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Bar Fight
Date of Scene: 01 June 2015
Location: Planetary Plains
Synopsis: A bunch of Confederates enter into a Barfight with a bunch of Union people. And Beelzebumon.
Cast of Characters: 132, 188, 524, Ziggy Grover, Corona Arclite, Sanary Rondel, 750

Lute (188) has posed:
     The Confederacy is quite a force. Entire planets shake when they make their presence known. Armies turn and flee from them as they arrive. They make and shape large swathes of the Multiverse. They, truly, are an army to be feared. But, even armies occasionally need a bit of fun. Occasionally, the powerful Elites of the Confederacy want to have some fun just causing some mischief.

     And this would be the reason why the Confederacy is visiting a bar tonight. Specifically, Bob's Country Bunker. Though not located within Union territory, tonight is Union Night at this bar. All members of the Union, Elite or otherwise, have been invited to come and enjoy some free beer, on the house. At the same time, they get to listen to terrible country music as well. Already, a number of people within the Union are likely gathering within the bar.

     This is what brings Lute, and his fellow Confederates, here. How /dare/ a bar have a Union Night, and not a Confederate Night? Lute stands outside the bar, hands in his labcoat pockets, looking forward. He speaks, rather casually, to the other Confederates he has convinced to come along.

     "Mission: Get wasted on beer. Pick a fight with the Union. Try to get them provoked into throwing the first punch. Worst case, just start the bar fight yourself. Try /not/ to level the place, but worst case, no big deal."

Sanary Rondel has posed:
     Sanary wasn't entirely sure what she was getting into, agreeing to join up with Lute on this mission. Sure, it had been a while since her last bar fight, but that was months ago in a place where the strongest person around was... Well, herself. Here, she's probably not going to have quite as good luck emerging the victor.

     Still, someone's got to keep an eye on the other Confederates to make sure they're not getting too in over their heads. She's decked out in her usual coat, shirt, and sweatpants combo, but surprisingly lacking the gunaxe and rope holding her usual weapons on her today. She's got the buckler tied to her forearm, but that's about it as far as non-clothing implements go.

     "You just wanted to get into a fight, didn't you? Aah, but at least we can have fun with this one. Think they've got good wings in here?"

Corona Arclite has posed:
'Country Bunker' just sounds like the sort of roadhouse you'd find on Brimsteel in the first place, and while that's not where it is that may be why it's attracted a pack of the cattlepunks. Corona promises a few rounds for all the hard work that went into rebuilding that bridge over Geargrind Gourge, and as cozy as the Toasty Coyote saloon in Loadstar was, it was high time to introduce some of these cowpokes to something other than flasks of cactusjack.

That it was Union Night at the Bunker and thus a little easier on her wallet was just a bonus to Corona.

But that is one one corner of the bar has already been clustered around a table by a group of steampunk attire alternating between chugging from their mugs and banging them on the table as they sing along with Corona getting them in the appropriate mood.

o/~ We are (we are) we are (we are) the engineers!
We can (we can) we can (we can) we can demolish fourty beers!
Drink rum drink rum drink rum all day and come along with us!
For any ol' man who don't give a damn for us! o/~

Beelzebumon (132) has posed:
     Lute isn't the only one today who's looking to get smashed and then start smashing, it seems... for Beelzebumon can be seen pulling up to the entrance of the bar atop his hellcycle Behemoth, before putting down the kickstand and dismounting. After all, it's been a while since he got into a proper bar fight, and with his favorite rival/punching bag having a bit of an identity crisis and wandering the earth on some stupid soul searching quest, he needs to blow off some steam.

     Unlike Lute though, he doesn't /need/ a plan. He just intends to go in there, get drunk, and let events take their course. That's what makes bar fights so much fun after all! They're spontanious!

     With dramatic flare, the door to the bar swings open, and Beelzebumon strides in, "Evening lightweights! Hope y'all aren't too drunk yet, cause the night is still young!"

Rebound (750) has posed:
    She's not one of the crew, but she helped keep the bridge safe and has helped Corona out on several occasions, so of course Rebound found herself dragged into the bar, "This is nice, even if the music is terrible." She says, looking around as she drinks one of her free beers, "But hey as long as we have a group of friends around and something to celebrate, nothing wrong with that."

    She muses, as she quickly finishes the drink. Her increased size has increased the amount of booze it takes to get her drunk, but hopefully she won't put this bar out of business. The arrival of Beelzebumon makes her put her drink down as she looks his way. She's heard the voice before but never had a face (so to speak) to put to it.

