2279/Cold Blood

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Cold Blood
Date of Scene: 19 May 2015
Location: Danbur <DB>
Synopsis: The second reagent for the Magnum Opus is gathered from a fierce fire breathing dragon that has terrorised the country side.
Cast of Characters: Staren, 113, Bahamut, 632, Lyria Mason, 673, 703, 741, Gaonoir
Tinyplot: The Great Work

Pius Athanor (741) has posed:
    Who is brave enough to fight a dragon?

    Those with the courage and daring have been given this important task by Pius, whose physique and poor health did not allow him to join for us straining activities. Years with alchemic work has left him with a poor constitution and physique, so all he could contribute with were words of encouragement as well as five containers for the party bring with them. Each of them can contain a gallon each of dragon blood, Pius explained. And that's the main reason to slay the dragon. At least according to Pius as he had eagerly explained the different properties of dragon blood. Oh, another reason to kill the dragon? It had roasted three cities in the mountain area, so... why not? Bad dragon.

    The mountains themselves are a sight. The air is heavy with fog, obscuring most of the view. Blue peaks rise in the distance and disappearing up into the clouds, and it's cold with a light drizzle. Whoever is out might want to make sure they are dressed warmly. Add in that the mountains are somewhat open, with the peaks rising sharply here and there, spikes aimed toward the sky itself. This leaves them open to the harsh winds that tug at them. Just where is the city here in this area?

    A large ravine with several outcroppings cuts through the rock, and down in the large ravine the inhabitants have built themselves a city down the mountain walls and into the very rock and earth. the winding streets are visible down there below, though there are no sounds echoing off the stone, no sign of life. What is left here however is the stench of death. Something burnt is heavy on the rising air from below, and it reeks of burnt flesh.

    But where is the dragon?

Lyria Mason has posed:
A Dragon? She just had to tell her self this wasn't one of the dragons of her world. It still left her a bit wary but after what's happened with Kyra she's angry at certain parts of the system, has killed some of her hestatoin about the job, so here she was with the otehrs hunting she attempted to get a feel for hte place and the rain? She didn't seemed bothered by it she actually seemed to embrace it, notably her clothing seemed very suited for it. However she remained quiet as she kept to cover and even teh rain couldn't drown out the stench of death.

"...Gods...this is no dragon as I know them."

She mutters to her self and keeps her self ready for whatever she's going to find some good cover too.

Orphen (703) has posed:
Orphen has just the thing for cold weather. He wears a long brown tattered cloak over his normal outfit to brave the harsh winds, and carries a very standard adventuring sword with him. As far as dragon slaying equipment, he seems to be a bit lacking. He's not even wearing armor!

But he did bring the container he was given, and stares down at the city. "Seems about right for dragons as I know them." he says with a dead serious look on his face, tense and very much hesitant.

Gaonoir has posed:
Did someone mention fighting?! I wanna fight!!1!

Okay so Gaonoir's response wasn't that frenetic about it. He didn't really care what the dragon had done to deserve death or what Pius intended to do with the blood. He was just here for the oppritunity to fight something other than Digimon and get a better feel for the sort of challenges that exist in this algama of worlds outside the Digital World he knows.

Fog, drizzle, cold wind. The last one occasionally causes the tails of his headband to wiffle around behind him, but otherwise the weather is of little deterent to the black digimon dog. He had a thick coat of fur, and his ears and nose were a lot strong than his eyes so the obstructions to vision were of little issue other than occasionally wiping moisture off his face as he was climbing.

Yes, he could of digivolved and just flew up, but that was hardly a challenge. It also would expend energy best saved for if he needs that form for the actual fight with the dragon.

Said nose is what scrunchs up when he finally makes it to the outcroppings of the valley as it is assaulted by the stench from below. Death was nothing new to him. But digimon just dematerialized, none of this stink of burned flesh that was a new and very unpleasant sensation to behold.

"I would complain about not seeing anything, but I've known rediculously huge digimon that can still hide without issue."

Rose Petal (113) has posed:
    What is a LITTLE GIRL doing here?

