just narrowing his eye at the casual-looking teacher. "Hnnn ..." If Mikisugi were hostile, he's had plenty of chances to take advantage of a number of students, including Ryuko herself, when they couldn't justifiably do anything about it. (Technically, Sagat as well - he *is* enrolled at Honnouji as a student, after all.)

The Muay Thai fighter relaxes his stance again, but doesn't take his eye off Mikisugi.

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe is now back on her feet and looking about at this pint but then they get a guest she was not quite expecting, yet? She really should have assumed someone would have dropped in, right? She stares at the new arrival and looks the man over for a moment. She's however just not /sure/ what he's up to, why didn't he just ambush them?

Satsuki Kiryuin (430) has posed:
    "Now, now, Ryuko," Aikuro chides, "Is that any way to talk to an ally?" He takes a few steps in no particular direction, looking around at the basement; completely empty of the piles and piles of clothes and debris that had been here the last time Ryuko visited. "And after I came all this way to have a talk with you about some things..." As if inspecting one of the pieces of equipment in the wall, he leans and tilts his head, reaching up to push those glasses up his face. "All that junk was in the way, and it's not like you needed it to hide Senketsu anymore, was it? Not with big, strapping allies like this to help you," he adds, with a glance at Sagat.

Ryuko Matoi (140) has posed:
    "'Some things?'" Ryuko counters, leaning on her scissor blade like a cane, with one arm, her opposite hand still on her hip. "What things?" She huffs again, "Guess not.. but you're the reason I even found this place.. and found Senketsu, aren't you?" She gives him a hard stare, "Why'd you want me to find him? What was my dad doing here?" She asks, impatience creeping into her voice.

Sagat (95) has posed:
Sagat folds his arms, not saying a word. He might have inclined his head ever so slightly at the debatable compliment Mikisugi just dispensed, but that's about it.

He is, however, listening quite attentively. He's blind in one eye, not deaf in one ear.

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe is now trying to deal with the fact she's got no idea what this man is up to? Wait ally? She peers at him for a long moment not certain what to say about this for a moment.

"Ally? Things? Are you going to play it cryptic or just lay your cards out on the table?""

Satsuki Kiryuin (430) has posed:
    "There's quite a bit going on here," the teacher says over his shoulder to Tomoe. "It's not the kind of thing I can just spill to any unknown person, even if Ryuko is here to vouch for them. But..." His head turns a little, regarding Ryuko. "Your father despised the iron-fisted Kiryuins too, you know," Aikuro continues, reaching up to undo his tie and toss it aside. His hand comes up to his face, removing glasses and pushing back his hair at the same time, and it's almost as if a different man entirely stands there. Handsome. No slouch. No hoarse rasp. "He and I were working together against their plans for world domination. He sent me a letter before his death."

    Turning and sweeping his arms, Aikuro faces the group, and his shirt hangs open, unbuttoned. "'When I die, give it to my daughter. Follow the leaves in autumn.' You coming home to the mansion that day gave me a perfect opportunity."

Ryuko Matoi (140) has posed:
    Ryuko has a more serious expression on her face, "Mmh.. So, he made Senketsu to do that." She can't help but shake something that's bothering her. "He knew they'd be coming for him, then. And he hid Senketsu, so they wouldn't find him. And then you made sure I was the one who did." She sighs, "Just.. who are you, anyway? Aikuro Mikisugi.. I mean. The Kiryuins are huge. How were you two planning on fighting them? I mean.. a Kamui is powerful, but they have one, too."

She seems to have more questions, rather than having any of the ones she came in with answered.

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe looks to the techer for a moment and has to admir he's right.

"All right you have a good point there."

She'll give him that, however he does give some interesting informaion out as it is. Ryuko's father was an enemy of the Kiryuins. She files that away and was an ally of him as well or sao he said.

"So he made preperations for when they sent someone after them...but to what extent?"