Ziggy Grover has posed:
Ziggy Grover wasn't much for drinking, but an invitation to a -free beer- night wasn't something to turn down, being as low on funds as he was.

Not surprisingly, most of the Rangers really weren't the beer type, but he -had- managed to at least arranged to meet here.

First one here, out of the lot, though, meant that he was prowling around, greeting those he might recognize, and those who he didn't.

Corona's singing was boisterious enough that Ziggy has to go over there and greet. "Union, right?" he asks as soon as the song was over. "Name's Ziggy Grover. You, uh, sing pretty well."

General Zod (524) has posed:
    Zod has tried to dress appropriately. Which means no armor. No fancy jump suit either.
    Instead, Zod looks somewhat like a brooding biker (he always looks like he's brooding, he can't help it with that Marlon Brando-esque face), wearing a thick black leather jacket with a plain white t-shirt underneath and a pair of blue jeans. He enters after Beelzebumon and Rebound, surveying the place. He hmms as he spies Beelzebumon and realize that's the demon lord who laid down a beating on Nam-Ek. He was here to assist Lute by providing some fairly serious muscle, but if he got a chance to lay out Beelzebumon even better.
    Zod takes a seat at the bar and orders a bourbon.

Corona Arclite has posed:
"Pff. Ain't drunk nuff to -really- sing yet." Corona switchs her own mug to the other hand, so she can properly grab Ziggy's. "Put 'er there!" Cue overly vigorous handshaking. "That's rawht. Name's Corona. Corona Arclite. Smith, engineer, occasional enactor of frontier justice when it's needed. Can't 'spect the Rangers to do everything everywhere."

Then she gives Zig a nudge towards a chair. "Go 'head pardner, take a load off. That's what the night is fer." She flops back down in her own seat, pushing it up at an angle on the back legs so she can put her feet up on the table.

Then gives a vage wave in Beelzebumon's direction after swigging more of her own drink. "Now there's a fella that knows how to enter a bar."

Lute (188) has posed:
     Lute starts walking in, after Zod. The fact that he sees Beelzebumon there... Well. That means this will be a /good/ bar fight. He hears Corona's singing, and Ziggy trying to confirm that they're Union. At least this means that there are, in fact, some Union people here. Lute also expects that he, himself, will be /more/ than recognizable to the Union people here.

     And Lute walks up to the counter. Glancing at Beelzebumon. Yeah. Just that guy's presence should be enough to start a barfight. Lute smiles at the bartender.

     "I want a pan galactic gargle blaster. And I want to buy the /whole house/ a round of them."

     Lute puts a fat stack of cash forward. The Bartender gives Lute a look, as if to ask if he knows what he is doing. And Lute just nods in response. Lute then turns his head, and looks to everyone at the bar, "I'll be drinking /all/ of you under the table! UNION PANSIES!"

Ziggy Grover has posed:
Ziggy Grover hadn't quite encountered a handshake like this. His hair bobbles and quivers like a living hedgehog as he goes with the handshake. After a quick check to see if his possessions hadn't been shakened out of him, Ziggy slides into the chair tentatively, regarding Corona with a semblance of healthy respect. "Engineers, yeah. I think Flynn would love you," he says, with a sickly smile as though uncertain whether the introduction would be a good thing, or whether it would be the death-toll of the universe.

Putting his as-of-yet untouched mug of beer down in front of him, Ziggy's attention shifts towards the others. "Yep. Though I don't remember that person being in the Union. Or those people at the bar. Then again, the Union's a pretty big place."

Sanary Rondel has posed:
     Quite a few familiar faces here tonight! And voices, even. Beelzebumon, Rebound, Zod... Definitely better for Sanary to stay a little further back this time around. Still, she's got to maintain appearances, and after following Lute inside, she tosses a quick wave to Beelzebumon and Rebound while lingering a little closer to the door for now.

     And then there's the drinks coming around. Well, she's not one to turn down a free anything, and the one-eyed girl hurries over to the bar to hand the Bartender a significantly smaller wad of cash. "Some wings for me, too. I'll be kinda..." She glances towards Lute, then the Union members in the corner, then chuckles softly. "Yeah... Lots of wings."

Beelzebumon (132) has posed:
     "Gimme whatever your strongest brand is. Don't care what, as long as it's potent enough to strip paint," Beelzebumon remarks as he reaches the bar, only to turn and quirk an eye at Lute at his loud, brash boasting, before leaning back in his chair with a smirk.

     "Isn't that adorable? Lute thinks he can beat everyone in a drinking contest! This should be entertaining!"