    Maybe she's one of those superpowered Elite girls. Maybe she's an amazing martial artist. Or a mage! Or maybe she's secretly a robot. A normal little girl wouldn't be in a place like this, would she?

    Mandy is currently dressed in a duffel coat, with a cossack hat on her head, pulled down over her ears. Her hands are in her pockets, but they also have mittens on them. Perched on her shoulder is... what obviously USED to be a black cat before some mad cyberneticist got their hands on it. Now two of its limbs are replaced with gleaming metal, along with half of its skull and several random patches on its back and belly. Its cybernetic eye is red and glows menacingly.

    Meanwhile, beside her is a Gastly. It's just a regular Gastly.

    "Mr. PomPoms, record," the girl tells the cyber-cat in a soft voice. Its eye glows slightly brighter in response.

Septette Arcubielle (632) has posed:
     Septette took an academic interest in the properties of dragon blood here- quite different from the dragon blood she was familiar with, which like almost everything else about them, could kill a man- but grew oddly quiet and stern as she listened to Pius's account of the devastation it had wrought. It seemed like she cared less about where the dragon's blood ended up, and more about making certain that it flowed freely in the first place.

     The thick fog seemed to indicate against an aerial insertion, and so the Yggdroid set off on foot like the others. She'd come wearing only a lavender cloak, but instead of layering up, Septette discarded it before they took off, revealing a skeletal frame too inhuman to seem immodest.

     The mountainous terrain seems to pose little challenge for her; her talon-like claws easily dig into the rocks here, and at times she walks almost sideways along the cliff faces. Despite her strange agility, Septette is reluctant to stray far from the rest of the group, and eventually finds herself walking alongside Mandy most of the way. "Tell me if you get tired, okay, little one? I could carry you. It's quite a long walk, after all." There's nothing intentionally condescending in her tone, but it might be taken that way...

Rory White (673) has posed:
    It's ALWAYS more fighting. Rory White had promised to try and help Pius in his mad quest, and wasn't about to back down when things get a little dangerous. After all, comapred to others, she feels she has little to lose from a failure. Hopefully.

    Her drones roam the heavens, using the entire electromagnetic spectrum to comb the mountains despite the fog and the mist and the distance. She doesn't appear to be armed at all, having come in a skintight white suit that's covered in glowing circuit-lines (yes, totally inspired by Grid fashion) and over this, a belt covered in a handful of small tools of this sort and that.

    "Olfactory sensors... this odor is v-very unpleasant!" Unpleasant enough that she actually pinches her nose shut.

Bahamut has posed:
     Some dragons take offense when they hear that there is an evil dragon causing havoc. One such dragon is the great metal dragon, Bahamut. He has few options for making his appearance -not- cause some kind of panic if there are people down there, so Bahamut chooses to fly in over the mountains and down into the valley. Hopefully no one will mistake his grey and multi-colored form for the dragon in question.

     Bahamut makes his way down to land in the the main road, and tries to limit his instinctive roar that would announce his arrival. He still rumbles quite loudly, but doesn't actually roar. He stands tall after he lands, wings spreading wide before folding against his back and his arms crossing over his chest. He surveys the area. He snorts, then shakes his head. "The smell of death is always unpleasant." he says as he hears someone mention it.

Pius Athanor (741) has posed:
    The open area makes sounds carry really well, especially by the ravine. The area is rather open too, so perhaps it's not the best place to hide.

    Which might make it less of a surprise when there's a sound rising from the city below them. The sound of something striking rock echoes over and over, growing fainter and fainter... And there it is again.

    Of course, with the echoes it might be hard to pinpoint the exact location that it originates from.

    Especially when there's a high pitched shriek that rises from below.

Rose Petal (113) has posed:
    "I don't need to be carried," Mandy responds to Septette, even if she IS looking a little tuckered out now. "The Other Person did stuff like this all the time. I know my body's capable of it, too."