Sagat (95) has posed:
Sagat continues listening, his eye narrowing a bit at either Mikisugi's sudden state of partial undress, or at the information being revealed. "The Kiryuins intend to conquer this world? I thought they ran a clothing corporation ..."

He trails off, his arms unfolding as he clenches his fists. "Goku Uniforms. Those aren't just for Honnouji in the long run, are they?"

Satsuki Kiryuin (430) has posed:
    In response to all the questions levelled at him, Aikurou merely adjusts his collar - a movement which strangely seems to cause his shirt to fall further open - and says in a soft voice, "Nudist Beach."

Ryuko Matoi (140) has posed:
To this, Ryuko's response is a perfectly plausible, confused look. ".. H-Huh?"

Sagat (95) has posed:
Sagat's monocular glower descends squarely upon the questionable teacher. "I don't see how skinny-dipping in public is going to help," he growls.

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe just pauses at the name the man gives, she stares her eyes bugging out and she says "Wait ... did you just say?!"

Satsuki Kiryuin (430) has posed:
    Aikurou turns in place, causing his shirt to whip around him as if caught in a dramatic wind. "We are... Nudist Beach!" A turn and then he spreads his arms, his shirt falling away, leaving him barechested in the ghost of a breeze that manages to flow in from the hatch above. "The name of our splendid organization is, Nudist... BEAAAAAAAACH!!"

Ryuko Matoi (140) has posed:
    "Seriously.." Ryuko just stands upright, and starts making her way back outside. "Just give a straight goddamn answer. This ain't a joke." She doesn't seem to even believe that what he's said is.. a real thing. Who names something, anything that? Seriously?

Sagat (95) has posed:
Sagat grumbles something under his breath. "I suppose the name makes a certain amount of sense," he concedes, "given who you're up against."

Tomoe has posed:
Sheena just goes wide eyed and states at the man as he starts to strip. She turns a bit red for a moment at his actions and the name.

"...This is seriously happening, your nu...nudest beach."

She'll recover from this, really.

Satsuki Kiryuin (430) has posed:
    "Your friends have the right idea, Ryuko," Aikurou says as the girl walks away - but his words seem more to be for them, or perhaps himself, than for her. He almost sounds disappointed. "Well, I guess this works out well enough. She's got the Naturals Election to look out for, after all." Fortunately for Tomoe, he seems to have stopped at 'barechested'. "Hopefully, Kiryuin will tip her hand a little in the next few days."

Sagat (95) has posed:
"If she has any special plans for the 'election,'" observes Sagat, "she's running out of time for them ..." He looks between Mikisugi and Ryuko for a moment. "Any guesses what might be up Kiryuin's sleeves?"

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe says "So make preperations expecting to go down, he might have even chosen to go down when he did. TO make sure they didn't get them."

She still looking a bit embrassed on thing but is functional.

"Using those clothes they have here at the school, as military weapons?"

Ryuko Matoi (140) has posed:
    Well, hang around all you want. Ryuko has been walking outside this whole time. She's not really up for any more of being spoken to in riddles and ending up with more questions. Still. it gives her a bit more insight into Satsuki's goals, overall. And what this Election is really going to mean. She's weeding the place out. Anyone who'd question her will get stomped out of the school. But, it's still an opportunity for Ryuko to strike at her directly.

Satsuki Kiryuin (430) has posed:
    "None whatsoever," Aikurou replies to Sagat. "The princess is good at playing her cards close to her chest." He's moving to go as well, but not bothering to collect his shirt. "Haven't you noticed?" he adds in response to Tomoe. "Satsuki Kiryuin seems to be running more a training and R&D facility than a school." But that seems to be all the hint he has to offer.

    Topside, there is another complication. A very large, pink complication. A car-shaped complication, with a huge 'new driver' decal on the hood and a man-shaped mountain sitting in the driver's seat. A three-star man-shaped mountain.