Rebound (750) has posed:
    A slight frown crosses Rebound's muzzle as she realizes that a lot of them are in fact not in the Union, "I think they're here to cause trouble." She says, as she finishes her drink off and sets it down on the table, before rising up to her full height and moving across the bar towards where Lute is issuing his challenge. She stops close enough to look at him, and actually snorts faintly, "You honestly think you can outdrink everybody here, huh? Hope you've got a liver transplant on standby."

Lute (188) has posed:
     Lute grabs a nearby beer bottle. And, in an instant, he smashes it straight into the counter. And in a moment that is sure to embarrass him, he fails to break it on his first attempt. Or his second attempt. He curses under his breath. After a moment, some of his Unown come out from hiding, out from under his labcoat. They move to merge with his body, to boost his strength.

     And finally he manages to break the bottle, and point it to Rebound and Beelzebubumon.


Corona Arclite has posed:
Corona Arclite glances up for a moment as Lute makes his challenge, then shrugs and tugs her hat back down partway over her face and leans back again. "Well of course they are. Only reason an bandito would say anythin' like that is to stirr things up."

Having been through her share of saloon beat-em-ups, Corona is pretty unphased. Some of the other Brimsteel workers with her do point and cackle a bit when Lute has trouble breaking a bottle, as burly partially drunk already labormen are likely to do.

General Zod (524) has posed:
    Zod eyes the pangalactic gargle blaster that's placed in front of him. He gives Lute a baleful look. He wasn't even sure what alcohol would do to him. And if it affected him like it does a human. Well, a raging drunk Zod might level the entire wasteland of a county before he sobered up. He downs the gargleblaster and the bourbon. Well, it can't hurt. He waits for Lute's next move, smiling wickedly at his fellow Confederate.

Beelzebumon (132) has posed:

     With a loud slap of his knee, Beelzebumon bursts out laughing at Lute's abyssmal display of trying to break a beer bottle, then pauses to wipe a tear from his eye before raising one finger.

     "One moment."

     Then reaching over, he picks up a mug of recently delivered beer and knocks it back with one long chug, before smacking his lips, "Whoo! Got's some kick to it! Gotta remember to come back here sometime... but with that out of the way..."

     And then without any further warning, Beelz chucks the empty mug with the intent of skipping it off the top of Lute's head.

Ziggy Grover has posed:
"Oh. Guess we'll just, uh, let the bouncers take care of things, right..." Ziggy responds, regarding Lute curiously. "I mean, you know..." He touches his cheekbones, then pops the joints in his jaw, rubbing it thoughtfully. "I bruise easily."


"You guys're planning on breaking this up, right?"

Sanary Rondel has posed:
     Grabbing her chicken wings, Sanary takes a seat at the counter to watch what may come next. Isn't she going to get involved in the brawl? Not yet. She's got to scout the field first! Maybe find someone that's already horribly drunk and likely to go down with a jab or two. Plus, she just ordered these wings. She's not about to let those go to waste.

     Still, she does hold in a snicker at those few failed attempts to break the bottle. "I gotta show you how to do that better next time." Shaking her head, she takes the gargle.. Blarghle-whatever that's set in front of her and takes a quick sip before gagging slightly. Whatever it is, it's way too strong for her to down properly! But she'll keep sipping at it, at least. Who knows?

     Maybe she'll getinvolved sooner rather than later if all goes well.

Corona Arclite has posed:
Corona Arclite gulps down the rest of her beer and tugs her hat a little lower. Chair leaned back in the corner, feet up on the table. "Ain't my problem 'less they make it my problem."

A rowdy round of guffahs comes from her drinking buddies as Beelz throws his mug at Lute for being a loudmouth, but no one's starting to swing punches. Yet.

Rebound (750) has posed:
    Really he wants to threaten her with a broken beer bottle? After he tried to break it a couple of times she's not particularly worried. Though she might not have to worry once Beelzebumon throws the mug at Lute. She's still not going to take any chances, though, shifting her weight on her feet to grab at the arm holding the beer bottle, trying to grab a hold of Lute's wrist and twist it enough to make him drop the bottle.

    She'd rather not get herself all cut up trying to disarm him, but she'd also rather not leave him with a potential weapon either, all things considered.

Lute (188) has posed:
     The Mug strikes Lute on the head, and soon after, his wrist is grabbed to disarm him. And, despite just being assaulted, Lute smiles. Yeaaah, the excuse wasn't really needed, but it's still nice to at least have a /reason/, publically, for getting into a bar fight. Lute reaches for a Pokeball. A solid black Pokeball. He holds it up, and opens it.


