2135/Yes, Hello, This Is Awkward ft Harry, Lily, Inga

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Yes, Hello, This Is Awkward ft Harry, Lily, Inga
Date of Scene: 01 May 2015
Location: Dresden's Apartment
Synopsis: Harry and Inga get a surprise when Miss Veiled Lily comes calling. Awwwwwwkwaaaaaard.
Cast of Characters: 206, Inga, 764

Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
    It is a quiet night in the Dresden residence. There's a scent of delivery pizza in the air. The room is warm but not stifling. Spring and Summer are springing up in Chicago, and Harry Dresden is sitting at his kitchen table, looking over bids on a new cottage.
    That was at least one thing he got to learn while working on the park's board. Who to go to for bids and how to determine proper pricing.
    A piece of pizza is in one hand, and he's going over documents nad proposals on the construction. He holds one architectural to his partner. "What do you think, Inga? I mean, it's not... too fairy tale. I've been trying to push that into some of their heads but they hear 'wizard and seer' and they jus want to Magic Kingdom this crap together."

Inga has posed:
Inga has been sitting with a drop spindle in hand, a pile of unspun wool to her side. She drafts and spins like a well oiled machine, the spindle endlessly spinning as deft fingers draw out the wool and twist it right, only stopping to wind the yarn once the spindle has run out of room and hits the floor.

Her eyes have gone distant, staring off into nothing as she watches things that cannot be seen by most. Glimpses of prophecies and memories, all twisting together like the yarn she spins, woven into a tapestry that is ever changing. She's frowning now, her brow drawn together as if in confusion.

When Harry speaks she startles, dropping the spindle in her surprise. She looks her him, blinking, eyes clearing as she dashes away whatever visions had been playing. "Hmm?" she asks, leaning forward to take a look at the plans. Her lips purse gently as she sifts through them a bit. Most don't even get a second look. She sorts through as if she knows exactly what she is looking for.

Which, of course, she does.

"This one," she says, passing the plans back over to Harry. It's just a little bit fairy tale. Just enough. Some solid viking influences in the architecture. Inga looks up to meet Harry's eyes to see what he thinks.

Veiled Lily (764) has posed:
Speaking of pizza delivery, there's a knock on the door.

Lily hasn't bothered to swap out of her normal Yu-Shan wear, having favored normally a pair of jeans and a shirt for when she's out visiting Harry or some other words, which makes her more like a college student. Her star-flecked eyes sparkle as she lounges on the door. No charms or anything magical about her aside from her latent aura as an Exalted, really. She did tell Harry she'd be over today too! Just not /when/.


Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
    Harry grumps as he holds up the sheets and bids. A bid by a Racine outfit that does some nice solid themed building work. It's not all the way out of the ballpark, but it is a price tag commensurate with a group having to tote materials around th Multiverse. Harry's hand rubs a the stubble at his chin, and he takes a bit of pizza, considering.

    "I might have to float this past my bank off of our Union stipends, but I'm pretty sure we can get this done." Money, always the issue.

    Knock knock. Harry's eyes blink a bit, and he grumps. "Uh, I didn't call for more pizza. Did you?" He shuffles over to the door, and hauls open the locks and the door and- and and and he coughs and stammers. There's no pizza to choke on at least. "Hnnnggg Hi... Lily."

Inga has posed:
"I still have some gold--and they Union pays me. Not...entirely sure how much, but I'm sure that it happens at least," she comments. Inga isn't very good with modern money. Barter? Wealth in terms of cows and sheep? That she can do. "We'll see it done. If not here...well, there's friends to help I'm sure, yes?" she asks with a smile.

The smile fades as she looks toward the door. Brows wrinkle thoughtfully. She picks up her spindle and sets it aside, shaking her head at Harry.

As far as premonitions go, it is a vague one. A fractured one. Jumping all over, no regard for linear time. Well, at least that isn't /exactly/ new.

She knows something is going to happen, and she has a bit of an idea what--due to visions of what she can assume are the past because they bloody well better not be the future.

Might explain the rather tense expression on her face as she stands, smoothing her skirt. She's dressed in a long black skirt and a sweater that might just look familiar to the woman at the door. "Greetings," she says from behind Harry--totally eclipsed by the giant blocking the doorway, stammering like a dullard.

Veiled Lily (764) has posed:
Lily's voice sounds like she might come from the Indian region to anyone that would look to place it, and it comes out thoughtfully as Lily stares past Harry at the woman behind him, and she gives a faint, soft laugh.

"Hello, Harry, dear. I see you've made a new friend! It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Veiled Lily In the Valley, or just Lily for short." She holds her hand out for a handshake, even, her starry-eyes dancing in amusement.

Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
    Harry coughs a little bit and shuffles to the side to let Lily in. It's not as if he of all people could stop her. But he's grmbling a bit to himself nervously. He's also going to let Inga introduce herself.
    He's busy heading over to put the kettle on the stove for more tea. He's going to need it at least.

