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Clash of the Green Rangers
Date of Scene: 10 May 2015
Location: Strait of the Americas
Synopsis: Discovering a blip in the Bio-Universal Field, Ziggy, Cory, and Peter Quill investigate, for different reasons.


Cast of Characters: Ziggy Grover, 751, 768, 776

Ziggy Grover has posed:
the Garage, in the domed city of Corinth:

"Ranger Series Operators, the Universal Bio-Field that activates your Operations suits have shown burst of activities. From my readings, there is at least one universe, splitting across at least twenty different eras, perhaps forty, that have shown up on my readings. One of them is giving me clear readings. My belief is that if we can now detect them, Venjix can as well. Ranger Series Operator Green..."

"Will it kill you to call me Ziggy?!"

"Ranger Series Operator Green, investigate."

Standing around in what is Angel Grove's Juice Bar, Ziggy is commisserating with a man behind the bar, who called himself Ernie. "It wouldn't -kill- her to call me by my name, would it? Am I asking too much? ... say, this smoothie's better than Flynn's. Can I hit you up for another one...?"

Peter Quill (751) has posed:
Peter hardly needs a reason to be anywhere. He heard there was a bounty on something called Power Coins. He has no idea what the hell a Power Coin is, and he's checked every pawn shop he can find in this city. So he walks into the Youth Center/Juice Bar and takes a seat at the stool. "This place is colorful." Before he looks over at Ziggy, raising an eyebrow. "Oh hey, it's Slim! I'll have what he's having."

Tommy Oliver (776) has posed:
Ernie's Youth Center and Juice Bar. What a grand place that exists to supply everyone with delicious beverages and a central location from which to hang out and be friendly. Or at least just, y'know, be. Hey, the important thing is that this place keeps Teenagers With Attitude from getting into trouble.

Speaking of Teenagers With Attitude...

Tommy Oliver, clad in a pair of jeans and a sleeveless green tank top, wanders right into the Youth Center (and Juice Bar!) with all the swagger of someone that spends way too much time here. He's got a black and green duffle bag hanging off one shoulder and his long dark brown hair is down to his shoulders. He hasn't earned the right to wear a pony tail yet. There's a weird green flavored 'watch' on the wrist of the hand he uses to give a wave in Ernie's direction. "Hey Ernie!" as he wanders past the random patrons and off in the direction of where the gym (how they manage to fit all this equipment in here) section is.

He may or may not take a moment to smile at a girl in pink on the balance beam. So smooth.

Cory (768) has posed:
    With one Union Elite dispatched to investigate weird events, another's decided to play backup just in case things get Weird.

    Ziggy might be in trouble if for any reason he has to rely on the girl who shows up at the Youth Center though. Cory's shed her gi in favor of a blue shirt and red skirt. Not exactly typical wear for the local culture but the advantage of this attire is being able to keep her tail hidden under the latter, wrapped around her waist.

    She strolls on in with the WILDEST GRIN on display - exploring the Multiverse and seeing different worlds is a good thing!


Ziggy Grover has posed:
Oh, exploring the multiverse is fantastic, if you were taking in the sights.

God knows, the girl in pink is certainly worth watching.

"Sure thing, pal!" Ernie responds, as he whips up another strawberry banana smoothie.

Waving a hand around lackadasically, Ziggy regards the newcomers. He might not quite look at the girl in blue and red so favorably if he'd even been aware that Dr. K had called her in to help out -just- in case. It wasn't as though there was going to be an infestation of grinders or anything, would there?

Distracted as he was, Ziggy yelps when Peter Quill speaks up next to him, immmediately leaping off the stool, hands up in immediate 'Don't hurt me, I didn't do anything' reflex.

Old habits died hard.

"Oh, it's you," Ziggy sighs, adjusting his leather jacket, and looking at Peter with a grin, one that quickly turns into a suspicious glare. "You're not here to drag me to Fresno Bob, are you? I thought Doc sent you back to him to collect a... you know, whatever it is you bounty hunters do. Wipe up messes?" He makes cleaning gestures with his hands, just to illustrate the point.

Peter Quill (751) has posed:
"Eh, I'm done with Fresno Bob." Peter waves a hand dismissively, waiting for his smoothie. "Also, I'm an outlaw, not a bounty hunter, there's a difference. But I am here hunting a bounty." He rolls around in his stool to lean his back against the counter, looking around, nodding to Tommy once. "Actually, I'm looking for something called Power Coins. No idea what they are, but there's a bounty for them. I was told that they're here somewhere, but I haven't seen any in pawn shops or anything. No idea where to look or even what they look like or do."

Tommy Oliver (776) has posed:
Tommy drops his duffle bag over near a bench before turning and heading off in the direction of the actual juice bar. His hair doesn't really move as he strides over and takes a seat on one of the stools that's near the more vocal gathered parties. There's only a quick eyebrow raised at Peter's get up. "Heh. Cool costume, man." Tommy offers with a friendly tone. He's raising a hand to order a drink for the E-Man when his ear latches onto Peter's words and Power Coin talk.

Initiate Pensive Frown.

It takes Tommy a moment to shake off hearing this chatter and he plasters on his innocent Teenager With Attitude smile that is designed to make him seem like the least likely to know anything about any Power Coins. "Hey Ern. Whenever you get a second, I'll take a Mango Recharge Smoothie. Double up on the Energy Shots. Got a long workout ahead." Tommy lingers on his stool, just in case more Power Coin chatter develops. He's not eavesdropping! Honest!

Cory (768) has posed:
    "Juice Bar, huh." Cory is easily distracted by the premise of food and drink, and beelines for the menu to glance it over. But seeing nothing quite like what she's used to she just scratches at a temple and sets it down again. Maybe later?

    Gotta remember not to get carried away ordering food in public. Gotta remember!