     Yeah, the bouncer is staying the fuck back from this one. Especially considering that these are all Elites that are likely to end up fighting. And as Registeel appears, the giant metallic Shadow Pokemon rushes straight for Beelzebumon, aiming to punch him right in the face.

     Lute, of course, immediately reattaches his Pokeball to his belt, and then lifts his free hand to punch Rebound, aiming right for her face as well.


Ziggy Grover has posed:
"Um... just for the record, we haven't done anything yet," Ziggy observes, holding a hand up. "And I have no idea who those people are. If you don't, then it's all good, right...?" A wince. "The lady's got a nice twist to that disarming maneuver. Looks like she could snap a wrist." He looks for the popcorn machine, frowns, and finally settles on the mixed nuts bowl, picking up a handful, and popping one in. "Oh gawd, how long has this been out there...?"

General Zod (524) has posed:
    Zod smiles and quickly throws his bourbon glass at Beelzebumon's head in the blink of an eye, fast enough that most people aren't going to see him do it. Then the gargleblaster's glass is sent sailing towards Rebound's head. Zod recomposes himself and tries to look confused about where his drink glasses went.
    "Somebody is stealing glasses, bartender." Zod states, speech slightly slurred. "Hope they don't steal the trucks and bikes outside too."

Corona Arclite has posed:
Corona Arclite .. actually lifts her head enough to peer at Registeel from under the brim of her hat. Is that thing made of metal?

Not that she has long to mull it over, as someone at the table over decides a bar fight is a good excuse to express his dislike of the drinking songs the rowdy bunch has been making, and turns around to slug one of the beaverfolk. Between drunks and drunk cowpokes it doesn't take more than a few seconds for the two tables, save Corona and Ziggy, to pile in on top of each other.

"Prol'y long enough ya don't wanna think about it," Corona replies to Zigg, and drops her feet from the table to the floor and gets up from her chair. "Pardon me a' moment." The foxgirl ambles across the bar, instinctively ducking someone swinging a punch at someone else to get over to the battered old jukebox that every half decent bar has. It doesn't even look like it's on, but as soon as she turns and smacks her fist on top of it it does light up and after a bit of kurchunking to get started, begins to play.

o/~ There's a place in the woods that I like to visit; where they play everything from Hank to Limp Biskit.
They got dart boards, an' level pool tables; fresh catfish and cold longneck bottles.
It's a place to go to have some fun; but once in a while there's a stick in the mud.
Tryin' to rain on everyone's parade; that's when I stand up and I say.. o/~

Corona nods her approval, and continues to bob her head along and flick her tail to the rhythem as she leans against the side of the jukebox like a steampunk redneck Fonz.

o/~ When I cock my hat it's like cockin' a gun
Whoever steps forward, it's gonna be on.
So baby rock a jukebox all night long.
Play me a redneck white trash bar fight song! o/~

Beelzebumon (132) has posed:
     The massive metallic beast comes charging in, but at the last second, Beelzebumon dives off of his barstool to the side and tucks into a roll before springing once more to his feet. As he pops back up, he grabs the legs of another barstool and yanks it up to brandish as a weapon... and in doing so, sends one of the bardwellers toppling to the ground.

     "Missed me lugnu--"


     Beelz' head jerks sideways as a glass strikes him in the head, and he quickly looks around for the offending party who through it... but he doesn't see anyone who could be responsible.

     "Hmmm... eenie meenie miny You."

     And then without any warning, he throws the barstool (padded end first thankfully) at Ziggy's head, because this is a god damn bar fight and everyone deserves to be involved.

     Also, he may have forgotten about the giant metal pocket monster.

Ziggy Grover has posed:
"I'm not sure I want to," Ziggy comments, picking out the green stuff out of the bowl and flicking them away. "I can't even tell if that's mold or peas... wait, where're you going...?"

Corona's walking away to change the music has the young man sighing, as he tilts his head. "Right..."

Whether it was instincts for self-preservation or not, suddenly, Ziggy turns his head just in time to see a stool come flying at him.

"Yaaaaaa!" Flinging himself backwards, the stool flies over where his head would have been... and then his feet ends up where his head formerly was, as Ziggy finds himself looking at the ceiling. "Okay... I've been in enough of these situations to know what to do..."

Flipping himself over, and quickly, Ziggy flexes... poses...

And runs for the exit.

Rebound (750) has posed:
    Lute punches Rebound right in the face, and she shifts her head back as he does so. She then gets hit in the head from behind by Zod's glass. So now they've managed to piss off the former Women's MMA champion of her world. Probably not the best plan. She shifts her weight and grabs Lute's wrist with her other hand as well, "Help me out with something." She says to Lute, leaning in close, before she jerks backwards and puts her hip against his own, twisting to hurl him.