    "Matoi," Gamagoori greets, sounding surprisingly calm. "Did you and your allies break down in front of this property?" He himself is parked on the street out front, regarding them with... well, vague curiosty and not much else. Stripper-sensei seems to have disappeared.

Ryuko Matoi (140) has posed:
    Ryuko drops her transformation, once she's outside. She checks her moped, for the trip back home, but.. just her luck. No gas. And, well.. just her luck, too, with the Diciplinary Chairman showing up. "Mph. Yeah, out of gas. What do you care?" She crosses her arms, and gives him a bit of a suspicious look. Did he follow her out here? Why would he be on that road, anyway? Still.. he doesn't seem the confrontational type.

"Didn't think you'd be comin' after me, this quick, though."

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe says, ":says "I have noticed that."

She knows she's not the smart one but the late day bit? Damn she noticed back then with the death traps, seriously. The Teacher pointed it out plain as day.

"You offering to give us some gas to fill back up?""

Sagat (95) has posed:
Ahh, Gamagoori. The only person at Honnouji that Sagat actually has to look *up* at. It's kind of refreshing, in a way - although seeing Gamagoori out here is not exactly a good sign. "One might inquire what brings the head of the Discipline Committee out this far from the city as well ... you were a Three-Star student the last time I checked, there isn't much reason for you to be this far from the school."

He pauses, looking over that ... extremely pink automobile. "Or did the Automotive Club suggest in some form that I was breaking the rules by defending myself against vehicular assault before I left campus? If they want the motorcycle back, I've no objection to returning it," he adds mildly.

Satsuki Kiryuin (430) has posed:
    "Relax, Matoi, Torajima." Gamagoori replies. "The stage for our battle will be the Naturals Election. It is the duty of any Disciplinary Committee member to provide assistance to students in need outside the school, regardless of who the student is. If you need gas," he adds with a nod to Tomoyo, "Hop in." Even though the vehicle is a convertible, he reaches over to hit the 'unlock' button, unlocking all four doors. "If the Automotive Airsoft Club is unable to keep their vehicles during the Naturals Election week, it's none of my concern." 'Automotive Airsoft Club'?

Ryuko Matoi (140) has posed:
    Ryuko's not about to argue. Here's a guy who wouldn't break his own rules, especially considering what's going on. The stage, huh? She's fine with waiting, if that's what it means. "Alright." She takes shotgun, and hops into the front passenger seat.

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe is now suddnely feeling very short at this point as she looks to Gamagoori for a moment.

"Well it's good to see you put your money where your mouth is sir."

She can have a level of respect for that. She pauses at the mention of the name.

"Wait airsoft shooting with cars? Nothing's ever done small around here is it?"

Tomoe's going to take somewhere in the back and get comfortable as she can.

"Thank you upper classman."

There's no need to snark when he's doing them a favour, right?

Sagat (95) has posed:
Airsoft? Sagat frowns a bit as he moves to take the seat behind Gamagoori. "They didn't seem to have airsoft guns when they attacked me," he replies. "In any case, though - thank you for your assistance. Duty or not, you did come some way to find us ..."

He does wonder HOW Gamagoori found them, but this seems like entirely the wrong time to ask.

Satsuki Kiryuin (430) has posed:
    In reply to both Tomoe and Sagat, Gamagoori explains, driving all the while. "The Automotive Club and the Airsoft Club have both been gunning for me in specific, but neither have been able to succeed. This morning, they underwent a merger." He's not too terrible a driver, it turns out, as the car pulls onto the interstate. Perhaps a bit, well, new, but good enough. "I wasn't out searching for you; this was simply on the way back from a trip I took this afternoon. I saw Matoi's vehicle out in front of a ruined house, and thought it prudent to stop and see if there was an issue."