Inga has posed:
Inga looks less than amused. She does take the offered hand however, because she cannot abide rudeness. "Lily, how nice to meet you. A friend of Harry's I see? I am Inga," she says, then looks to Harry. Glare. Don't be a coward, Dresden! "I'm Harry's partner," that's what he always says, anyway. "Come in and have some tea?"

Good hostess. Always.

Veiled Lily (764) has posed:
"Why thank you, I will."

Lily steps into the house, taking a swift look around. "Just the same as normal, eh Harry?" She calls down the right hallway into the kitchen. She's been to this house before. She also isn't saying a damn word about anything Inga is wearing. Maidens above no.

Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
    Weeelllllll not the same as normal. No. Inga's handiwork can be seen all over, little touches and extra witchy/seer bits and bobs here and there. Also a laundry basket with both of their clothes in it. She's obviously living here now.

    Harry 'Coward' Dresden comes back and smiles and claps his hands together.. and lets out a breath. "Yep. Partner. Freyjersdottir and Dresden. Well, that's gonna be the sign on Inga's new place out in Dun Realtei. Mostly hers in that place though." And the Wizard curls an arm around Inga's shoulders, looking slightly more resolute about this.
    Inwardly he's dying of worry but he can't let that show.

Inga has posed:
Indeed, it is actually fairly clear that a woman lives in the apartment. It's clean, for one.

Inga looks to Harry at his reappearance, raisig her eyebrows at him in silent communication. 'Gathered your bravery have we?' that gesture seems to remark.

She lets out an almost imperceptable sigh as he puts an arm around her. Well, then. She doesn't shove him away or resort to some desperate show of possessivenes.

That's for later.

Not unkindly, she smiles to Lily. "I can see you didn't expect me to be here. Perhaps I should leave to let you two speak...?" she asks, looking between them.

Veiled Lily (764) has posed:
"I'm glad Harry found someone else to take care of him." Lily says with a smile gracing her lips.

"I enjoyed living with him and helping him out but unfortuantely my duties mean I must go for... long periods of time. It is also not his fault that he probably never mentioned me, as I am... my world has many problems, and in my work for it, it has graced me with a fate that means I am very, very easy to forget." She glances around.

"I'm sorry for making this odd."

Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
    "No, totally not odd that uh. Exes show up from time to time." Harry scratches at his hair a bit and sighs. "I think the faeries stated throwing out your post it notes." He grumbles a bit, releasing Inga. "And no, this is sort of Lily's... thing, really. Dropping in on me like this. as much as I can remember of it."

Inga has posed:
Inga frowns gently. He didn't remember her! Suddenly, many things make more sense. "So that is why...when I look at you...I see," she says, then looks to Harry. Well, now this becomes more difficult. If he hadn't remembered, but now he did...well, maybe there was a great love there that now he's remembered.

Inga gulps.

At further explaination, she nods and turns. "I will get the tea..." she says, then reaches for her staff, taking it up before she moves off to the kitchen. They should have a little space to speak, at least.

Veiled Lily (764) has posed:
"Mm. If you see me -" Lily pauses at her phrasing. "A seeing? Are you a seer, or a forviewer, Inga? If so, I'm going to apologize, looking and seeing me like that is not... going to be very fun. Interesting, but probably not very fun."

She glances at Harry as Inga leaves, reaching out to grip his shoulder. "I'm glad, Harry. You need someone to help you out."

Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
    "Well it's not like..." But Lily's right. He sighs, and sits down on the couch. "She, ah. She spent a month here before we were together... making sure some damned hellgoop didn't turn me evil, poison my soul. Pulled it out of me and we... uh." He snorts.
    "We." A shrug. "I joke that she courted me, but well. Probably smething in the middle."

Inga has posed:
Inga pauses, nodding to Lily. "Yes, I am," she confirms. "It is....confusing...but I am somewhat used to it. Your...what I see around you...it is even more fractured and blurred than most people--and some, just...gone in smoke," she says quietly, then shakes her head. Strange. She wonders if they would forget all about this once she'd gone again?

She goes then to get the tea, let them talk a bit without her loomig (really, she's too short to loom anyway).

Veiled Lily (764) has posed:
Lily understands the shortness, Inga.

"It is... we are masters of Destiny, Sidereals are. You are probably seeing many different fates of the destinies we take on and off to affect the lives of Creation, my world." She explains to Inga quietly. "Masters of time, as well; I am not quite there, but I am quite able to make Fate itself think I'm elsewhere when I decide I don't want to be in a situation I'm in." She rubs her head, glancing at Harry.

"I'm glad, Harry, I really, truly am."

Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
    The wizard smiles, and... it's a real smile, one of the few ones he's got. "She saved me and well. Now she wears the pants. Skirts. Dresses. Something like that." Harry grins. No, he's never not going to be a dork about relationships. Not going to happen.

Inga has posed:
Inga would never put on a pair of pants. Never ever ever ever! Now way no how, Etc.

Veiled Lily (764) has posed:
"Yes, sounds about right in this house. It's the ladyfolk that have to wear it." Lily gives Harry a swift hug, smiling at him. "I won't encroach, but I'll be sure to visit, okay? You are a dear friend, through all of my destinies."

Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
    Harry blinks a bit. The hug catches him offguard and... there's a sudden rush of memories as Lily's body comes in contact. His head wobbles a little bit and he stammers quietly.

    But then it's gone and Harry is sitting there in his spot, murmuring. "Fae and exalts and Chosen and vampires. I'm not sure if I'm ever just going to find a nice normal girl, am I?"

Inga has posed:
Inga has puttered about in the kitchen for a little longer than strictly necessary, giving them some time. If she doesn't come back though, the tea will be cold. Can't have that. So, Inga returns with two cups of tea held in one hand, her staff in the other. Naturally, she walks in just as they are embracing.

Two cups of tea hit the floor, causing Inga to yelp. "Odin's bones!" she hisses, hot tea splashing up to hit her in the leg.

Going red in the face, Inga just turns around and goes right back into the kitchen.

Veiled Lily (764) has posed:
"I'll uh. Go sit in the. Living room for a minute." Lily says, staring after Inga. It was just a hug, woman!

She shuffles off though.

Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
    Harry sighs and shakes his head a bit, squeezing Lily's shoulder, before heading back in the direction of the kitchen. "Ingaaaaaa. It's fiiiiiiine. It's a hug, Inga."
    Viking mores be damned.

Inga has posed:
Inga is trying to mop tea out of her skirt, cursing under her breath.

She looks up when Harry walks in, blinking for a moment in apparent confusion. Then, she shakes her head. "Tch, you think I'm upset about that? No, it's that I dropped the be-damned tea and if I could not very well clean it up with any degree of grace--likely I'd have fallen on my face," she explains. Evidentally, she's more concerned with looking awkward.

She raised a brow at Harry. "You're mine Harry Dresden, I ken that well enough and so do you," she says, with a glimmer of amusement in her eye.

Inga heaves a sigh. "That was the good tea, too. Maybe we should just offer the whiskey instead."

Veiled Lily (764) has posed:
Veiled Lily is very politely not listening. She is not here. Ignore her. She is a spider on the wall. Tra la al.

Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
    Harry... well. He huffs and kneels down, getting one of the washclothes and gets to work sponging at the skirt. "Well, at least it's tea and not cranberry juice or something so that will come out easily enough." Not that Harry Dresden ever has to worry about blood stains on his clothes anymore.
    "Whiskey sounds okay though, yeah."

Inga has posed:
Inga smiles to Harry, nodding. "Least it's not blood," she comments. It often is. She's gone through too many clothes she's liked because she couldn't get the blood out!

Inga leans forward, kisses him quickly, then motions for him to get the whiskey. "You get it this time," she says, standing to go back out to Lily.

"I feel like make whiskey will be more appropriate today, mm?" she says, smiling anew.

Awkwardness, begone! Why doesn't she know that spell?

Veiled Lily (764) has posed:
"Now /that/ is a phrase I expect in this house." Lily says in regard to the whiskey.

"I am glad to see Harry happy, Inga. You make me smile. I may need a place to crash, speaking of which, but I'll never encroach. I promise."

Inga has posed:
Inga pours the whiskey once it is available with a snicker.

She blushes slightly at the mention of Harry happy. Is he? She likes to think so, certainly! "I ah...I try. He makes me quite happy as well," she says, passing the glass.

This is so incredibly awkward. It probably will not be the last time she meets an ex, either. Bloody man. She only regrets he'll never deal with any of hers. Seeing as she doesn't have any, and if she did they'd be dust by now.

"To...crash?" she asks. Clearly confused.

Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
    "'To Crash' means she wants to sleep on the couch tonight. Even though, again, I don't think I could stop you if i wanted to, Lily. But you've... always been a polite lady, I'm sure, as far as I can remember." Harry snorts a little bit, taking a sip of his whiskey and slumping against said couch.

    A look at Lily. "She's got this little spot on her side, you know, that makes her flich and twitch. That makes me happy." He then pokes Inga in that spot.

Inga has posed:
"Oooh," she replies, understanding now. Such strange expressions these days.

"I do n--hey!" she says, involuntarily flinching back and letting out an undignified giggle. She retaliates by lightly kicking him in the shin.

"The couch, alright. If you need more space for a bit...we can go to Du Realtai. Obviously the cottage is not built yet, but Sir Bedivere always has a room we can use at the keep," she offers. Three...might be a crowd? An akward crowd?