    She's not just throwing him, though. She's throwing him at Zod. Because if Zod wants to throw things, she's going to throw the closest thing she has on hand. Which in this case is Lute.

General Zod (524) has posed:
    Zod reaches out and grabs Ziggy by the collar, slightly drunk but still awfully strong. He smiles wolfishly at Ziggy as he pulls the younger man closer to his bearded face.
    "Come now, the man clearly issued you a challenge! Get in there and prove yourself the better fighter!" And he hurls Ziggy in Beelzebumon's direction. Which may result in a mid-air collision with Lute, now that Zod realizes Lute has been thrown his way.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
     Laughing heartily at the chaos starting to unfold, Sanary ducks as a bar stool goes flying over her head. Who even threw that one? Who cares? The fight's more than fun enough to watch from where she's sitting, although there is a bit of worry in her expression when Rebound moves to throw Lute.

     It's still not enough to distract her from those chicken wings and weird booze, though. "Keep your chins up! Someone flip a table!" She pauses for a moment, then flashes the Bartender her best innocent smile before going back to cheering on the... Everything.

Lute (188) has posed:
     Registeel lets out a roar as Beelzebumon ignores it. The giant metallic monster stomps towards the Digimon. With each step it takes, it shakes much of the building. The floorboards are bending and breaking a bit as well. Registeel deserves to be called a Legendary Pokemon just as much as Lute's Giratina.

     Lute is about to give Giratina an order, but then he is grabbed. Lute is, thankfully, being boosted by merging with his Unown. So, even as he flies at Zod, he should survive. But, of course, he really has no control over Zod's own actions. Which is leading to Ziggy being thrown full force at Lute as well.

     This will probably hurt.

     And, with Registeel left to its own devices? It uses one of its more standard moves. One of its more powerful moves. Earthquake. It stomps on the ground, and the entire bar shakes. Bits of earth burst up at Beelzebumon, trying to impale him.

Ziggy Grover has posed:
"Whoa, what...?" Ziggy cries out as he's snagged. Finding himself face-to-face with Zod, Ziggy flings his hands up front of his face. "Not the face, not the... wait, I was issued a challenge?" Fumbling with the grip, Ziggy winces, offering a weak smile. "You know, I really don't do challenges, I mean... I flunked my driving test five times, and the sixth time the instructor hadn't gotten back out of the hospital and... WHOA!"

Sent flying, Ziggy covers his head, instinctively going limp to try and ameliorate the impact.


Rolling around on the ground, Ziggy waves his arms, rubbing at his forearms frantically. HURT HURTHURTHURTHURTHURTDEEPHURTING.

Corona Arclite has posed:
Corona was content to just watch the madness break out and run the jukebox. But then Registeel starts stomping around to the point that it's actually causing damage to the bar beyond the usual busted bottles and flipped tables. "Hey hey hey!"

The vixen bolts from her spot, hops over two guys that are getting into a wrestling match, and actually skids down the top of the bar to come to a stop by the Legendary critter. Partially because she needs to land on the pool table. "Bar fight is one thing, it's a long honored tradition. But iffen ya start BREAKIN' the place..."

Corona scoops up several of the billard balls as she stands, and starts chucking them one by one at the back of Registeel's... back. As it doesn't have a distinct head.

"That's just playin' dirty pool!"

Beelzebumon (132) has posed:
     Another loud laugh escapes from Beelzebumon's lips as Ziggy ends up on the floor with his feet in the air, only to tense up as he feets the earth rumble behind him and turns.

     "... Oh right, that's still a thing..."

     Then the bar /really/ starts to shake and rattle, as bottles of booze begin to fall all around him, shattering upon contact with the floor.

     "H-h-hey-y-y! C-c-cut that out-t-t! Y-y-you're wasting all the beer-r-r!"

     And then the ground suddenly heaves up in front of him and launches him halfway across the back, where he comes crashing down upon a table and crushes it beneath him. And as he lays there, he sighs.

     "Okay, you wanna play rough... then we'll play rough." He places his fingers is his mouth and lets out a loud, sharp whistle...

     And through the wall like the GOD DAMN KOOL-AID MAN, Behemoth erupts, careening through the air as the hellbike tries to land wheels first on Registeel's face... head... body... thing.