    As the group heads down the highway back towards Honnou Town in the middle of the bay, the drive seems peaceful enough at first, but that's until a loud muscle car with a godawful horn catches up with the group, and then moves to one side as if to pass the Gamamobile. Gamagoori turns with an irritated expression to look at them, muttering, "What nerve. This is a no-passing zone, does the driver not know basic driving laws-"

    Two men in helmets with visors down are standing up in the open-top car, levelling what appears to be assault rifles. They open fire immediately, and the side of Gamagoori's car is peppered with deep dents and pits. For airsoft pellets, those are hitting /hard/.

Ryuko Matoi (140) has posed:
    Ryuko hmms. He doesn't know that was her house, then. That's fine with her. Still.. "Ah. I see." She doesn't press the issue, and just looks out at the sunset, as they ride along the freeway, towards Honnouji, and the towering manmade island it sits atop. She tilts her head as she hears the horn, but she manages to duck down, into the roomy front seat, and behind the door. "W-What the hell!? Is that them!?" She asks Gamagoori, her hands covering her head. She can't transform like this, so hopefully he's got a plan!

Sagat (95) has posed:
"Knows them, probably," Sagat calls out over the combined roar of highway noise and gunfire, hunkering down to try and reduce his exposure to the latter. His success is minimal, but he brings an arm up to help cover his face against stray airsoft rounds. "Cares about them, probably *not*. Could you use a hand with these delusional miscreants, Upperclassman, or would you rather I stay buckled up as the law dictates?"

And no, he's not being sarcastic. ... Well, mostly not. Then again, the Automotive Airsoft Club broke the law first, probably - if that'll stand up as a defense. If anyone's going to *care*.

He's gathering his chi internally, either way; he'll probably need it for something.

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe says "I see so they teamed up to try and take you down. Man this is getting beyond high school poltical antics."

She notes she make sure she' sbucjled up and well what else can she doe for the moment.

"...We got company!"

Satsuki Kiryuin (430) has posed:
    Gamagoori confirms Ryuko's suspicion with a nod. "Given that they know they can't wear your Kamui, they've been targeting Two- and Three-Star Goku Uniforms." He stomps a foot down on the gas pedal, and then leans out, deploying one whip from his sleeve and whirling it into a defensive tapestry that manages to deflect... well, most of the bullets. "For the moment, please keep your seating. If they want to challenge my driving skills..." At the head of the crowd - for there is indeed a crowd, a dozen or so cars all told - drives a car whose driver appears to be wearing it, his head emerging from the hood. "WHAT'S THE MATTER, GAMAGOORI?! Do you really think you can escape Ryosuke Todoroki the Automotive Airsoft Club president in that old lemon, Disciplinary Chairman?!"

    Gamagoori smirks. "A challenge, then." And then he spins the steering wheel.

    This proves to be a bad idea.

    Oh, it seems to work at first. It throws the car into a spin, which forces the Automotive Airsoft cars to back off for their own safety, and Gamagoori laughs a confident, powerful laugh. But the laugh dies quickly when he realizes that he, ah, can't control the car anymore. "H-how can this be-?!"

    It's okay, though. There's a wall there on the side of the road to stop the car! CRUNCH.

Ryuko Matoi (140) has posed:
    Ryuko is suddenly pinned to the door of the car, as Gamagoori throws it into a spin. That's how fast it's spinning, even. "W-What the hell are you doin'!? Any amatuer knows that's what happens, when you spin the wheel like a madman!!" She bellows, over the sound of the tires screeching and the engine revving, on top of all those airsoft guns shooting up Gamagoori's ride. Thankfully, Ryuko doesn't GO anywhere, when the car slams into the wall.

She stands up, and growls, nearly hopping out of the car itself, ready to fight. "Okay, assholes.. Time to get stomped!"

Sagat (95) has posed:
"I'm surprised you lot managed to get new vehicles so quickly after the wrecks I left you in!!" Sagat roars back at Todoroki and his club members/henchmen. "What junkyard did you raid to patch those heaps together?!"