    So instead she ends up wandering over peter's way just as Tommy's ordering. She takes one good look, then another... "What's with the costume? This is a gym, not a movie set."

Ziggy Grover has posed:
Ziggy's expression is that of blank know-nothing. Which, come to think of it, isn't all that different from his normal expression. "What's a power coin?"

Taking his smoothie and slurping it, Ziggy closes his eyes, letting a sigh of contentment escape his liups. "Ahhh. Good." Opening his eyes, Ziggy blinks at the appearance of the girl in blue and red so suddenly. "Oh, well... juice bar. He's here becausse... uh, he needs money." It'll do, at least.

Peter Quill (751) has posed:
"I thought I just said I didn't know? Keep up!" Peter raises a hand to slap Ziggy in the back, then turns around when his smoothie arrives, leaning in to take a zip of his as well. "A movie about space. Practicing my lines, he's helping." he confirms, nodding in Tommy in acceptance of the compliment before turning back to Ziggy. "All I know is, I'll get at least a million credits for one. I might try antique shops next."

Tommy Oliver (776) has posed:
Tommy turns to lean back against the counter whilst awaiting such delicious smoothieness to be created. He keeps his face as innocent and friendly as possible because he doesn't need to be perceived as a possible threat or even noticed. The best way to hide is in plain sight or something, right? He is definitely attempting to do anything but draw attention to himself.

"Hey! Loser!"

Tommy's eyes immediately roll as he hears the voice of one half a pair of royal pains: Bulk. The rotund bully has made his presence known at the entrance of the Youth Center, leather jacket and bandana worn for full on thug representation. His lanky and gum smacking life counterpartner, Skull, is right behind him.

Tommy turns just slightly to see that his daily fears have been realized. He's already preparing to mount a verbal defense when he notices that both Bulk and Skull have decided to not to bug their usual target this time. Nope. It seems that the duo are swagger stomping their way in the direction of the loser reject from Space Mountain.

"Hey! He's talkin' to you, Captain Jerk!" Skull pops his gum to further make their presence known.

Bulk frowns and turns to look at Skull. "Did you just make a Star Trek reference?"

"What? I like Star Trek. To boldly go--"

"Not the time, Skull!" Bulk closes his eyes to try and get back into his intimidation presence. It probably doesn't work out too well. Either way, feel threatened, Peter. Bulk & Skull are IN YOUR FACE.

Cory (768) has posed:
    "O-ohh... what's the title? I love spaceship movies! Whooosh and zap all over the place!" Cory goes up on her tip-toes, fists clenched from sheer enthusiasm!

    Although she quickly side-steps to give the others some space, realizing how close she's gotten to them. "Haha, woops. 'scuse me..."

Ziggy Grover has posed:
"Oh well. A power coin. Wonder if it's the same thing Dr. K sent me here to check out," Ziggy muses. "A bio-universale energy field."

Looking towards Cory, Ziggy frowns, looking back at Tommy and the others. "Er, sorry, we're visiting, from out of town. Just investigating, you know... strange incidents in this town. Know anything...?"

Any further rumination is interrupted by Bulk and Skull's arrival, forcing Ziggy to immediately move out of their way. No, definitely not into trouble. Besides, Peter Quill could handle himself. A whisper to Tommy, who seems to know what's going on. "Who're they?"

Peter Quill (751) has posed:
"Wow, 80s movie bullies! This place is awesome!" Peter stands up, in his full, incredibly tall glory, then stares down at Bulk and Skull. "Alright, let's head over to Cobra Kai and do some karate at each other!" He does a few mock martial arts moves, holding his hands up as if he's ready to karate chop.

He asides to Cory, "Space Invaders, by Stanley Kubrick." But his attention is quickly back on Ziggy, even though he's still in his karate chopping stance. "Ask your girlfriend to point me at that bio field thing. Sounds like a lead to me."

Boy, this sure is a convincing science fiction rehearsal!

Tommy Oliver (776) has posed:
"That's Bulk." Tommy says, with a point to the big one. "And that's Skull." Tommy points right off in the direction of the skinny one. "They're... friends of mine." Either way, Tommy sounds like he's not really wanting to admit that he knows either of them but this is probably going to go from bad to worse. He can see that the costumed individual (that is hunting down Power Coins!) is ready to do harm to his semi-friends and he can't let that happen.

It's in his contract, okay?

Tommy pushes off his stool and away from the counter, taking a spin step to plant him right between Bulk and Skull. The two of which are in the process of looking slightly worried about what they may have gotten themselves into. Okay, well, Bulk is trying to stand his ground but Skull is tugging on his leather jacket to see if he can't make Bulk reconsider. It's a very visible song and dance that probably won't end well.

"Ha! Karate! Who needs Karate when you've got these guns?!" Bulk... is flexing... what is definitely not muscle. Skull feels the need to back him up, "Bang! Bang!"

Tommy can't take it anymore and slides an arm around both Bulk and Skull. "Heh, uh, guys? You might want to put those away before somebody gets hurt, alright? What do you guys, think? Smoothies all around? My treat?" Tommy initiates Peacekeeping Sequence.

"Get lost, dweeb!"

"Yeah! Get lost!"


Peter Quill (751) has posed:
"I was so sure this would turn into a tournament to figure out who the coolest guy is." Peter entirely ignores the fact that he's over 30 and is making fun of teenagers. Then he motions to Tommy, his demeanor relaxing a bit. "Hey, Hair, anything weird ever happen around here? You seem like you know the place." Then, suddenly, it hits him. "I guess we -could- have a karate fight, and I won't fight these guys for getting on my bad side... You seem like a tough guy." He may or may not be dicking around and assuming that this is 80s Movie World.

Ziggy Grover has posed:
"She's not my girlfriend, pal. Just -really- bossy," Ziggy responds, holding his hands up and waving them in a 'hold it! No way' gesture. "Besides, they're just a bunch of bullies. They don't know what they're in for." Slurping his smoothie, Ziggy tilts his head at Cory. "Don't suppose you know anything about this area?"