General Zod (524) has posed:
    And with Ziggy tossed as a di- oh, that wasn't quite what Zod was aiming to do. Hmmm. Plan B then. B For breaking.
    Zod sweeps his arm across the bar and sends glassware flying in the direction of Registeel, Rebound, Beelzebumon, and now Corona since she jumped into the fray. Then he jumps for Beelzebumom even as the bike comes crashing through the wall, aiming to get his arms around the Demon Lord's neck and /squeeze/ hard. "You have little discipline!"

Rebound (750) has posed:
    With Lute thrown and out of her hair for the time being Reound decides to go after somebody else. Her original target for Lute seems like a good option. She jumps up and lands on the bar, hopping between Beelzebumon and Registeel and leaping across the counter. She drops down and lands carefully on the wooden surface, and then takes off again.

    As much as she does want to be human again someday, she admits she'd miss the awesome mutant powers, as she sweeps her feet out in front of her to try to dropkick Zod with both of her big kangaroo feet at once. Should keep him off of Beelzebumon. Or take both of them with her.

Lute (188) has posed:
     The pool balls strike into the back of Registeel's head. This gets him to turn towards Corona, only for the Behemoth to burst through the wall and slam into it. This causes Registeel to stumble to the side, and even fall down, landing on top of a table. To make mattes worst, glassware is striking straight into the steel Pokemon.

     Lute, of course, is now crashed on the ground due to impacting Ziggy. As he rights himself. he grabs for a chair. He spots Zod tossing the bottles, some of it hitting Registeel. And this somewhat causes Lute annoyance. He opens a Pokeball, sending out another Pokemon to help cover him a bit.

     "GO! GIRATINA!"

     And now, the giant ghost dragon is in the bar, occupying a large chunk of it. It's getting closer and closer where the sheer number and size of all the participants will lead to the place breaking down.

     But Lute doesn't care about property damage.

     Instead he's too busy to sneaking up behind Zod, with a chair, and trying to break it on Zod's back.

Beelzebumon (132) has posed:
     With a bit of a groan, Beelzebumon rolls over and pushes himself up off the ground, only to look up and see Zod lunging at him!

     And see Rebound lunging at Zod!

     And see Lute creeping up on Zod!

     Reacting fast, he rolls to his feet and dances away from the lunge, hoping that with Rebound tying up the Kryptonian, he can clear his head and get back in the fight.

     "It's a bar fight! If you came looking for discipline, you came to the wrong place!"

     Quickly, the Demon Lord snatches up a table and hoists it in front of him, then charges forward with his makeshift shield at the entangled Super Man and Kangaroo.

     And should they dodge out of the way, then... well... Lute might be in for a bad day as the Beelz Express comes chugging on through.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
     Things have definitely started getting out of hand. Between the ground shaking, glasses flying everywhere, and things crashing through the walls, Sanary's definitely not crazy enough to stay at the front of the counter. Instead, she just up and throws herself behind it, reaching up to pull her chicken wings to safety.

     And then she gets an idea! Why let the chaos stop just because of little things like injury and fatigue? No, this has to keep going, poking her head out of the cover offered by the counter, the healer starts throwing out little rejuvenating light waves around the bar proper. One for Lute! For Beelzebumon! For Ziggy! For Zod! For Rebound! Extra for Giratina and Registeel! Even Corona gets one! Minor healing and fatigue restoration for everyone!

     Well, except for Sanary. She's actually gotten a little tuckered out from throwing all those green light clouds everywhere. She rests her head on the counter and just keeps munching away.

Corona Arclite has posed:
Corona Arclite winds back with the last pool ball, only to get interrupted by some of the glassware being thrown around. She's quick enough to use her other arm to shield her face, but getting pelted still disrupts her balance and she topples over off the pool table and lands on the floor behind it with a thud.

A few moments later she stands back up, taking off her hat and shaking bits of glass free before returning it to her head and cocking it as it usually is. Peers at the other critter Lute has let out. "Tarnation, this'is a bar, not a pettin' zoo. Or a circu--" She stops at seeing all the fighting going on around the bar, not just the Elites but everyone else practically at this point. "--Never mind, circus is pretty accurate."

Oh well.

She out of billard balls, so she grabs one of the cue sticks and uses that to swing at Giritina's head instead. "FACE POOL!"

General Zod (524) has posed:
    Zod is first kicked to the floor by Rebound, then a chair shatters harmlessly across his chest by Lute. Well, the chair was more annoying than anything. He begins to rise from his prone position when he sees Beelzebumon charging at him with a table. So he reacts.
    By bracing himself and kicking with both feet into the table shield and Beelzebumon, probably exploding the table at the least.
    He gets to his feet, grabbing at the mutant kangaroo with both hands as he does so, intending to hurl the annoying mammal through the plate glass at the front of the bar. But Zod will probably be fairly surprised since he's not aware that Rebound is a mixed martial arts fighter and can /probably/ do something about that.