    For some reason, she seems completely unfazed by the stench of death. Almost as if she's -used- to it. The sudden high pitched shriek makes her yelp, though, jumping to the side and kinda... half-hiding behind the closest person, who happens to be Septette. "M... Mana! Turn invisible and see if you can find out what made that sound...? Um. But return as quick as you can if it seems dangerous!"

    "Gaaaastly~" the Gastly responds in assent, and promptly vanishes from sight as it hovers down into the ravine.

Staren has posed:
    Staren's here in his armor. It can conveniently filter out the smell. Lyria gets a friendly nod, as does Septette and Rory, and Bahamut... he doesn't know Gaonoir.

    Mandy, though... Staren stares. "Mandy? Are... I'm glad to finally see you, but are you sure you're ready to fight a /dragon/? I mean... have you been training in combat or anything?" He digs a potion out of his bag. "If you drink this, you'll be protected by a forcefield that should stand up to a few hits from even a dragon." He blinks. "Or... maybe you have already made something like that yourself..." He blinks. "Your body? You mean, your body /isn't/ a normal human's?"

Orphen (703) has posed:
"What..." Orphen grips his sword when Bahamut flies down, -immediately suspicious-. But then when he hears the shriek, the sound, and the fact that the thing spoke, he figures this must not be the dragon they're looking for.

"Enter My Arms, Nera!" he says like an incantation, then just jumps down, very slowly falling down the side of the mountain to try and inspect things up close and personal. "I'm going on ahead, I'll let you know what I find. Don't worry, I'm not dumb enough to fight a dragon alone, or at all. But we'll see what happens."

Gaonoir has posed:
Half-folded ears perk up stiffly as the sounds of clatter and a scream echo from down below. "Well, there is definately -something- down there." With a snort and a moment trying to at least partially pinpoint where the sounds came from, Gaonoir leaps off the ridge he was perched on over the city, rebounding off a rooftop and a few walls to make sure he doesn't fall too fast. At the last wall he slides down a bit before pushing off, and as he does so a corona of bright energy engulfs him suddenly.


Fortunately the city is already mostly dead so there's little to be disrupted by the brief pulse of digital disturbance that happens when the energy cocoon breaks away.


And from it a black bear-sized creature with a wolf-like head lands on the pavement instead of the previous child-sized form he had been.

Yet despite the size of his Adult form Gaonoir has little trouble slipping into the shadows of the dead city, stalking in the general direction the shrieking had come from.

Bahamut has posed:
     Bahamut, already down in the town, hears the shriek and takes off like a gigantic football player. His footsteps rumble through the ravine. He is careful not to crash into any buildings, but is still moving pretty quickly. "Reveal yourself, foul dragon!" he bellows as he moves toward where the scream came from.

     Then, he spreads his wings and takes to the sky again, flying rapidly over the town to see if he can spot the victim from above. He notices the others, but he is in defender mode at the moment, so socialization is just about the farthest thing from his mind.

Septette Arcubielle (632) has posed:
     Septette eyes Bahamut a little warily, but doesn't seem actively hostile towards him. "The... Other Person?" That line of questioning is cut short when the first sound resonates from below them. With a quiet metallic sound, a pair of wicked-looking blades fold out of her forearms, her claws seem to lengthen, and the robot's presence on sensors, already disproportionate, abruptly spikes as her reactor core's output increases. When Mandy ducks behind her, Sept shifts slightly to place herself directly between Mandy and the source of the shriek, even though there doesn't seem to be any immediate danger...

     A trio of small, spherical drones- one yellow, one blue, one red- teleport in around her, hovering. They seem fragile and unarmed, but the blue one inches closer to Mandy protectively, as if it could do something to help should the dragon come at them. Meanwhile, Septette switches her vision to thermals, hoping to pick up the dragon's heat signature through the smoke...

Rory White (673) has posed:
    "I'm after the blood, not its death, even if the latter leads to the former. It's likely to be a ferocious opponent. I'll observe its tactics and search for openings! ... IF that's it down there. It certainly sounds like it!" She's actually disoriented by the noise, clapping a hand to her head.

    Then she's asking Staren, "You have experience with dragons, right?!"