Cory (768) has posed:
    "uh?" Seeing the two comical bullies and the interplay next to the guy wearing what does not AT ALL strike her as a Space Costume (she's seen too many real ones to fall for that!) filsl Cory with a spark of bewilderment. Just what's going on her that this Dr. K wanted her to keep an eye on?

    Who knows.

    But she's suddenly addressed. With the look of surprise seen only on those who've been jostled out of deep thoughts she whirls in place to face Ziggy... "Nope. Just was passing through. Never seen a combination of a gym and bar of any kind, juice or otherwise."

Tommy Oliver (776) has posed:
"Nope. Nothin' weird that I've ever seen. Just plain old boring Angel Grove." Tommy keeps his smile up as if that's going to keep this from turning into a fight. He really doesn't want to have to school this old dude. "Right, guys?"

Tommy's arms have been shrugged off by Bulk and Skull by now. The two bullies have already decided to move it along. However, they don't get the opportunity to walk away due to the fact that questions are being asked about the weird and unusual. And the dweeb in green isn't even going to be honest?!

"Whoa whoa! Don't listen to this nerd. You wanna' know about the weird happenings that go on around here? Then you've come to the right place." Bulk flashes a grin. Skull just looks at him like he's lost his mind. "Bulk & Skull. Your Official Tour Guides to the Power Rangers." Bulk elbows Skull and extends a hand towards Peter. "Huh? Oh yeah! Yeah, Power Ranger Tour Guides! That's us!" Skull extends a hand, as well.

Bulk continues, "Allow us, Bulk & Skull, to take you on a trip through all of Angel Grove to learn everything there is to know about the Power Rangers! For the low low price of... how much you got?"

Tommy facepalms.

Peter Quill (751) has posed:
Peter thankfully converted some credits into dollars, as is typical for places that don't necessarily know about Multiverse weirdness yet. Then he pulls two ten dollar bills from his jacket and holds one out to each of the two. "Alright, Power Rangers..." He looks over at Ziggy at that. He has no idea if this guy has a secret identity, but he at least doesn't out it. "Tell me everything you know. Ziggy, get over here so your girlfriend can hear." Of course, since no one can -see- Dr. K, this could easily be interpreted as meaning Cory.

Ziggy Grover has posed:
"Power Rangers, huh...?" Now Ziggy perks up. "There're Power Rangers here? What're they like...?"

Canting his head, Ziggy blinks. "You kidding? She doesn't even -use- my name. I mean, what kind of person doesn't use my name?" Turning to Cory, Ziggy implores, "ZIGGY. Is that so -hard- to use?"

Cory (768) has posed:
    It could indeed mean Cory. Of course she has no idea what Ziggy's story here is supposed to be so she does indeed react by turning about once more and blinking at him, gaze full of question. She's SO not good at being covert past a point. "Power whats?"

    Well, of course someone traveling from another city might have nooooo idea...

    If they're sheltered. Maybe.

Tommy Oliver (776) has posed:
Bulk and Skull snatch their ten dollar bills and immediately go into chatterbox mode.

"The Power Rangers are a group of colorful dudes that fight the random monster things that show up here every week." Bulk explains this while staring at his money. "Skull and I help them out whenever we find the time in our busy schedules."

Skull pipes up, "Yeah! They save our butts all the time!"

Bulk frowns and turns to Skull. "He doesn't need to know /that/!"

"He said tell him everything we know!"

So while Bulk and Skull argue about how much information is worth ten bucks a piece, Tommy just kind of quiets back down in his seat. His smoothie is finally ready and he proceeds to sip at it. His eyes are only slightly worried because this is going downhill pretty fast. There really is no way for him to interfere with this divulgence of information without looking suspicious. So. He'll just have to keep drinking this smoothie!

"What, you gonna' tell him who they really are, next?!"

"Maybe for another fifty bucks!"

"You don't even know who they are!"

"Yeah, but /he/ doesn't know that!"

Peter Quill (751) has posed:
"I think I've got all the information I need. I'll see if the Power Rangers can lead me to Power Coins. Slim, come on. Hair, you can come too. You two, I'd stay out of it if you don't wanna get into some serious trouble." He already starts heading out of the Juice Bar, after leaving a twenty under his glass and chugging down the rest.

Who knows what he's about to do, but he's heading in the direction of the park.

Ziggy Grover has posed:
Ziggy, meanwhile, is still lamenting. "I tell you, it's not -that- difficult to use my name. ZIGGY. Why is..."

A gloved hand comes out and grabs Ziggy by the collar. "I said come on, Slim. Discuss that with your girlfriend later."


Off Ziggy goes, shoved ahead by Peter Quill, leaving his smoothie behind, with Ernie shaking his head. "Kids today."

Cory (768) has posed:
    With this boggling development taking place in front of her, Cory just sort of gapes. A rumbly, unhappy snort-like noise is all she gets out before offering Tommy a rather helpless shrug and heading on out after the others...

Tommy Oliver (776) has posed:
"No refunds!"

Bulk and Skull snicker with each other as they watch Peter and Ziggy make with the quick exiting. Of course, it is then that the two fo them decide to plot on how to acquire that other twenty dollars that is on the counter. Ernie's watching them like a hawk though. A hawk!

"Ugh." Tommy sets his smoothie down and tosses a couple more dollars onto the counter. "I gotta' run, Ernie. I'll catch up with you later." Tommy hops off his stool and moves with the quickness to grab his duffle bag and get on with his own disappearance out of the door. His sudden movements, though, cause the Dastardly Duo to spin 'round and 'round, dizzifying them in the process. Bulk and Skull collide head first with each other before falling onto the counter and getting smoothies all over their faces.

Bulk reaches out for the twenty but Ernie's fingers are too fast.