Lute (188) has posed:
     Lute sighs in relief, as Zod blocks the incoming table. Oh thank god, Beelzebumon didn't crash into him. The healing energy washing over him and the rest of the group is also welcome. But, it makes Lute realize: there is only one way this bar fight will end. And that will be when the bar is inevitably removed from the picture.

     The pool ball hits straight into Giratina's head. And with Lute being a bit more free at the moment, he actually manages to give Giratina an order in response to that! Lute shouts out, giving his all powerful Dragon-type Pokemon a command.

     "HYPER BEAM!"

     The Dragon-Type Pokemon opens his mouth. From it, a massive beam of energy flies out.

     Registeel, meanwhile, assumes the command was for /him/, because Lute was nonspecific. And so the powerful Steel Pokemon launches its own Hyper Beam, aiming at no one in specific. Instead, it's aiming to level the place, and hit the remaining patrons.

     Well, crap.

Rebound (750) has posed:
    Having been a gold medalist at the Olympics, Rebound is more than capable of holding her own in a close quarters fight, as well as knowing how to use her opponent's momentum against them. Of course Zod is still a Kryptonian, so she'll need to deal with his enhanced strength as well.

    As he goes to throw her, she plants her tail on the ground to arrest her momentum. Having that extra limb helps so much, as she uses the sudden stop to pull backwards and kick both of her feet up into Zod's gut, rolling backwards to monkey flip him through the front of the bar, into that plate glass window that remains unbroken.

Ziggy Grover has posed:
Crawling to the safety of a nearby table, as though this were the battlefield and he was trying to advance to the trenches, Ziggy Grover looks for a place of safety, aiming to find a place to sit up, and nurse his wounds.

"Hey Doc...? The bar just turned into a free for all," he reports in.

The response was unsympathical. "I warned you."

"Can we save the reprimands for another time? I need the suit, just so you know," Ziggy says, with an exasperated sigh.

"We're running low on energy cells. You'll just have to muddle through for another fifteen minutes till it's charged up again."

"Great. Fifteen minutes of dealing with some kind of steel monster, people who can fling me through the air, and kangaroos that kickbox. I don't want to be a pingpong ball!"

Taking a deep breath, Ziggy peers around a table.

"... and there's a freaking beast that seems to be... Oh -hell-...!"

Scrambling for the exit once again, Ziggy jumps over a table, grabs a chair, and swings at anyone in the way. Gotta get out!

Beelzebumon (132) has posed:
     With a loud crack, the table Beelzebumon weilds shatters into a thousand splinters, and the blow that caused it sends him hurtling back against the wall with enough force to leave an imprint.

     Sinking down to the floor, Beelkzebumon just lays there in a daze as Behemoth comes rolling up to him, then pops a wheelie and lets its front wheel land firmly in Beelzebumon's lap.

     WIth a surprised jump, Beelzebumon snaps his eyes open and looks around wildly as he announces, "I'm up! I'm up!" before blinking, and looking at his bike, "You know, you could have snapped me out of it some other way..."

     With a groan, the Demon Lord rises and looks around as Lute's Pokemon start firing fucking LASERS everywhere... and then after a moment, he shrugs as he climbs onto Behemoth, "Well, since this place looks like it's going to end up rumble anyway by the time we're done... might as well join in."

     And then he revs Behemoth's engine and tears forward through the middle of the bar room, intent on hitting everything in his way, "AAAAAAHAHAHAHA! DEMOLITION DERBY!"

Corona Arclite has posed:
"Aaaah shi--" And the rest of Corona's cussing is drowned out by the roar of the Hyper Beam tearing through the pool table (and probably the wall at the back of the bar) as the foxgirl ducks low and scrambles out of the way. Survival instincts kept her alive on the streets for many years before she became an apprentice, and even half-drunk she's got enough of that intact to get out of the way of something a lot bigger and a whole lot noisier than she is.

She dives behind what is left of the bar at this point, mainly to get out of the way of Behemoth's rampage as well. And picks up a can of beer from several that fell out of one of the coolers when Registeel was stomping about. She shrugs and pries it open. "It's still free beer Union Night." She kicks back the can and in a few large gulps drains it. Tosses the can away. Looks up at the pull taps.

That gives her an idea. And not of the drinking kind. At least, not for her.

Corona grabs a tap nozzle in each hand, pulling them out as she climbs up onto the counter. "Hey, you two!" She holds the two nozzles out like a gunslinger would their revolvers. "Ya ain't had yer drinks on the house yet... better get 'em while there's a house left!"