Pius Athanor (741) has posed:
    The shriek finally dies down, though there are still faint sounds echoing to and fro among the cliff walls.

    Upon descending all of them should notice that the city is in total chaos. Scorch marks scatter the stone, and there's blood in places along with what are... remains? Corpses that have been feasted up, a grim and disturbing sight. There still some minor fires in places, but it seems to be dying down. There's heat everywhere, and the stone is warm in places as well, which might make it a bit difficult to spot anything moving. At least at first.

    Something slithers. Something stirs.

    And the only warning Orphen gets during his slow descent into the city. Behind him something glimmers briefly in the darkness, perhaps something seen by the others, particularly the Gastly as it drifts downwards as well nearby. It might serve as a warning to them before something bursts out a dark window in the cliffside.

    The dragon itself is large, but incredibly slim like a snake with limbs and wings. Its maw opens up as it leaps forward through the air towards Orphen, crimson wings spreading in a massive span. Its eyes are set on the slow moving prey, and sparks are already dancing about its sharp teeth.

Rose Petal (113) has posed:
    Mandy peers at Staren for a moment. "Of course I'm human. What?" She looks confused. "I have been training! Althoouuugh, uuuh. I'm mostly here to. You know. -Watch-. And I'm probably the best at alchemy here in case Mister Athanor needs... something done to the blood. I guess." Mostly she's just here because she wants to feel important.

    She takes the potion. "Thank you. I'll drink it as soon as it starts to get unsafe. How long does it last?"

    And then the dragon is making itself known. Mana immediately zips back up to cower behind Mandy. She's... not much of a fighter, really. Mandy gulps... and downs the potion, quickly.

Orphen (703) has posed:
"Wha-- damnit!" Orphen turns around. Then realizes he's about to be -eaten-. "I Dance, Through The Dimensions!" He does -not- try to fight this thing, he instead immediately teleports down -behind- Bahamut.

"EVERYONE! The dragon is here, be on your guard!"

Bahamut has posed:
     Bahamut may be flying, but he is no agile fighter. When the enemy dragon emerges, he has to bank hard to head toward it. By the time he circles around, it will likely be upon Orphen. Bahamut roars out a challenge to the snake-like dragon, hoping to draw its attention. Whether that works or not, he is already preparing a spell.

     With Orphen out of harm's way for now, Bahamut throws one of his most powerful spells. Flare. The smaller cousin to his signature breath attack. It is still destructive in its own right. Pure energy coalesces around the long thin dragon, then explodes violently. "Face me, you monster!" Bahamut bellows.

Gaonoir has posed:
Unfortunate for that dragon, it's not the only predator that can hide and wait for it's prey to come along.

Shadows between the buildings warp as Gaonoir uses their dark span to move up the surface of the walls, and then launch himself out from between them into the open. The scarves from around his neck react much like limbs on their own whipping out to try and snag onto the dragon's tail as it's chasing after Orphen.

"It's about time you showed yourself, you over grown gartner snake!"

Septette Arcubielle (632) has posed:
     Septette nods slightly in approval at Orphen's quick repositioning, then gestures and redirects her drones: the red one circles around Mandy at a radius of several feet, emitting a very faint energy field around itself. The blue and yellow bots dart in front of her, one on each side. Anyone with the proper expertise and sensors would easily be able to tell what they are: tiny conduits, useless on their own, but allowing Septette to cast and store elemental magic through them. She charges up the blue drone for a second or two, then launches it towards the dragon, leaving a plume of sublimated ice crystals in its wake. On getting close enough, it'd release Septette's spell by condensing the moisture in the air into jagged blades of ice that fire themselves in a shotgun-like blast at the dragon's wing-membranes.

     As she starts to charge the yellow drone, Septette glances over her shoulder at Mandy, trying to decide whether to stay and protect the girl or go and unload on the dragon up close. "Do you want me to stay, little one?"

Staren has posed:
    Staren nods at her explanation. As long as she knows she's squishy.

    It'd suck for her to get killed by a dragon after all the effort that was gone to to give her life in the first place.