Random patrons of the Youth Center and Juice Bar laugh at the messy plight of Bulk & Skull as this location is no longer important.

Peter Quill (751) has posed:
Once they arrive at the park, Peter releases Ziggy, then very quickly draws both of his blasters. He aims one at Ziggy, and one at the sky. "Now, don't be alarmed, but I need you for a hostage. You're a Power Ranger, so you'll be bait for -other- Power Rangers. And don't do that transforming thing, I'm hip to it now!"

With that said, he aims the blaster in his free hand up at the sky, then just starts to fire it. "They'll get the message and come eventually."

Ziggy Grover has posed:
The park was a perfectly -nice- place, but...

"I'm not seeing anything. It just seems like a nice ordinary..."

Hands go up, as Ziggy winces. "Aw man, -not- again. Didn't I already tell you how allergic I am to getting blasters pointed at me? They make me get rashes in unmentionable places, and I don't think -kids- today need to have it pointed out that their heroes -get- rashes like anyone else, so... you sure this is really gonna bring out -anyone-...? I mean, what if a bunch of grinders come along...?"

Cory (768) has posed:
    A rather strange noise comes from one of the nearby bushes. A weird *blip-hiss-crackle*!

    It lasts for only a brief second, then....


    A base-ball sized glowing SOMETHING comes flying out of the bushes, searing through leaves on its collision course with the side of Peter's threatening weaponry!

    Well, the one aimed at Ziggy, that is.

    It's not particularly powerful, and may not do more than singe it, damage-wise. The main thing it will do is -knock it and the arm- COMPLETELY out of alignment, if the gambit succeeds.

    Maybe even knock it out of Peter's hands...

Tommy Oliver (776) has posed:
Tommy is in a brisk run himself. He comes up to the park a bit after the other shenanigans have begun and he drops his duffle bag, ducking behind some bushes to keep a close eye on what's going down. He can't exactly make out what's being said since he lacks super hearing but he can see that there's blasters being pointed at what is probably an innocent dude from the Juice Bar.

"Not cool." Tommy brings his wrist up and activates his communicator. "Zordon, this is Tommy. There's trouble in The Park. Checkin' it out. Standby." Tommy turns his attention back to what is going on over there.

SMASH CUT TO: Command Center

"Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi!" Alpha 5 waddles over towards the Viewing Globe as a visual of The Park appears within what is essentially a knockoff crystal ball. The picture is hazy but it certainly looks like Peter Quill is intending to blast Ziggy to pieces.

"Hmmmmm." Zordon looks as pensive as a floating head can look. Alpha 5 flails his robot arms.

"Whoa." Tommy, who is hiding behind DIFFERENT BUSHES BY THE WAY, watches the sudden explosion of something powerful come sailing out of some other BUSHES and his eyes go a bit wide. "Unreal." Not that he's shocked by any of this but still. Things are getting out of hand pretty quickly. He doesn't make a move to intercede. Not yet. It's not like Rita's involved, right?

Peter Quill (751) has posed:
"Seriously, Power Rangers fight Italian food?" Peter asks, interpreting 'grinders' completely differently than intended. And then his blaster aimed at Ziggy goes flying out of his hand, which he shakes at the sudden stinging pain. "Ow, hey, come on!" He aims his remaining blaster at the bushes where the ball came from, firing what seems to be a glorified lightning bolt from the bottom half of his blaster. It's just a stun blast, thankfully!

In the meantime, he tries to kick Ziggy in the butt just in case he gets the idea to morph. If he's going to morph then Peter doesn't want to be in range of the explosion!

Ziggy Grover has posed:
"Italian food? Not -that- kind of grinder!" Ziggy exclaims. Hey, Fresno Bob frequented Italian restaurants, he knows thereof of what was Italian food.

The blaster has Ziggy disoriented. "Huh?"

Oh hell... and assisted with the butt-kick, Ziggy staggers forwards, then spins around. "We're being fired on...!"

An arm goes up, as Ziggy brings his hand to his morpher, then shifts the lever upwards.


One morphing sequence later...

"Okay, whoever you are, I'm going to find you...!" Bringing out the pistol, which switches to an axe, Ranger Green goes diving in to the bush, slashing with that axe!

Cory (768) has posed:
    "GHHHZYOW!" Cory did her usual thing when faced with something flying at her: Try and deflect it with a palm slap.

    This doesn't work out well at ALL however. The bolt smacks her arm, goes coursing through her muscles and nerves and--

    "OOFRGH--" THUMP! The Saiyan girl comes tumbling out of the bushes, smashing face-first into the ground with all her limbs twitching weirdly.

    Yes, ALL. The skirt rides up high and SPROING, her furry monkey tail pushes up into the air like an ANTENNA!

Tommy Oliver (776) has posed:
Tommy just stares. There's too much going on right now to try and keep up with. People with tails are showing up out of nowhere. That one dude turned into what looks like a Ranger. And then the costumed dude is actually shoowing blasters (that work!) at people. This is too much and someone's going to have to get to the bottom of this.

Tommy gets to his feet, cleverly keeping himself behind the trees to protect his identity. Not because he's actively trying to do that. The Park's design just kind of helps out with that. He turns and looks at a wall that doesn't exist, one hand going behind his back. "It's Morphin' Time!"

Access to the Morphin' Grid is granted and Tommy's Power Morpher is held out in front of him. "Dragonzord!" No cool and expensive explosions of punctuation. In fact, the only thing that happens is that now standing where Tommy once was is a green clad POWER RANGER... with bonus GOLDEN SHIELD of Awesome.

"Time to find out what all the fuss is about." The Green Ranger's helmet bobs to the left as his voice can be heard. "Sik-haaaaa!" And there's a mighty and incredible leap that takes the Green Ranger into the air. He somersaults way over the trees of identity protection and drops down on the other side and right near where all this violent hub-bub is happening. This probably happens in slow enough motion that his presence can be seen as he lands with POWER and grace.