That's when Gamagoori takes his car into a devastating spin ... one which ends against the highway retaining wall, or whatever that is.

It hurts quite a lot, whether it's the driver's side or passenger's side that takes the brunt of the impact. But Sagat pushes through the pain, unbuckling his seatbelt and literally leaping out of the car. "Save a few for me if you would, Matoi," he grates, standing up straight and doffing his uniform jacket. "These fools are clearly even more foolish than I thought." His hands flex nearly into claws as he brings his arms up, hands held in front of his chest, sparks of yellow energy crackling between his palms ...


He makes a pushing motion, and a massive ball of focused chi erupts towards one of the AA vehicles.

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe sees the guys coming for htem and she only brought a sword along with her, this could be an issue she thinks. She looks to Gamagoori as the attackers come. However it's a challenge she hangs on as they go out of control and crunch. It takes her a moment to ... recove rbut she's crawling out of the car now blade in hand and looking for a fight.

"So ... come on you want some of this out of me?! You want some of it you pyschos!?"

Satsuki Kiryuin (430) has posed:
    "WE'RE THE AUTOMOTIVE AIRSOFT CLUB! No one in Japan can put a car back together as quickly as us!" That comes not from Todoroki, but one of the underlings.

    It just so happens to be his car that Sagat trashes with a blast of chi not long after. "DAMN YOUUUUUU, TORAJIMAAAAAA-!"

    A withering barrage of counterfire is unleashed, but without skipping a beat, Gamagoori takes a step to the fore, using himself to shield both Tomoe and Ryuko. "Three-Star Goku Uniform... SHACKLE REGALIA!" A flood of starburst sparkles envelops the Disciplinary Chairman, transforming his uniform into something entirely different. It's difficult to see with the bright headlights outlining it, but he almost looks as if he's been mummified, his arms bound to his body and several spikes sticking out from underneath the bandages at his shoulders. He's taking the majority of the airsoft fire by now, although some of it still gets past to the car. "Hahahaha, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's right, keep firing! Keep hitting me as hard as you can... it will only lead to your downfall!"

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe is not quite unarmed but she wonders if keeping her avatar as an ace in hole, she however is thabnkful for the cover from one of the elite four. This has made it a very odd battle, given they are not having to fight him today. She's quite glad about that. She now is looking for incoming hostiles with this point. She watches him as he's taking the hits and now cringes. However she's got to find an opening, and on some level it's odd. She's not the tank today.

Her blade dawn breaker is held with more skill that one might expect her to have, her stance is of no formal school however as she moves to deflect some airsoft rounds with the blade that get past Gammagoori.

"I need to be able to get close..."

Sagat (95) has posed:
When somebody starts LETTING themselves take damage, it's usually a really bad sign. Sagat clearly considers this his cue to step away from Gamagoori ...

And to start wrecking some more vehicles with his fists, not to mention elbows, knees, and feet. Like Tomoe said, there are some street fighters who demolish cars as a demonstration, and Sagat has been known to do that himself. Of course, normally the cars being demolished in that manner are unoccupied and stationary.

The fact that these have drivers and passengers and are in motion ... well, it really doesn't slow Sagat down. He's not QUITE strong enough to lift a car by the front bumper and flip it over, but a good Tiger Uppercut accomplishes the task well enough when he aims and times it right.

Ryuko Matoi (140) has posed:
    Ryuko just.. she's more interested in Gamagoori's transformation. It's.. uh.. Really something. She's quick to leap out and engage a few of the club members with the airsoft guns directly, kicking and punching them off the bridge, and into the bay below it.

Satsuki Kiryuin (430) has posed:
    The 'Automotive' part of the Automotive Airsoft Club is not stupid. What few cars that haven't stopped already, do so immediately when the Emperor of Muy Thai approaches. The Airsoft gunners are foolhardy enough to think that they'll be fine. They quickly learn the error of their ways when Sagat gets ahold of their cars - although in the meantime, Sagat will be taking Airsoft fire that hits hard enough to put dents in the side of a car.