    "Twenty minutes," he answers, and then there's a dragon. He turns, wings manifesting as he takes to the air to improve his mobility, and the missile launchers on his armor's shoulders raise into position... no, damn, it's too close to that guy. He'll need a different weapon. Staren holds out his arms -- A series of small holes in the armor's forearms are revealed as missile launch ports, and six tiny missiles about the size of a magic marker fly out, trying to ram into the dragon and explode with power that might be expected from some kind of futuristic grenade or the like. The blast radius is only a few feet, so Orphen hopefully won't get caught in any explosions!

Rory White (673) has posed:
    If the smell was unpleasant before, now it's simply horrifying. Rory would be thankful that she can't smell it in full, but she has no idea this is even the case.

    "Best to keep a distance! I'll be doing the same, Mandy!" A distance, yes, but... she takes cover nonetheless behind some rock outcroppings during the descent when one of her drones spots some STRANGE movement down below. "What is--"



    The ruined city further below is scanned in totality in very little time, a full topographical map reated and a count of obvious bodies taken. The results are chilling... easily enough to get Rory flinching back a little.

    "See? Ferocious!"

    Not jsut that. Also TERRIFYING.

    But her 'hardsuit' has some surprises. The wrist opens up, unfolds, and forms a tiny launcher for SOME kind of dart.

    With a tiny explosion the dart is OFF, trailing a wire so thin it's almost impossible to see. The little dart splits in two upon nearing the draon, both showing the tiniest flare of ROCKET THRUSTERS. If one could see them closely, they'd see surfaces on the little darts changing slightly to adjust for wind and gravity, ensuring that both fly...

    STRAIGHT for one of the eyes!

    IF both attach, things will get mighty painful, QUICKLY, because it's the delivery system for a TAZER of tremendous output!

Pius Athanor (741) has posed:
    Gaonoir's scarves might just have saved Orphen there. The added pull slows the beast down! The dragon lets out a roar of fury when it misses its mark, teeth snapping down upon empty air. And now it should be easier to get a good look at the beast, as it coils around in the air mid-flight, its massive wings beating down to bring it upwards. Its scales glimmer with crimson, accented by a smoky black in places. Slim it may be, but it is about fifty to sixty feet in length, its wingspan massive in order to allow it to fly. Its feet are sharp claws, and spikes upon its head gives it a sinister appearance. The golden eyes set in its skull are those of a predator, not of great intelligence. Make no mistake, this is a beast. A beast that hungers.

    As it recovers from its unfruitful attack, it is open for attack itself. The Flare hits it, and the dragon roars out, staggering as it is forced to flap its wings to not lose altitude as it is scorched. Likewise Septette's icy magic seems to cling to its scales, chilling it in places and even tearing through a wing in several places. But alas, with the Flare attack it seems to heat things up a bit too much for the ice attack to be truly effective. The micro missiles tear into the dragon as well, scorching a few scales and leaving a few open patches of skin here and there, even drawing some blood.

    The taunt does work; immediately the dragon sets its eyes upon Bahamut and flies towards him with an angry shriek. For now it does try to whip its tail in an attempt to free itself from the scarves there, but it's also easily angered.

    It is hard to charge when ones eyes are struck however. With the others attacking it the dragon is already slowed and easier to strike, but still, it trashes a bit from the other impacts, leaving it a bit harder to hit such small targets as the eyes. Rory does manage to strike it near its left eye however, and the electric shock does not go unnoticed as the large creature convulses, shaking its head in pain!

    While it can't get close to Bahamut, it does have its most dangerous weapon ready.

    In defines it draws breath, and within seconds fire spews forward as it throws its head back and forth in pain. The heat and fire dance up along the walls of the cliff, threatening to strike anything that does not seek cover or gets out of the way!

Rose Petal (113) has posed:
    Mandy looks up at Septette. "Miss Robot, if you think you could protect the group better if you were in melee combat rather than at range, then I would urge you to go punch it in the face." She takes a deep, steadying breath, then creeps a bit forward to get a better view of the fight down below. "The Other Person tended to protect people that way, too."