"Hey!" Green Ranger clenches a fist, looking in everyone else's direction. "You guys lost? Because I'm more than willing to show you the way outta' town!"

Fangirls, you may now squeal.

Peter Quill (751) has posed:
Peter quickly dives, rolls for his other blaster, then rises back up to his feet, aiming at both Green Rangers, since Cory is down. "Alright, calm your spandex. I'm guessing Ranger Pratfall doesn't know a thing about anything. But I'm guessing -you're- one of the local Rangers, because you don't look like you're wearing a car."

He seems more than ready to fire one either one of them, even though Ziggy is running. "I don't know what a Power Coin is, but I'm guessing, because of my Sherlock Holmes-like deduction skills, that it has something to do with POWER Rangers. I'll get paid a million dollars each for one of them. So you can start by telling me what they are and where to find them, and I won't shoot! This sounds like a pretty generous offer."

Ziggy Grover has posed:
Ziggy was, of course, running after where the blaster was aimed, so when the monkey-girl bursts out of the bushes, Ranger Green skiiids to a stop, sending blades of glass flying.

Head swivelling to follow Cory's track through the air, Ranger Green straightens himself up to a properly heroic pose, legs apart, hands on hips. "Okay! So now that we've established that there's a -Power Ranger- and an -animal villain- to fight, we're going to have a superhero team-up, right...? You know, I don't like hitting ladies, but on the other hand, the one lady villain I know can kick my ass if I don't keep moving, and it usually takes all of us to deal with her, but that's okay, that's part of the -deal-, right? I can live with that. Time to play the lullaby, and say good night! Because... hey, Quill, I'm trying to have a hero monologue here. Worry about your money -after- we finish the fight!"

Cory (768) has posed:
    "Animal themed villain?" Cory's struggling to rise. Whatever that bolt did really gave her nerves a good zap. But she shuffles a knee under her gut despite misfiring muscles and protesting flesh.

    Although it's a shakey ascent, this might be the quickest anyone's recovered from such a thing in plain view. Cory grumbles something to herself, but then...

    THEN she rolls up her sleeves, revealing lots of blue armbands snugly fitted around her arms. She slides them all off witht he other hand...

    Each one that topples to the ground hits with a THUMP big enough to dent the earth.

    She proceeds to rid the other arm of similar accessories - a total of six each. Then she reaches inside her shirt! Despite what it looks like she's not undressing! Nope... after quickly futzing with something she pulls out two long belts, dangles them out in front of her and drops them like a rock.

    They HIT like a rock too. It kicks up a clump of grass and some dust.

    Geeze, how much do those things weigh? Why would anyone be wearing them to begin with?

    "Get this straight, green tights guy! ... The first one. I'm your -bodyguard- for this stupid mission!"

    The young woman's now gritting her teeth rather fiercely, a look of pure rage boiling up for both Peter Quill -and- Ranger Series Green. A seemingly sourceless wind sends her hair and clothes wildly ruffling...

    Then she gets a good look at the OTHER Green Ranger and some of that rage dwindles down in favor of awe. "--Ooooh. He's got good moves!"

Tommy Oliver (776) has posed:
The REAL Green Ranger doesn't seem to be too worried about what's going on. Not that anyone can actually see his face thanks to that POWER HELMET of protection. He stands confidently in his spot and just listens to the bad monologue and the bad threat that's coming in his direction.

"Hate to break it to you but the Power Coins aren't going anywhere." Green Ranger even reaches down to pat his morpher belt buckle as if to show just how close Quill is going to have to get if he wants the Power Coin. "You can tell Rita if she wants it back, she can come get it herself! H'yah!"

Another super leap of justice becomes the method of transport as the Green Ranger takes to the skies. Again. Because for some reason that's the best method of travel that works for Power Rangers. His Dragon Dagger is yanked out as he descends and he aims a quick blast of green lightning in the direction of both Quill and Ranger Green. Some lingering strikes may hit the ground near Cory if she gets too close to the others but he's not aiming for her. Not yet, anyway.

Oh, the Green Ranger also finally lands back down on the ground because that's how long it takes Power Rangers to leap. Sheesh.

"Uh, Zordon? I think Rita's gone green again. How many Power Coins does she have?!"

Peter Quill (751) has posed:
"Oh wow, now I know what a Power Coin is. Thanks for the information! Ziggy, stay out of the way!" Peter actually used his name this time! Then charges forward, aiming both blasters as he fires his stun bolts of concentrated electrical energy. "I mean you really should have thought that through. What do you think you are, a super badass who can just wave around the thing I want and then kick the crap out of me when I try to get it?"

Ziggy Grover has posed:
Striking a dramatic pose with the axe, Ziggy brandishes. "Come on, I'm going to show you that..." Wait, huh?

At Cory's words, Ranger Green seems to slump his shoulders a bit. "What? A bodyguard? But I don't have... Aw man, Doc contacted the Union and asked for one?"

And then a pause. "Wait, wait, are we fighting Power Rangers? Did we slip into an universe where Power Rangers are evil...?"

Waving his axe, Ziggy calls out, "Hey, wait for me...!"

With a tremendous leap, Ziggy jumps up and brings his axe down where the Green Ranger is. "Well in that case, let's roll...!"

Cory (768) has posed:
    With this seemingly turning into a weird 3-way battle at the drop of a hat, Cory's rage dissipates utterly. ZIGGY DID NOT KNOW?!

    Great so it's even MORE chaotic than before. She slaps a hand to her forehead, but while doing so manuevers her tail back under the skirt and firmly around her body.

    It's a seemingly pointless 3-way battle, but a hot-blooded and yelly one! "oh whatever. I'm joining in!"

    Moments later... Cory's foot is going right for Peter's derriere from BEHIND!

