2026/Fresno Bob's Revenge! The Debut of Peter Quill.

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Fresno Bob's Revenge! The Debut of Peter Quill.
Date of Scene: 14 April 2015
Location: Void - Super Solar System
Synopsis: Peter Quill attempts to kidnap Ziggy Grover!
Cast of Characters: Kotone Yamakawa, 385, Ziggy Grover, 673, 751

Peter Quill (751) has posed:
Universe-199999, which some may know from the Earth of the same string of numbers. Peter's given Ziggy the coordinates of some backwater planet that vaguely gives the impression of being the Old West with aliens. The coordinates quite specifically lead to a bar that he himself is sitting in, though there are a few other aliens there of assorted species. Blue, purple, orange, those species!

He doesn't indicate that he's who's waiting for Ziggy, but he does wait to size this guy up.

Ziggy Grover has posed:
"Ziggy Grover, this is Burt Macklin, assistant secretary to the Multiversal Award Federation. You've won the Most Promising New Hero Award, and one million credits. Come get it at these coordinates!"

That had been the message he'd gotten. Naturally, of course, Ziggy was all eager to find out, even ignoring Dr. K's skeptical "I -really- do not think you've -won- anything, Ranger Series Operator Green. Certainly, no one in his right mind would -nominate- you..."

"Tenaya 7 would disagree with you!"

"I said -right mind-."

"Well, I'll go check it out. We -could- use a million credits..."

"Very well, but you'll be on your own, the other rangers can't afford to leave Corinth at this time."

"Got it, I'll keep comm open. Hey, you're not about to make one of those blooper recordings, are you?"

"Perish the thought."

And so here Ziggy Grover was, in civilian clothing consisting of a green t-shirt, leather jacket, and looking very much like a scarecrow that had seen better days. "Excuse me, I'm looking for Mr. Macklin...? Um... this doesn't seem like a place you'd hold a ceremony in. It looks... it looks like an old western bar."

Ziggy makes a gun gesture with his hand, before chuckling nervously. "Haha. You know, maybe I have the wrong coordinates..."

Rory White (673) has posed:
    Although Rolan's detected a 70 percent chance this random announcement was a hoax of some kind, Rory's just curious enough to go investigating. Is there actually an award for such things in the Multiverse? And what kind of organization would the 'Multiversal Award Federation' be?

    Space warps and ripples as the Cognizant Odyssey exits FTL transit, rapidly decelerating and entering geosynchronous orbit above the given coordinates. A thick beam then spears from the frigate-sized ship's underside...

    Down on the ground, in the middle of the street.

    The light fades quickly though... leaving a confused-looking girl with striking aqua-colored hair in white robes (or is that a labcoat) glancing left and right.

    One can almost SEE the question marks popping up over her head, here. ALMOST. "It's like that vid I watched a few weeks ago?"

    Likely completely out of place, she follows Ziggy's trail unintentionally, peeking her head through the door!

Peter Quill (751) has posed:
"Heeey buddy!" Peter stands up, music vaguely heard from the orange headphones around his neck as he heads over to the notably shorter and thinner man. He reaches out to touch his shoulder with a big smile on his face. "Now, don't freak out, but..." He reaches down and quickdraws his left blaster, aiming it at Ziggy's stomach but not firing. "Fresno Bob's paying pretty big for you, Slim. It's nothing personal. So let's head back to my ship, chill out for a while, then you can work out your issues with your friend."

Ziggy Grover has posed:
"Uhhhhhh..." Ziggy holds his hands up. "Fresno Bob, huh...? Did he, uh, tell you who and what you're dealing with...? I mean, I'm a -Power Ranger-, pal...! I'm one of the people who... are you even listening to me? What are you -doing-...? Auctioning me off? C'mon, if it's not Fresno Bob, it's going to be one of the other Cartel bosses... or maybe Venjix... although you know, Tenaya 7 was kind of upset the other day."

Keeping his hands up where Peter Quill can see them, Ziggy continues to prattle, long enough for Dr. K to be listening in and considering what to do.

"Very well," Dr. K responds, over Ziggy's communicator. "What did Fresno Bob offer?"