    Mr. PomPoms's robotic eye continues to record!

Gaonoir has posed:
While the dragon is recovering from coming up short and getting bombarder by attacks Gaonoir uses the grip of his scarf-limbs to pull himself farther up to the creature's backside, hanging on while it wheels about and then starts spewing out flaming breath at it's other attacks. Thank Yggdrassil he's in back and not in the front!

This is a somewhat perilous position, so he doesn't dare let go with the scarves. But thankfully they aren't the only thing he can attack with. With a growl he curls his front digits into the beast's scales to help hold on, then raises the other paw over his head.


Energy of pure darkness radiates around the already large and sharp claws as Gaonoir lashes out, trying to tear through those scales and cause additional bloody wounds while the dragon is distracted by the other attackers it's trying to flambe.

Orphen (703) has posed:
Orphen finally lands onto a tall rooftop, as the streets would have been less than ideal, and he doesn't want to have to waste mana trying to get back up. But this is a pretty good vantage point, and he immediately tries to make another opening for Bahamut and the others.

He sticks his generic sword into the roof, then holds his arms out, staring up as he tries to determine a weak point in the dragon's body. "Divide the Wall of the Sky!" he says right before swinging his arms forward, as if performing a Sonic Boom. In fact, large white energy blades go spinning toward it. Not made of sonic energy, but pure magical energy aimed for one of the dragon's wings.

Bahamut has posed:
     As the enemy dragon spews fire everywhere, Bahamut shields his face behind an arm and growls as the flames roll over him. He closes in as the dragon thrashes, and aims his bulk and his powerful claws at the other wing. It will be kind of hard to target accurately, but Bahamut tries to aim so that if he misses he will rake the dragon's side.

     Hopefully, with his and Orphen's attacks, the terrible wyrm will be grounded.

Septette Arcubielle (632) has posed:
     Septette glances over her shoulder at Mandy and nods reluctantly, then turns to look at the dragon. It's a decent distance from her, but also a good distance below... and that's the key to her approach. Crouching for a moment, the robot launches herself towards the dragon at startling speed, cracking the rocks she was standing on with the force of her leap.

     The red drone freezes in place directly between Mandy and the dragon, and Sept channels a destructive-interference mana pulse through it to deflect any fire attacks that come Mandy's way. Meanwhile, the yellow drone darts alongside Septette, charging the thrusters in her legs with additional electricity and giving her velocity a considerable boost. The robot has far too much momentum to swerve out of the way of her opponent's fiery breath, and the yellow drone overheats and explodes beside her as it's caught in the jet of flame. Septette herself emerges smoking but apparently unharmed, and sticks one of her legs out to the side as she pulses one of the thrusters just before reaching the dragon.

     Additional sharp-looking blades fold out of her legs as that last maneuver sends her into a rapid spin, making her look like something that belongs at the bottom of a blender. If she's anywhere near the drake, she'll make small course corrections to ensure that she can slice into its thin body with at least some of those horrible blades, but her deceptively-dense body weighs as much as an average car- while there's surprising power behind her strokes, it won't be easy to change course now.

Staren has posed:
    The fight has begun! The dragon's wounded after only seconds. Staren wasn't sure how tough it would be, but he feels more confident about fighting it now. As long as none of them get too careless, they should be able to take this thing!

    Staren keeps to the air, moving further away from the cliff as the fire rolls up, over the dragon. He considers how to attack it. With all that thrashing about, ranged attacks that aren't homing or wide-area might miss... his best wide-area attacks are based on heat, though. Getting into melee exposes him to claws and teeth... and possibly to his allies' attacks as well! What was he just thinking, about not being careless? Better to risk taking slightly longer to kill the dragon, than to take unnecessary risks to kill it earlier. He pulls the laser sniper rifle off his back as he lands atop the cliff and takes aim.

    He's not bothering with trying to focus on weak points ot anything, just hitting it to wound. As soon as he has that reticle over part of its body, he fires a 3-pulse burst, invisible, silent beams of coherent light that will hopefully superheat and explode spots on the surface of its skin.