    Anyone who was watching her observe will likely be surprised to find that the Cory there just fades out, courtesy of EXTREME SPEED.

Tommy Oliver (776) has posed:
The Green Ranger doesn't seem to stop moving. He's got multiple opponents to deal with so his movements are at incredible speeds. Stun bolts are sent in his direction, but a corkscrew leap over them allows him just a moment to pose dramatically and with just a bit of stylish flare. His helmet turns towards Quill, "Uh? /Duh/."

Instincts pick up on the Ranger Green (of Evil!!) that's headed towards him and he turns right towards him, swinging his Dragon Dagger up and catching the axe that's headed straight for him. "Man. Rita really hit the bottom of the barrel this time. You got big shoes to fill..." The Green Ranger pushes Dragon Dagger against axe in effort to throw Ranger Green off balance enough that he can get a backflip kick sent towards the Other Green Ranger's chin! "Mine!"

Peter Quill (751) has posed:
"What th--" Peter goes falling forward when Cory kicks him in the butt, groaning and rolling over, he aims both blasters at her. "What is your -problem- lady? I'm not interested in fighting monsters with tails! I need that coin." It might became very apparent that he must be an incredibly ordinary human if a simple kick like that downed him. But he very quickly fires -both- stun blasts off at her. "I'm shooting stun blasts at you, take the hint!"

Ziggy Grover has posed:
"Yours...?" Ziggy flails backwards, trying to avoid the kick, somehow managing to remain at a 45 degree angles without falling, dashing backwards, sparkling after-remaints of the weapon clashes trailing in his wake. "I don't -want- to be in your feet, I didn't even -ask- to be a Power Ranger...!"

Managing to come to a stop, Ranger Green manages to straighten up, before pointing. "Hey, wait, aren't you supposed to be my bodyguard...?" he calls out to Cory. "We're supposed to be fighting -this- guy, not -that- guy!"

Posing, waving his axe behind him, other hand in front of him, Ranger Green poses! "We can ask questions about the Power Coins -after- we beat him!" Dashing forward, Ziggy goes into a spin-kick... about a few feet short of where he -should- be, and then -repeats- it, for a double-spin-kick. Whether or not it connects, well...

Cory (768) has posed:
    "Uh? Him? I wanna watch a bit longer, he's got good moves!" Better than Ziggy's is the implication, but of course Cory's not about to say that. "And you called me an animal-themed villain!" Her tone positively drips with overblown indignation.

    She might be just making things hard on Ziggy though.

    But assuming that Quill was mostly harmless after seeing how easily he went down was a mistake. She takes both shots in the gut and doubles over, once again shocked from head to toe with nerve-disrupting zaps! "Ghhh..." The tail pops straight out AGAIn as she crumples forwards, on her knees and head against the ground!

Tommy Oliver (776) has posed:
The Green Ranger moves to defend that flailkick of justice that comes at him... but then it doesn't hit. "Huh?" Green Ranger isn't ready for the second dose that comes at him right after the first falls short. He catches a foot to the chest and it sends him sailing end over end, his body slamming into the ground and rolling away.

"Ugh. Didn't see that one coming." The Green Ranger is back on his feet, though, in record time. "Ha! Beat me? You can't even keep up with me!" The Green Ranger says, swinging his Dragon Dagger from one side to the other. This is what happens when your enemies can't see your face. You have to be extra movement-y. So weird.

"I'll die before I let my Power Coin fall into the wrong hands again! Sik-hah!" The Green Ranger runs in Ranger Green's direction and dives at him with a series of quick strikes from that Dragon Dagger. He aims to put a little extra speed into his movements, feinting with a kick or two, before striking out with that powerful blade of his!

"I think it's time for you to cut your losses!"

Peter Quill (751) has posed:
"If you stop kicking people in the ass, you won't get shot!" Peter shouts at Cory, then carefully makes his way back up, aiming his blasters at both Rangers again. "Alright, seriously, it's not -that- hard to beat up Ziggy, break it up!" He just starts unloading shots at Tommy, all stun shots since he has no idea how much those suits can take. But he's definitely trying to drive him off of Ziggy. "How about you tell me why someone wants to pay a million credits for these Power Coins? Do you guys use them to turn into Power Rangers or something? Ziggy, you moron, you could have told me that!"

Ziggy Grover has posed:
"Hey, wait, I'm supposed to be doing the puns here!" Ranger Green exclaims, as Ranger Green comes swinging that dagger. Whoomp! Whoomp...! Feet to the chest causes Ziggy to stagger, and then he ducks, rolls, and scampers (that was definitely a better word for the way he flees than 'runs') away towards Peter, using the shots for cover.

Tucking, stumbling, and rolling, twisting so that he can stand upright and face the Green Ranger, Ranger Green replies to Peter, "We don't! We use energy cells! We just plug them into the morphers! What -would- make you think we use money to power up our morphers?"

Another look at Cory. "And you, put your tail away! Impressionable young minds are going to get the wrong idea!"

Cory (768) has posed:
    "Says the guy trying to take a hostage." Grunts out Cory. Taking TWO shots at once, that's a much different thing than the earlier agony. Her body's twitching left and right, barely responding whatsoever to anything SHe wants to do. Even breathing is hard and jumpy.

    But she first focuses on that. One proper breathing's re-established she again struggles to rise. It's a laborious and shaky process to get her right foot planted on the ground again but she uses both hands to push off her knee and rise!

    That stun trick might work very well on humans, but it apparently has its limits against a well-trained Saiyan.

    She now has a clearer picture of what's going on though. And oh, the agony. Let this continue and enjoy the sight, or do the Union thing and keep it from getting out of hand?

    Sometimes being one of the good guys sucks.

    With a somewhat clumsy backflip she lands atop a nearby bench, cups both hands to each side of her mouth and screams out "HEY GUYS!" at the absolute TOP of her lungs.

    If at least Ziggy and Peter turn to look...