She stomps down on the pull handles with one foot, sending high pressure sprays of booze at both Giritina and Registeel!

General Zod (524) has posed:
    Zod does go flying through the window, shattering it. His hand lashes out trying to grab something to arrest his momentum, despite being capable of hovering in place perfectly. Hey, decades of instinct and training are hard to overcome, even for Mister "I Decided One Day To Tell Gravity To Get Bent".
    Zod grunts as his shoulder is yanked on, stopping him. But he's still slightly inebriated and even normal humans have trouble gauging their own strength when tipsy. Zod is hardly different. The section of wall attached to the window is coming down with him.

Lute (188) has posed:
     Giratina and Registeel are now soaked in cheap redneck beer. They both accidentally swallow a bit of it. Most of it is destroyed by the Hyper Beams coming from their mouths, though. There are bigger issues than a pair of drunken Pokemon, though. The entire building is now shaking and crumbling. The few structural supports still remaining are giving way, causing the entire building to collapse. The combined efforts of the two Pokemon and Beelzebumon will se the end of this place.

     Lute, for his part, is moving to hide underneath Giratina, to protect himself from the damage of the building crashing down.


Corona Arclite has posed:
Corona Arclite jumps down from the bar, and finding Sanary already hiding there, just grabs on and pulls her entirely under the bar structure with her to avoid the falling debris. "Time to duck, cover, an' kiss yer ass goodbye!"

On second thought, that wasn't the most encouraging way to put it. What do you want, she's half drunk, remember?

Beelzebumon (132) has posed:
     Beelzebumon's solution for getting out of a collapsing building?

     Why, the exact same way Behemoth first got /into/ the building. Fucking crash through the wall like a BAWSS and hit the ground running... or driving as the case may be.

     "Have fun with that!"

     And as he drives away and leaves everyone else to their fate as the bar collapses behind him, one thing is absolutely clear.

     Beelzebumon is a dick.

Rebound (750) has posed:
    With all the debris coming down, Rebound soon follows right after Zod out of the window, diving out of the bar to try to get away from the collapsing building before it comes down on top of her. Last thing she wants is to get caught in all of that.

Ziggy Grover has posed:
Because Ziggy is not built like a tank, he -has- to take the door option. And since he was out near there, well, he manages to swing it open and dive out, arms flailing. AAAAAA.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
     Stay or run? Sanary wasn't about to let herself get crushed, but the entrance was pretty far, and there was the issue of getting through the rest of the bar fast enough. Luckily for her, Corona provides her with the unlikely out and drags the healer underneath the counter!

     Still doesn't make it any less weird or cramped, though. "Uh... Hey there. Wasn't my idea." She chuckles awkwardly and puts her buckler-holding arm over her head just in case, inwardly praying that they won't just get crushed under the counter itself.

Lute (188) has posed:
     As the bar collapses completely, most of the people managed to get out. A few were caught in the collapse, but overall, everyone is fairly obviously safe. Lute stands up, climbing out of his safe spot underneath Giratina. He just looks at the crowd. Smiling.

     "...Well. That satisified my bar fight urge for a whiel. How about all of you?"

     A remaining piece of rubble falls. He smiles and looks around.

     "...And let this be a lesson to not hold free drink nights for the Union."

Corona Arclite has posed:
A few moments after the rubble stops falling, a flash of blue-green can be seen through the cracks of the pile around the bar, followed by the actual plasma flame as Corona uses her cutting torchs to dig herself and Sanary back out. Just in time to catch a bit of Lute's remarks. Her ears flick back a bit as she disengages the cutters and takes her stetson off to shake the dust free of the brim.

"I'm all for fair rights to booze, but ya didn't really help yer image much by startin' a brawl over it," she notes. Replacing and readjusting her hat back in place, she runs her fingers along the brim before sauntering out to find Rebound and the rest of the bunch she'd been here with before hand.

General Zod (524) has posed:
    Zod emerges from the pile of drywall, wood, and window, looking very dusty and roughed up. "Next time, Lute, I will let them fight you." Zod says with a low growl. Zod definitely thinks this was not worth it.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
     Following Corona out of that rubble, Sanary brushes gunk and crap out of her hair while chewing on what's left of a chicken wing. Spotting Zod and Lute, she snickers at their little exchange along with the reaction Lute just... Being Lute. She steps over to the Pokemon trainer to give him a light whack on the side before using his back as a headrest.

     "Remind me never to do that again. Or... To just wait across the street next time."