Peter Quill (751) has posed:
"15,000 credits. It's not the hardest job I've ever done. I think I should buy you a burger before I hand you off." Peter looks him over, then just shakes his head. "Hey, buddy, I don't know what -any- of that means. A Power Ranger? So, what, a cop on some planet? Guess I'll have to ask for more."

Ziggy Grover has posed:
"15,000 credits?" Dr. K's voice crackles over the comm. "Well, in that case, Ziggy... why don't you show him what a Power Ranger is?"

"Uh, Doc, he's got a gun -on- me. Like, at my stomach," Ziggy responds.

"Well that's no problem. He can hold the gun at your back, then, while you change."

"But... oh. Um. Okay. You don't mind, do you, mister.... whatever I should be calling you?" Ziggy inquires, keeping his hands up."

Peter Quill (751) has posed:
"Yeah, sure, do your thing. But no tricks." Peter agrees, shifting around to Ziggy's back to hold the gun to it instead. "Now, don't feel pressured just because I have a gun and an itchy trigger finger, but could you give me your consent to allow the people I sell you to kick your ass? It'll make them feel better."

Rory White (673) has posed:
    No doubt several of the other bargoers are giving Rory all kinds of WEIRD LOOKS, given she's leaning halfway into the building through the front door and... and...

    Yeah this place doesn't look like the sort of place she should be frequenting. It's dark. Weird. Crummy. And feels incredibly tense, what with that guy over there with the gun out...

    She's oddly not budging though! Just sort of frowning instead.

    All while deciding what to do. Try to help? Vacate? Decisions!

Ziggy Grover has posed:
"Uh... I don't -think- I should..."

"I approve," Dr. K's voice crackles.

"Hey!" Ziggy hollers.

"Dillon needs target practice," Dr. K responds, her voice flat and humorless. "Your terms are acceptable. Now demonstrate the morphing process, while I explain the procedure. On Ranger Green's left wrist, you will see a device."

Ziggy wags his left wrist, showing the morpher more clearly. "This is the Rev Morpher. Ranger Series Green needs to pull up the lever on it, while intoning the morphing call. Once he does that, he will activate the Ranger suit, which is comprised a nano-fiber intwined with intercellular sheet memory metal alloy..."

Right hand inching over slowly, Ziggy slides the lever up. "RPM, GET IN GEAR!"

"... and the process of morphing creates residual energy run off that is necessary to clear the suit's biofield channels..."


Peter Quill (751) has posed:
Peter's eyes widen. He's not exactly a scientist, but damned if he doesn't interpret what Dr. K just said well enough to reach behind his ear and activate his helmet, with the large red eyes. This protects his face right before the resulting explosion sends him flying right through the bar door and out on the street.

He's coughing as he puts his helmet down, waving smoke from his face. "What the -hell- man!"

Rory White (673) has posed:

    Thankfully Rory doesn't get her face smashed in because she backs OUT of the door and hops clumsily to the side, down onto her knees a mere MOMENT before Peter goes flying out into the street! Blink blink. "This... this is getting dangerous." Wouldn't be the first time an innocent investigation turned into a fight! So she's now looking around for coer, and decides to pick the building itself by ducking into an alley...

Peter Quill (751) has posed:
Peter finally agrees to re-enter the bar, holding his gun up while the right one remains holstered. He stays at the door, then nods to Ziggy. "Alright, so, your girlfriend can count to three."

Ziggy Grover has posed:
After a bit of banter that basically consisted of 'You get in here!' 'No, you come out here,', Ranger Green keeps his axe at ready (technically, he -didn't- have a pistol, since the pistol was now the axe).

"She is -not- my girlfriend"/"I AM -not- his girlfriend" stereo voices crackles over the comm.

"And that's my -suit-. It's for -work-," Ranger Green exclaims. "Anyway..."

"Ranger Green. One. Two. Three. And now can we dispense with the testosterone and discuss exactly what Fresno Bob has done?"

Peter Quill (751) has posed:
As soon as Ziggy moves to holster his gun, Peter seems to be doing the same. Then he immediately raises it to fire an electrical stun ray at Ziggy's stomach. A few, actually. Who knows how strong Power Rangers are? "Fresno Bob's this guy I heard about through the grapevine. He was looking for off-worlders to find Ziggy Grover and bring him back for the bounty. Now, I'm sorry about the whole immediately shooting thing, but he didn't say anything about you being a member of the Union."