    "There will be no need for that!" Gamagoori says in response to Tomoe's desire to get closer. "I can endure any pain, any hardship! In my third year of Junior High, I was powerless, helpless even as a Student Council President against the corrupt scum of my hometown. Even my classmates could kill another student and get away with it! But Satsuki Kiryuin changed that! As a mere first-year, she restored justice and removed the disgusting trash enabling that corruption once and for all! That was how I first met her, and after graduating I was willing to wait two years so that I might enter Honnouji Academy together with her! This Three-Star Uniform is PROOF OF THAT RESOLVE! Attempting to stop me with pain will only GIVE ME THE POWER TO WIN!!"

    The Shackle Regalia lights up for a second time, awash with sparkles a split second before it seems to explode.

    Whips, everywhere. Erupting outward with concrete-shattering, steel-rending force. The remaining Automotive Airsoft cars are simply shredded, exploding shortly thereafter, with Gamagoori merely standing hunched over in the aftermath of his uniform's second transformation.

    "Three-Star Goku Uniform... SCOURGE REGALIA."

Ryuko Matoi (140) has posed:
    Ryuko just mutters to herself, ".. This.. explains a lot.." She's not left with much to do, or people to fight, with the secondary transformation of Gamagoori's uniform taking out the bulk of the club's cars and many of their on-foot airsoft members.

Sagat (95) has posed:
This leaves Sagat with quite a few more bruises for his current collection, even though he's not stupid enough to just stand there OR to just walk towards each target when he's actively being shot at.

Then Gamagoori toggles his uniform mode from Shackle to Scourge, and suddenly, no more opposition.

One of those whips may have passed Sagat in the 'too close for comfort' range, since the Muay Thai fighter actually caught himself in the middle of either winding up or actually throwing a punch, and is now holding ABSOLUTELY still in the wake of Gamagoori's intensifying.

Tomoe has posed:
Sheena notes to Gamagoori.

"...Your a hell of a tank."

She's saying that with the utmost respect. She's still got her blade ready as shw watches the power that the upper clasman has. She's starting to get a bit of a better understanding of the mountain of a man. She looks at the the aftermath and lets out a low whistle.


Satsuki Kiryuin (430) has posed:
    After that, the trip back to Honnou Town is almost boring by comparison - the car is even still (barely) functional. Gamagoori is willing to see them as far as getting gas, and is careful to remind them that 'A picnic isn't over until you're safely home'. His last words, however, are for Ryuko herself, and rather than the calm and collected Disciplinary Chairman they've dealt with the entire way, he delivers them with the more forceful, challenging tone of one of Satsuki's Elite Four. "I'll see you at the Naturals Election, Matoi Ryuko. And I'll arrange a fitting stage for our battle."

Ryuko Matoi (140) has posed:
    At least, it's a less eventful ride. "Mm." Ryuko listens to his words, though, and she seems to take them to heart. "Don't worry.. Not gonna underestimate any of you, from now on. I'll be ready for it." She says in reply, meeting his own forceful declaration with one of her own. "And I'll win, too. Count on it." Her trip home is on her moped, which she'd put in the trunk of that huge car, and managed to keep safe during the fighting.

Sagat (95) has posed:
"Don't rule the rest of us out, Upperclassman," Sagat says as he gets out of the car. "But we'll see what happens when we get that far."

Probably the motorcycle he 'borrowed' from the Automotive (Airsoft) Club was left back at the Matoi ruins. Not like Sagat generally needs wheels to get around, though.

Tomoe has posed:
Tomoe is now moving toi put her blade away as none of the other ones are looking for trouble. She looks to him for a moment and nods a little bit. She gets that he wants to face Ryuko. However he wants it legit and on the level which is good in her mind.

"Yes, I'm not going to ever underestimate you Uperclassman."

Seriously the man has a will of pure iron.