    They'll see her holding both hands up to each side of her face, fingers spread wide. "SOLAR FLAAAAARE!!"

    Everything goes WHITE. Burning, hot white. It's like staring at the sun through a magnifying glass. STATUS AFFECT: BLINDNESS! (for maybe 15-20 seconds or so...)

Tommy Oliver (776) has posed:
The Green Ranger takes a moment to dip and twist and dodge those shots that come at him. They are trying to get the drop on him. "So! Rita's got some new tricks, huh?" The Green Ranger stops moving to point off in the direction of Quill and Ranger Green. This allows one of Quill's shots to hit him in the shoulder and it spins him down to the ground. Again.

Sparks fly and everything this time.

Green Ranger rolls and gets to his feet, slower this time. Whatever kind of stun juice that is, it stings like hell. And it looks like that arm of his is going to be out of commission for a second. Which is probably why the Green Ranger switches his Dagger to the arm that isn't stuck down by his side.

"Last chance." Green Ranger stands taller and prouder, throwing in a little more intimidation. "Give up now or I'm taking you down." Green Ranger looks from Ranger Green to Quill and even to the Impressionable Tail. "All of you." It doesn't look like the Green Ranger is in any position to do that but his CONFIDENCE is UNWAVERING. His helmet does tilt back though as the SOLAR FLARE comes blasting in his direction. Good thing the Power of Visor Tint protects and shields his eyes. It is still bright as hell though. Anyway, Green Ranger stands his ground, looking like he's ready to go ALL THE WAY and THE DISTANCE with these intergalactic interlopers!

Not to mention the opening chords of his personal theme song are on standby. Bring it on.

Peter Quill (751) has posed:
"Gaaaahh!" Peter yells as he covers his eyes, holding his arm up to them while aiming his blaster every which way. "Damnit, -everyone- stop doing -everything-!" he suddenly demands, even though he can't see a thing. "First, -who- the hell is Rita?! Second, can you stop kicking for -five- minutes to talk about this Power Coin thing?!"

Ziggy Grover has posed:
"Five minutes isn't enough -time-!" Ranger Green exclaims, before bringing his hands up at the flashing Cory. "AAAAGHHH! It's blinding! It's... hey, my visor blocked most of it, but there's spots everywhere... wait, wait, are we -actually- going to stop firing? I thought normal convention was that we beat down our enemies, THEN they become our allies! Even though that hasn't worked with Tenaya..." %R
Stumbling about, trying to wipe his visor, Ranger Green bumps into Cory...

Cory (768) has posed:
    "Ten minute timeout!" Cory calls out emphatically, waving her arms upon realizing a few people can still see her and the battle's momentum was hit with a sidewinder as planned.

    But then Ziggy bumps into the bench she's on and she topples over onto him. "OOF--ghh..."

    Once more she's rubbing herself. The blasters left her sore... "What did I ever do to YOU?" Is wailed out Tommy's way.

Tommy Oliver (776) has posed:
Green Ranger doesn't think this is going to keep going well. In fact, he just kind of continues to stand there, staring at his three enemies. "Don't give me that! I know Rita Repulsa sent you down here to take my Power Coin. But I'm not giving it up without a fight." Green Ranger raises his Dragon Dagger up and the fingers of his stunned arm start to move. He's getting the feeling back in that arm. It will soon be time to take these people down. Er, aliens. Well, alien, person and evil ranger. It's a lot to take in, okay!

"I won't say it again." Green Ranger gives a swipe or two with his Dragon Dagger. Threatening! "Stand. Down." Man, Green Ranger sure can stall.

Peter Quill (751) has posed:
Peter starts rubbing his eyes, then holsters his blasters. "See? Blasters holstered. Though I don't see how it'd make a difference while fighting a guy in shiny spandex." He groans, rubbing the back of his head. "No one's shooting. If anyone shoots, I'm quickdrawing and shooting you myself! Now, let's all sit down and talk."

He takes a seat, crossing his legs, then pats the grass. "Come on! Sit! Now..." He takes a deep breath, and proceeds to explain. "I don't know who -Rita Repulsa- is- fantastic name, by the way," he says with all the sarcasm in the world. "But I got an anonymous mail about a bounty for Power Coins. It was addressed 'From the Moon'. I figured it was a joke, but I followed the coordinates to this planet. Did you know that there's a -castle- on your moon? Because there totally is."

He shakes his head, then continues. "I found this Angel Grove place, and for a million credits, I thought finding a few coins wouldn't be a big deal. Satisfied?"

Ziggy Grover has posed:
Flopping on the ground, Ranger Green is furiously swiping at his visor, trying to blink his vision clearer. "I'm sitting down, I'm sitting down. I have no idea what's going on, but either you're the bad guy, or you're the good guy and we've just done the usual hero tradition of misunderstandings, and now we need to figure out what's going on. I don't -suppose- your money lets -you- morph?"

Moving a bit away from Cory as she wails, Ranger Green winces. "At least I have no trouble figuring out where the monkey bodyguard is."

Cory (768) has posed:
    "You guys all need a kick in the pants. When a girl calls a time out..." She's still rubbing her gut, but Cory effortlessly flips off Ziggy and stands a good dozen yards away, arms folded under her chest and tail twitching irritably. She's wearing the SOUREST of looks...

Tommy Oliver (776) has posed:
Hesitation is clear within the body language of the Green Ranger. He wanders over towards the others and lingers before crouching. He can tell that his arm is back in business so that's the only reason that he holsters his Dragon Dagger. He stays ready to spring into action if this is a trap. They aren't still attacking him so that's a good sign.

"Well. If you're not working with Rita then let me be the first to apologize. On behalf of the Power Rangers and Angel Grove, I, the Green Ranger, am sorry for kicking both of your butts." Green Ranger keeps one hand on his belt buckle because he's not about to let Quill get the drop on him and snatch his Power Coin. "That castle you speak of belongs to Rita Repulsa, the evilest witch in the universe! When you mentioned my Power Coin, I could only assume you were working for her. She had my Power Coin once before and nothing good came of it." Green Ranger's helmet droops just a bit. "I couldn't let that happen again."

