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Admiral-like Counseling
Date of Scene: 14 April 2015
Location: Hikari Sea Port
Synopsis: Shigure seeks counseling from Nagato.
Cast of Characters: Nagato, Shigure

Nagato has posed:
    Evening time, the Admiralship known as Nagato is sitting at her desk with Atago nearby. Papers are being shuffled and the board dictating most of the oceanic area around Hikari is displayed prominently on the desk. It's when Atago pipes up from the already tense air, "Go easy on her, Nagato. She may not have been ready to accept command as readily as Nowaki."

    "That is the problem, Atago." Nagato retorts back, looking at her from the corner of her eye, "This new situation, the entire Multiverse. The entire fleet, every one of them, needs to be ready to take command." she shakes her head some, looking sternly at the door. "I'll go easy on her today."

Shigure has posed:
    Shigure rubs her upper arms, as if suffering from a chill as she walks down the corridor towards the Admirals Office. She bites her lower lip and glances at the other girls she passes, but averts her eyes quickly. She stops outside of the door, takes a deep breath to calm her nerves and reaches out.

    She hesitates before knocking, a lump forming in her throat that she struggles to swallow down. "Come on Shigure... You knew this would happen..." goading herself on, the destroyer swallows, then knocks firmly before reaching for the handle. "I'm coming in!" she calls out, before pushing the door open before she can chicken out again...

    This causes her to over do it, and stumble into the officer, flopping flat on her face as the door creaks open a little wider with the momentum.

Nagato has posed:
    Atago and Nagato look at the door firmly with the words being spoken, then the destroyer piling in face first into the ground. "Shigure!" comes the stern word from the Admiral. "Now now, Nagato~, be nice." A sigh comes from the battleship, looking towards the prone destroyer with a shake of her head. "You are aware of why I called you in? I offered you a chance at being a Flagship, no other destroyer has had that chance yet and yet... you decline?"

    Nagato stands up and walks around to the front of her desk, staring at the destroyer intently, "I do not know why you declined the offer, though Nowaki was gracious enough to take it instead and has given a good report." Atago moves up to pick up the destroyer with a pat upon the head before she speaks. "What the Admiral is trying to say, Shigure, is that she wants you and the rest of the girls to grow stronger and by leading a fleet, she can see where everyone is."

    Nagato gives a look towards Atago and lightly nods, "Mm. Atago is right. I do not do this to punish, I do this to flourish the girls. If a Flagship falls, we need another to step up to the point role and take over to prevent chaos and loss of the fleet."

Shigure has posed:
    Shigure pushes herself up, cheeks flushed brightly both from the fact she just made a fool of herself in front of the Admiral /and/ her Secretary ship, and the tone Nagato uses immediately afterward. When Atago comes over and pats her on the head, the Heavy Cruiser would be able to see tears welling up in those blue eyes.

    Lips quivering, Shigure tries to respond, but only manages to squeak out an "I'm Sorry."

Nagato has posed:
    Atago frowns a bit and leans down, pulling the Destroyer into a hug against her chest. "Now now, Shigure, no need to cry. Nagato's stern but she does this for the good of the Fleet." Nagato still has that stoic, stern look before looking down, "Shigure, I apologize for being harsh. I ask that you learn and when the opportunity presents itself once more, to embrace it and go after it." a pause, "You did well in the fleet report from Nowaki's notes. I look forward to seeing what you can do as a flagship next time."

    Nagato moves over and rubs Shigure's head lightly, "Go get some rest. I will have Mamiya bring a dessert to you. Please do heed my words, I expect great things from my girls, most of all my Destroyers."

Shigure has posed:
    Shigure sniffles, as she's hugged by Atago. She listens, and when able, looks up at Nagato. "I-I'm not strong like Yuudachi... or brave like Tenryuu and Kiso... I couldn't even save her." she says in a quiet voice as she reaches up to touch the little ornament in her hair.

    The destroyer sighs softly, and internalizes everything again with some visible effort. The mask goes back on, and she salutes the Battleship. "Understood, Admiral... this rain won't last forever." she says, before waiting to be dismissed.

Nagato has posed:
    And that's when everything comes crashing into Nagato like a wave. She looks at that ornament... "Shigure. Why did you not come to me earlier? You don't need to be strong like Yuudachi or..." psycho? "brave like Tenryuu and Kiso. You have your own qualities and that's what I'm looking for in a destroyer." she pauses a moment, the battleship showing a rare moment of compassion. "I will strike this off the record, Shigure. This will not exist concerning you and your record and... I would like you to visit with Atago some more when you're ready. Discuss what is going on with her and we'll overcome this like the fleet we are."

    "If there are no words left, you are dismissed Shigure."

Shigure has posed:
    Shigure nods, and without letting the mask slip again, salutes and turns to leave. It isn't until she's all the way back in her quarters, that she lets the mask fall away again, and she curls up in her bunk. "... Yamashiro..."