He continues aiming his gun at Ziggy now. "I'm letting you go, but I need it in writing that no one broke any Multiverse laws here and this was all an unfortunate misunderstanding. And, hey, I even shot the stun half of my blaster at you!"

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone had heard about this place and was often looking for alien tech for X-COM or even herself. To day was looking stuff for Dr. Shen and the Doc to poke at. She hopefully would find something in one of the small dealers on this world right? However what she's come across is Ziggy of all people in a large bit of trouble with some guy she's only heard briefly over the radio. Or so she thinks and she tilts her head a little bit, a she pauses staring at the two for a moment. She just stands there watching the two her arms folded across her chest.

"Hey Ziggy."

Also of note, Kotone's not running with any wireless on as she's in an alien enviorment so she might be missed but Rory for a moment.

Rory White (673) has posed:
    "Will you two please knock it off?!" Rory emerges from the alley, lightly scowling in clear disapproval. "The locals probably don't appreciate their buildings being torn apart!"

Ziggy Grover has posed:
The power axe is being used to block and deflect shots, sparks flying with each ricochet. "Well, he probably doesn't -even- know about the Union! I mean, it's -one- city left in our world, and uh, Dr. K hasn't quite convinced him that he'd be better off leaving me be!"

"But we'll have words with Fresno Bob," Dr. K responds over the com.

"Hey, uh... I'm -not- the one firing shots here...! Look at him! Hey Ko...! You got android might, use it!"

Peter Quill (751) has posed:
"Alright, everyone calm down, since we have an understanding." Peter very carefully holsters his gun, then walks over to the bar to grab a napkin, and pulls a pen from his jacket. "We all want this to go away, and I'll probably pay Fresno Bob a visit myself. But I need something." He offers the pen and napkin to Ziggy. "Write 'I, Ziggy Grover, do not hold Peter Quill responsible for his actions. Including shooting me, trying to auction me off, or threatening to make moves on my girlfriend'. I need assurances that I won't have to look over my shoulder for the Union."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa is not going for any weapons it not making any hostile actions more than a glare. Then comes Rory, and that is a good point also wait Rory's here? She looks more than a little shocked however she turns face both PEter and Ziggy.

"So you boys having fun posturing like this? Or can we settle this without more of this?"

She's seriously wondering about the legal writing bit herself.

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
"Well, you DO look better without the mask," Yuna states - not on the radio any more, but out loud, from maybe half a block or so away from where the rest of you are. She's taken the precaution of transforming into her Light Suit already; on the one hand, that means she's protected in case of sudden violence, but on the other, she's ... well, her armor shows off her figure rather well.

And as she hears Quill trying to chat up the Borg, Yuna wonders if that's such a good thing - but, well, too late now. "You okay, Ziggy?" she asks the transformed Power Ranger as she gets close enough to talk without raising her voice; she waves to Rory and Kotone as well, since she recognizes them from assorted incidents around the Multiverse.

Ziggy Grover has posed:
"Uh... just so I get this straight... you're not Union, right?" Ranger Green can't quite keep up, as he automatically takes the pen, but hesitates on signing anything.

Glancing at the others, Ranger Green holds a hand up. "Do I -sign- anything that he tells me to, or... wait, what were the terms again? Explain this and why I need to sign this for the others here. Dr. K? Doc?"

There was no answer.

Peter Quill (751) has posed:
"You sign this so I can walk away scott free and we don't have to shoot each other. But mainly because if I have it written that I didn't do anything wrong to you, the Union have no reason to be pissed." Peter explains, then looks at the others, holding his hands out and nodding to them as if to say 'Right?'.

Rory White (673) has posed:
    By this point, Rory's just making an utterly disbelieving expression at the entire proceeding.

    Kotone's presence - when she spots her - DOES get her glancing that way and staring for a bit, questioningly! But there's an unspoken question in Rory's eyes. 'What the HECK IS GOING ON?!'

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa looks back to Rory with the simole meek looking reply for a second, I have no idea. She seriously has no idea what's going on here entirely as well. She Looks to Ziggy for a moment she looks to Peter for a moment. She's not union she has no idea, she tends to try to stay out of the mega faction's way.

"Well he has right to be concerned given what might be hidden in the contract."