    Do lasers work on fire-breathing dragons? Let's find out!

Rory White (673) has posed:
    Thankfully Rory's ALREADY under cover when the fire comes rushing her way, but she is still not unscathed. The sheer heat melts chunks of her exposed innner workings, rendering the tazer useless for a second shot. "It's hot enough for THAT?!" Rory's more than a little amazed at this. Her thermal readings are OFF THE CHARTS here!

    And even shielding herself with the arm behind the rock's not doing much. Good thing she doesn't have to BREATHE, right?

    Once the fire passes she emerges from the outcropping cover again, now throughly covered in scorch marks, hair an utter mess.. and skin missing in parts, to show the workings of elaborate robotic parts beneath.

    Not that this seems to bother her yet. She takes aim with her other arm, activating a diferent system. Panels unfold from the hardsuit, assembling into a small laser which she uses in concert with Staren's efforts!

Pius Athanor (741) has posed:
Gaonoir clings onto the dragon's back, and it lets out a roar as the dark claws dig into its back, scraping against the scales and slipping in-between some of them. Dark blood splatters, and luckily it's not acid as it spews forth. Immediately the dragon begins shaking and twisting, attempting to pry the nasty pest off of its back!

    The magical energy summoned by Orphen strikes out and hits one of the wings, tearing into it in two places. The effect is immediate. With less force to keep it up it starts sinking down on its left side, and a frustrated roar can be heard echoing as it desperately tries to stay airborne. And as Bahamut attacks the other wing, he too tears into the thin skin there as well as scraping the dragon's side.

    Downwards it goes, slowly but surely. And without its ability to fly, it's a sitting duck for Septette's dangerous blades. Its hide is still tough thanks to those scales, but as more and more people slice into it, it's easier. The fire and ice from earlier also make their task easier. The spinning blades force their way through, and more blood is drawn as it slowly falls, wings flapping in failed attempts to rise to the sky once more. And the lasers, combined from Staren and Rory too seem to have some effect as they fire into the scales, striking them and exploding against the softer skin underneath. Three explosions burst, and the dragon staggers, momentarily stunned for now.

    And then it crashes into the ground with a wailing shriek.

Orphen (703) has posed:
"Get the blood, just in case this thing knows spells!" Orphen shouts, then immediately pulls his sword from the ground, grabs the blood container, and makes a huge leap from the roof. "I Call Thee, Heavenly Jump!"

He tries to land next to the dragon and stab his sword into its side, then he holds the container up to it as he attempts to collect its blood.

Bahamut has posed:
     "Good work, everyone!" Bahamut roars as the dragon heads toward the ground. He makes his way around, then comes in behind the falling dragon. He aims for just behind its head and pounces, attempting to pin the dragon down and wrap his arms and legs around its neck. Then, he aims his claws for its jugular. He intends to end this quickly.

     And as he has no blood gathering devices, he will leave that part to others as he attempts to strangle the dangerous beast.

Septette Arcubielle (632) has posed:
     Septette tries to grapple onto the dragon midair, but all that momentum works against her here: instead of digging into its flesh, her blades simply pass through with an awful ripping noise and a spray of dark blood. Firing one thruster again, the robot stabilizes her wild spinning somewhat- enough to channel another icicle spell through the blue drone still floating nearby, aimed at its pre-existing wounds, in an attempt to freeze some of its blood solid.

     Then she hits the side of a building. There's a plume of dust as her metal body plows through the wall, and a shrieking noise as her claws dig into the floor in an attempt to slow down her momentum. Septette doesn't come to a complete halt until she hits the back wall of the building, but looks back out the gaping hole she unintentionally created and splits into a manic grin as she spies its body writhing on the ground. Breaking into a sprint, she folds in the blades on her legs again, and aims a sweeping stroke at one of the gashes on its side once she gets close enough- the robot doesn't trust it to bleed to death in a timely fashion, so she intends to sever its spine instead.