Peter Quill (751) has posed:
"Hey, I was keeping the peace, I could have used the lethal shots if I was working for your arch nemesis lady." Peter explains as he stares down at the coin, then throws his hands up. "Well, I guess if taking the Power Coin would -doom the world-, I'll leave it alone. Should have known this was too good to be true."

He pushes up from the grass, brushes himself off, then starts walking further into the park. "If anyone needs a ride, I'm going back to my ship. I'll probably return for the smoothies."

Ziggy Grover has posed:
"Wait, wait... you're just going to get up and -go-? You don't even know who hired you?" Ranger Green responds, deciding that girls, even monkey girls, needed time to cool off.

Besides, she looked like she was ready to crush people's heads like coconuts.

Grimacing, Ranger Green turns his attention back to the Green Ranger. "Also, you can't kick -our- asses. When right is on our side, we'll never lose!"

Pausing, Ranger Green considers. "Of course, I'm curious about this Power Coin thing. I mean, Doc was wondering about the bio-universal field readings here, that seems to blip around here a lot."

Cory (768) has posed:
    "Iiiii don't even know anyone by that name..." But hearing of the story going on, well, that just gets Cory making a rather disgusted face, shoulders bunching up. "Sounds like YOU got fooled." Her commentary to Peter Quill is sharp and a bit smug, and executed at the same that she leaps to Ziggy's side and claps him on the back with maybe just a tad too much strength.

    He might wobble.

    "THIS guy's support group decided someone should watch him in case something happened..."

    On second glance, she's really not standing next to him. She's FLOATING a few inches off the ground and only slowly settles down after about ten seconds .

Tommy Oliver (776) has posed:
"No hard feelings!"

The Green Ranger gives a salute off in the direction of the retreating Peter Quill before he turns his attention back to Ranger Green. "Watch the language. There are kids in this park." Green Ranger gives a finger wave in Ranger Green's direction before he pushes right back up to his feet. "Anyway, I don't know anything about any universal bio-fields but I may know someone who does." Green Ranger holds out a hand as if he's preparing to seal his fate one way or another. "/If/ I can trust you." Oh ho. Putting the ball in Ranger Green's court!

Peter Quill (751) has posed:
"Who cares who hired me! The bounty was a bust, too evil for my tastes. Have fun with your Power Ranger business!" Peter holds up a hand and waves without looking back. Then a few minutes later they'll see a space ship rise above the trees, then rocket into the sky.

Yeah... he probably brought that in when everyone was sleeping.

Ziggy Grover has posed:
"Well, how do you like that?" Ranger Green replies, watching Peter Quill go. "And he -was- hired to go after me too. Though he didn't know I was a Power Ranger." Hands on his hips, Ranger Green pauses, and then looks at Cory. "Is that why -you- were supposed to be keeping an eye on me? What happened, Ranger Black couldn't be spared from duty?" Thinking about it, Ranger Green shakes his head. "Probably not. Grinders have been hot and heavy lately."

Turning back to the Green Ranger, Ranger Green waves a hand. "Oh, I'm just here to have whoever's been tinkering with the bio-universal field... that's the thing that lets our suits function... find out if it's evil or not, and then hook him... or her, I got to remember that... up with Dr. K. I hope yours is nowhere near as bossy."

Cory (768) has posed:
    "I dunno! There was a Union request up..." All Cory can do is shrug a little at Ziggy. "And I did my job." She jabs a thumb at the ship that Quill just flew off in...

    "You didn't get shot in the face while helpless!"

    This of course, doesn't do ANYTHING AT ALL to explain the tail.

Tommy Oliver (776) has posed:
Green Ranger tilts his head. "Bio-what?" It takes him a moment to get up to speed. "Oh, you must mean the Morphin' Grid." Green Ranger just gives a dismissive wave of his hand. "Don't worry about it. You go ahead and tell your Doctor that Angel Grove is in good hands. Zordon is as good as they come." The Green Ranger will /not/ be taking this Ranger Green back to the Command Center. Y'know, just in case this is all a trick. It could be a trick! A very elaborate trick!

Green Ranger looks from Ranger Green to the Taily One and then back again. "Do you two need a moment or...?"

Ziggy Grover has posed:
"Right," Ranger Green replies to Cory. "But I wasn't expecting a -monkey tailed bodyguard-. I swear, this sounds like something I heard sometimes about some people travelling west..."

Spinning around to look at Green Ranger, Ranger Green shrugs. "Sure. Though if you're in the Union, I bet, Doctor K will want to talk to your Zordon, compare notes... maybe your Morphin' Grid is the same thing as our Bio-Universal Field. I mean, Dr. K has fancy names for everything."

Tilting his head, Ranger Green pauses, trying to figure out something about the tone of Green Ranger. "H-hey, wait, why do you think we need a moment?"

Cory (768) has posed:
    "Wh-what the heck are you suggesting?" Cory baffle-faces at Tommy, only for the expression to switch quicky to indignation. She stamps a foot forward and clenches up her grip on both arms, tail twitching even faster now! "I'm actually better off leaving... there's an invasion going on and I should've been there to help fight of off. Instead I get stuck guarding this moron..."


    Palm, meet face.

Tommy Oliver (776) has posed:
Green Ranger just laughs. It's one of those laughs that make it seem like he's not going to answer. Because this is just too good. "Well, I'll be sure to tell Zordon to look her up." Green Ranger straightens up and brings both hands to his belt buckle. "I'll catch you two lovebirds next time." The nod of his helmet is about as close as he's going to get to winking before he gets taken away by a green flash of light!

Who was that masked Ranger?!