She pauses as she has a moment of what the heck is she doing, she's also heard the borg bits and that well? Ya this is leaving her uneasy. Now Yuna showing up has an eyebrow raised a good deal here.

Rory White (673) has posed:
    Rory doesn't show too much surprise with Yuna dropping in too. Instead, still seeming rather frustrated, she pounds over to Ziggy and has a peek at the contract, as it's been called. "I don't see why you need to sign anything to establish proof of what happened. Especially when my logs completely contradict it. Why are you not just leaving? Do you not undersatnd what this man is trying to do?"

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
Yuna leans in to take a look at the contract as well; she usually lets her manager take care of legalese stuff, but since Ishikawa's not here, and Yuna wants to help her friend Ziggy, she can at least look for anything particularly glaringly wrong with the contract. "She - Rory, isn't it?" she asks, glancing at Rory for confirmation, then looking at Quill again. "She's right, you'd do better to just apologize, get a verbal agreement without details you could get called out on, and scoot before somebody decides an apology isn't going to cut it."

She pauses, standing back again. "You *DID* think to apologize, right?" she asks Quill somewhat pointedly. "If not, well, you probably should. Otherwise Ziggy doesn't get anything at all out of this, and that's not really a fair bargain."

Ziggy Grover has posed:
"Well, if they..." And then suddenly, there was a long stream of legalese, from Dr. K over the comm. "In short, you could have him sign it, but it would mean less than nothing with myself as a witness, and these others," Dr. K's voice crackles over the communicator, finally. "However, I will accept your word for it if you are -indeed- going to be paying Fresno Bob a visit. In fact, I should like to arrange a visit myself as well."

"Um... you heard the doc, guys." He offers Peter Quill the napkin back. "But I'll take the apology. Just, uh... don't be harsh on Fresno Bob, okay? He's got every right to be upset. He just, uh... can't know why."

Peter Quill (751) has posed:
"Alright, fine, I agree. I'll rough Fresno Bob up, and..." Peter holds a finger up. "Barkeep, get this kid a drink on me. I'm apologizing for being a bit of a dick." Then he offers a hand to Ziggy. "So, we good?"

Rory White (673) has posed:
    "This has been very confusing... I wish it had really been an awards organization! That would've made for so many interesting questions!" Rory complains, shaking her head.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa Would offer to read things but Ziggy's already getting help here. She is keeping an eye on this and well Leagalese makes kotone's head hurt, because seriously. She had enough of that with stuff related to her first cyberentic body. Either way she looks from Peter to Ziggy and just sighs she sees things are worked out now so she approaches a bit closer. She looks to Ziggy.

"So issues with Bob, still? You really need to do something about that Ziggy."

The she looks to peter and humms for a moment. Given the Foltilla's chatter about him she speaks up.

"I take it your a freelancer of sorts?"

She does wonder about a few thing and gives Rory a look that reads, no I don't even know. Kotone just doesn't know at this point.

"Man an awards trick? Really that's almost right out of some comedy movie."

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
Yuna looks back and forth at the rest of you, mostly between Ziggy and Quill. "Who's this 'Fresno Bob,' anyway ... ? - And Ziggy, are you sure you're okay?"

Ziggy Grover has posed:
"Oh no harm, done... well, other than my dignity," Ranger Green responds, as he taps at his morpher, the uniform blinking out and leaving behind a disheveled Ziggy Grover. "Er... Fresno Bob is the head of a Corinthian Cartel. He's kinda... upset with me. Don't worry about it." He makes a face at Rory. "Me too! It would have been -neat-. I could have shown them a thing or two."

Peter Quill (751) has posed:
"Fresno Bob said you were simple, so I didn't think I needed to put any real effort into the trap." Peter looks around, making a bit of a face as if to avoid directly saying that he really -didn't- need to in the end! "Go have your drink, Slim. I've got money to make. I'm sure you've all got a ride. I need to get to my ship before these locals start messing with it."

Yuna Kagurazaka (385) has posed:
"If you say so," Yuna nods to Ziggy. "Glad everything's okay, then." She smiles, bows politely to the rest of you, and heads for the warpgate. Her Light Suit 'disappears' as she goes, reverting to civilian clothes before she turns the corner and is lost to view.

Unless any of you follow her, then you get to see her head through the warpgate, wherever she's going.