Gaonoir has posed:
Gaonoir succeeds in drawing blood, but before he can get out his jug (where is he even keeping it? Must be some sort of inventory thing) the dragon starts twisting and thrashing about in the air. It's a wild ride, and despite his best efforts the digimon is thrown off the dragon's body hurtling throught he air and into the side of a building. With enough force to cause a part of it, and the building itself to collapse.

It's a good thing the city is unoccupied other than the dead.

But there's a dull thoom beneath the building rubble, and even before the dust settles a flash of dark energy can be seen and then the pile of debris erupts from a small explosion as a form comes literally rocketing out of the wreckage.

As he pulls up to hover in the air briefly this figure can be seen to be a lot more humanoid in form. Now wearing some kind of body fitting bionic flight suit, and a pair of huge mechanical gauntlets over his hands. But the dark colored, wolf-like head is a clear indicator of who it is as he adjusts his aviator visor with one hand.

Then clenches both into bit metallic fists that start to glow with dark energy much like his claws did before.

"Fine then. I'll just PUNCH out all of your blood!"

The jet engines that serve him like a rocket pack ignite fully and the digimon hurtles towards the dragon at tremendous speed to do just that with his glowing bionic fists. "KNUCKLE CRUUUUUSHAAAAAAHR!"

Staren has posed:
    Staren keeps his rifle trained on the dragon as it falls. He holds his fire, no point in damaging the corpse if it's dead... but /is/ it dead? He watches as down below, Septette and Gaonoir make sure of it.

    He'll shoot again if it moves. They don't need him to collect the blood.

Rory White (673) has posed:
    Witht he dragon dealt with... and finally going down to the ground, she WOULD breathe a sigh of relief, but well.. she doesn't breath. But she does cheer a little! "Good teamwork!"

    Not that she's happy about harming something. necesary violence never makes her happy. "At the least this creature doesn't seem to be a person, simply an animal..."

    For now, all she can do is keep up the distant laser assault, aiming for softer tissues and existing wounds where possible!

Lyria Mason has posed:
Lyria Mason has been laying in wait as everyone else engages the dragon she's been waiting watching laying plans and attempting to put something together to help deal with the creature. It's taken some time to do si but with Remopra acitng as an am she's abotu ready with her plan. IT should hopefully distract the dragon from everyone else. She watches as Rory and Staren do thei thing that is when she strikes.

The magitehc drones shifgt and wiat what's that she's doing it's a sonic attack which seems to be ... focused boy band music from her world. She's known for using sonic grenades based on that but she's trying to make something akin to a Dub Step gun it seems.


Pius Athanor (741) has posed:
    For people of this world a dragon is a deadly threat. For the dragon however, a group of fierce Elites is more than enough to bring it down to its knees. And with them being here for another reason as well, its fate has been sealed.

    Ganged up upon, the big creature is unable to get up, and it spits fire even as they get the idea to strike from behind, at least some of them. Bahamut pins it down and makes it harder for it to breathe fire on the others, and as his claws dig into its neck it desperately struggles. Still, his aim is true as blood spurts out with intervals from the dragon's neck.

    The other strikes too are easier to land upon the intended spots now that the dragon is grounded. Septette's ice magic does freeze the blood, and as she returns from crashing through the building she is successful in severing the dragon's spine below its shoulders. Its hind legs and wings are now useless, though its upper body still struggles against the impossible odds the dragon faces.

    It's in pain, roaring, and the punches stun it and stop it from breathing more deadly fire. Though there's still some minor fires around them, creating a dramatic lighting as the dragon's struggling shadow is projected upon the cliff wall.

    It doesn't last long, not with these many cuts. Eventually the dragon stills, its eyes rolling back into its skull. The blood flow dies down, but there's more than enough blood for the containers that Pius provided.

Gaonoir has posed:
"And if you know what's good for you, you'll STAY down and DIE properly," Gaonoir practically barks as he pulls back from the dragon for a moment. Holds up his fists and peers at the streaks of blood dripping from them. "Is this the stuff we're after? Bleh! Non digital lifeforms are -messy- when they die."

All the same he makes sure his jug is filled, and gets chilled for the trip back.